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Kittens For Sale Santa Barbara

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Adopt a cat for free this weekend in Santa Barbara County

Baby Sphynx. 4 Babies available1 white male 12 weeks old1 white female 12 weeks old1 calico female 12 weeks old grey and white Male dewormed 1st vaccine doneParents are HCM FELV FIV negative SERIOUS INQUIRES ONLY PLEASE

Kitten ZIGGI. Smart and beautiful black and white female kitten. 8 weeks. Well-behaved, trained, and gentle with claws. Likes purring loudly and sleep next to humans. Cuddly and playful. Fluffy and warm. Raised with love and care.

Kitten STARSHINE. White and gray male 8-week kitten is ready for a new loving family. Fluffy and soft to touch. Playful and gentle with claws. Likes purring. Named Starshine because of a shooting star on his back.

Kitten COSMO. Smart black and white female kitten. 8 weeks. Well-behaved, trained to use a litter box and gentle with claws. Likes purring.Fluffy and soft to touch. Raised with love and care.

Kitten Cosmo. Beautiful black and white female kitten. 8 weeks. Well-behaved, trained to use a litter box and gentle with claws. Likes purring.Fluffy and warm. Raised with love and care.

Selling kittens 50% angora cats. Two months old kittens, male & females, two and 1/2 months old, 50% mixed with angora cat, very well fed, healthy, tamed & playful. Looking for a family home who would like to have a kitten for a pet. All of them are light gray in color with black stripes & white legs and tummy. $ 25.00 obo. Please call xxxx-xxxx. Ontario area, L.A. County, Southern California.

Look For These Badges

Lonely Hearts ClubAdoption fees are waived on all Lonely Hearts Club animals. Some dogs and cats can be camera shy, others need more time to heal from a medical need, then there are those who need to meet you to get a chance to warm up. To help these special pups and kitties stand out, the Lonely Hearts Club was created! This Lonely Hearts badge means an animal has been at the shelter longer than most and may need special attention from pet owners like you.

Sponsored AdoptionYour adoption fee is pre-paid by generous community members. Some animals are wagging and purring with delight to already have their adoption fees covered by generous community members who want to help them on their journey to a new home. Look for this badge to see if an adoption fee has been paid. If you want to make a difference by sponsoring an adoption fee, call .

VIP Super PetsVIP Super Pets are excluded from adoption promotions and discounts. VIP animals are those that are in high demand and quickly find a loving home. You will notice that VIP Super Pets have higher adoption prices this is because they leave a financial legacy for the other animals in our care who may need extensive medical care or more time to find a loving home.

Bringing Home A New Kitten

The first few days of your new kitten’s life with you should be quiet days. Most likely it has just had surgery and now needs to familiarize itself with a totally new environment, complete with new sounds, smells, perhaps children and a resident cat or dog. ASAP can provide you with literature to help you introduce your kitten or cat to resident pets. We also maintain a small library of articles pertaining to cats and kittens. Come in for a visit and a browse through our file cabinet in the lobby.

Confine the kitten in a room close to its litter box. Remember, small kittens may not find the litter box in time if given too much space to roam. Also, It is easier for the kitten to feel comfortable with you and its new surroundings if it can take its time exploring every nook and cranny. We recommend feeding your kitten a good quality food such as Precise Kitten or Wellness Kitten Food for its first year. These brands are only available in pet stores. Kittens adopted through the ASAP program are old enough to eat kibble, but most veterinarians recommend that cats have a daily meal of canned food. Kittens need to be fed 3 times a day or have kibble available between the morning and evening wet meal. KEEP FRESH WATER AVAILABLE AT ALL TIMES!!! Do not give kittens milk or cream. It causes diarrhea.

ASAP is a 501 organization.ASAP Cats

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