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Top Cat Litter For Odor Control

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How Well The Litter Locks In Odor

What Is The Best Cat Litter To Use For Odor Control?

First and most importantly, you should find a cat litter that seals in odor. Your litter choice can be excellent in all other areas of comparison, but if it doesnt get the job done, its not worth your time or money.

Most cat litters will claim that they reduce or hide odors, but youll want to pay careful attention to how quickly the litters clump and how absorbent they are. These factors play significant roles in your litters odor-disguising abilities, so be on the lookout when choosing a litter.

You can also buy Arm & Hammer Cat Litter Deodorizer with Baking Soda to sprinkle into your cat litter. This product is good for extra odor control, and you can use it with any litter. You can buy a 20 oz. bag for under three dollars from Amazon. While there are other cat litter deodorizers out there, Arm & Hammer is the most trusted brand on the market . Plus, you cant beat the cost.

Natures Miracle Intense Defense Fragrance Free And Budget Price

Natures Miracle Intense Defense Odor Control litter is fragrance free and is not scented or perfumed.

It is a clay clumping litter which clumps well and controls odors even masking the dreaded ammonia odor.

We are essentially looking at the odor control in this review and this litter stacks up even in a confined living environment. It does not release a fragrance but simply neutralises the smell.

How does it neutralize the odor?

It uses a bio enzymatic odor control system to control odors. As Natures Miracle is a specialist in these cleaners it makes sense to use this method in cat litter.

This is a quote explaining how a bio enzymatic cleaner works. There are more details here.

Bio-enzymatic cleaners contain specific quantities and qualities of bacteria along with enzymes and microbial nutrients that essentially digest chemical and organic waste . Odor-causing bacteria are food for these microorganisms.

Prettylitter 20% Off W/ Code Bestlitter

PrettyLitter is unscented, lightweight, and environmentally friendly, and its most amazing benefit is that it changes color when it detects a pH change to alert you to your cats possible health issues. PrettyLitter detects health issues such as urinary tract infections, bladder stones, inflammation, kidney issues, and more. PrettyLitter also has a convenient delivery service and costs less than some other typical cat litters. The amount is tailored to suit the number of cats in your home. The absorbent silica gel traps odors and eliminates moisture and is made from natural minerals, which means less dust and allergens and less litter in the landfill. Buy It

I have 3 cats and 3 boxes. It drove me nuts smelling it. So when I bought PrettyLitter, I havent smelled anything. Even when I clean it out, no smell. Love this stuff.

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A Clumping Walnut Shell Litter Thats 100% Natural

Naturally Freshâs walnut shell cat litter is a clay-free unscented litter thatâs a good choice for those who prefer to use sustainable products . The low-dust formula is super absorbent and low tracking, and the brand suggests that it can form hard, easy-to-scoop clumps in just 15 minutes â a rarity for wood and shell litters. Multiple reviewers report that it also controls odor better than any other cat litter theyâve used. There are also scented and non-clumping options available, in a wide range of sizes.

Helpful Amazon review: âAfter many years of trial-& -error with many brands and types of litter âand many cats! â Iâve finally found a cat litter that isnât objectionable and, that actually works well! This Naturally Fresh crushed walnut hulls cat litter: doesnât have the clouds of dust that most litters create doesnât track out if the litter box nearly as others do absorbs and clumps and isnât objectionable to clean out keeps down odors better than any Iâve found is good for multi-cat households is environmentally far better â and, thereâs no telltale, objectionable cat box odor in the house!â

Choosethe Right Litter Box


Thefirst thing you have to do is choose the litter box that you think is suitable for your cat, since each modelhas a particular format and its use can be very different. So it is advisableto read the user manual that includes the product so that you familiarizeyourself with the instructions given by the manufacturer and know thecharacteristics of the model, as well as the usefulness of its accessories ifthey are included.

Keep in mind that the size of the tray isimportant, so the sandbox you choose must have adequate dimensions that allowthe cat to move comfortably to make its evacuations.

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The Best Silica Gel Cat Litter

Wirecutter contributing writer Gregory Han swears by the odor-absorbing properties of silica gel litter, and he has used So Phresh Scoopable Cat Litter for nearly a decade. Guests have remarked our apartment does not smell like the usual small space, multi-pet abode, and most importantly the cats seem to like the sodium silicate best, he writes in Apartment Therapy. Han notes that silica gel litter tends not to track as far outside the litter box as some clay litters hes tried. For one of his cats who spent a lot of time scraping at the litter box, the dust from clay was a problem too. Han admits that So Phresh is pricey , and he says it works best with a layer of baking soda added to the bottom of the litter pan . Unlike silica with bigger crystals or pearls, the So Phresh silica is small enough that it coats poop reasonably well, though it does get a little yellow from cat pee.

A Glance At The Winners Of 2022


If youre looking for one of the best cat litters out there, you need to try Dr. Elseys Ultra Unscented Clumping Clay Cat Litter.

Dr. Elseys cat litter has somehow found the perfect balance between heavy-duty odor control, maximum clumping capability, and minimal tracking. And unlike most other box store brand cat litters, its 99.9% dust-free. This makes it perfect for cats who may suffer from respiratory problems like asthma. Plus, its dust-free nature makes it great for owners who live in smaller apartments with minimal ventilation.

But what if you use an automatic scooping litter box? This litter will work just fine with your box as well. Dr. Elseys can also be considered a great choice for those with multiple cats!

All in all, this is the best cat litter for odor control.

  • Clumps can stick to side of litter box

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Do Cats Prefer Open Or Closed Litter Boxes

Most cats prefer a clear view of their surroundings, so its best to opt for an open litter box. And since closed lids can trap smells, it may also make for an unpleasant environment for your pet. We like the open Natures Miracle High Sided Litter Box because its cheap, it has a low entryway but high sides that contain messes, and a smooth, easy-to-clean interior. You can read more about it in our guide to the best cat litter box.

Best Clumping Litter For Odor Control

Best Cat Litter Box For Odor Control | Top Cat Litter Box Review

Though clay-based cat litter is best known for clumping, this all-natural, grass-based option from SmartCat clumps so fast and hard, smells dont have a chance to escape. Plus, its biodegradable and better for the environment, which gives it a leg up on traditional clay cat litter. Made from 100% grass farmed in the U.S., its super-soft on paws, which makes this a great choice for kittens, too.


  • Soft, sand-like texture cats love
  • Ultra-lightweight, so its easier to carry, easier to scoop
  • 99 percent dust-free, making cleanup a breeze

Things to Consider

  • Some reviewers noted that this litter tends to track easily outside of the litter box

Sample buyer review: I decided to take a chance on this since the reviews were so good. Yes, the reviews were right: it really is great litter. It makes solid clumps that dont break up. It looks just as clean two weeks later as it did on day one. I added some more, but thats all I had to do.

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How To Solve Common Litter Box Problems

If youre unhappy with your current cat litter setupits hard having a small animal crapping where you live!there are a couple of other solutions that you might try before or in addition to swapping litters.

Scoop your litter at least once a day. When we went to the Brooklyn Cat Cafe to test litters, we were braced for the place to smell like a farm. It didnt. Thats because the cafes volunteers were always scooping, often within minutes of a cat doing its business. Though Church & Dwights Brown told us that litter formulas are tested for their clump integrity and odor control for up to three days , you still need to try to scoop every day.

If youre having trouble with your cat scattering litter, you could try a partially enclosed litter box instead. Or try a mat that catches litter, like the Easyology Premium Cat Litter Mat, which traps litter scatter better than any mat weve tested.

Several Wirecutter staffers have also found personal litter box happiness with a Litter Genie Plus Cat Litter Disposal System close-by. Its a trash can, of sorts, that allows you to scoop litter into a small vestibule and close the lid, and then send the litter into a larger compartment that way, your nose isnt bombarded with a weeks worth of dirty litter every time you go to add newly soiled litter.

Purina Tidy Cats Lightweight Clumping Cat Litter


The Purina Tidy Cat lightweight cat litter is a seventeen pound pail which is lightweight and comes with a clean ammonia blocker and clumping cat litter. It is unscented and free of fragrances and dyes. It also has odor absorbing activated charcoal and the ammonia blocker ensures that ammonia odor can be avoided for at least two weeks, this is a guaranteed fact so long as directions are followed clearly. The tidylock technology also locks away any additional odors. The odors can also be controlled within the litter box even though the litter is free from any fragrances or dyes.

Uses and Capabilities

This unscented litter option is perfect for your cats preferences. The technology locks away odors and keeps your home smelling fresh. The lightweight composition makes the litter easy to carry, pour and even store for effortless litter box maintenance. The cat can appreciate moisture locking and control odors while keeping it comfortable still. A 99.9% dust free composition can be expected and this minimizes the mess that is left behind in a litter box. This is a favorite among cats as well because it is made from natural clay and mineral product with activated charcoal.

Additional Features


  • The handle makes it easy to use and it doesnt cut into the hand.


  • Since it is materially different, it clumps differently from traditional litter and the clumps can get huge.
  • It is messier than regular weighted litter.

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How Do I Keep The Litter Box From Smelling In My House

As much as you love your cat, you probably dont love the smells from their litter box. While it may be challenging to eliminate all litter box smells, you can do a few things to make the smells less noticeable. First, experiment with some of the best cat litter for odor control. Many major brands offer odor control litter, but some may fit the needs of your household differently than others.

Next, if you live in a multi-cat household, offering one litter box per cat is a good idea. Scoop each box at least once a day. Ideally, youll want to scoop twice daily for optimum freshness.

If you use non-clumping litter, empty your litter box at least once a week to prevent urine from pooling at the bottom. For clumping litter, you can change it every few weeks. Each time you empty your cats litter box, make sure to scrub and wash it thoroughly before refilling it with some of the best kitty litter for odor control. Using litter box liners can make this process much more manageable.

If possible, place your pets box in a space away from the main activity areas of the house so smells wont be as strong. A litter box with an attached hood can also help keep in some odors. Check out all of Petcos cat litter solutions to find the right fit for your needs.

Age And Size Of Your Cats

10 Best Cat Litters for Odor Control 2020

Because most odor control litter boxes are enclosed, they wont all fit larger cats. If a cat cant comfortably use a litter box, theyll likely avoid it and start eliminating in places that make your house smell even worse. Make sure you choose one of the larger odor control litter boxes if you have a big cat.

Older cats and kittens may have a hard time climbing into some litter boxes with higher sides. If you have a cat of this age, consider a litter box with a step or a lower front entrance side.

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Fresh Step Simply Unscented Cat Litter

Fresh Step is my go-to brand, shares Sarah Wooten, a veterinarian who works with Pumpkin Pet Insurance. Cats have moderately sensitive noses. While the research is mixed as to what cats prefer, my recommendation for unscented is also based on hygiene. A person may not clean a litter box as often as needed if there is perfume covering up the smell.

Dr Elseys Cat Ultra Premium Cat Litter

Dr. Elseys Cat Ultra Premium Cat Litter is one of the best odor control cat litter in the Markets, Also Top Rated Litter Seller on Amazon. Dr. Elseys Cat Litter has Natural Ingredient, which controls Odor in Natural Way.

It is also Hypo-Allergenic and Appropriate, Perfect for Most Sensitive Cat, and also for Cat Parents. It has more Odor Control in Natural Way than any other Cat litter.

Dr. Elseys Cat Ultra Premium Cat Litter is made with Multi-Cat Formula, which controls superior odor and has a fresh smell. It does not use any kind of Scent. It forms hard clumps that are very easy to cleaning.


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Pet Mate Large Sifting Litter Pan:

The Pet mate 42036 arm and hammer large sifting litter pan is one of the best sifting litter pan on Amazon list of pan categories. The items has moderate cost, and its probably the primary explanation behind the extraordinary ubiquity and lot of sales. The box has a totally open top, and you can see the surface in the entire inside from the above mentioned. It implies the cleaning technique is improved as well. There are no shrouded edges to make issues while playing out that assignment.

The Petmate Arm and Hammer sifting litter box gives a simple and proficient approach to clean litter. The petmate sifting system incorporates openings that enable clean litter to filter through effectively without shaking or scooping. The three-skillet system comprises of two normal pan and one sifting dish to be able to separate the litter that have being soiled effectively for fast cleaning.

Our ratings

Features of Pet Mate Large Sifting Litter Pan :

  • It is treated withantimicrobial
  • It is durable
  • The petmate siftingsystem includes little holes that can be use to sift through the litter easilyand faster without shaking


  • Bacteria and stain-resistant,and it is very good in separating poops from urine


Is Clumping Litter Safe For Kittens

5 Top Cat Litters for Odor Control and Cat Smell

There are horror stories about cats eating clumping litter and having it form clumps inside their stomachs, but this isnt something most people need to worry about, said Medley. If your cat is eating litter, take them to the vet: It could be a sign of anemia or pica, the desire to eat things that are not food. Plus, in small quantities, sodium bentonite isnt dangerous for animalsits even an ingredient in some animal feed.

Some people are especially worried about kittens eating clumping litter, because kittens have smaller stomachs and may be more curious. Though some brands recommend using non-clumping litters until your kitten is 4 months old or so, others, like Cats Pride, note that theres no evidence that sodium bentonite has actually caused harm to a kitten this is a conclusion supported by vets Medley and Lund, as well as by everything we found when scanning the literature and reading many Internet forums. In my 7 years experience as a vet Ive not seen a foreign body from a kitten who has ingested clay clumping litter, said Lund. If youre concerned and would still like to use clumping clay litterI would!monitor your kittens behavior and check in with your vet if something seems amiss.

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Control Cat Litter Box Odor

Contributions from Bethany and Jane Harrell

Litter box odor can be the toughest part of living with a cat. Even if it doesnt bother you, having friends over who smell cat is embarrassing. On the other hand, having friends over who remark about seeing, but not smelling, your cat feels great.

Here are some simple steps you can take to fight the stink and keep you and your cat happy:

1. Scoop the box daily or more. Old urine and feces might not be as pungent to you as the fresh stuff, but the longer it sits there, the more likely it is the smell will invade the rest of your house. Scoop your litter box early and often to cut down the odor.

2. Replace the litter twice a week. Even if you scoop every time your cat uses the litter box, youre bound to miss some. And even a tiny bit gets stinky over time. To combat this, regularly dump out the litter, wash the box with soap and warm water , dry it and put fresh litter in.

3. Replace the litter box once a year. Over time, your cats claws and your scooper can make small grooves in the bottom and sides of your litter box. These grooves are harder to sterilize and can hold onto odor. Avoid this by donating your used litter box to a shelter or rescue group yearly and treating your cat to a new box.

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