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What Food Can Kittens Eat

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How Can I Know Im Selecting A High

When Can A Kitten Eat On Her Own?

Mindy Bough, CVT, senior director of client services for the Midwest Office of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals emphasizes the importance of high-quality kitten food. I dont recommend generic or store brands, Bough says. Buy from a reputable company — one that veterinarians recommend more frequently, she says. Research has determined these kitten foods provide excellent health.


But how can you be certain a kitten food is of high quality? One way is by checking the label. It should at least contain the following: Meets the nutritional requirements of kittens established by the American Association of Feed Control Officials . AAFCO is a group of state and federal officials who regulate pet food. Even better, look for this: Complete and balanced nutrition for kittens based on AAFCO feeding trials. Complete and balanced nutrition means your kitten will require no mineral or vitamin supplementation. In fact, remember that too much of a good thing can be bad for your kitten, causing severe medical problems. Use supplements only if your veterinarian recommends them.

Also use caution with homemade diets. For example, all-meat homemade diets can be low in calcium, leading to a mineral imbalance that causes hyperparathyroidism, a disease more common in rapidly growing kittens. If you use a homemade diet, make sure its been formulated by a reputable nutritionist, Bough says.

How Can I Ensure That My Rabbit Is Getting Enough Nutrients

The best way to ensure that your rabbit is getting enough nutrients is to feed them a diet that consists mostly of hay, fresh vegetables, and a small amount of pellets. You should also offer them fresh water at all times. If you are feeding your rabbit cat food, you should only do so in small amounts and as a treat.

They Mistake It For Their Food

The smell of dog food in many cases can smell similar to their food. If you have wet foods, this can be especially enticing for cats. The sense of smell is a big factor in a cats food decisions. They might find that the dogs grub is simply more appealing than their food. Or they may not be able to tell the difference between the dogs food and their own grub.

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Higher Risk Of Urinary Tract Diseases

Feline lower urinary tract disease is more common in cats on dry diets. This is because kibble contains an abundance of certain minerals like calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium. These are often referred to as ash on cat food packaging. When cats consume too much of these minerals, they can deposit inside the urinary tract and cause an obstruction.

The low moisture content of dry kibble also contributes to the formation of cystitis and other urinary problems. Nevertheless, urinary issues are relatively uncommon in cats. In fact, only around 5% of cats ever experience these issues, and they are usually triggered by stress.

If youre concerned, you can reduce the risk of urinary tract diseases by opting for low-ash dry cat food and encouraging your cat to drink plenty. However, if your cat regularly suffers from cystitis, a dry food diet might not be the best option. I suggest a wet-only diet in these cases but speak to your vet for a professional opinion.

Get The Right Supplies

5 Best Indoor Cat Foods

Pick up some wet kitten food, making sure that it says “kitten.” Kitten food is higher in calories, fat and protein that the kitten needs to help grow big and strong. Wet food is the healthiest choice for kittens to start off with, as the moisture content will help them stay healthy and hydrated. However, some kittens may prefer dry food, and thats okay as long as you choose a healthy kitten kibble. You’ll also want to pick up some shallow food dishes so the kitten can easily access the food.

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How Often Should A Kitten Eat

The frequency that your kitten eats normally depends on how old they are:

  • Up to 1 week old: every 2-3 hours
  • 2 weeks old: every 3-4 hours
  • 3 weeks old: every 4-6 hours.
  • 6 weeks old: three or more feedings of canned food spaced out evenly throughout the day
  • 12 weeks old: three feedings of canned food spaced out evenly throughout the day

If you have questions or need additional guidance about how often or what kind of food to give to your kitten, contact your veterinarian for help.

What Types Of Food Can Rabbits Eat

Rabbits are very curious creatures and will often try to eat anything they can get their paws on, including cat food. While rabbits can technically eat cat food, it is not recommended as a part of their regular diet. Cat food is high in protein and fat, which can lead to obesity and health problems in rabbits. It is much better to stick to a diet of hay, vegetables, and a small amount of pellets designed specifically for rabbits.

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When & How To Switch From Kitten Food To Adult Cat Food

Around your kittens first birthday , its time to switch to an adult cat food.

We recommend transitioning to adult food over a 7- to 10-day period to help avoid any digestive upset. Heres how:

  • Days 1-2: Serve 3/4 of the normal amount of kitten food and add 1/4 of the new adult cat food.
  • Days 3-4: Serve half kitten food and half adult cat food.
  • Days 5-7: Serve 1/4 kitten food and 3/4 adult cat food.
  • Days 8-10: Serve only the new adult cat food.

If your cat resists eating the new food, slow the transition and give her more time before you increase the amount of adult food. Consult with your veterinarian for additional tips on making the switch from kitten food to adult cat food.

For more tips and information on kitten nutrition from our experts, see our Pet Expertise page.

Pregnant Cats And Mum Feeding Kittens

Five Baby Kittens Eating Food | Angry kitten | Cute Kittens

If youve got a pregnant cat or a cat that is feeding her new kittens, youll need to provide additional nutrients and the same high-protein kitten food as weaned kittens.

Give your pregnant cat unlimited access to kitten food, as well as a supply of fresh drinking water. While you might notice that during pregnancy, she may only eat a little more than usual she might eat double or triple the usual amount of food when she is suckling kittens.

For more advice on pregnant cats, read our guide.

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When Can Kittens Eat Wet Food

Kittens can eat wet kitten food as early as 3 weeks of age. Since kittens are not usually fully weaned until 6 to 9 weeks of age, there is ideally a gradual change from formula or their mothers milk to a solid-food diet.

However, some kittens younger than 6 weeks oldas young as 3 weeks oldare already onto solid foods. If a kitten refuses to eat from a bottle, and is 3 weeks of age or older, set out a plate of canned food and see what happens! The kitten may very well chow down.

Can I Hold The Kitten

Vets recommend not touching kittens unless you have to while their eyes are still closed. You can check on them to make sure theyâre healthy and gaining weight, but try to limit direct physical contact.

The kittenâs mother will also let you know how comfortable she is with you handling her babies. Itâs important to take it slow, especially at first. If the mother cat seems anxious or stressed, give her and her babies some space.

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What Happens If I Feed My Kitten Adult Food

The fact that it is not the most appropriate for a kitten to eat adult cat food does not mean that something serious will happen if we occasionally are forced to feed them adult food. If we run out of kitten food and are unable to get some more at feeding time, we can give the kitten adult cat food to tide them over. If it is dry kibble, we should soften it with water to ensure they do not choke on the larger pieces.

However, prolonged consumption of adult cat food could cause alterations in health or development of the kitten. In general, the quality with which commercial diets for cats are formulated today makes it very difficult for us to see serious problems.

If the kitten does present any symptoms of a health problem which may be related to the consumption of adult cat food, we need to take them to a veterinarian. An example of such a health problem might be a five-month-old kitten with struvite crystals causing a urinary tract blockage.

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How To Mix Gruel

Can Cats Eat Oatmeal? Everything You Need To Know

Small batch : ½ can of wet kitten food mixed with ¼ can of formula .

Large batch: Whisk 8 cans wet kitten food with 4 cans of fresh, warm formula . At this age, kittens like their food a little lumpy so they can chew.

Note: Substitute the warm water for formula in gruel for kittens 5 weeks and older.

Helpful tips when using gruel:

  • When introducing kittens to gruel, put gruel in a flat dish and place kittens near the dish. If they do not start to eat on their own after a few minutes, use tongue depressor or spoon to scoop gruel into kittens mouth. You may have to open their mouth and put a little in. You can also put a little gruel on their nose and see if they will lick it off. Sometimes the kittens need to adjust to the new taste.
  • Once kitten starts to eat gruel off the spoon or tongue depressor , slowly start to lower it towards the dish of gruel. The kittens should easily transition from the spoon or depressor to the dish .
  • During the weaning process, kittens still need to be bottle-fed three times per day to ensure they are receiving proper nutrients.

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Consider This Your Guide To Weaning Kittens From Milk Or Formula To Solids

By the time you usually bring home a brand-new kitten at eight to nine weeks old, theyve already gone through a significant transition: being weaned from milk to solid foods. However, you may find yourself in the trenches of new kitten parenthood at an even earlier stage. If you are fostering a kitten or have found a newborn, you have likely been bottle-feeding them milk or watching their mother nurse.

In these cases, you may wonder, When do kittens start eating food? Weaning is usually a natural process, particularly if the Mom is involved. If youre bottle-feeding, the process may be a bit trickier, and you may have to help lead it. Regardless of your situation, understanding what to expect can help you know when to have kibble and water on hand as a kitten gets ready to wean. Consider this your guide.

Can Cats Eat Dog Food

Feeding cats dog food long term can be dangerous as it doesnt contain the right balance of nutrients and proteins that cat food does. Therefore, pet lovers with multiple pets shouldnt substitute your cat food for your dogs kibble!

Cats can eat dog food in an emergency , but this should be limited to just one or two days. Cats require more animal protein than dogs and essential nutrients like taurine and arginine are found only in meat. Feline consumption of dog food for one day wont hurt, however over time this could result in a nutrient deficiency.

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Call Your Dog For Chow Time

One of the simplest ways to keep your cat from eating your dog food is to simply feed your dog on the spot. Whenever you lay out its meal for chowtime, be sure to call your dog immediately so that it can go to work on the food before your cat has time to take a nibble.

More than likely, the cat wont try to eat the food while the dog is consuming it, as we all know that dogs are super territorial when theyre eating.

When To Wean Kittens

5 Human Foods Cats Can Eat (And 5 To Avoid!)

Normally, the kitten weaning process begins at about four weeks of age. With mom, theyll start to try to eat her food, and shell push them away from her, says Benson. But if youre weaning a kitten that has been orphaned, you can start a little earlier, between three and four weeks.

When they start biting and chewing on the bottle, theyre ready, says Benson. At this point, you can start to introduce kitten food.

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Taste Of The Wild Rocky Mountain Grain

Most Popular Cat Food for Urinary Tract Health: There are many different cat foods out there, so it can be difficult to choose just one for your cat especially if there is not a specific formula your vet recommends. If you want to make a smart choice but youre not sure where to start, consider a popular brand like Taste of the Wild. This brand uses premium-quality roasted meats in grain-free recipes that are loaded with natural flavor. This Rocky Mountain Grain-Free Canned Food is a good option for cats with urinary health issues because it contains animal protein, it is rich in moisture, and it is supplemented with DL-methionine. It contains a fairly short list of main ingredients and has a low concentration of carbohydrates but is still complete and balanced with the use of beneficial supplements like vitamins and chelated minerals.

  • Pros: Rich in animal protein, high in moisture, complete and balanced nutrition, very digestible, supplemented with DL-methionine, moderate calorie and fat content
  • Cons: Not specifically formulated for urinary health, contains fish ingredients

Not For Cats With Digestive Trouble

Some cats struggle to digest dry food and might suffer from vomiting or diarrhea. This is often the case when feeding poor-quality dry food that contains plant proteins rather than animal sources. Fillers and carbohydrates lurking in poor-quality brands also make digestion a more taxing task.

Choosing a high-quality food that is low in carbohydrates and rich in real protein can help to solve digestive issues. However, if youre still seeing your cat throwing up undigested food, it might have a more sensitive digestive system or digestive health problem. For example, maybe your cat has irritable bowel syndrome or suffers from bad food allergies.

In these cases, I recommend avoiding dry food and instead feeding wet cat food for sensitive stomachs. As wet food is more like to cats natural prey, it is generally easier to digest. Make sure youre choosing high-quality food if you want to make a real improvement.

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What Are Some Common Health Problems In Rabbits

Like any other pet, rabbits can develop health problems. Some health problems are more common in rabbits than others. By knowing about these common health problems, you can watch for them and get treatment for your rabbit early if he or she develops any of them.

The most common health problems in rabbits are: -Dental disease -Parasites

What Do Kittens Eat

Can Cats Eat Yogurt? Is Yogurt Safe For Cats?

In 2020, over 2.2 billion units of cat food were sold in the United States. With so much food flying off the shelves, feline nutrition takes on a whole new level of importance. And when we think about cat food, a common question that follows is: What do kittens eat?

Nutrition is key for kittens in preventing serious health consequences and promoting healthy growth. Read this article to understand what kind of food your kitten should eat, how much, and how often.

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Feeding Kittens 4 To 5 Weeks Old

By the time a kitten is about 4 weeks old, its often ready to start eating solid food. Introduce solid food slowly into their diet by mixing a little canned kitten food with milk replacer on a tablespoon. It may take a few tries, but eventually, your kitten will be interested enough to begin lapping up the mixture on its own. Sometimes it helps to gently rub a tiny bit of canned food on the kittens lips to give them a little sampling of whats available. Never rush this process. A kitten will begin eating solid foods on their own schedulea timeline that can vary from kitten to kitten.

Meanwhile, keep offering milk replacer in a bottle to make sure the kitten is maintaining their weight and getting all the nutrition they require. Weighing your kitten every day or so is also a good way to be sure your pet is gaining weight and developing properly. Make sure to provide a shallow bowl of fresh water once the kitten reaches 4 weeks of age.

Do Kittens Drink Milk Or Water

Kittens drink both milk and water. Its vitally important to ensure that they have fresh water at all times, as this is the main way they hydrate after the first few weeks of their life. As they grow, they are slowly weaned off their mothers milk, usually by about 8 weeks of age.

Contrary to popular belief, most cats are actually lactose intolerant, which means their gastrointestinal systems have trouble digesting most milk products. Cow milk, in particular, can cause difficulties and should never be given to kittens. After they are weaned, kittens dont require milk in their diet and should transition naturally to solid foods.

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