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What Kind Of Grass Is Cat Grass

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How To Grow Cat Grass Indoors: So Easy To Do From Seed

CAT GRASS: What You Need to Know

Heres how to grow cat grass indoors including the mix to use, the steps to take, how to maintain it and how long it takes.

I must admit, the pretty seed packet initially tempted me to buy the cat grass. My kitty Riley was acting a bit lonely so I thought a little grass may be just the ticket to keep him entertained.

Riley has never shown any interest in any of my houseplants but I thought the cat grass might pique his curiosity. I never got around to planting the seeds until Sylvester entered the picture.;

10 days before Christmas I decided it was time to get another kitty companion for Riley. Off to the shelter I marched carrier in hand. I ended up coming home with a big tuxedo boy, who for the most part has no interest in my plants.

That is, except for the Spider Plant which sits on a plant stand in the bedroom. Those big, crunchy leaves are just too irresistible!

I thought hed be wildly enthusiastic about the grass and that Id be planting it on a regular rotation. Both Sylvester and Riley sniffed the grass and that was the extent of the interaction.

So what did I do with the grass you ask? I cut it off and put it in my smoothies.;

My neighbor says her kitty goes crazy for cat grass. Regardless of the fact that mine dont, I want to share the details on how to grow it because your kitty will probably love it too.;

I hadnt grown cat grass for almost 20 years and forgot what a cinch it is to do.

Containers For Cat Grass

Choosing a container for your cat grass can be an interesting challenge. You want a container that allows your cat full access to the grass, but thats heavy enough it cant be tipped over. For both soil-based and soilless mixes, you need drainage, too.

For soil or soil-free methods, I like to use bonsai pots. These are shallow containers, often made of glazed terracotta or ceramic. Theres some good weight to them, and you can usually find a matching saucer to catch runoff.

To prevent your mix from escaping from the bottom, cover the drainage holes. Ive used anything from a scrap of T-shirt to bits of landscaping fabric for this purpose. All you want to do is prevent your media from getting out.

If growing in water only, anything that holds water will suffice. But as these can make a real mess if knocked over, its best to use something with some weight. If youre using a heavy growing medium, even an old coffee cup can work!

Be sure your container isnt too tall. If its tall, your cat might stand up on its hind legs to access the grass, and its at risk of tipping over.

Water Cover And Set Aside

Now that the seeds are planted, make any final adjustments like shifting the seeds around or adding a bit more water .

At this point, the cat grass is off to a great start. Some cat-lovers like to cover the tray at this point to create a mini-greenhouse for the seeds. You can use a tray cover, cling wrap, or repurposed plastic bag. Or you can just leave the tray open to the air. Either way, youll be checking on the tray each morning and evening.

Find a warm, sunny spot to serve as your cat grass growing station. A well-insulated sunny windowsill works well, and light can always be improved with a mini plant light. Were looking for somewhere cozy and bright with good air circulation.

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Top Pick For Best Grass Cat Litter

Despite being a newcomer, there are already several brands that offer grass seed cat litter. Below you will find a list of three top rated products from Frisco, Only Natural Pet and Pioneer Pet.

All Natural Grass Clumping Cat Litter by Frisco

All Natural Grass Clumping Cat Litter from Frisco is selected as top pick for this list, because it is a little more affordable than the other options.;

If you are a cat owner who has been used to buying clay litter, the cost of grass litter is probably the biggest con. This is why price is chosen as a deciding factor, finding little difference when it comes to the performance of the different brands.

Perhaps since grass seed litter is such a simple product, containing only one ingredient, all of the brands seem to get the same praises and complaints in reviews by customers. You can see the most common ones for this type of litter in the pros and cons section.

On Chewys product page, this litter from Frisco is described as a convenient alternative to traditional litter thats natural and biodegradable, without harmful artificial ingredients.

  • Suitable for multi-cat households: Yes.
  • Non-GMO: Not stated.
  • Size offered: Comes in 20 lb bag.
  • Packaging: Resealable plastic bag. According to Chewy, the bag can be recycled after use.

Where to buyAvailable on , where you can also find more photos and information about this litter, including reviews.

All Natural Grass Seed Cat Litter by Only Natural Pet

Window Garden Wheatgrass For Cats

Growing Cat Grass Indoors

You can set up your own micro-garden inside in just a few minutes and add healthy greens to your own diet as well as to your cats diet. There is nothing unsightly about this kit, it comes with a stunning acrylic tray that looks fabulous on your window ledge or as a center piece to your table.

In the kit, you also get a spray bottle and fiber soil and 1.75 ounces of wheat grass seed to give you one full crop.; The wheatgrass is hard red wheat grass which is highly nutritious. There are huge health benefits for you and your kitty. To keep it going, you simply have to buy the refill packs.

Can be set up in just a few minutes

Healthy greens for cats

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Cat Grass: Is It Safe For My Cat


Cat parents, did you know that your little meat eater may like some vegetation in her diet? That’s right, she may enjoy having cat grass. Despite being obligate carnivores , cats like to munch on plants for a variety of reasons. But what is cat grass, you may be asking? And is it safe for my fur baby? It’s always best to check with your vet before allowing your cat to feed on anything, but you can learn a little more about this interesting feline salad green.

What Type Of Soil Do You Need To Grow Cat Grass

Any type of potting soil will work to grow cat grass, just as long as it doesnt contain pesticides. Some people say you have to make sure to only use organic with no fertilizers but its a personal choice.

There are even tutorials on how to grow cat grass without soil, using a mix of courser materials. I even came across one on how to grow it in water! So these little seedlings are obviously not very picky.

Personally, I used Miracle-Gro Potting Soil and had excellent results. Theres conflicting information about using this for cat grass, but the soil contains non-toxic amounts of phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen and anything grown within it is safe for consumption. It also contains a mix of different ingredients, including perlite, so it drains well .

My local cat rescue has a simple PDF guide for growing cat grass, and even they recommend using Miracle-Gro soil.

Of course if you feel safer using only organic soil, go for it. Its a lot more expensive if you try to buy it online, but I found this bag in store at my local Lowes for about $6..

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How Much Cat Grass Should A Cat Eat

Obviously, it should never be a cats only food source cats are carnivores, after all!

As every cats different in how they respond to cat grass, you should start with a testing period. If the cat ignores the grass, its possible they dont need or want it right then. Some will start feasting on it immediately, and thats fine, too.

Limit your cat to a smail amount of grass at first to see how they handle it. If it doesnt seem to be a problem, feel free to let them have a little more if you want.

With my pair of indoor cats, theres an established system. One will start to show the desire to go outside. That shows me its time to break out the grass. The other one seldom has an interest unless hes shedding. So when he starts to drop his winter coat, I know to have the grass at hand.

As with anything else you offer to your cat, take it slowly. The most Ill provide my cats is two to three cat grass sessions a week. If they seem to want it constantly, it may be a sign of a bigger problem and its time to go to the vet.

How To Use Grass Litter

Why Do Cats Eat Grass?

Most cat litters have detailed instructions on how to use it on their packaging. Which of course is great. But if you are ordering your litter online, these can be difficult to read or even find in the photos of the product.

To help you decide if this litter type will work for you, here are some general step by step instructions to use as a guideline. However, you should still follow the directions stated on the products packaging.

How to transition to grass cat litterStart with adding a cup of the new litter with the old one. Add more of the grass litter every time you scoop. If your cat seems happy with this new litter type, replace all of the old litter with the grass litter after a week.

How much litter should you addAbout 3-4 inches in depth is recommended.

How to scoopEven though grass litter is made from an organic material, it can be used very similarly to clay based litter. Simply scoop as you would with most clumping litter types.

How often to scoopRemove clumps and feces two times daily, to keep the litter box clean and healthy for your cat. This also helps with odor control.Add more litter as needed.

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Is It Normal For A Dog To Eat Grass

Dogs do also eat grass and this is not just because of possible nutrition. Dogs also purge hairballs and other stuff that upsets or doesnt belong in their system through purging/puking. Now I am not a dog expert, but from what I understand, dogs also groom themselves and hence they will also ingest a good amount of fur.

Q: Why Do Cats Eat Grass

A: It can be puzzling to see a cat eating grass! After all, they are supposed to be committed meat eaters so it is hard to see what appeals to them in a blade of grass. In fact, there are a number of biological reasons for this strange habit.

The first reason is a little unpleasant but will not come as a surprise if you are a cat owner. Cats eat grass to make themselves vomit! They need to vomit because they need to get rid of some parts of their food that they cannot break down in the gut. Even in the wild, if they have eaten a whole bird, they will not be able to digest the bones and feathers. Regurgitation is natures way of getting rid of indigestible matter before it goes any further into the intestines. Cat grass is an insoluable fiber and so it also a good way to get rid of hairballs which can causes blockages in the digestive tract.

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When To Sow The Seeds

Indoors, you can sow the seeds year round. I planted my 2 pots in late winter and they germinated and were ready for use in the specified time on the packet.

I live in Tucson with warmer, sunny winters so if you live in a climate where winter days are shorter, the process might take a bit longer at this time.

What Is Cat Grass The Different Types Of Grass You Need To Know

66 Square Feet (Plus): Cat grass

Cats are really nice, I know dog lovers may have a different opinion, but I personally love cats for their incredible qualities, lovely demeanour, and characterful qualities. If you like what I have already said, you probably like cats, and you have obviously owned a cat or want to adopt this lovely creature at a point in your life. What is that unique thing with cats that captures our hearts that much? What is that charm that enslaves us into buying expensive treats for our cats and sacrificing a lot for their wellbeing? Its simple; cats have a unique characteristic that is large enough to receive affection.

Cats, unlike dogs and other pets, need a lot of care and attention. Cats may be relatively low maintenance compared to dogs, but their health is very important. Taking care of cats equally needs a lot of information. This means that the cat owner should have enough information to understand every bit of the cats health and equally be able to detect when the cats life is in danger. Furthermore, its important to give them the exact foods they need for their dietary needs. But have you ever realized that these little meat-eaters might like some vegetation? Cats may also like to nibble on grass. But do you really know what cat grass is, why you should grow cat grass, and How to go about it? This brief has all the information you need.

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The Best Grass For Cats In 2021

Weve all seen cats nibbling on grass but have you ever wondered why they do it? There is vital nutrition for cats in grass and it can play a crucial role in a cats digestion. It can even help cats to get rid of fur balls! Indoor cats grass is a lot safer and healthier than the outdoors variety. It is often supplied in kits that have everything you need.

There are several varieties and kits available so to help you choose the best cat grass to suit your particular cats and your home, take a look at our useful guide.

Which Grasses Are Best For Cats

While you cant really go wrong with any of the different types of cat grass youll find available in pet stores, Waldrop says he prefers to see his clients grow alfalfa grass, as its been shown to help with preventing and treating kidney disease in cats.

Oat is also a great choice, he said, because it acts as a digestive aid to calm the intestinal tract, is high in protein and soluble fiber, and contains levels of iron, manganese, zinc, and B vitamins.

For specific questions about your pets diet, always consult with your veterinarian.

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Totalgreen Holland Cat Grass Kit

If you are a bit apprehensive about growing cat grass, this kit comes with everything you need and is like a mini greenhouse. It makes a great gift or you can get one for your own cat so that they can enjoy the benefits of indoor grass.

It includes a tiny greenhouse that will fit on a window ledge. There is a waterproof base to protect the surface underneath and a transparent top. Thanks to the ventilation hole, the grasses can get plenty of air. The growing medium is a coco peat pellet with added premium grow mix and all you have to do is add water to activate it. Of course, there is also a packet of grass seed for organic, non-GMO plants. In just five days, you will be growing cat grass and will have your first crop ready for your cat!

Complete kit with mini greenhouse

Transparent lid

Coco peat pellet growing medium

Organic and non-GMO grass seeds

What To Do If Your Cat Is Eating Grass Every Day


If your cat is insatiably eating the grass, eating large amounts every day for more than seven days in a row, is still stick after vomiting, or does not want to eat normal food, then take it to a vet. Otherwise, theres no need to worry about your cat eating grass every day; its normal behavior.

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Is It Okay For Cats To Eat Fertilized Grass

As a general rule fertilzers are generally safe with a wide margin of saftey. If a cat eats fertilized plants immediately after application most of the time the worst problem is simple vomiting or diarrhea. Each bag has a waiting period printed on the bag as to when children or pets can safely be on fertilized grass.

Is It Okay For An Indoor Cat To Eat Grass

And they actually need to eat grass. Of course being indoor cats they do not have access to this unless you actually give it to them. Below I explore the reasons why your cat might want to eat grass, why it should eat grass, and how you can provide it for your indoor cat.

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What Is Considered To Be Cat Grass

Cat grass is actually not one type of grass, however, many types that are classified as safe for cats to eat. Cat grass is most commonly grown from;barley, rye, wheat or even oat seeds.;

The main difference between cat grass and outdoor grass is that cat grass is not chemically treated with pesticides. That being said, grass that is labelled as cat grass is ensured to be non-toxic towards cats as many plants, flowers, fruits and veggies are actually toxic to our furry friends.

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