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Is Special Kitty Good For Cats

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Special Kitty Mixed Grill Dinner Canned Cat Food

(OUTDATED IN VER.10) The Battle Cats – A Guide to Buying Special Cats

The first thing we noticed is the Guaranteed Analysis on the label, as well as the statement: Special Kitty Mixed Grill Dinner Premium Cat Food is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Nutrient Profiles for growth and maintenance. This means that Special Kitty wet cat food has been checked, and has met the same manufacturing standards as other brands.

Marketed as 100% balanced and complete nutrition for cats of all life stages, the wet food contains protein, fiber, moisture, and taurine. And there are feeding Instructions for adult cats and kittens. For us, this is a bit of a problem, simply because kittens have different nutritional needs to older cats and require a formulated diet to meet their specific needs.

Unfortunately, an animal protein is not listed as the number one ingredient, and the food contains artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives.

Whats to like:

  • According to the Guaranteed Analysis, it contains protein, fiber, moisture and taurine
  • It is manufactured according to the AAFCO Nutrient Profiles
  • It is a budget-friendly option
  • It is described as balanced and nutritional for all life stages

Whats not to like:

The Nutritional Splits Are Actually Respectable

If you ignore what actually goes into the food and just look at the percentages on the label, Special Kitty doesnt seem so bad. Their dry foods are usually in the range of 30% protein, 10% fat, and 5% fiber these are not outstanding numbers to be sure, but nothing to turn up your nose at either.

Your cat will get most of the nutrition that they need from this food, so you dont need to worry about them getting malnourished or anything like that.

Do You Need A Prescription From The Veterinarian For The Best Urinary Tract Health Cat Foods

Urinary tract issues can be a complex condition, so its essential to work with your veterinarian to determine the best suited treatment and nutritional recommendation. While your veterinarian can prescribe a specific diet, its a common recommendation to feed more wet food for cats to support urinary tract health by boosting hydration, explains Dr. Bernal. Premium wet cat recipes such as Wellness Natural Cat Wet Foods are a great place to start when it comes to boosting hydration, and these diets are available from most pet retailers.

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Was Your Pet Food Recalled

In 2014, following a sale of all of Del Monte Foods people-food assets, the Del Monte pet division got a new name: Big Heart Pet Brands. Just a year later, J.M. Smucker Company acquired all Big Heart properties in a $5.8 billion deal.

Which brings us to today. Special Kitty appears to be manufactured today by J.M. Smucker and its subsidiary Big Heart Pet Brands.

Halo Holistic Chicken & Chicken Liver Grain

My friends special kitten is helping take down decorations ...

Our Top Pick for the Best Sensitive Stomach Cat Food for Seniors: If your aging cat starts to develop digestive issues, you might want to switch to a holistic, natural recipe that will be easier on his digestive tract. This Halo Holistic Chicken & Chicken Liver Grain-Free Senior Recipe is a great option because it is lower in calories and fat than the typical adult recipe, so it will help your senior cat maintain a healthy body weight, but it is also designed for easy digestibility. This recipe is only made with wholesome, natural ingredients, all of which are non-GMO, sustainably-raised, and cage-free to further limit the risk for allergies and sensitivities. As a whole, it features plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables for nutritional balance with chelated minerals and probiotics for digestive support.

  • Pros: Real chicken as first ingredient, digestible grain-free carbohydrates, reduced calorie and fat, fresh fruits and vegetables, supplemental fiber, chelated minerals, probiotics for healthy digestion
  • Cons: Some cats are sensitive to chicken ingredients, contains some soy protein

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Its Canned Food Is A Bit Better

If you check out the labels on one of its canned foods, youll see water as the first ingredient. This is fairly typical for wet cat foods , and since most cats dont drink enough water, giving them plenty of moisture is always a good idea.

After that, though, the next ingredient is usually an organ meat, like liver. While you might not care for liver, your cat will love it, and its full of all sorts of nutrients that arent found in leaner cuts of meat. Its a good thing to see it listed so highly on these labels.

Once you get past the liver, though, youll find fillers like wheat gluten, soy flour, and modified food starch, as well as animal by-products.

You may also find other proteins like tuna or ocean whitefish, but these will be in limited quantities. Overall, it appears that its wet foods are made by taking a bit of good meat and caking it in fillers and cheaper cuts of meat.

Are Freeze Dried Cat Treats Healthy

According to Dr. Blackburn, Raw products, even when pressed or dried, have the possibility of having a heavy bacterial load that can result in intestinal infections. Cooked is best. Bacterial contamination is a serious concern but freeze-dried treats are also free of additional ingredients. Because of this, some cat owners accept the bacterial risks if their cat has a limited amount of things it can eat.

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What Are The Benefits Of Cat Grass

Cat grass provides roughage , which may assist with digestion and act as a laxative, helping move hairballs through the digestive tract. Cat grass also contains chlorophyll, which might freshen breath. Cat grass may also provide phytonutrients, folic acid, vitamins and trace minerals. Cats enjoy nibbling on cat grass, so it provides enrichment and enjoyment.

What Is The Difference Between Scoopable And Clumping Cat Litter

This Special Needs Cat is Stealing Her Dads Heart | The Dodo Soulmates

Many cat litter manufacturers use the terms scoopable and clumping interchangeably when discussing clay cat litters. Scoopable is the ability to remove cat waste, either urine or feces, with a cat litter scooper. Clumping refers to when cat urine is absorbed or dehydrated by clay or silica-based litter granules, and forms hard clumps that are easy to scoop. There are some types of cat litter that are only scoopable, not clumpable, like pine litters and recycled paper litters.

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Special Kitty Kitten Food

The Special Kitty Kitten Formula Dry Cat Food packaging has a list of ingredients and a Guaranteed Analysis. This shows it contains protein, fat, fiber as well as essential vitamins and minerals kittens need, including DHA for cognitive and eye development.

The kibbles are bite-sized and full of flavors that kittens enjoy. On the downside, it doesnt have a high-quality real meat protein as the number one ingredient, and it contains artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. Wheat and corn are also included, so it isnt recommended for kittens with wheat allergies or sensitive stomachs.

According to happy customers, it is a nutritional, tasty, and economical option for kittens and pregnant or nursing adult cats.

If you want to read more about kitten food go check out our in depth blog post here.

Whats to like:

  • According to the Guaranteed Analysis Special Kitty Kitten Food contains protein, fiber, fat, and taurine
  • The formula has DHA, an essential amino acid that supports brain and eye development
  • The packaging includes a list of ingredients so you can see what your kitten is eating
  • The bite-sized kibbles are tasty
  • It is an affordable option

Whats not to like:

  • Real meat is not the main ingredient
  • It contains artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives
  • It has wheat and corn, which means it isn’t a good choice for kittens with food allergies or sensitive stomachs

Best Cat Treats With Our 2021 Editors Pick

Cat parents rely on quality food to give their beloved feline friends the nutrition they need in order to remain happy and healthy. Although a balanced diet is absolutely crucial for the well-being of any cat, your cat deserves a little pick-me-up from time to time. Thats where cat treats come in! Special snacks for your kitty provide flavor and fun to break up an otherwise monotonous day.

30% Off at

How To Redeem This Offer

While your cat will most likely be thrilled to receive treats, its important to be sure what youre offering them is delicious and suitable for their current health condition. In this article we bring you our favorite cat treat recommendations along with tips for feeding cat treats properly.

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What Is The Best Place To Put A Cat Litter Box

Cats prefer a quiet, clean place to do their business, just like humans do. Its best to place the litter box in a quiet room with limited foot traffic, and against a wall so your cat will feel safe when they use it. If a litter box is too hard to reach or too far away , your cat may not be able or even willing to go there. And boxes that are near loud appliances can upset your pet.

Why The Litter Box Can Be A Challenge For Declawed Cats

Special Kitty Cat Food Reviews : Good or Bad?

As Dr. Bahr and Dr. Downing explain, and when they use the litter box, that pain can be exacerbated by the cat litter.

All cats using litter boxes exit them with litter, small particles of litter, or litter dust between their toes, says Dr. Bahr. Declawed cats object to litter boxes because their feet hurt normally, and cleaning the dust from their toes makes it hurt even more.

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What Is The Healthiest Wet Cat Food Brand

There are so many different wet cat food brands out there. It can be difficult to pick the healthiest one for your feline friend. Luckily, you came to the right place.

Here at Petful, we have researched all of the major wet cat food brands and ranked them from best to worst based on their ingredients and nutritional values. Our rankings will help you find a high-quality brand good for both your wallet and your pet. Ready? Lets get started!!

List Of Special Kitty Cat Food Recalls

There have been a few recalls of the special kitty cat food over the years.

The first recall was in March 2007. At that time, there was an extensive menu food/melamine recall. In that recall, there were many cat food brands included. One of them was Special kitty brands. The cause of that recall was the high potential level of melamine in the special kitty cat foods. A few of the recipes recalled were Special kitty beef with gravy, special kitty chicken and liver, special kitty mixed grill, and more.

Another recall for the special kitty was in September and October 2008. There were two recalls in one year for the exact cause. The high potential of salmonella was found in the recipes of special kitty food. That recall also includes multiple brands of pet food. All of the products of pet food are manufactured at Mars facilities. A few of the recalled products of special kitty were Special kitty original premium cat food, Special kitty gourmet blend premium cat food.

The following recall was in early January 2017 for Special kitty. Many cans were recalled due to the insufficient level of the thiamine that is vitamin B1. Fortunately, no illnesses were reported against the recalled cans. Also, it is said that cans are recalled for caution. One of the cans recalled was a Special kitty mixed grill dinner with printed wrap. There are a total of 5 cans that were recalled as a caution.

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What To Look For In Cat Litter For Declawed Cats

Because digging through cat litter can be difficult and painful for declawed catsand can prevent them from using their litter box properlythe kind of cat litter you buy for your kitty is extremely important.

If owners think of litter as being similar to toilet paper, we all prefer the softest paper possible. No one wants to wipe … with sandpaper, says Dr. Bahr. The key is to find cat litter for declawed cats thats going to be as gentle on their feet as possible.

For the most part, pelleted litters should be avoided, says Dr. Downing. The missing toe bones of these cats means that their feet do not conform to surfaces like normal feet, and the uneven surfaces of the pellets may lead to litter box aversion, prompting the cat to engage in inappropriate elimination.

Dr. Bahr recommends finding the softest cat litter available to help a declawed cat use a litter box comfortably. She explains, Declawed cats … toes hurt from being amputated and owners should avoid any litter that is coarse or feels like small pebbles or shards of glass.

When it comes to cat litters that will be soft on your declawed kittys paws, there are a few varieties you can try. One option is a lightweight cat litter with extremely fine grains, like Garfield cat litter tiny grains flushable cat litter.

What Did Our Test Cats Think

CHEAP CAT LITTER REVIEW | Special Kitty Cat Litter And Litter Box Cleaning Tips

To test Special Kitty cat food, we ordered two variety packs of wet food and two recipes of dry food. Here are the products we ordered:

  • Special Kitty Pate Wet Food Classic Variety Pack
  • Special Kitty Favorites Variety Pack Cuts in Gravy
  • Special Kitty Naturals Dry Cat Food
  • Special Kitty Indoor Formula Dry Cat Food

The first thing we noticed about Special Kitty products was, of course, the price. Both variety packs were priced under $10 for twelve 13-ounce cans and 24 three-ounce pouches. The dry food was priced under $4 for a 3.5-pound or 3.15-pound bag.

When we opened the dry food bags, we werent surprised to find that the kibble looked pretty standard. The kibbles were average in size and had some color variation. Our test cats happily crunched away on the food, though we had to keep one cat out of the testing because shes allergic to chicken. Both of the Special Kitty dry food products we tested feature chicken as a primary ingredient, but in the form of chicken by-product meal. Only one of the two listed chicken as the main ingredient.

Unfortunately, we had to keep one of our cats out of the testing for the wet food products as well. Some of the recipes listed chicken as an ingredient but many used meat or poultry by-products, so we had no way of knowing exactly what was in the recipe.

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This Recall Has Been Completed And Fda Has Terminated This Recall

When a company announces a recall, market withdrawal, or safety alert, the FDA posts the company’s announcement as a public service. FDA does not endorse either the product or the company.

Products dont meet the Companys quality and safety standards
Company Name:
The J. M. Smucker Company
Brand Name:
Wet, canned cat food

Cats Are Coolwhy I Love Cats

I have always been an animal lover since I was a little kid. Unlike humans, animals give you unconditional love. They dont dump you or leave you in the dirt. I love all animals, but I have always had a special love for cats.

Cats are awesome just look at YouTube! Only cats are hilarious enough to be the biggest celebrities on the web. What is it about cats that makes them cool? It’s probably that they pretty much take care of themselves! Here are the reasons why cats rule:

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Best Wet Cat Food For Weight Loss

If your cat is struggling to lose weight, diet plays a big role. Your veterinarian may recommend switching to a wet cat food for weight loss to try to keep your cats calories regulated. Before starting your feline friend on a weight-loss food, make sure to discuss the change with your cats vet.

Here are our top picks for wet cat foods designed for weight loss.

Indoor cats tend to be less active than their outdoor counterparts, and if your indoor feline has packed on a few pounds, this food from Avoderm can help. It is made with lean protein sources including chickens and tuna to help cats stay trim. On the back of the cans, youll see feeding instructions for weight loss and also weight managementwhich makes it easy to figure out the right serving size. And we love the skin and coat-benefiting ingredients in this recipe as well. Rich avocados and avocado oil will keep your kittys coat soft and shiny. Its a win-win!


  • This is not a grain-free food.
  • This is a pate-style food.

Do Cats Prefer Open Or Closed Litter Boxes

7 Best Cat Breeds With Children

Most cats prefer a clear view of their surroundings, so its best to opt for an open litter box. And since closed lids can trap smells, it may also make for an unpleasant environment for your pet. We like the open Natures Miracle High Sided Litter Box because its cheap, it has a low entryway but high sides that contain messes, and a smooth, easy-to-clean interior. You can read more about it in our guide to the best cat litter box.

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I And Love And You Lovingly Simple Limited Ingredient Diet Salmon & Sweet Potato Recipe

When it comes to the best cat food for digestive problems, quality matters. This I and Love and You Lovingly Simple Limited Ingredient Diet Salmon & Sweet Potato Recipe is a great option because it is made with only the finest quality natural ingredients like fresh salmon and salmon meal as well as menhaden fish meal. Though it isnt a single-source protein option, both salmon and menhaden fish meal are novel proteins for many cats. Youll also be glad to know that it is entirely grain-free, supplemented with probiotics and fiber, and contains chelated minerals as well. Plus, it is positively packed with protein and healthy fats at 36% protein and 16% fat with 5.5% fiber.

  • Pros: Limited number of main ingredients, premium animal proteins, rich in healthy fat, grain-free carbohydrates, supplemental fiber, probiotics, and chelated mineral supplements
  • Cons: Expensive to feed as a staple diet, not a single-source protein recipe

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