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How To Pass Emissions Without Cats

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Anyone Pass Emissions Without Cats


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Re: Anyone pass emissions without cats???mightRe: Anyone pass emissions without cats???Re: Anyone pass emissions without cats???Re: Anyone pass emissions without cats???Re: Anyone pass emissions without cats???John BRe: Anyone pass emissions without cats???

How To Pass Emissions Without A Catalytic Converter

CaymanRotaryDo your emission test first before you put in the midpipe for sure. There is no other option than to swap the cat back in for yearly emissions testing unless you can bribe them . You can also remove the codes with an OBD2 scan tool. The code that will pop up from time to time is P0420 Catalyst low but I just clear it every time it pops up every couple days. Cheaper than MazdaEdit that’s for sure.

Performing Emissions Testing In Tennessee

Vehicle owners must get their vehicle to pass a vehicle emissions test within 90 days before the testing due date passes. Owners also have up to 90 days after they get the testing completed to get their vehicle registered. Tests must be done every year. When bringing a vehicle to a testing location, owners must be sure to bring the following:

  • Vehicle inspection packet
  • Vehicle title or bill or sale
  • Testing fee

Test personnel will present the vehicle owners with a Tennessee Emissions Inspection Compliance Certificate once their vehicle passes its vehicle emissions test. Use the certificate to show proof the vehicle passed its emission test when obtaining a Tennessee vehicle registration. The best time to get a vehicle emissions test is during the middle two weeks of the month during the early morning or in the evening.

The State of Tennessee uses the following test methods to ensure vehicles meet the states emissions testing requirements:

Visual Catalytic Converter Inspection: Tennessee test technicians administer a visual inspection of all vehicles made in the 1996 model year or newer that came with a catalytic converter installed in them. Test technicians check to make sure a vehicle has a catalytic converter, that the catalytic converter does not show signs of tampering, and that the converter is in good working order.

Smog Check Exemptions For Tennessee Drivers

The State of Tennessee exempts the following vehicles from state smog check requirements:

  • Motorcycles
  • Brand new motor vehicles getting their first registration
  • Vehicles weighing more 10,500 lbs
  • *Electric vehicles weighing less than 8500 lbs
  • Vehicles that are temporarily out of state
  • Vehicles with antique registrations
  • Gasoline vehicles weighing less than 8500 lbs made before the 1975 model year

Vehicle owners who are out of state or out of the testing area during the time period for which they must get their vehicle tested for a registration renewal can apply for an exemption. To do so, Fill out and mail aTennessee Application for Vehicle Exemption to the address on the form. For more information call 532-8378 or toll-free 1-866-329-9632 to find out about waiver application requirements. Vehicle owners out of state when their smog check is due must get their vehicle checks once they return to Tennessee.

Can You Pass Inspection Without A Catalytic Converter

Emissions PASSED

4.6/5willyoupassif you canwithoutconverterit will passOneitCatalytic

Introduced after cars were required to run unleaded fuel, catalytic converters became standard equipment in the 70s and are now illegal to remove from your vehicle. This catalyst in the catalytic converter can get used up over time increasing your vehicle emissions and causing you to fail the emissions test.

Additionally, does removing catalytic converter affect engine? Cars that have their catalytic converters removed experience an increase in engine horsepower. Catalytic converters create a significant source of engine back-pressure due to the constrictive effects they have on exiting engine exhaust gases.

Beside above, can you pass emissions without a catalytic converter?

Even still, you won’t pass emissions ever with no cat installed. They check your exhaust and even the dumbest guy there will be able to tell you have no cat just by smelling the exhaust gasses and hearing the excessive noise it will make.

Does resetting your check engine light pass emissions?

To pass an OBD-II emissions test, a vehicle must:If you clear the ‘Check Enginelight, or reset the OBD-II monitors right before your emissions test, your vehicle typically will not pass because the catalyst and EVAP monitors need time to run. If it’s not in a “ready” state, your vehicle will automatically fail.

Passing Emissions With No Cats Exhaust

If you do a visual test only for cats you obviously need it.if its a sniff test then you will not. one option is to put back the stock one for the test…johnselliIf you do a “sniff” test, will the emissions machine not be able to tell that you have no cats since the exhaust will not be “filtered” and the CO values and whatever else they measure will be off the charts?? Also, will it be OK if you throw the original exhaust back on the car that has been tuned to run with a free flow exhaust?

Passing Emissions W/out The Dpf

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Diesel powered vehicles and motorcycles are exempt from emissions testing, but are still required to have the annual safety inspection.

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Check Emission Specific Components

You can also test your cat to verify it is working properly. First, you can install a back pressure tester in a pre-cat oxygen sensor bung. Rev the motor while in park or neutral and ensure the back pressure is low enough. If the back pressure is too high, you car is plugged, and requires replacement. You can also watch the front and rear O2 sensors to get an idea if the cat is working.

Further more, watch your five gas analyzer to verify the cat is working. Watch the five gas as the car warms up. Once the cold start enrichment has leveled off, drive the vehicle and watch the emissions. Before the cat is hot enough to light off, you will see all the emissions the car produces. At a certain point, if the cat is working, you will see the emissions drop as soon as the cat lites off.

Check your EGR system , which recirculates exhaust gas to lower combustion chamber temperatures, and mainly lower NOX. Most EGR valves are opened by engine vacuum and a solenoid. With the engine running, apply vacuum to the EGR valve. If the valve works and the ports are clear, the engine should stumble and die. If the engine remains running, you have a faulty EGR system. If the Valve holds vacuum, but the engine doesnt die, the ports are most likely clogged. If the EGR valve doesnt hold vacuum, the valve is most likely bad. Certainly, the valve can be bad AND you have clogged ports.

What The Mechanic Told Me

The mechanic then proceeded to reveal to me a secret method of how to go around and trick the smog machine into passing the vehicle without having to do a costly converter replacement. Here is a person that just saved me over a thousand dollars in repairs with a simple trick that he didnt have to tell me. He could have just as easily told me that the converter needed replacement, and he would have made some good money out of the work. Instead, he chose to be honest, a rarity in the auto repair industry.

When I expressed concern that I really didnt want to contribute to more pollution by continuing to drive with the old converter, he replied thus:

Catalytic converters will continue functioning and doing their job pretty well until they die completely. Smog test equipment is calibrated so sensitively as to detect even a minor inconsistency …and that is how a still functioning converter will fail a test even though its still good for many years usage.

Expert Emissions Mechanic

When it has reached its final days of usefulness a catalytic converter will not pass a smog test no matter what kind of trickery is used to deceive the smog machine.

At this point in this article you must now really be impatient at my dilly-dallying before proceeding to the main subject. Forgive me. I felt it was important to give you a little background on how I came to learn about this very useful trick.

Tricks To Passing An Emissions Test

Kate is a research enthusiast with a Bachelor of Science degree from Sonoma State University. Kate has a passion for the automotive field.

Passing your smog test isn’t magic, it’s science. To pass, you need to make sure that what comes out of your tailpipe is within the “normal range” of emissions as decided by the government.

There are many ways you can adjust the chemical makeup of what comes out of your tailpipe to compensate for shortcomings in your vehicle’s emissions equipment. We will discuss those methods below.

Do High Flow Cats Increase Power

Yes and no. Yes in the sense that they allow for the more efficient flow of exhaust gasses, removing restrictions that can impede performance. Vehicle owners who’ve significantly upgraded their engine power output will notice more power by upgrading. Same goes for any vehicle with old or cheap catalytic converters that are impeding flow.

However, if you have a stock engine with no modifications, and relatively new OEM catalytic converters, you won’t see much of performance increase going with high flow cats. The catalytic converters on a stock vehicle just aren’t that restrictive until there have been significant performance upgrades.

Put more simply: If you’ve made major upgrades to your engine, which are defined as increasing power 20-30% , then high flow cats are for you. If you’ve just added a cold air intake or performance engine tune, your money is probably better spent elsewhere.

Gas Analyzer Specifications At 2000 Rpm Extended Hold In Neutral Or Park

  • HC = 100 PPM or less
  • CO = Less than 0.3 %
  • a failed secondary air system

O2 is an indicator of air fuel metering

An O2 level over 1% indicates a lean condition.

CO2 is an indicator of over all engine health.

If CO2 is not over 13.5 % you have a general engine performance problem. Low compresion, poor ignition, faulty air fuel metering or the like.

Youve probably noticed a pattern here. Honestly, there are a handful of systems which keep the car running properly, and the emissions low. As long as all the systems are working properly, you should be fine, the trick is determining which systems have failed.

You have to look at all five gasses to get an idea of what is going on. For example, if NOX and HC are both high, CO are low, and the idle is too high, Id check for a vacuum leak causing lean misfire. To really hone in on the problem, you will also need a proper scan tool to watch data streams, and a 5 gas analyzer.

How To Pass A Smog Test With An Old Catalytic Converter

Case Studies

Daniel writes on any subject based on his actual experiences and those of others as well as topics founded on facts established by research.

There are dozens of websites, articles, and blogs giving advice, recommendations, and tips and tricks on how to pass a smog test, or what is also known as an emissions test. I wont add one more article to these lot of recommendations as I believe there are already enough out there.

Different Types of Catalytic Converters

Instead, I will talk about a simple, no-cost technique on how to pass a smog test if your vehicle has already undergone one and failed because of a bad catalytic converter. Replacing a catalytic converter is expensive. This simple home remedy will avoid having to buy one and won’t cost a penny.

Incidentally, this method can also be used before going for your first smog test to ensure that you pass the test the first time around.

If you have an old vehicle and you suspect it might fail a smog test because of its age, then you definitely should follow the suggested technique described here before going for the smog test. If you know a smog test service that offers a free pre-test to determine whether or not your vehicle will pass then, by all means, you should use such service before actually having the test done. If there is no pre-test service available near you, a friendly neighborhood mechanic will more than likely do a pre-test for free using an OBD2 scanner gadget.

How Not To Get Ripped Off By An Auto Mechanic

In todays wonderful world of new gadgets, devices, appliances and strange looking thingamajigs there’s no reason you should be ripped off by auto mechanics. If you own an old vehicle you can so easily protect yourself from dishonest mechanics by using these remarkable gadgets. With them, you can make an intelligent diagnosis of your vehicle’s problem before taking it to an auto shop.

Im specifically referring to portable auto diagnostic gadgets that you can just plug into your vehicles engine diagnostic outlet under the steering wheel. Here are two of my favorite diagnostic tools, which syncs to your smartphone quickly and the standalone .

This article is accurate and true to the best of the authors knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

Re: Pros And Cons To Gutting The Cat

Jul 06 2016, 2:30am

More carbon on bumper to clean off.Modern Vehicles w/OBDII, removing a catalytic converter will not drastically increase vehicle performance without retuning.Risks:The chamber left after you would “gut” the cat may actually be worse at losing energy than a catalytic element.This is because as the gases enter the empty chamber, exhaust velocity slows down. As it then regroups to enter back into the exhaust piping, it does not have the energy it did before, therefore it “stacks”, causing backpressure. This backpressure now works against the flow of spent gases out of the cylinder when the exhaust valve opens, causing the piston to do all the work. Now, energy is being wasted for gas removal that could otherwise be used to turn the crankshaft.Using a straight pipe would be better than gutting the oval container, for an up to 20HP gain..

Is It Possible To Pass Emission Without Catalytic Converter

Re: Is it possible to pass emission without catalytic converter? Re: Is it possible to pass emission without catalytic converter? Phaze2 MikeRe: Is it possible to pass emission without catalytic converter? Re: Is it possible to pass emission without catalytic converter? Re: Is it possible to pass emission without catalytic converter? anyone here pass their emission without catalytic converter? Re: Is it possible to pass emission without catalytic converter? Re: Is it possible to pass emission without catalytic converter? Re: Is it possible to pass emission without catalytic converter? Re: Is it possible to pass emission without catalytic converter?

Check The Air And Fuel Metering

Make sure your vehicle is in fuel control. Modern cars have two fuel control modes, closed loop and open loop. When the car is in open loop, it is simply running a pre-made map, and makes little to no changes to the amount of fuel it delivers. When a vehicle is in closed loop, it is closely monitoring the engine and adjusting fuel and timing to create the proper air fuel ratio, and a good clean burn.

Learn more about closed loop Vs. Open loop by understnading how check engien lights work.

Watch your front oxygen sensor/s. The sensors should switch back and forth between high and low values. Many oxygen sensors are one volt systems, and will therefore switch between .02 and .98 volts. Other systems are five volt, some are 1.5 volt. The main thing to look for is rapid switching between low and high values. If the oxygen sensor is switching, then the ECU is adjusting fuel. If an oxygen sensor is switching slowly, or sticking at a value, then there is a gross failure in the fuel control system

If the car is equipped with a MAF, check to make sure it is clean. A dirty MAF can cause a lean condition.

If you have an old style MAF, such as this:

Cleaning The Catalytic Converter

Removing and cleaning the catalytic converter is another potential fix. After removing the catalytic converter, use a pressure washer to blast out any contaminants from the matrix. Be sure to flush the unit from both ends.

Another way to clean the catalytic converter is to soak it overnight in a combination of hot water and degreaser or laundry detergent. This process takes longer but is necessary to dissolve the deposits clogging up your catalytic converter. After washing or soaking, be sure to dry the catalytic converter completely before reinstalling.

Can A Car With No Cats Pass Emission

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Re: can a car with no cats pass emission? Re: can a car with no cats pass emission? Re: can a car with no cats pass emission? Re: can a car with no cats pass emission? Re: can a car with no cats pass emission? Buffalo Dude

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Re: can a car with no cats pass emission? i have no cat on my truck, and back when we still had inspections i passed, but now its free game cuz we dont even have to get inspected anymoreside note here in okla we dont have to get an actual emission test, just look like everythings in place 😆 but now we’re so advanced we dont even have any inspections and now we’re waiting for the rest of the country to catch up with our technological pace :rolleyes: 😆Re: can a car with no cats pass emission? Re: can a car with no cats pass emission?

Pass Emissions Without A Catalytic Converter

dingosteeda said:Someone told me it was possible use a catless DP and still pass emissions if you have a tune or something. Is this true? I just want to know if i can trick the computer test or if ill actually have to replace the DP with a stock one whenever i have to get tested?

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dingosteeda said:Someone told me it was possible use a catless DP and still pass emissions if you have a tune or something. Is this true? I just want to know if i can trick the computer test or if ill actually have to replace the DP with a stock one whenever i have to get tested?

Mrvdub444 said:FALSE! If you live in NJ they physically stick a reader into the muffler of your car to test how much fumes are coming out the back end of your car. They also check for a check engine light and that’s it. So, If you have no cat expect to fail with flying colors. And that someone is an idiot. addle:Also, they revv the engine so be warned if your car blows out fumes like your smoking a pipe expect to fail.

Find Smog Check Stations Near Me

HELP!! Still cant pass emissions with cat, why?

To stay in compliance with the State of Tennessees smog check requirements, Tennessee-registered drivers must get their vehicles to pass a vehicle emissions test if they live in certain regions of the state. Check out our DMV & Emissions Testing Locations in Tennessee pages below to find a DMV office or testing location in your area.

How To Pass Emissions Without Cats

JIM5.0I am also from Texas, and I know that in a county that is EPA marked as “attainment,” there is no sniff test. They only do a visual inspection to make sure the emissions controls are there.What you might be able to do to pass this visual is to put on only the shells of an empty catalytic converters in your exhaust system. Caveat: I do not know if “attainment” counties still do an OBD II plug-in to read any “P” errors. If they do, your only way to pass that is to purchase a tune from someone else who will change the values for you. Non-attainment counties: Some Texas counties are EPA marked as “non-attainment” which means you MUST do a sniff test as part of the DPS inspection. Failure on the sniff test means you do not get your DPS sticker. If you do not have cats and you have a blower, you’re pretty much screwed. You cannot pass the sniff test, and I seriously doubt even the best non-fouler trick will work.

Special Tips To Pass The Tennessee Emissions Test

Tennessee vehicle owners may want to get their vehicles tested as soon as they receive their first testing notice. Allow extra time to get any needed repairs done before the vehicles registration expires. Also, if a vehicle owner plans to be out of town during the date when their registration expires, planning early will give owners time to meet the deadline. Here are some tips to keep in mind to ensure passing a Tennessee vehicle emissions test:

Correct Procedure To Pass A Smog Test When Catalytic Converter Performance Is Suspect

  • Plan ahead. Know well in advance when you need to have a smog test. Plan to disconnect the battery long enough in advance to allow you to then drive your vehicle for at least 150 miles.
  • Disconnect your battery the night before you start the 150-mile run. This will erase the internal monitors on the vehicles computer.
  • Reconnect the battery the next day. This will restart the computers internal self-test monitors and re-calibrate all systems. If your commute to work is 30 miles per day round trip, then you need to do about 5 days of commuting to rack up the required mileage.
  • Reset your odometer to zero and start monitoring your mileage.
  • Start your 150-mile run.
  • At the end of the mileage run, you are ready for a smog test. Avoid doing the test on a very hot day and do so early in the morning when the temperature is still cool. Run your vehicle for at least twenty minutes to warm up the engine prior to the test.
  • You will be surprised how you can do this repeatedly every year around the time of your annual vehicle registration date.

    Proven Methods For Passing An Emissions Test:

    Utilize every one of these tips so that you have the highest probability of passing your test. Do not skip any of them, or you may fail your emissions test.

    Tip How It Helps

    1. Test a very warm car on a cool day.

    A hot engine has more complete combustion, burning more hydrocarbons in the process. Also, an engine taking in cooler, denser air runs more efficiently.

    2. Use a specialized fuel additive.

    Certain fuel additives help to clean your combustion chamber of carbon deposits. Too much carbon can cause a car to fail a smog check.

    3. Inflate tires to the proper level.

    Slightly higher air pressure in the tires make them easier to spin, putting less stress on the engine and causing it to burn cleaner at a given speed.

    4. Perform an oil change.

    Carbon also builds up in the engine’s oil. A fresh oil change will help ensure a cleaner-burning engine.

    5. Turn off your “Check Engine” light .

    In most states, an illuminated “check engine” light is an automatic failure during an emissions test.

    6. Find a shop that offers a free retest.

    If you fail your test, you will get another try without additional cost.

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