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Where Can I Buy Kittens

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Where To Get A Kitten

Buying My Cats Everything They Touch!

Animal shelters, rescue organizations, and humane societies are filled with loving, healthy cats and kittens who are longing to find a good home. Research shelters in your town, including Hills partner shelters across the United States to help you find a kitten that is right for you. Your vet can also refer you to local rescue groups. Be prepared to provide a home inspection request, as many rescues want to make sure their kittens are going to good homes. page provides a shelter directory tool and can point you to adoption events in your area. If you want a purebred kitten, ask your vet to recommend a local breeder.

Also, be sure to check out our kitten supply list article to prepare yourself for your new furry little friend. Whichever kitten you do decide to bring home, remember to love and care for her like one of the members of the family.

Its The 2022 Annual Kitten Rescue Yard Sale For Charity

Its time for the 2022 Kitten Rescue Annual Yard Sale for charity! Well be holding our annual yard sale in Woodland Hills on Saturday, May 14th and Sunday, May 15th. Everyone is welcome to donate items to the yard sale, and all proceeds raised from the two-day sale go towards helping Kitten Rescue. Its a win-win you clean out your closets and garage, and together we all raise money for homeless cats and kittens!

We do still need volunteers to set up on Friday, May 13th, to help with sales and merchandising on the 14th and 15th, and to clean up after the event on Sunday the 15th. Email to sign up.

Kitten Rescues Yard Sale has something for everyone! Come by, check it out, and do some shopping!

Signs Of A Healthy Cat

  • Bright eyes no weeping or discharge
  • Clean nose no discharge or sign of sores
  • Shiny and clean coat, with no sign of flea dirt. They shouldnt smell bad.
  • Clean ears no redness, discharge or dirty, thick wax
  • Clean bottom no sign of diarrhoea or worms
  • Neither skinny, with the bones visible or easy to feel, or too fat
  • Happy and playful kitten thats not overly tired


Taking your children with you the first time you meet a kitten will make it harder to say no if they’re not the right fit. We recommend taking your children on the second meet, once you’ve committed.

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Adoption A Smarter Option Than To Buy A Kitten

No matter how “reputable” you think your local pet store is, they are almost surely getting their kittens from a “backyard” kitten breeder. The majority of purebred kittens are the product of irresponsible “backyard” kitten breeders. These are people who make some easy cash by breeding their purebred cats and they often also sell kittens through the newspaper classified ads. Remember that most of these backyard kitten breeders don’t know about breeding for favorable health and temperament qualities, and they don’t know how to raise a properly socialized litter. Many of these little kittens are weaned from their mothers way too soon. Sometimes, a backyard kitten breeder turns into small-time kitten mill to increase their supply so you can buy a kitten from a pet store and they can make a higher profit. How can you stop kitten mills? There is only one way. Take away their profits. Remember before you buy a kitten, keep in mind adoption is the most humane option!

How To Pick The Right Kittens For Sale Near Me

Where Can I Buy A Ginger Kitten

If you find a kitten for sale nearby, you should take advantage of the proximity and visit. If the litter of kittens is purebred, try to see one or both parents. At the very least, assess how well the breeder takes care of the animals on the property. Even a casual breeder should have clean facilities, and the kittens should look healthy, active, and unsoiled. Beware of kittens that are too thin, sneezing, or have any nasal discharge. Kittens commonly have soft stool or diarrhea. Ask the owners whether any issues you see have been addressed by a medical professional. Also, check the deworming and vaccination schedule. Some kittens may have their first set of boosters before you take one home, but many will not. Rescues and humane societies are also a good places to obtain kittens for sale because they usually take care of the first set of vaccinations and administer a deworming treatment. Either way, figure out where you need to begin or continue with preventative care.

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How To Spot A Bad Breeder

A bad breeder will:

  • give very little information in an advert, eg one or two sentences
  • not let you meet the kitten’s mum and littermates
  • offer to meet you in a public place such as the street, a service station or railway station to hand over the kitten. Or, offer to drop the kitten off at your home.
  • not let you meet the kitten or mum before you take the kitten home
  • be unable to provide proof of vaccination, worming, health certificates etc
  • be unable to give you information about, or proof of, relevant genetic health testing
  • not provide a genuine vets contact details


We know it can be hard to see an unhealthy kitten and walk away. But unscrupulous breeders will benefit from your purchase and it will further encourage them. So, while it’s hard, we urge you to walk away if the kitten or their mother looks poorly and to report this to the RSPCA instead.

Before You Visit The Kitten

A good breeder will be happy to answer your questions before you visit. Some of the things you’ll need to know are:

  • When was the kitten born?
  • Was the kitten raised with its mother?
  • Is the kitten friendly?
  • Is the kitten healthy?
  • Where was the kitten born, and where did it spend most of its time when it was between one and nine weeks old?

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Cats And Kittens For Sale In The Uk

UKPets found the following Cats and Kittens For Sale in the UK based on your search criteria. Read more about over 60 different Cat breeds covered in our Cat breed information page.

Bury Saint Edmunds |17th Sep 2022 |Cats For Sale by Natasha Allard

*Green collar boy reserved*Im delighted to advertise my current litter of Champion line GCCF registered kittens from my beautiful Seal tabby point Queen Rose, who carries chocolate and dilute genes and my very handsome Blue mitted King, George, who also carries chocolate

Bury Saint Edmunds |17th Sep 2022 |Cats For Sale by Natasha Allard

Meet Trixie, a very pretty blue tortie GCCF registered Ragdoll. She’s currently Active registered but she doesn’t have to go Active, i can have her spayed for a pet home and reduce the price if you think she would fit into your family home as a beloved pet.She’s so sweet and loving She’s had one litter this year, she did amazingly well and we are so proud of her. She’s a truly wonderful mum!The reason we are parting with her is because she’s being bullied by our other Queens, its making her quite stressed and unhappy which breaks my heart. She’s so soft, she doesn’t stick up for herself so she’s baring the brunt, unfortunately.

Edinburgh |17th Sep 2022 |Cats For Sale by Susana

Eastleigh |17th Sep 2022 |Cats For Sale by tamara Geen

West Midlands |17th Sep 2022 |Cats For Sale by lynda white

Wemyss Bay |16th Sep 2022 |Cats For Sale by Pat Rob

How Much Is A Cat

How To Introduce Your Cat to a New KITTEN!

Any cat parent will tell you how priceless these small, furry family members are, from their entertaining, acrobatic prowess to their instant purring appreciation of your love and attention. While no one can put a price on the endless hours of enjoyment youll have with your adopted kitty, an adoption fee helps cover the expenses of sheltering and caring for the pets in an adoption organization.

To ensure the important work continues by pet welfare professionals, most pet shelters and rescue group members will require an minimal adoption fee when you adopt a cat. In some instances an adoption organization may waive a fee to place cats and kittens in a healthy, safe and loving home, and the benefits of adopting dont end there.

Animal welfare groups often provide the cats in their organization initial medical care such as spay/neuter, age appropriate vaccinations, microchipping and a wellness check. These important health checks are covered in the adoption fee, which could range from being waived to a couple hundred dollars however, it is always a good idea to confirm fees beforehand as they can vary from one adoption organization to another.

To help a cat or kitten get off to a healthy and happy start in their new home, the following medical is often included in a typical adoption fee.

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The Kitten Care Handbook

Have you found abandoned, feral or orphaned kittens and are not sure what to do? Should you take them in? And if you rescue them, what do you do next? Never fear we have all the answers in our Kitten Care Handbook!

Our Kitten Care Handbook is your expert online source for everything you need to know if you wish to rescue and raise orphaned kittens. Its also great information for people who have recently adopted a new kitten or cat and want to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Because if theres one thing that Kitten Rescue knows its how to rescue and care for kittens!

How To Choose The Best Cat Name For Your New Cat

Are you looking for just the right name for your new cat? Weve got all the inspiration you need to pick a pawsitively pawesome cat name. So you have a new cat, but you want to find a name that suits her to the nines. Youve come to the right place! Cat names can convey a cats personality, behavior, or

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Where To Get A Cat Or Kitten

02nd October 2018

There are a variety of ways to find a pet cat buy a pedigree cat from a breeder get a kitten or adult cat from a homing/rescue centre, get one from a friend or neighbour or buy one from a pet shop.The environment from which you get your cat, its experiences and the care it received there can have a lasting effect on its health and behaviour. Therefore it is important to know what to look for and what to ask.

You should be prepared to walk away if you are not happy with what you see or with the answers to your questions, rather than take a cat which will not be healthy or happy in your particular home.

Here we will look at the different places where you can get a cat and what to look for.

Age Of Kittens For Adoption

Where Can I Buy a Norwegian Forest Cat? 7 Best Places to Get Your ...

Cats do not seem particularly social, especially compared to dogs. This makes bonding with their mothers and littermates more important. You may not be able to fill social gaps as easily for a kitten as for a puppy. Ideally, kittens should stay with their siblings until they are 12 weeks old, although their mother will likely wean them between six and eight weeks of age. Kittens are usually still grabbing an occasional nursing session from mom up to ten weeks old. Beyond that, the queen continues teaching crucial skills to her kittens. Young cats learn a lot by watching. Moreover, cats emit pheromones that soothe the young and place them in a mental state conducive to education. Kittens who leave the nest too early, so to speak, can develop behavioral challenges. Some common issues are persistent suckling on inanimate objects, social miscues around other cats, the inability to groom adequately, or lack of knowledge about using a litter box or even burying waste at all. Kittens can grow up shy and may deal with their fear through aggression.

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Should I Get More Than One Cat

Cats have very different social needs compared to dogs and people. Although they are capable of forming friendships with other cats, they’re unlikely to feel the need for a companion and are often happy being the only cat in the home. This is not to say that they cant get along with other cats. Many cats can learn to accept each other and some will even form close bonds.

A good way to help them out is to make sure there is no competition for important resources, such as:

If you do want to get a pair of kittens, then siblings have a better chance of getting along. If you’re looking for older cats, it’s best to get a pair that already have a close bond. A rescue centre will be able to give you this information.

How you introduce a new cat or kitten into your home can make a big difference too!

Search For Cats And Kittens

When it comes to adopting a cat or kitten, there is no better place to begin than a search on where youll never find cats and kittens for sale but rather adoptable, potential family members ready to join your home and share your lives. To find adoptable pets near you, start a search for cats and kittens.

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Where To Buy Kittens

We rehome thousands of pets a year and treat animals that have got into difficulty with unexpected illnesses or unwanted litters. So it wont come as a surprise that we would encourage you to consider the benefits of adopting a kitten or cat.

If you do decide to get a kitten, the best thing you can do for them and your family is to make sure you give them the best start in life, and that begins with choosing a trustworthy and caring breeder who has the cats best interests at heart.

Preparing Your Home For A Kitten

Learn How Baby Kittens Grow: 0-8 Weeks!

What You Need

Free kittens and those you purchase from a breeder or rescue do not differ in their basic needs.


Kittens feed differently depending upon their age when they come home with you. Up to four weeks of age, your kitten will be nursing on a bottle every two to three hours. At four weeks of age, you can start offering a gruel several times a day. You will still be bottle feeding, but every four hours. Begin the weaning process gradually between five and seven weeks. Dry food should be always available, and you should feed a gruel, canned food, or baby food with water four times a day. Onions are highly toxic to cats, so make sure the baby food does not have onion powder. It should also be meat-based and is only ideal for exceptionally picky eaters. By seven or eight weeks, your kitten will be effectively weaned and weigh approximately two pounds. Growing kittens require 50 to 65 calories per pound per day. Many times, the best way to deliver a high concentration of calories is via canned food which is high in protein and fat. Kittens should eat enough to be full but not bloated or distended in the abdomen. Cats are kittens until about a year old. Try to get a sample of the same food your kitten has already been eating. Make food changes gradually.

Litter Box
Scratching Post
Collars and Leashes

Kitten-Proof Your Home

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What You Should Know About Baby Kittens For Free

There is always a flurry of activity surrounding bringing a new pet home. Especially if it is a puppy or kitten for adoption, preparations are like readying for a newborn infant. If you choose to adopt a kitten, you have decisions and choices you do not necessarily have with a human. However, a kitten will likely be walking about when you bring her home, so you will need to make your home safe. You may be able to pick from multiple free kittens in a litter, so how do you tell a healthy one? And how do you take care of your new addition?

What You Should Know About Kittens For Sale

A new kitten is always exciting. Whether you get a male or a female, kittens are cute and endearing with their mischievous antics and their resemblance to tiny warm puff balls. A pertinent concern is how to determine if a kitty is the right fit for your home once it grows up. Breed, age of adoption, and proper care of the cat help determine its ability to adapt to life with your family. Finding the right kitten will help you ensure the happiness of you and your future pet.

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Are You Starting The Search For A Loving Companion And Thinking Of Buying A Cat Or Kitten Why Not Consider Adopting With Us

We have many cats and kittens waiting to be rehomed in the UK and our adoption centres are often full. We rehome an average of 36,000 cats a year and many more are waiting for homes. Instead of buying, why not consider adopting a cat or kitten from Cats Protection?

We endeavour to make sure cats and kittens in our care are:

  • vaccinated against cat flu and enteritis
  • neutered, where appropriate
  • you’ll also have the option of four weeks’ free Petplan insurance

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