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How Many Cats Per Litter Robot

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How Long Does A 25 Lb Bag Of Cat Litter Last

Litter Robot for Large Cats: How a Cat Fits in the Litter-Robot 3 Open-Air Automatic Litter Box

Ideally, a 25 lb. bag of cat litter should last anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks. Nevertheless, this is a rough estimate because, again, how long a 25 lb. bag of cat litter will last hinges on circumstances. If you have two cats, it may only last you half as long. If you have a single cat, fill the pan up with 2 inches of litter instead of 4 inches, and have a good filter scoop and scoop daily, it may last you longer.

It depends on how determined you are to make it go as far as possible. A good healthy recommendation is about six weeks, though. You want to make sure that the litter box is staying clean and that the litter is being changed regularly to keep your cat and other members in your home healthy.

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How To Clean The Litter Robot

Youve got your cat using your Litter Robot and its scooping up everything automatically so that you dont need to do it. It cant get any better than that but you still need to clean it.

Read more about how to clean Litter Robot

Its important to keep your litter robot working and smelling like new, and its actually a lot easier than you might think.

This might seem obvious, but you can start by making sure that you always empty out the waste drawer. The sensors inside will detect the level of waste inside, and you can see the blue light flash when its time to empty it out. If you only have single cat, youll need to empty it maybe once per week, and twice a week if you have two cats.

All you need to do is pull out the drawer, unlock the edges of the liner, and dispose of the waste. Install a new drawer liner and youre done. Just make sure that you press the reset button and that the control panel blinks blue, and that you dont have the unit against the wall. Itll have trouble detecting your cats.

As youre cleaning out your litter robot, dont forget to check the litter as needed. You want your cats and your box to stay fresh, so youll need to continually fill the box whenever you notice that the line is running low. Of course, youll need to press that reset button when youre finished too.

Youve probably cleaned regular litter boxes before, so you know how this works.

How Often Should You Wash The Litter

I recommend doing a deep cleaning of a litter robot every 30 days. Honestly, doing our 8-step process each month could do wonders in creating a much better bathroom area for your cat.

Furthermore, washing the unit will help prevent long-term exposure of the globes bottom rubber liner to urine residue. If left unchecked, it could lead the liner to deteriorate over time.

You also dont want the pungent odor of cat urine to adhere itself to the rubber. If you let months go by without proper cleaning, this odor will never disappear.

Itll end up making your life miserable as cat urine odor will waft through the home. This experience isnt what anyone envisions when buying a litter robot.

Another thing to consider is the sealed waste drawer that holds the urine clumps. Unfortunately, this drawer holding in cat waste for weeks, so the plastic comes into contact with the urine clumps.

Due to this, cleaning the waste drawer and disinfecting it becomes necessary. So please, do it every month to avoid any issues or nastiness.

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How Much Litter Is The Right Amount

While it may seem overwhelming to choose the right litter and know how much cat litter to use, it doesnt have to be. There are many litter options to choose from, and it can be completely normal to go through several different brands before settling on what works best.

Litter-Robot offers a Clean Bundle that contains not only a great automatic litter box, but also a Litter Trap Mat and pet-friendly cleaning wipes. Adding premium cat litter to the mix can make this bundle an even better option when youre trying to decide how much cat litter to use with your litter box.

How Long Does It Take For Cats To Use The Litter Robot

How Many Cats Can Use An Automatic Litter Box?

Unfortunately, there is no timeline for it, the more inviting and comfortable the mechanical machine feels to them, its more likely that they will pick up the habit soon.

You need to keep in mind that noises and sudden sounds make them conscious and fearful.

Try to take slow steps and keeping the robot off when not in use. It would give your cat the perception that its safe to use.

Keep the sand of their previous litter box in the litter robot to tell them its all part of their territory and there is no harm associated with it.

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What We Didnt Like

As with anything new, theres a learning curve when it comes to getting your cat used to the Litter-Robot 4. I would suggest that for the first week to two, you keep a close eye on how your cat or cats are reacting to the litter box, and even monitor them as they use it. At one point during the first week with the Litter-Robot 4, Ernie entered the litter box mid-cleaning cycle and started peeing. Fortunately, the globe sensed this and stopped rotating. However, since there was no litter in the box and there was less space in the globe due to the positioning, his pee was directed out of the litter box onto the floor right outside of it. I was there to clean up right away and it hasnt happened again, so Im attributing it to getting used to a new thing, not an inability to figure out when to and when not to use the litter box. However, Id stress keeping a close eye on your cats bathroom habits in the beginning for this very reason.

Finally, the Litter-Robot 4 is most definitely an investment at $649, and its not free from issues. However, I do believe that most hurdles , are ones that would or wouldnt be resolved within Whiskers 90-day in-home trial period. In my opinion, its more than enough time to figure out whether the Litter-Robot 4 will work for you, your home and, most importantly, your cats. And if it doesnt end up being a fit, youll get a full refund minus shipping costs.

Can Fleas Live In Kitty Litter

The first thing you may be wondering is, Can fleas live in cat litter? Unfortunately, the answer is yes fleas thrive in humid environments like your cats litter box. To check your cat for fleas, use a flea comb to separate your cats fur so you can see her skin. Look for small, dark dots on her skin.

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What Is Your Return Policy On Furniture

We do not accept returns on open-box furniture. While we try to remain flexible as a company, once a piece of furniture has been built or its package opened, we are unable to take it back. We do accept returns on unopened furniture items. If you would like to return your Sauder furniture, please contact the Litter-Robot Customer Service Department to arrange a return within ninety days of receipt for refund consideration. Merchandise can only be returned in new, unopened, and unassembled condition and in the original product packaging as received. All paperwork should be included with your return to ensure a prompt and accurate credit. You are responsible for the cost of the return shipment. Upon inspection and refund approval, the credit card and card number used to purchase your merchandise will be credited within 7-10 business days. Visit our returns page for more information.

Why Is My Cat Pooping On The Floor All Of A Sudden

Litter-Robot Self-Cleaning Litter Box: How it Works

Cats may poop on the floor because of a medical condition, stress, or because the litter box is dirty. If the behavior started suddenly, have a vet rule out a medical problem first and then take note if anything significant has happened in the cats life, such as a new pet entering the home or the loss of a companion.

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Use A Cat Litter With Activated Charcoal

These days, you can find a cat litter with just about anything in it! From wood pellet cat litter to recycled newspaper and grass theres no limit to what your cat can poop on!

So it should be no surprise that you can find cat litter with activated charcoal already in it and even though there isnt a huge range of options there are still plenty. Which one you go with depends on your preferences but this clumping cat litter from Tidy Cats is a good starting point if you want to work in some activated charcoal. Its your standard clumping litter with bits of cat-safe activated charcoal mixed in. It also has more than 12,500 five-star reviews on Amazon which is certainly a bit above the standard.

How Do I Start A Subscription

Its super easy: Choose the quantity, size, and delivery frequency, add to your cart, sign up for a Litter-Robot account if you dont already have one, and check out. Your first litter shipment will ship 1-2 business days after your credit card is processed. From then on, you will be billed on the same day each month , and your litter will ship 1-2 business days after youre billed. You can always adjust billing or shipping dates by logging into your account.

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Can I Put 2 Litter Boxes Next To Each Other

Its okay to place two litter boxes next to each other, and beneficial to do so in certain situations. Just remember, your cats will view side by side litter boxes as though theyre a single territory. So be sure to provide enough litter territories throughout your home one per cat, plus one extra.

Where Should I Put The Litter Boxes


Placing the litter boxes next to each other is a common mistake that many owners make.

Thats because the cats see the two boxes as one, not separate toilets.

One of the cats might claim both boxes and block the second cat from using them.

You want to place two litter boxes on opposite ends of the house to give your cats privacy.

The third box should be somewhere in the middle so that neither cat can guard it.

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Is It Ok For Cats To Share A Litter Box

The most important thing to remember when it comes to cats is that you cant force them to do something they dont want to do! So, while some cats are comfortable sharing a litter box, others arent keen at all. Cats are very clean animals, and theyre also pretty fussy. So, even if they dont protest at being made to share their litter tray with another cat, theyll still want it to be spotlessly clean!

The truth is that although some cats will tolerate sharing litterboxes, nearly all prefer to have multiple litterboxes to choose from. This means they can inspect each tray and choose whichever suits their needs in terms of privacy, scent, and cleanliness.

Can Multiple Cats Use The Litter

Yes, we recommend up to 4 cats per one Litter-Robot however, we do have customers with more cats using a single unit. Too many cats per single Litter-Robot may result in the litter bed not being clean for the next use. As a rule of thumb, one cat using the Litter-Robot requires that the drawer be emptied once per week two cats, twice per week three cats, every other day, and so on.

Upgrade your

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What Do You Clean A Litter

Its essential to clean anything your cat regularly comes in contact with using products that are non-toxic or chemical. If youre looking at cleaning the outside of your Litter-Robot, consider using water and mild soap or, even better, diluted vinegar that will definitely do the trick and wont harm your cats.

When cleaning the inside of the Litter-Robot, you may want to spray it down with water first in the bathtub or backyard, where its more accessible to you. Afterwards, you can begin wiping the inner walls of the unit with a soft cloth, using a mild or non-toxic soap. Any dirt and odor will come right off and then you can wipe everything again to ensure the unit is dry.

Additional Features: Sleep Mode Night Light And More

Making the Switch: How to Get Your Cat Used to the Litter-Robot

The high-tech Litter-Robot has various additional features, some of which we found useful and others that we could have lived without. For instance, theres a blue night light inside the globe that you can turn on or off, but since cats have excellent night vision, we really didnt understand the purpose of it.

The Spruce / Camryn Rabideau

One useful feature is the 8-hour sleep mode, which stops the unit from cycling at night. We can see this as helpful if the litter box is in your room, disturbing you as you sleep. However, we opted to leave it off since the Litter-Robot was in the office. You can also lock the buttons on the front of the unit if you have pets or children who like to press them.

The Litter-Robot app tracks the number of times it cycles each day, and it creates graphs of weekly and monthly trends. This can help spot medical issues such as UTIs.

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How We Picked And Tested

I researched dozens of automatic litter boxes across retailers and read their customer reviews for insights into overall performance. Self-cleaning litter boxes run small, so I considered only models made for multiple-cat households because theyre bigger, which gives your cat a bit more space. Looking at those with good ratings over an extended period, I narrowed down the list to four, with prices ranging from $80 to $450, for testing: the CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box, Litter-Robot III Open Air, PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter Box, and PetSafe Simply Clean Automatic Litter Box.

For testing, I looked at several attributes.

Aside from checking out the Litter-Robot in use at a cat café, we didn’t test any of our finalists with actual cats, for several reasons. After our initial testing of the factors that were significant to humansnoise, cleaning, size, and installationwe already knew we wouldn’t be recommending these devices. And cats usually don’t like change, so we saw no point in repeatedly traumatizing ours by making them poop in four different cramped, noisy, weird boxes that we had already dismissed for other reasons. Even if your cat tolerates or loves an automatic litter box, they’d probably also be just as happy with a regular one.

Step : Clean The Bases Exterior

Your last step is cleaning the bases exterior with a wet rag. Make sure to use this rag and soap to clean it without any missed portions thoroughly.

But remember, dont clean the interior of this base portion. Itll only mess up the internal electronic components, which isnt what anyone wants.

The litter robot should now be more than clean enough for your cats bathroom visits. Well dive into how often this process needs doing in our next section.

Read on for more self cleaning litter box hacks.

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If I Purchase Multiple Items On Litter

Once your order ships, you’ll receive a tracking email from FedEx, UPS, or USPS that includes estimated date of arrival. Items sold from may ship separately, and each item may not have its own tracking number. Please allow 1-2 business days after your first shipment to receive your other items. If it is not received within 1-2 business days, please contact us directly.

Other Important Things To Know About Litter Robot

Litter Robot : That One Thing Every Busy Cat Mommy Needs!
  • Be sure you have space for the box where youll put it since its large Footprint: 24.25 x 27, Entryway: 10.25 x 15.25 for Litter Robot 3
  • If you travel, youll need a different type of litter box to bring your cat along, since Litter Robot is not portable at 24 lbs.

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Why You Might Want A Self

Pet experts recommend scooping a litter box at least daily, possibly more often depending on the individual cat . Self-cleaning litter boxes scoop themselves so you dont have to, and some allow you to program them to scoop waste multiple times per day. All you have to do is toss out the collected waste once or twice a week. Our experts said that a good automatic litter box should scoop frequently without backing up or spilling, operate quietly, and offer a large enough space for most cats. However, none of the litter boxes we tested met any of those criteria.

Not a single automatic litter box we tested, not even those designed for multiple-cat households, had a large enough litter bed.

The main reason you might want an automatic litter box is the promise that it will scoop itself for you, but these devices often fail at that task. The scoop can get gunky or clogged, leaving the machine backed up. The Litter-Robot III Open Air, for example, jammed when we loaded too much litter or the wrong type of litter, and in one case it malfunctioned because cat waste was blocking its sensor, so it mistakenly perceived the bin as being full. And with the PetSafe Simply Clean, several times clumped urine got caught on the conveyor belt, bottlenecking the travel route and spilling dirty litter onto the floor.

The Litter-Robot III Open Air offers an 18-month warranty with an optional 18-month extension for $50. Both PetSafe models we tested have one-year warranties.

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