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What Does A Siamese Cat Look Like

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Crossed Eyes And Hooked Tails Used To Be A Common Trait

Protective First-Time Mom Looks After Her Curious Siamese Kittens | Too Cute!

Although these genetic defects have been mostly eliminated by breeders, it was once common for Siamese cats to have crossed eyes and hooked tails.

We know, of course, that these traits were the result of a genetic mutation. But they also come with a more colorful explanation: legend holds that a Siamese cat was charged with the task of guarding a valuable vase. Dedicated to his job, the cat wrapped his tail around the vase and stared intently at it for hoursleaving him with a permanently hooked tail and crossed eyes.

What Is The Personality Of A Siamese Cat

Siamese cats are known for having big personalities. The most distinct characteristic of their personalities is how chatty they are. Siamese cats love to talk! Siamese are quite vocal and meow frequently. Learn more about why Siamese cats are vocal here.

This is often to let their owners know when they want food or playtime. Siamese cat owners say that the breed is super communicative and is always trying to tell you what it wants!

Siamese cats have such big personalities that they often can be a bit high maintenance and moody. They are sensitive animals and can get upset when they are not getting their way.

Siamese cats are one of the higher energy cat breeds, so it is vital to make sure they are getting the attention and activity they need.

When they feel fulfilled through playtime and lots of one-on-one attention, they are less likely to get into trouble or exhibit their moodier behaviors.

Get Key Health Screenings And Routine Wellness Care

In addition to yearly wellness exams, recommended vaccines for your cats lifestyle, routine blood, urine, and fecal screens, and appropriate parasite prevention, talk to your vet about getting a DNA test + other health screenings for hereditary conditions and breed-specific health issues. For example, it is important to know whether your Siamese cat has PRA , a genetic eye disease that causes blindness. Ask your breeder if their breeding cats have tested negative for this disease and any other genetic conditions.

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When Do Siamese Kittens Start To Turn White

White Kitten When your Siamese cat is young, it wont display the trademark point coloring yet. Siamese kittens are born completely white, but by the end of the first week of life, you will start to see faint hints of his adult coloration. But unlike most other cat breeds, those big bright blue eyes will stick around through adulthood.

Traditional Siamese Cat Personality

What Does Siamese Cat Look Like

The Traditional Siamese cat is no longer really recognized by the Cat Fanciers Association , the worlds largest cat organization, because the breed standard has changed so drastically.

Although this is the style seen in Hollywood classics like Bell, Book and Candle and The Incredible Journey, the Modern Siamese form has taken over the show ring, and some unknowing folks will even argue that the Siamese cat has always looked that way.

Nevertheless, the Traditional Siamese is still the amazing cat it has always been, brash, noisy, demanding of attention, lavish with affection and strikingly, classically beautiful.

The familiar pattern is referred to as pointed, meaning a lighter colored body of cream to light brown, with darker points of chocolate, seal, lilac, blue and even red, known as flame.

The coat is short and smooth with limited undercoat, and not much grooming is required. These are robust, medium-sized cats that have few breed-related health issues. Cross-eyes occur occasionally and are sometimes considered lucky.

A very unique personality, the Siamese needs to be experienced to be appreciated, and may ultimately be one of those love em or hate em situations.

Become familiar before taking the plunge with this breed.

Because it is active and demands attention, the Traditional Siamese cat can be a terrific family cat for folks who can give them lots of attention.

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The Siamese Is An Old Breed

Like most cat breeds, the Siameses true origins are cloaked in mystery. Some people say the cats were the pets of royalty, while others believe they were raised by Buddhist monks. However, a Thai manuscript called the Tamra Maew, or ‘The Cat Book Poems,’ provides an early depiction of the country’s dark-pointed cats. The work was produced sometime between the 14th and 18th centuries. This suggests that the Siamese is a very old breedeven if we don’t quite know where it came from.

How To Find Reputable Cat Breeders

No matter what type of cat you decide to bring into your home, it is crucial that you do your research to ensure that a breeder is reputable before you buy a kitten from one. When it comes to reputable applehead Siamese cat breeders, many of them will test their breeding cats for Progressive Retinal Atrophy to ensure that this condition is not passed onto the kittens they produce.

In addition to this, reputable cat breeders will show you the pedigree of both parents, and they should also ask you some questions to ensure that you will give the cat a good home. Although not every cat breeder needs to show their cats in conformation events in order to be reputable, this is definitely a bonus as well.

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A Brief History Of These Cats

Sealpoint Siamese cats were highly respected cats in Thailand. Initially, only members of the royal family could own them, and they believed that this cat escorted the soul of the deceased to the afterlife.

Besides, it is known that these cats lived with the priests in monasteries and reported danger in the event of intruders. They were also considered the spiritual guardians of people.

In the second half of the 19th century, the ruler of Siam sent several dozen Siamese cats to Europe as a gift to dignitaries. In 1884 an English consul from Bangkok brought a Siamese cat of traditional color to London. In England, Siamese have become very popular since Queen Victoria visited the first Siamese cat shows in the late 19th century.

In 1901, the British Club of Siamese cats was established, and in 1902 the standard for Siamese cats was approved. According to this standard, cats with kinked tails and strabismus were not eligible for further breeding. After 1902, these cats appeared in other European countries and the USA.

Siamese Cats Once Had Crossed Eyes And Crooked Tails

A tabby cat give birth to a kittens that looks like a Siamese

Many Siamese cats once had kinked tails and crossed eyes. Cat fanciers viewed these traits as undesirable, and gradually eliminated them via selective breeding. However, these physical quirks were once the stuff of myth. According to legend, a Siamese cat was tasked with guarding a golden goblet for the king. Ever the loyal subject, the feline clutched the cup so hard with her tail that it bent, and stared at it for so long that her pupils lost focus.

Today, you’ll occasionally still come across a cross-eyed Siamese, or one with a crooked tail. If you do, make sure to salute it for its honorable service.

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Is It Ok To Have An Oriental Siamese Cat

However certain breeds including oriental and siamese are less likely to cause allergic reactions. If youve experienced allergies to pets and worry that a siamese could trigger a response, you should be ok. Though theres no guarantee you wont start sneezing, siamese shed far less hair than other breeds.

Interacting With A Siamese

  • 1Spend time around the cat. As you watch and observe a Siamese, youll notice that its energetic and intelligent. Siamese cats have a close bond with their owners, and are demonstrative and affectionate. When theyre not playing or exploring, Siamese like to sit in peoples laps, and often sleep near their owners at night.XResearch source
  • If youre in the same house with a Siamese for any length of time, youll notice that it will begin to follow you around. Siamese are curious animals, and want to keep tabs on where youre going.
  • 2Play with the cat or give it toys. Siamese can be demanding and need frequent attention, and a great way to provide this attention is through play. Throw a ball or fake mouse toy for a Siamese and itll likely retrieve it. Siamese also enjoy puzzle toys that require thought to move parts and release a treat.XResearch source
  • Siamese also enjoy physical activity. They enjoy a game of fetch, and will also chase a piece of ribbon or laser pointer.
  • Avoid giving your cat strings or rubberbands to play with, as these toys can be ingested by your Siamese cat.XTrustworthy SourceThe Humane Society of the United StatesNational organization devoted to the promotion of animal welfareGo to source
  • Siamese owners will describe their cats as chatty and may even grow tired of the cats talkative behavior.
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    So Youre Thinking About Gettinga Siamese Cat

    AppearanceSiamese cats are one of the most famous cat breeds with good reason. They have beautiful blue eyes and sleek, elegant bodies with long legs and a fine, glossy coat. Siamese cats come in a variety of colours, the four basic ones being seal , chocolate, blue and lilac. They are pointed, meaning that their coat is darker at the points, i.e. the paws, tail, ears and face.

    PersonalitySiamese cats are almost as famous for their personality as they are for their looks. They are among the most vocal of cats, enjoying long conversations with their human friends. They are loving, loyal and crave human companionship, making them excellent family pets. Their high intelligence allows them to learn things quickly which, coupled with a natural curiosity, means theyre likely to work out how to open your draws and cupboards and have a good rummage.

    Although they love a good snuggle on a warm lap, they also have high energy levels, which means its important to interact with them , and ensure they have plenty of fun toys. Siamese cats have a good tolerance for children as long as theyre taught how to interact with cats and will also form firm friendships with the family dog.

    Siamese cats make great companions but they need companionship in return! They do not like to be alone for long periods, so are best suited to households where someone is home most of the time . They are also not very streetwise, and should not be allowed to roam outside unsupervised.

    James Dean Owned A Siamese Cat

    Does My Cat Look Like A Flame Point Siamese?

    Shortly before his death in 1955, James Dean met Elizabeth Taylor on the set of the film Giant . The co-stars became friends, and Taylor gave Dean a gift: a Siamese kitten, which Dean named Marcus after his uncle. Dean fed Marcus a strange diet, which Taylor had reportedly developed for her own cats: a liquid mixture that consisted of 1 teaspoon white Karo syrup, one large can of evaporated milk, one egg yolk, and equal parts boiled or distilled watercombined and chilled.

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    Minerals That Your Cat Needs

    Minerals are essential for cats. They are the building blocks of our bodies, and to keep your cat in top condition she needs sufficient minerals to stay healthy.

    Sadly, most supermarket food often lacks these important building blocks. We always recommend going for the premium cat food brands such as Royal Canin, Hills, Purina, or others for a balanced diet.

    The list below gives an overview of what minerals are important for your cat and should be present in a balanced diet. For more details and quantities, have a look at this great resource from the National Research Council.

    • Chloride
    • Vitamins A, D, E, K, B1, B6, B12
    • Riboflavin, Niacin, Folic Acid, Pantothenic Acid

    What Should You Feed An Applehead Siamese Cat

    Applehead Siamese cats tend to be very active, so they tend to do well on high-quality cat food with a lot of protein. A good way to tell if a cat food is of high quality is if a real source of protein such as tuna, salmon, or chicken is the first ingredient. In addition to this, a good cat food will not have any meat by-products or fillers. It is important to note that indoor cats tend to need fewer calories than outdoor cats since they tend to be less active. The more active your cat is, the more calories they need. Following this rule will prevent your applehead Siamese cat from getting overweight or underweight, depending on their lifestyle and exercise habits.

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    What Are The Tortie Points On A Siamese Cat

    The tortie points can be of any basic Siamese cat color except cream and red. These points should be mottled with apricot, red or cream. Each of the points should be showing some break of the color irrespective of the point size. In the case of large areas, it can show striping.

    The lilac was the third color accepted into the Siamese cat color chart. The points are mostly frosty grey and pinkish. Hence, it is also called as Frost Point. Note, that the points should not be chocolate, fawn or blue.

    Why Do Siamese Cats Look At The Goblet

    Do Siamese Cats like to be loved? #Shorts Kittens Siamese video

    While this was the result of genetics, legend has it that a group of Siamese cats were tasked with guarding a royal goblet. The cats stared at the goblet with such intensity that their eyes crossed. And because they wrapped their tails around the goblet for extra security, their tails became permanently bent.

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    Is It Better To Have One Or Two Siamese Cats

    Its best to adopt a pair of Siamese cats as these kitties cannot handle being lonely. But if you prefer having another pet, a cat, a dog, or any other pet animal. Siamese can be friendly and accommodating. They crave playtime and fun, so it does not bother these kitties with whom they play as long as they have company.

    Facts About Siamese Cats

    As their name suggests, Siamese cats are descended from felines born in Siam, or modern-day Thailand. No one quite knows how the sleek feline made its way to American shores during the late 19th century. However, thanks to its sociable nature, lithe body, and dark-tipped creamy coat, the Siamese became one of the country’s most beloved cat breeds.

    Currently, it is the 12th most popular kitty in the U.S., according to registration statistics compiled by the Cat Fanciers Association . Curious to learn more? Impress ailurophiles with these 13 bits of trivia about the blue-eyed beauties.

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    The History Of Siamese

    The beautiful light-colored cat with the striking color points in seal, lilac, chocolate and blue made his Western Hemisphere debut in Victorian England at Londons Crystal Palace Cat Show in 1871. He was publicized as the Royal Cat of Siam, what we now call Thailand.

    Its no surprise that the first Siamese to come to the United States arrived as a dignitary. In 1879, the U. S. consul in Bangkok sent one of Thailands unusual cats to Lucy Hayes, wife of President Rutherford B. Hayes. The breeds other turns in the spotlight have included representation in family favorite movies “The Incredible Journey,” “The Aristocats” and “Lady and the Tramp.” Today the Siamese is one of the most popular cat breeds registered by the Cat Fanciers Association.

    Lilac Or Frost Point Siamese

    Why do they look like they

    The lilac points were first recognized in the 1960s and are among the most famous of the Siamese cat breeds. This color kitty is mostly a frosty pinkish-gray tone, which is why this color is also called frost point.

    These coats are a glacial white with pink undertones and are the lightest of Siamese cat colors. The paw pads and nose are soft pinkish color giving them that extra cuteness. The lilac point is considered a watered-down version of the chocolate or blue points.

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    Siamese Cat Colors: Tabby Points

    The tabby points are said to be the tabby version of any of the nine basic colors of Siamese cat. The face especially around the eyes and nose, should be having clear defined striped markings. The forehead has a distinct marking of M. The ears may have a pattern of a thumbprint. The markings on the legs may not be that clear. The tail should be ringed around on the underside. The color of the body should be solid and also fit the color of points.

    • Tortie Tabby Point

    Where To Get A Siamese Lynx Point And What Do They Cost

    If you got your mind set on getting a beautiful Siamese Lynx Point, looking for a good breeder should be your first step.

    Yes, you can get lucky and come across a Lynx Point in a shelter, but people know their worth, so youll rarely find one outside the usual breeding community.

    The price range of a Siamese Lynx Point can vary substantially, but generally, breeders will charge upwards of 500 USD for a kitten and upwards of 800 USD for an adult. In those cases, the cat has had a health checkup and will be fully vaccinated. For kittens without a health certificate and vaccinations, prices usually start around 250 USD.

    When looking for a breeder, Google is a great starting point. I hate to say it, but there are quite a few clandestine breeders around. For your sake, do your due diligence and make sure everything is on the up and up.

    Always find a breeder that treats the animals well and keeps them happy, healthy, and safe.

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