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What Is The Cat In Captain Marvel

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Whats This Flerkens History

In the Captain Marvel comics, this ginger Flerken is called Chewie, so named after Chewbacca in Star Wars. The cat was introduced in Giant-Size Ms. Marvel #1. Carol thinks Chewie is a normal domesticated cat, but she eventually learns the truth about what Chewie is from Rocket Raccoon. They encountered Rocket when Carol took her pet with her when she headed out into space to explore the galaxy.Carol didnt believe Rocket Raccoons claims, but then Chewie laid 117 eggs. Those eggs turned into 117 kittens. So, definitely a Flerken.

So far all we know about the Flerken in the Captain Marvel movie is that shes named Goose . And I think Nick Fury should watch out. He said in Winter Soldier that he lost his eye the last time he trusted someone. If Goose has all the Flerken powers and anatomy from the comics, he could definitely take out an eyeball.

You can find Chewie in several issues of Captain Marvel by writer Kelly Sue DeConnick and artists Marcio Takara and David Lopez.

Images: Marvel

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Yes Goose Is From The Comics

But she had a different name: Chewie, like the Star Wars character.

In an interview with , Captain Marvel director Anna Boden explained that they wanted to give the cat a name that would be more “specific to Carol Danvers’ past” as a fighter pilot coming up in the 1980s. Hence Goose, like in Top Gun.

Goose Is Played By Four Cats

Although Goose is just one cat, she’s played by four different cats: Reggie, Rizzo, Gonzo, and Archie. The face you’re most familiar with will be Reggie’s, as he’s the “hero” cat used for most of the close-ups and reaction shots. He was also the model for the prop and CG cats.

As for how one even goes about teaching a cat to act, the key, according to star Samuel L. Jackson, is food. “He’s snack-oriented. He shows off,” he said of Reggie in a press conference. “You give him something to eat, you talk softly and nice to him, give him something to eat again.”

Goose The Cat Is Actually An Alien Species Called A Flerken

Theres a running gag in Captain Marvel that Nick Fury who is known for being lovable but gruff, and not at all touchy-feely takes a liking to Goose. But other characters, including Skrull general Talos, as well as the Kree scanner, indicate early in the film that Goose is actually scary.

When Talos confronts Fury and Carol Danvers, he recoils and expresses a deep fear of Goose, telling Fury that the animal is not what it appears to be. And in the films third act, we see Goose unleash its true nature when Carol asks Fury to hold the Tesseract for safekeeping Goose takes it upon itself to protect the Tesseract and promptly unleashes a mouthful full of tentacles to swallow it.


How Captain Marvel changed the MCUs Tesseract timeline, explained

Thats because Goose is a Flerken: an alien species that lays eggs and that can shoot large tentacles from its mouth. Flerkens can also shapeshift, thanks to their ability to hold a pocket dimension inside their bodies.

While fearsome to their enemies, Flerkens seem to be loyal to their friends though this characteristic is seemingly contradicted late in the movie, when Goose scratches out Furys eye.

So by the end of Captain Marvel, Goose is responsible for one of the most iconic eye accessories in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Furys eyepatch, as well as the temporary caretaker of a very important Infinity Stone.

Giant Size Ms. Marvel No. 1

But what about turning Chewie into a Flerken?

The Life of Captain Marvel

Heightened Senses And Intelligence

What Do They Call The Cat In Captain Marvel

Flerkens’ innocent, cat-like appearance and mannerisms conceal their true level of intelligence and heightened senses. In the comics, Chewie is able to sense an attack coming and tries to warn Carol by hissing at her. Chewie can also understand what others are saying, even if she can’t reply in their language. Although Goose has yet to fully demonstrate the same deeper understanding, she does seem to be smarter than she lets on. For instance, she is able to recognize Carol’s Skrull ally, Talos, even when he shape-shifts into a Kree soldier. Goose also remembers Carol when she returns to Earth, even though they haven’t seen each other in six years.

Here’s What You Need To Know About Carol Danvers’ Scene

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Goose Almost Had A Much Smaller Role In The Movie

Because Captain Marvel has a cat in the comics, she was always going to have a cat in the movie, Boden and Fleck told me. But Goose’s role wasn’t always going to be this big.

“We wrote the first draft and we showed it to Marvel and Kevin Feige, and he said, Mm-hm, mm-hm, yep. This is going to need at least 200% more of this cat in this movie,'” Fleck recalled.

Although they were skeptical at first, they took the note “and he was right,” Fleck admitted. “He just felt like this is something that the audience is going to respond to, and here we are, responding to Goose in a big way.”

Captain Marvel: The History Of Goose The Cat

Everything you need to know about Captain Marvel’s feline or is it flerken? companion…

If you saw the Captain Marvel or , you may have noticed Carol Danvers furry friend. That little fuzzball is known in the comics as Chewie, Carols temperamental cat*. For Marvels March 8th Captain Marvel movie, Carols pet cat is named Goose. While its a bummer that were losing the Star Wars reference and original name, at least Goose is still a period-appropriate pop culture reference , for which Carol is known, and still a fellow pilot to boot.

*actual species may vary

Whats a Flerken?

A Flerken is a highly intelligent alien from Earth-58163 that takes the shape of a vicious beast known as a housecat. Theyre incredibly rare, and reproduce by laying eggs .


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Flerkens can attack enemies or defend themselves with the fangs and tentacles hidden in their cheeks, with the aid of the pocket dimensions they have there. Those pocket dimensions are little bubbles of space-time that allow them to store things, like the ultimate intergalactic chipmunk cheek pouch or some kind of facial TARDIS. Any questions?

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Once, when Captain Marvel was fighting the shapeshifter Mim, she took Chewies form, taking Carol by surprise. It didnt take long for Carol to figure out the deception, since Chewie would never attack her human/Kree bff, but it still meant that Carol had to take on a Flerken, tentacles and all.




Protector Of The Tesseract

21 movies into this crazy roller coaster ride called the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we still can’t get away from the mysterious, glowy, explode-y Infinity Stones. Captain Marvel uses its ’90s setting and nature as a prequel as an excuse for an in-universe throwback, centering the action to the MCU Phase One’s Tesseract, a.k.a. the magical blue cube that houses the blue Space Stone.

In the movies, this consequential cube spent time apparently being protected by the belly of the flerken, sitting undigested in its terrifying stomach until the choice was made to vomit it up on a desk at S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters at some undisclosed later time, as shown during Captain Marvel‘s second end credits scene.

As the comics make clear, the belly of the flerken isn’t just unusually stretchy it’s actually its own pocket dimension, capable of containing unknown multitudes of matter, organic or otherwise. It’s no wonder people are so scared of the thing it doesn’t just swallow people whole. It completely removes them from their own reality, sending them off to worlds unknown.

Captain Marvel’: What The Hell Actually Is A Flerken

The adorable orange tabby, Goose, isnt actually a cat. Heres what that means.

Ross A. Lincoln


If youve seen Captain Marvel, then you know that one of the films standout characters is Goose, the adorable orange tabby that becomes fast friends with Nick Fury .

Of course, we eventually find out that Goose isnt a cat at all its actually an alien creature called a flerken. So, uh, what the hell is a flerken anyway?

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For starters, they lay eggs and can reproduce asexually, and in great quantities. They also hide a giant maw of tendrils, fangs and tentacles in their mouths that can gobble up just about anything they want. Its pretty gross.

But the weirdest thing of all is that flerkens have a pocket dimension in their mouth that can store anything they want for easy access. Think of them as the cat version of the TARDIS from Doctor Who: theyre much bigger on the inside than they are on the outside. By the way, this pocket dimension also, apparently, gives them the ability to teleport.

Their only major weakness is that all of their special powers originate in their mouth-area. So all you have to do to disable a flerken is muzzle it.

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Ouch. But hey, now we know how Fury ended up with his cool eyepatch.

Why Captain Marvel’s Cat Is Way More Important Than We Realized

Sarah Szabo

Marvel Studios has done it again, taking a relatively obscure comic book character and catapulting them to the , all while beating back a campaign of cynical review-bombing. This time, the heroine in question is Carol Danvers, a.k.a. Captain Marvel, the amnesiac, Tesseract-fueled fighter pilot who went from agent of the U.S. Air Force to the marquee warrior of the spacefaring Kree Starforce

But despite how powerful Carol proves to be when she takes the limiters off, so to speak, she’s far from the most fearsome character in her debut movie appearance. No, for most people, that honor would likely go to the frightening alien flerken, also known as the cat named Goose. Despite appearing to all the world to sport the innocent look of a cute little kitty, this merciless creature is one of the most powerful entities in the movie, and potentially the entire MCU. Don’t believe us? Ask Nick Fury. Here’s everything you need to know about the “cat” in Captain Marvel.

What Makes A Flerken Different From A Normal Kitty

Unlike the cats of this world, Flerkens can reproduce by laying eggs, defend themselves with their vicious fangs, and teleport through time and space courtesy of pocket dimensions they store in their mouths. These pocket dimensions allow them to store weapons and tentacles as well, which come in handy during altercations with foes.

No one should ever mess with one of these alien furballs when its in a bad mood, and Chewie has been known to be temperamental at times.

This Aint No Normal Cat

Captain Marvel

Chewie made her debut in Giant-Size Ms. Marvel #1 back in 2006. Since then, shes been a loyal compatriot to Danvers, and theyve traveled the universe together.

At first glance, Chewie looks like a regular old housecat. Dont let her common feline features fool you, though, as Chewie is not of this world. Shes actually a member of an alien species known as Flerken, and shes pretty good at posing as a domesticated feline from this planet. Danvers didnt even know about her pets true origins until the Guardians of the Galaxy brought her up to speed.

Captain Marvel Fans Are Obsessed With Goose The Cat’s Flerken Identity

Who is the cat in Captain Marvel? What is a Flerken? Will Goose be in ‘Avengers: Engame’?

Captain Marvel is officially here. After months of anticipation, Marvel have finally unveiled their first ever female led superhero film and it’s incredible. First things first, Brie Larson is sensational as the titular character Carol Danvers, then there are the shocking post-credits scenes and, last but not least, we will never be over the moving Stan Lee tribute and cameo.

However, it’s the Captain Marvel cat , who everyone is obsessed with. Goose was actually previously mentioned in Captain America: Winter Soldier but she makes her first on screen appearance in Captain Marvel and fans are living for her. However, Goose isn’t quite what she seems at first and it’s the big twist that really certifies her legend status in the MCU.

What Powers Do Flerken Have

Its really about looking inside the mouth with the Flerken. With your pet Fluffys mouth, you only have to worry about bacteria and the occasional nip. Flerken, however, have those tentacles I mentioned and lots of pointy teeth and also pocket dimensions.The tentacles, of which there can be many, can handle various items, a la an elephants trunk, and flail around in battle. Besides that, theyre very off-putting. Youll find smaller tendrils at the heart of the tentacles; these sport multiple mouths with sharp fangs. Imagine the kind of damage this combination could inflict! Flerken could use these protrusions to attack many foes at once, meaning you really would prefer to have them as your ally than as your enemy.

Now, as for the their pocket dimensions: its believed the spaces exist in their mouths and bodies and are like bubbles Flerken can use to keep things safethink of it like a bag of holding or Hermiones magic purse in and . The pocket dimension subspaces can be used as a transportation method, too, but the results are gross .

Did Nick Fury Really Lose His Eye To A Cat

But in the MCU, Fury is sensitive about the subject of his eye and doesn’t want to talk about why he wears an eyepatch. It was revealed in Captain Marvel that he lost his eye when Goose scratched him. Goose is of course, no ordinary cat, he is a flerken which are fierce alien creatures resembling earthly cats.

Goose May Play A Key Role In Avengers: Endgame

Despite Furys claim in Winter Soldier that he trusts no one after losing an eye, the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and Flerken seem to remain buddies after the incident. At the end of the movie, Goose sits in a cat bed in the corner of Furys office at S.H.I.E.L.D. In fact, earlier in the movie Goose swallowed up the Tesseract to hide the Infinity Stone inside from the Kree. During the second end-credits scene, Goose deposits it on Furys desk, essentially entrusting the powerful object to him.

This may seem like a silly scene, but in fact Gooses ability to carry the Tesseract could prove crucial to Avengers: Endgame. In Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos gathers all the Infinity Stones, including the one in the Tesseract, to destroy half of all life in the universe. He succeeds, and the Avengers are left to figure out how to turn back time and undo the destruction.

Fans have theorized that in Avengers: Endgame, the heroes will travel through time and gather all the Infinity Stones before Thanos can. That means they may make a pit stop at Nick Furys office in the 1990s where the Tesseract is stored inside the belly of a kitty.

Goose Is Actually An Alien Called A Flerken

Goose is actually a dangerous alien called a . The species look like the domesticated cats that live on Earth but have tentacles that come out of their mouths and can swallow up large objects and store them in bubbles in their bellies. They can also lay hundreds of eggs at a time to produce offspring.

In the comics, Carol Danvers adopts what she believes to be a normal cat whom she names Chewie . Later Rocket reveals to her that Chewie is actually a Flerken who can use the octopus-like arms in his mouth to strangle, kill and eat people. The creators of the Captain Marvel film renamed the cat Goose as a nod to Tom Cruises sidekick in Top Gun. Otherwise all his Flerken abilities remain the same.

Goose Takes Out Nick Furys Eye Which Fury Referenced In Winter Soldier

Nick Fury , early S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and creator of the Avengers, has long sported an eyepatch in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For years, fans speculated on how Fury lost his eye. The guessing game was stoked by Furys own mysterious references to the incident. In Captain America: Winter Soldier, Fury tells Captain America , that the last time he trusted someone, he lost an eye.

That someone, it turns out, was a cat or what Fury thought was a cat. In Captain Marvel, Nick Fury and Carol Danvers travel to the old offices of Mar-Vell . Mar-Vell, they find out, was a Kree agent who turned against her own when she learned that they were murdering innocent aliens called the Skrulls. Mar-Vell is killed by the Kree, but her pet, Goose, survives her.

Fury immediately bonds with Goose. He cuddles and plays with him. But a Skrull named Talos tells Fury that Goose is not actually a cat but a dangerous alien called a Flerken. Fury dismisses Talos until they are caught in a fight with the Kree. At one point during that battle, huge octopus-looking legs emerge from Gooses mouth, and he eats a bunch of Kree soldiers. Fury then wields him as a weapon.

Unfortunately for Fury, Goose does not like being treated like a cat. When Fury tries to cuddle him again at the end of the movie, Goose scratches his eye. Fury initially says that its just a scratch, but by the end of the film, hes perusing glass eyes.

Who Is Faster Thor Or Captain America

Speed: Thor While Captain America is no doubt faster than most humans. He doesn’t stand a chance against Thor, who can travel close to the speed of sound using his weapon Mjolnir or Stormbreaker. So, it’s not even fair to compare these based on speed. Thor is a mile ahead from Captain America in this round.

Thor: Ragnarok And Avengers: Infinity War

840x1336 Goose The Cat in Captain Marvel 840x1336 ...

Thor: RaganarokBe sure to also check out Marvel boss Kevin Feige’s assurances that Captain Marvel will have an Achilles Heel. Or catch up on where Captain Marvel ranks among the MCU movies to make $200 million the fastest. Also, you have to check out the Avengers cast selfie that shows they’re all out to get Thanos.When you’re done here, be sure to also check out the best Easter Eggs in Captain Marvel and our 6 biggest WTF questions. And if you haven’t already, check out the trailer for Avengers: Endgame below!

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Captain Marvels Cat In The Comics

The original cat is called Chewie, after Chewbacca from Star Wars. She made her debut in 2006, back when Carol Danvers was still known as Ms. Marvel.


Introduced in Giant Sized Ms. Marvel #1, Chewie makes her first appearance during a fight scene, where Carol throws her at the enemy. She returns in the iconic Captain Marvel series written by Kelly Sue DeConnick, now with a more prominent role.

Captain Marvel Vol. 8 #2/Marvel

Accompanying Carol on a trip into space, Chewie hangs out in Carols ship like a normal cat. That is, until Carol meets up with the Guardians of the Galaxy, at which point Rocket Raccoon freaks out, yelling that Chewie isnt a catshes a flerken. As we soon discover, flerkens may look like Earth cats, but theyre pretty damn different. Later issues reveal that Chewie can lay eggs and act as a living gateway to a pocket dimension.

In other words, like the TARDIS, flerkens are bigger on the inside. They store a bunch of alien tentacles in another dimension inside their bodies, ready to attack when theyre in danger. Plus, Chewie winds up laying eggs and having 117 kittens, resulting in this amazing cover art for Captain Marvel #8.

Captain Marvel #8/MarvelCaptain Marvel #8/Marvel

Captain Marvel’s Goose The Cat Answers Fan Questions In Adorable Video

Reggie, the feline breakout star of Captain Marvel who played a majority of Goose the cat’s appearances, provides answers to questions asked by fans.

An adorable video features Goose the cat actor Reggie answering questions from fans about Captain Marvel. The feline performer played Goose in the superhero origin story , and was a huge hit with audiences, quickly becoming one of the films most popular characters and outshining his human co-stars, with videos spotlighting him and fan posters replacing the heads of major characters with kitty faces.

Goose first appears in Captain Marvel when Carol Danvers and Nick Fury investigate Project Pegasus, and was introduced as the pet cat of Dr Wendy Lawson, Carols former boss and the designer of the experimental jet engine presumed to have killed her six years previously. Its later revealed that Skrull leader Talos claims were correct that Goose is actually a Flerken, a ferocious race of alien creatures that appear identical to Earth house cats, but have hidden Lovecraftian maws of fangs and tentacles that contain pocket dimensions, in which Goose swallows the Tesseract and keeps it out of the hands of Starforce.

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Who Wins Captain Marvel Or Thor

Thor and Captain Marvel actually have fought, in Captain Marvel #12 . In that issue – written by Kelly Thompson with art by Lee Garbett – Captain Marvel and Thor literally punch and blast one another from one side of the planet to the other. Captain Marvel did indeed defeat Thor, but only a hammer-less Thor.

You Can Watch A Whole Hour Of Goose In Action Right Now

As part of their big press day in Los Angeles, Marvel Studios set up a livestream where fans could watch Goose just hanging around being Goose for a full hour. The feed isn’t live anymore, obviously, but the video’s still here if you’re the kind of person who loves watching cat videos. And if you’ve read this far, we’re guessing you are.

She Doesnt Get Along With Rocket

The events surrounding Chewies reveal as a Flerken were dramatic, to say the least. When Carol bumped into the Guardians while exploring the galaxy, Rocket didnt take too kindly to the Flerken and more or less tried to eliminate the cat.

At first, didnt believe Rocket Raccoons claims that her cat was an alien species. She became more convinced later on when Chewie laid 117 eggs, all of which hatched into wild kittens. Since then, Chewie and Rocket have learned to tolerate each other, but theyve never seen eye-to-eye. In fact, Chewie is prone to hissing at the angry raccoon whenever they bump into each other.

The rivalry between Chewie and Rocket is entertaining in the comics, and itd be nice to see some of that comedic tension brought to the MCU. The character has been renamed, sure, but everything that makes her so unique and awesome in the comics needs to remain.

If Chewie is indeed a Flerken, though, then shell likely play a big part in the MCU going forward as a mighty warrior. Once those tentacles come out, Flerkens can really hold their own. Thatll be useful in the fight against almighty foes.

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‘captain Marvel’ Ending Explained: How Fury Lost His Eye What Gives Carol Power And More

Captain marvel

Captain Marvel is another big hit for Marvel Studios, as its first female-led film introduces audiences to one of the most powerful beings in the universe before Avengers: Endgame premieres in April.

The origin story sets up Carol Danvers as a force to be reckoned with in the MCU while also explaining some of the mysteries of the universe. We get the appearance of an Infinity Stone, Skrulls and what exactly Goose is to think about until we revisit the MCU next month.

Here’s what the end of Captain Marvel means for the character, and to the MCU as a whole.

Spoiler Warning! The following will spoil the events of Captain Marvel. If you haven’t seen it and don’t want to know what happens, turn back now.


Captain Marvel changed up how Carol Danvers received her powers from the comics.

In the comics, Danvers is caught in an explosion of a Kree device that gives her her famous energy powers and ability to fly. In the movie, Danvers is a test pilot for an experimental craft developed by Dr. Lawson . Audiences learn later on that Lawson is actually a Kree scientist named Mar-Vell and she was looking to build a warp engine to stop the Kree and Skrull War.

An alien spacecraft blasts Danvers and Mar-Vell out of the sky, and it’s revealed that Yon-Rogg was the one to do it. He wanted to bring the engine to Hala, the Kree homeworld. Mar-Vell understood that her people were fighting a nonsensical war and wanted to help the Skrulls .

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