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What Does It Mean When A Cat’s Tail Is Down

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Do You Know What These 8 Cat Tail Positions Mean August 07 2019 10 Comments

What Are the Moods of Cats Through Their Tails? : Kittens & Cat Care

So whether youre a first-time cat owner looking for a Translation Guide to Cat Speak or youre a seasoned feline fancier who wants to brush, up this quick guide is a great rundown of the basics of cat communication.;

Again, depending on the context, a huge, puffed up tail can mean excitement or if something has startled them to elicit a fight-or-flight response.;

You might see this twitchy vibration in your cat’s tail when you’re about to feed them, or maybe if you get home after a long trip and your cat is ecstatic to see you.

You might see this tail in a cat who slinks away from something they don’t like, or even something they are squaring up against.;

You may often see this low, curled tail in kittens who are acting big and tough as they learn to play fight. It can be used to indicate fright, but is also common in cats who are trying to act tough and look “big” and intimidating by puffing up their tail. ;;

How Long Does It Take For A Broken Cat Tail To Heal

It takes time for a broken tail to mend, especially for nerves to repair. A full recovery can take up to six months.

Its important to see your veterinarian if something seems wrong with your cats tail. Only a vet can determine how extensive the injury is with an exam and x-rays. A vet can also prescribe pain relievers and other medications your kitty may need to ease discomfort while they heal. For most kitties, care and rest is all they need to be able to swoosh their tails again.

Why Do Cats Sit Or Step On Their Tails

Chances are, youve seen your cat sit or step on its tail, and there are a few reasons why they do this:

  • Theyre cold and their tail provides extra warmth to their paws.
  • Theyre signaling that they want to be left alone, much like when a human crosses their arms across their chest in closed body language.
  • Theyre feeling nervous or submissive.

If its not cold out, you should read their closed body language as a sign to stay away and let them come to you.

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Tail Wrapped Around You Or Another Animal

If your kitty wraps its tail around you or another pet in your household, this small display of affection is akin to placing an arm around a loved one it indicates companionship. According to the ASPCA, this is a distance-reduction behavior, meant to “encourage approach and social interaction” and to “telegraph to others that the cat means no harm.” You may expect to hear purring when this happens, especially if you decide to go in for a pet.

When A Cats Tail Is Twitching Uncontrollably

Cat Tail Meanings and its Different Movements and Positions

If youre not a licensed veterinarian, then you should never attempt to diagnose and treat a pet yourself. A misdiagnosis could mean your feline friends underlying issues go untreated, which at best, could keep them uncomfortable, and at worst, could be life-threatening.

Due to the fact that certain issues and stimulants may cause muscles to quiver in a cats tail, the first thing you should do if youre witnessing uncontrollable twitching is set up an appointment with a veterinarian.

Do your vet a favor by trying to be as descriptive as possible about what it is youve noticed.

Your vet is likely to ask you when you first started noticing the tremors as well as if the cat has suffered any recent trauma or injury to their tail.

If youre able to catch the involuntary tail movements on camera, then record them and show them to your vet.

If the vet and their medical team believe the tail quivering could be linked to internal trauma to bones, muscles or nerves or a nervous or autoimmune disorder are likely to request one or all of the following:

  • X-Rays, CT scan or MRI
  • Blood work
  • Electromyography

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Interpreting Your Cat’s Tail Wagging

August 9, 2016 at 9:00 AM byNikki Wardle

An involved pet owner knows that there’s more to pet care than just feeding and providing shelter. It’s crucial to understand your pet’s behavior, especially since this will allow you to know what your animal is trying to tell you.

For cat owners, one of the most telling body parts for communication is the tail. Your cat’s tail position and behavior can clue you into how your feline friend is feeling. Let’s examine one tail behavior: wagging. What does it mean when your cat is wagging its tail?

First, it’s important to note that there are several kinds of tail wags that cats can exhibit. Cats use their tails in very expressive and varied ways, so knowing the different wags and what they mean is important.

  • Vertical tail position and quiver: Your cat may quiver her tail in a vertical position to greet you in a friendly way, perhaps accompanied by a meow. A happy cat may say hello with this tail position and behavior.

  • Wrapping: Has your cat ever wrapped his tail around your arm, leg, or body? This is another friendly gesture that a cat may do when seeking attention or cuddling with a human friend.

  • Flicking: If your cat is flicking its tail back and forth, particularly in a rigid way, there’s a good chance she’s upset or frightenedor stalking prey.

  • Swish: A playful swishing tail will usually accompany your cat’s signature playtime behavior.

  • If you have any questions about your cat’s wellbeing, contact us today.

    Why Do Cats Wag Their Tails

    Dogs are known for expressing their feelings through their tails, but theyre not the only pets that do so. Cats also use their tails to tell you what they want or don’t so learning how to interpret your cat’s tail twitches, flicks and wags can help you better anticipate and meet her needs. So, what does it mean when a cat wags its tail? We answer that question and provide some insights into cat tail body language below.

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    Tail Upright And Quivering

    Your cat may quiver or wag her upright tail in a shaky motion when she is especially excited to see you or another cat. This is a good sign when you enter the room because it means your cat is happy to see you. If your cats tail quivers and she dances;on her back feet, shes giving you an ecstatically happy greeting.

    Un-neutered cats use this same posture quivering their upright tail while backing up against a vertical surface, when they want to mark a place by spraying it with urine.

    Tales Of A Cats Tail Straight Up Positions

    Cat’s Tail Meaning: What Your Cat’s Tail Says About Her Mood | Chewy

    At times, your cat approaches you, another person, or an animal with a tail straight up in the air. Straight up tails generally mean that your cat is happy and confident. A tail straight up when meeting others means that the cat is feeling friendly and content.

    If your cats straight up tail has a crook at the end of it, it means your cat is undecided about how they feel. You can think of that crook as a question mark. It may also mean she wants to play or is seeking connection time with you.

    A cat who is holding her bristling tail straight up is indicating that she is agitated, angry, or afraid. The bushy pipe cleaner look in a tail is an attempt to look bigger and to appear more powerful to a perceived threat. Typically cats will try to get away from a situation they dont like, but may lash out if cornered.

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    Why Do Cats Fluff Out Their Tails

    Cats will make the hair on their tails stand on end, as well as across their backs to try and make themselves appear bigger if they feel threatened.

    They do this when fighting other cats to look as menacing as possible. Although, they are always still our cute little kitties, arent they?

    If you cat is in this heightened state its advisable to leave them alone until they cool off. They may end up scratching you when they are in fighting mode.

    Why Does A Cat Wag The Tip Of Its Tail

    Twitching at the tip of a cats tail denotes happiness or excitement. It begins with the tail itself. As Behavioral Processes explains, cats that keep their tail erect feel confident and assured.

    Twitching at the tip of the tail from a lying down cat suggests that it is:

    • Observing prey through a window
    • Enjoying getting attention
    • Waiting for you to get home

    Twitching at the tip of a tail can also denote frustration, but other behaviors will accompany this action. Your cat is unlikely to lie down if its in this state of mind. If your cat does not hiss, it is unlikely to be frustrated.

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    Anatomy Of A Cats Tail

    The tail of a cat is made up of about 22 caudal or coccygeal vertebrae, which are small rectangular-shaped bones that decrease in size from base to tip. The feline tail is a continuation of its spine. The sacrum around the hip separates the lumbar vertebrae from the tail vertebrae.

    The spine of cats is more flexible than that of dogs, especially around the tail area, which allows them a lot of mobility and flexibility, as well as serving as an axis of rotation when they fall to readjust their posture and intervenes in the center of its stability.

    Exclamation Point Cat Tail

    Infographic: Decoding your cat

    When Bella gets startled, she jumps backwards and her tail instantly goes full vertical and all the fur stands on end. This is her equivalent of Eek! For her, it doesnt seem to mean Im terrified as much as You shocked the hell out of me and I kinda liked it! When I see her in exclamation-point-tail mode, I gently stroke said tail and tell her, Oh, Bella, what are you all fat-tailed for? Then its time for skritches around the neck and ears as she slowly de-floofs.

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    Final Thoughts On Cat Tail Meaning

    It can be difficult to know what our cats want from us since we cant speak to each other.

    But understanding cat tail movement meaning is a sure way of knowing how they feel.

    Our cats are family members. We need to do everything we can to make sure they are comfortable and happy in our homes.

    Make sure you dress your home with cat essentials like cat condos, beds, scratching posts, and lots of toys to enrich their lives indoors.

    Want to make your cats happy? Grab my Cat Happiness Daily Checklist!

    Your Cats Tail Can Talk Visually

    Cat owners are used to the sound of meowing felines, but in reality cats rarely use vocalization to communicate with one another. Meows are mainly reserved for kittens, whereas, adult cats use a complex system of body language, scent cues, and signals indicated by the position and appearance of their tail.

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    Susanne Sullivan rescued Milly at 18 months of age. She decided to take out pet insurance cover, and was glad she did, because at 6 years old, Milly developed an aggressive form of cancer in her paw, which has since recurred. Bow Wow Meow reimbursed 80% of her veterinary costs on both accounts and she is very grateful that she made the choice to insure Milly.

    Will My Cats Tail Be Amputated

    What Does It Mean When a Dog Wags Its Tail?

    The healing of a cats tail injury is a notoriously slow process. It can take up to 6 months before your cat makes a full recovery. If this will dramatically reduce your cats quality of life, a vet may recommend amputation for the cats safety.

    Youll know if a cat is set to recover in full within a month. It may not have full control over its tail after four weeks, but at a minimum, pain and discomfort should subside. This timeframe will also reveal any long-term nerve damage.

    If a cat is experiencing fecal or urinary issues beyond a month, it is unlikely ever to cease doing so. At this point, amputation is often considered the best course of action.

    If a cat cannot lift its tail and has difficulty eliminating properly, it will regularly soil its tail. This will be stressful for the cat, in addition to being dangerous. The odor will attract flies, leading to the risk of flystrike.

    A cat that undergoes tail amputation will live a full and normal life. It may take the cat a few weeks to fully master its balance without a tail. With time and patience, the cat will eventually forget that it underwent this major surgery.

    If your cat cannot lift its tail, check its general mood and demeanor. This should reveal if the issue is emotional or physical. In the latter case, ensure the problem is rectified. Tail trauma can have long-term repercussions if ignored.

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    Tail Wrapped Around Its Own Body

    There is a difference between a cat that holds its tail against its body when it’s relaxed or sleeping, indicating contentment, and one that holds it tightly to its body while crouching in defense. This may coincide with a hiss or other threatening sound, or flattened and pinned-back ears. Pupils may dilate in a standoff situation, allowing for wider peripheral vision in anticipation of an imminent attack, the nonprofit Cats International says. A cat may also assume this position if it’s cold, as the fur on its tail helps to keep its toes warm.

    What Your Cat Might Be Trying To Tell You With Her Tail Movements

    Tails can move quickly or slowly, or they can be completely still. A moving tail in cats generally indicates arousal of some sort, such as excitement, fear or aggression. Tail movement adds another layer of complexity to cat tail language, making it even more confusing to understand.

    And its not only us humans who are left shaking our heads in bewilderment. Be aware that dogs may mistake the tail-wagging cat as an invitation to approach, because dog tail wagging usually means come close, lets be friends, but not so for cats!

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    Cat Tail Straight In The Air

    When a cat holds its tail straight up, it’s almost definitely happy, says the Animal Medical Center, a large nonprofit animal hospital in New York. An upright, unbending tail can be an expression of confidence, excitement, or contentment. You’ll most often see this when you walk through the door after work or when a kitten greets its mother. When cats that are unfamiliar with each other display this tail position, it means they want to interact amicably, one study said.

    Cat Tail Language: Decoding Your Felines Flick

    Cat Tail Language : What is your cat tailing you ...

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    People who do not understand cats falsely assume our feline friends are overly aloof. However, true cat lovers know just how expressive cats are.;

    Cats want to be understood, yet they speak an entirely different language than us humans, and their language is complex.;

    To deepen our bond with our cats and provide for their quality of life, we pet parents must become multilingual by learning cat tail language so we may chat with our cats.

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    Aliya Mccullough Fetchs On

    What does it mean when my cats tail wags. In this blog post Lionpapa has collected 13 ways for cats to wag their tails. However while a loose wagging tail in dogs shows theyre happy or excited it can mean quite the opposite in cats. As with dogs the tail can signal a cats intentions.

    It can be difficult to understand what a cat is communicating if you pay attention to only their tail. It is the equivalent of a hand held up to wave hello. If there are other signs such as the cat hiding more than usual or not eating it may be time for a vet visit.

    Usually a high tail position is a positive sign. The tail wagging may be a warning sign to let you know that your kittys patience is running low. Dogs wag their tails to denote happiness but this isnt necessarily the case for cats.

    Tail thumping in particular could be a sign to back off. What It Means When Your Cat Purrs and Wags Its Tail. If a dog wags their tail it often means theyre happy or excited.

    As well discuss tail thumping can also be a sign of aggression and frustration. An upright tail that flips forward over the cats back is in a neutral welcoming position. The tail can be completely straight or with the tip bent in both cases they are usually friendly signals.

    Unlike dogs these emotions are usually that theyre upset although not always the case. Itll depend on the context and the exact tail movement. Here are the most frequently observed cat tail wags and what they mean.

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    Help Your Cat Stay Calm

    The first thing you want to do is help your cat stay calm. He may be scared and in pain, so it is your responsibility to help him overcome this problem as well as possible. To help her calm down, you can make sure she rests in a comfortable and cozy place, perhaps on her bed, box, or cat carrier.

    Leave a bowl of cool water near him, talk to him in a low voice, and pat his head so he can try to calm down. Make sure there are no other stressful triggers around him, like loud sounds, other pets or people, etc.

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