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How Long Do Tuxedo Cats Live

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Tuxedo Cats Arent That Rare

Are tuxedo cats rare? Surely a cat this special is in short supply?

The answer might surprise you.

Loads of cats have the genes for bicolor kittens, and a black and white bicolor kitten might be a tuxedo cat. Given that this applies to almost all breeds, that equals a lot of tuxedo cats in the world.

Though awesome and unique, theres no shortage of tuxedo cats.

Can You Train A Tuxedo Cat

Youll find it fairly easy to train a tuxedo cat as they do seem capable of picking up things fast. However, if youve ever heard the phrase dogs come when called, but cats take a message and get back to later youll know a cat will only respond if it wants to! That being said, if you know the right techniques you can train most cats to obey simple commands. Read my article on how to train your cat to fetch like a pro to find out more.

Tuxedos Tabbies And Torties: How To Tell These Housecats Apart

You should see Mike Moo. Oh, my is he a handsome lad. He is jet black with an all-boy face. His head is the size of a small , and although he is large, he is most certainly the cat’s meow. His fur is silky smooth. I don’t know how Moo keeps it so manageable.

Farnsworth loves Mike Moo to pieces. They pal around and lick each other’s faces. Farnsworth is always dressed in his Sunday-go-to-meetin’ clothes, a tuxedo ready for any ball or cotillion. As for Calvie, she’s the matriarch of the family, a brown long-haired tabby with a frisky disposition.

Mike, Farnsworth, and Calvie are by no means purebred cats. Oh, no, all the cats in my house are rescues, everyday housecats, who, when they’re not hissing, chasing one another or scratching at the carpet, are rather good company. The three of them are among the most common housecats in the United States.

Housecats come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Some are lazy. Some are frolicsome. Some are smart. Others don’t give a hoot. I’ve had many, alley cats all, each rescued from some sort of hellish life. Pandora was an orange domestic shorthair daddy’s favorite. Batty and D-Day were jet-white boys, although Batty had longer fur. When they knocked down the Christmas tree one year, I had to laugh.

So how best to pick your new domestic shorthair buddy?

Theyll Live As Long As Any Other Cat Of Their Breed

Cat color doesnt seem to be a marker for their longevity, and there are too many other variables to consider.

A cats breed can impact its lifespan due to inherited diseases, but fortunately, color doesnt appear to have any affect.

The tuxedo cat lifespan depends on the genetic cards theyre dealt, the way in which theyre cared for, and the environment theyre raised in.

You might want to look into the longevity of the specific breed of your tuxedo cat to get a better understanding of their lifespan.

How To Extend Your Cat’s Life

Tuxedo Cats Behavior. What Are Tuxedo Cat Personality ...

Here are some general husbandry tips that will help keep your cat healthy, happy, and sassy:

  • Offer them fun ways to exercise and provide them with a cat tree and/or scratcher to keep them active.
  • Make sure to keep the litter box clean.
  • Offer fresh water daily.
  • Keep their food and water dishes clean and sanitized.

Why Are Tuxedo Cats So Weird

Tuxedo Cats coat variations are caused by their genetics. Long thought to be the product of slow or sluggish pigment cells that couldnt enter all parts of the kitty embryo before it was fully developed, their bi-coloured coats were thought to be the result of slow or sluggish pigment cells that couldnt reach all parts of the kitty embryo before it was fully formed.

Your Cats Tuxedo Is A Kind Of Camouflage

Cats have a wide range of coat patterns in their repertoire, and the original reason for this was to stay hidden. We can still see it in many cats today stripey cats who blend into long grass, for example.

The black parts of a tuxedo cat tend to be on the top of his body with the white patches on belly and chest. This makes him harder to see from above, and patching itself breaks up the outlines of his body too.

Weve been protecting and feeding cats for a long time, and not needing to be hidden has meant genes for more extravagant colors can be expressed.

Although the tuxedo isnt as functional of a camouflage anymore, it stems from your cats natural need to blend in.

Tuxedo Cat Personality Traits

Just like James Bond, tuxedo cats look dapper but aren’t afraid of a little action. They’re lively, energetic and very social compared to most other cats.

As soon as you walk in the door, your tuxie will come running up to you with her black tail straight up in the air. They do have some sense of independence and curiosity like any other feline, however, and care must be taken to keep them from wandering off.

They also have a tendency to be very vocal, more like an opera star than the opera attendee they’re dressed like.

Not Every Cat Is The Same

As cats grow older, they develop their own personalities as they mature and each one is unique. Looking for a feline companion? All a cat needs are a loving home and they will surely blossom! Consider adopting a tuxedo bicolor cat today. You will not only get to enjoy the companionship of this beautiful type of cat, but you will also save a life.

All Tuxedo Cats Are Bicolored Cats But Not All Bicolored Cats Are Tuxedo Cats

To be considered a tuxedo, a cat needs to have two colors on their coat. However, not all cats with two colors are classified as tuxedo. What qualifies a cat to be classified as tuxedo is their coat pattern.

Tuxedo cats have a solid coat color , with patches of a different color on their paws, belly, chest, and chin.

What Are Tuxedo Cats

Kathy Joyce

What are Tuxedo cats and are they a breed? In this post youll discover all about tuxedo cats and what makes them so special. These little bi-colour kitties are unique in many ways, and Ive had the privilege of adopting one.

Keep reading as Youll discover surprising facts about these adorable felines, and what makes them such characters. Firstly, tuxedo cats are not a breed but the result of a white spotting gene.

Theyve been around for thousands of years and many ancient tombs had drawings of these bi-coloured kitties. Its a well known fact that cats were worshipped by ancient Egyptians, but you can only guess as to why a huge percentage depicted in their artwork are tuxedos.

One Even Ran For Office

Heres something you dont see every day: in 2012, one ambitious cat in Halifax, Canada ran for mayor. While the spunky Tuxedo Stan may not have won the election, he did succeed in raising awareness for his homeless brethren, spurring city council to donate funds for an affordable spay and neuter clinic. Not bad for a cat!

Tuxedo Cats Make Ennui Cool

How Long Does A Tuxedo Cat Live

Perhaps the most famous of the contemporary social media cat darlings is Henri, le Chat Noir. Roger Ebert hailed one of Henris videos as the best cat video ever made, in a tweet. Henri embodies the all-around debonair, and je ne sais quoi , that has made the mystifying tuxedo cat an inspiration to artists for centuries. 

Whether tuxedo cats are saving lives, living by example or taking social media by storm, theres nothing ordinary about these dapper cats!

Tell us: Do you have a tuxedo cat? Does he or she have tuxitude?

Read more about cat colors on

Are All Black And White Cats Called Tuxedos

No. Tuxedos have a unique pattern with a black coat with white chests, paws, bellies, and throats. A masked tuxedo can also have white markings or stripes around the nose and chin. But there are many other black and white coat patterns that arent tuxedos.

I love genetics. While they sometimes cause health issues, they also produce gorgeous features like the tuxedo coat color pattern.

Some say tuxedo cats are super intelligent and have faster growth rates than other types of cats. Do you own one? What has been your experience?


Do you have a tuxedo cat? Please share your wonderful moments with them in the comments below!

Black And White Cats Are Not A Distinct Breed

These bicolor beauties dont qualify as their own distinct breed. Instead, a tuxedo cats distinguished look refers strictly to his two-toned coat pattern, which, as weve discovered, can manifest in many variations.

According to , black and white cats can turn up in a number of breeds, including Maine coons, American, British and Exotic shorthairs, American curls, Manx cats, Munchkins, Persians, Orientals, Siberians, Scottish folds, and Norweigan forest cats. 

Even though these black and white darlings can be found in so many breeds, we still think theyre one-of-a-kind.

Black And White Cat Breeds: Can Any Cat Breed Inherit That Piebald Coat

The piebald coat occurs in many pedigree cat breeds, but not quite all of them. Cat breeds that are defined by their coat colorings, such as the Ragdoll or Siamese, cannot have the tuxedo pattern unless they are crossed with another cat. Cats with both long and short hair can have these multicolored coats.



Tuxedo Cats Have Run For Office

Not many cats have run for office. And there arent a lot of political parties started by cat breeds or types. But in 2012, breaking with species biases, Tuxedo Stan ran for mayor in Halifax, Canada. Although this spirited tuxie didnt win, he did bring awareness to the plight of homeless cats across platforms. He also inspired the Halifax City Council to give a hefty grant to the area to facilitate a low-cost spay and neuter clinic. Sadly, Tuxedo Stan passed away in 2013 of cancer, but not before inspiring the Tuxedo Party.

Cat Breeds That Live Longer

Some cats are predisposed to live longer lives due to their genetics.

Below are some cats which typically live longer lives than the average cat:

Be aware that mixed cats are usually the most resilient in terms of longevity due to their stronger genetic diversity.

If you want to breed a cat that will live a long life try mixing some of the breeds above together.

Where Can You Get A Tuxedo Cat

You shouldnt have far to look for a tuxedo cat waiting to be rehomed. Theyre not a special breed and wont cost you much. Most shelters will charge for neutering as well as microchipping. Mine charged £60 and even gave me a pet carrier as well!

In addition, kittens are always the first to be adopted, so dont overlook adult cats. Mine was thought to be about two years old and very playful. I named him Alfie and hes a great companion.

Cats are considered one of the most magical animals on earth able to protect you from negative energy. In addition, they can also bring positive energy into the home and even attract prosperity!

If youve enjoyed this post please share. Also, if you have any questions or would like to share your experiences, please leave your comment below:)

Wishing you a purrfect day:)Kathy

Are Tuxedo Cats More Affectionate

Tuxedo cats are seen as stylish because of their black and white combination, but some cat owners have been asking if their pet really is more affectionate.

This has to do with the meaning of Tuxedo. Cats are not supposed to wear suits, but instead should look for the way that suits suit them.

The meaning of Tuxedo has to do with elegant dressing and this refers to how modern clothing is meant to look. Like everything in fashion, the meaning changes over time.

Some cats look for style, while others prefer to dress in accordance with the way they feel or even their moods.

If you are wondering if your cat is more affectionate, it is best to look at the way you take care of them.

Do you have plenty of opportunities to groom them? If you do not, your cat may not be given as much attention.

It is not unusual for a cat to love a good scratch or even to pet you, but it may not be the best idea if you are not willing to spend the time necessary.

Cats will be more affectionate if you spend more time grooming them, especially kittens.

You can use a cat-hair brush to groom them in the same way that you would use a brush on your own dog.

Even if you dont have time to spend grooming your cat, it is a good idea to use one or two things to mark the location so that they know that they are being pampered.

If you have cats that get along, you may want to use the same grooming tools to groom them. Cats may groom each other as a sign of affection, so this is not inappropriate.

Reasons Tuxedo Cats Rock

How Long Does A Tuxedo Cat Live

Tuxedo cats are those awesome felines who have stark black and white markings resembling mens formal wear. No other cat is as dramatic as a tuxie dressed in his bib and tucker. Some tuxies wear spats or white boots. They are truly the gentlemen of the cat color patterns. There are also female tuxedo cats who have the same wonderful marking plus the distinctive personality traits.

These felines with their formal wear coloring, are the only cats admitted into the Metropolitan Opera, and have been the themes of awesome musicals. Tuxedo cats were the cats of choice kept by William Shakespeare, Beethoven, and Sir Isaac Newton.

These illustrious gentlemen knew that these clever little trouble-makers with their unerring sense of mischief and loving nature, were the perfect companions and muses for creativity.

Watch for Mr. Mistoffeles in Cats. He is one of the most famous tuxedo-clad kitties. And of course, Sylvester the Cat and Felix of cartoon fame also wore tuxes.  And if you were to peruse pictures of the Clinton White House, you will see Socks, who wore a tux and sat quietly under chairs during formal dinners.

People often ask is a tuxedo cat a breed?  To find out read our in-depth article A Tribute to Tuxedo Cats

Lets face it, tuxies are dressed to the nines all the time. They dont care what you look like; they just know they are always looking sharp.  In fact, most love to have their pictures taken and are extremely photogenic.


Tuxedo Cats Can Be Aggressive

Most owners of tuxedo cats will tell you that these felines are some of the friendliest and most sociable cats youll come across. However, this does not mean that they are not capable of aggression.

According to a carried out in the UK to find the relation between coat color and temperament in cats, black and white cats, and tuxies in particular, are the most likely to show aggression.

Tuxedo Cat Is Not A Unique Cat Breed

The term tuxedo describes a coat pattern, rather than a breed. There are several cat breeds that can exhibit the tuxedo pattern. Some of these include the American Shorthair, British Shorthair, Maine Coon, Turkish Angora, and the Scottish Fold.

It is also possible for a tuxedo cat to be a mixed breed. Since tuxedo is not a specific breed, tuxedo cats can either have a long or short haired coat.

Tuxedo Cats Are Not Necessarily Black And White Only

While the majority of tuxedo cats are black and white, a cat doesnt have to be black and white to be classified as a tuxedo.

For instance, if a cat has a solid gray coat with white patches on the chest, paws, belly, and chin, they are still a tuxedo cat. The same applies for other color combinations, provided that the two colors appear in the tuxedo pattern.

Happy Homes Always Have Cats

The tuxedo cat makes for a great companion. They love to cuddle and they are such a joy to care for. They are also known to have a lot of energy !

When it comes to providing for your cat, feed them well, keep the cat box clean, and bathe them occasionally, but don’t forget to love them, cuddle them, play with them, and have fun with them .

How Long Do Black Cats Live

You would be forgiven that thinking that black cats had a shorter lifespan than other cats, thanks to superstitious human behavior.

There are certainly more black cats in shelters than cats of other colors.

However, while black fur might turn away some prospective owners, black cats actually tend to live longer than other cats.

A study that appeared in PLOS Genetics suggests that there are correlations between black hair and skin and longevity.

This makes black cats start to look a little luckier.

What Green Eyes You Have

While most kittens are born with blue eyes, tuxedo cats blue eyes will almost always transform to a lovely shade of green. The green can be bold or even have a yellowish tint to them. While green is most common, some tuxedo cats can have striking yellow eyes, too.

Fun tuxedo cat fact: these cats are often referred to as tuxies among cat lovers.

+ Amazing Tuxedo Cat Breeds

First things first. Tuxedo isnt exactly a cat breed.

Its a color pattern that occurs in several breeds , similar to what happens in tortoiseshell cats or calicos.

Tuxedo markings comprise white and black patches, where the white patches occur on the paws, belly, chest, and throat.

As long as the parents have the necessary white spotting genes, they can produce tuxedo kittens, even when they arent tuxedo cats themselves.

And unlike other color patterns, there are both male and female tuxedo cats.

However, some cat breeds are more likely to have the tuxedo pattern than others.

And if youre a fan of black fluffy cat breeds, youll be pleased to find that some of them can produce a tuxedo kitty.

Now lets look at some of the cat breeds with tuxedo patterns.

No Known Health Concerns

How Long Do Cats Live? A Guide To Cat Lifespan And Living ...

Tuxedo cats are just as healthy as any other felines and their lifespan can be lengthened by the same factors. Isaac Newton was fond of tuxedo kitties and invented the cat flap so they could go in and out without his help. You may want to install a smart cat flap to limit how much outdoor time she has.

Make sure she gets the best food, enough exercise and rest not to mention regular veterinary care and you could have your friend from anywhere from fifteen to twenty years.

One Famous Tuxie Was A Decorated War Hero

In 1949, a brave tuxedo cat named was awarded the PDSA Dickin MedalBritains highest honor bestowed upon animals in wartime. Simon boosted morale and hunted pesky rodents aboard a British Royal Navy ship called the Amethyst. Unfortunately, he was seriously injured during an attack and succumbed to a viral infection because of his wounds. Nevertheless, Simons legacy lives on, inspiring owners of black and white cats worldwide.

We have to say, its hard not to fall in love with these elegant yet spirited cats. Is there a special black and white tuxie in your life?

Featured image via

For A Time The Richest Cat In The World Was A Tuxedo Cat

Its a little-known fact the richest cat in the world is a tuxedo cat. In 1998 a cat named Sparkys owner died, leaving the cat a 6.8-million-dollar inheritance. This inheritance was the largest for a cat until 2011, when an older woman left her black cat 11 million. Leaving money to your pet is quite common, with one German Sheppard in control of 373 million dollars.

How Long Do Female Cats Live

We know that human females tend to live longer than men.

The same could be true of cats.

Some studies suggest that female cats live longer than male cats by a few months.

While the reasons behind this are not yet known, there are some other statistics that are important.

Veterinarians do know that spaying increases female cats lifespans by 6 months.

Spaying reduces the risk of health problems like cancer and pregnancy complications. It also reduces the number of kittens and cats in shelters, so unless you plan on breeding your cat responsibly, get your cat spayed at the appropriate age.

Tuxedo Cats Have No Known Health Concerns

Because Tuxies can come from different cat breeds, there are no known health concerns, which can be applied to all Tuxedo cats.

Furthermore, unlike Albino cats, these creatures dont have any fur-specific health conditions that owners should be looking for. And thats just yet another reason why Tuxies are so awesome and desired by cat owners all over the world.

Genetics Of Tuxedo Cat

Tuxedos are classified as bi-colored cats with one color white and any other color. The genes of white spotting are more dominant and easily masks the true color of the cat where white color occurs. Tuxedo cat have inherited the genes for solid color and a gene for white color spots. The tuxedo pattern is considered low-grade, which means there is less white as compared to high grade spotted cats. Not all black and white colored cats are called Tuxedo cats. Even cats of other color have tuxedo markings. Smoke tuxedos have grey and blue colorings and tuxedo tabby cats have tabby colors. These color variations involves other genes.

Tuxedo Cats Are Among The Most Intelligent Fun Facts & More

Have you heard of tuxedo cats? Are you looking to adopt a tuxedo cat? If so, then youve come to the right place!

In this article, were going to take a look at tuxedo catswhat they are, their personalities, and more. Well even share some photos of these beautiful cats with you! Lets get started!

Tuxedo Is Not A Breed

This is a pattern color, not a breed. A Persian can have the tuxedo pattern as could an American shorthair, Manx, Scottish Folds, Munchkins, Norwegian forest cats and many others. They can be long haired, short haired, fluffy, shaggy or silky. Nearly any breed that is not defined by coat color can be a tuxedo cat.

Even then, some breeds known for a specific color or pattern may display this pattern. They just won’t win any prizes for meeting breed standards.

Tuxedo Cats Do Not Necessarily Need To Have A Tuxedo Parent

How Long Do Cats Live? Average Life Expectancies

Tuxedos can be born even without a tuxedo parent. For a cat to be tuxedo, they need to inherit a white spotting gene and a black gene from their parents.

Therefore, if a kitten gets a black gene from one parent and a white spotting gene from another parent, they can be born with the tuxedo pattern, even if none of the parents is tuxedo.

They Have Interesting Genetics

How do black and white kitties get their contrasting colors? It all boils down to genetics. Tuxedo cats inherit something called the white spotting gene, which prevents black fur from occurring in patches across the cats body. 

A black and white cats coloring exists along a , which helps to express how much of his fur is black and how much is white. A cat, for instance, who has less than 40 percent white fur is considered to have low grade white spotting, whereas a cat with an even blend of black and white fur is said to have medium grade white spotting.

The Oldest Cats On Record

The oldest living cat is called Corduroy who entered the Guinness Book of Records in 2015 at the age of 26. As far as records show, he is still alive.

Corduroy lost his previous title as the oldest cat in 2014 when Tiffany Two was discovered at the age of 27, but she has since passed away and Corduroy has resumed the record again.

Previously, the oldest recorded age was held by a cat called Crème Puff who lived 38 years and 3 days, she died in 2005.

Of course, these are only the cats that have been officially recorded.

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