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Where Can I Get Free Kittens

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Cons Of Getting A Free Kitten

How to Get FREE PETS in Adopt Me! (Roblox)

As they say, there are two sides to every coin. So before you get a free kitten, consider the following disadvantages:

1. You can get a cat with several diseases

There is very little to no guarantee that the free kitten you will get is healthy. Its likely that the owners havent taken them to the vet or that their parents might have suffered from a grave illness.

Stray cats, especially, may have acquired infections, injuries, and life-threatening diseases.

2. You might end up spending more money on medical needs

If you adopt a free kitten, you dont have the advantage of getting a cat with complete vaccinations and preventive medications. You will also need to pay for neutering or spaying services out of your own pocket.

If they have any form of sickness as Ive mentioned, you need to spend money on treatment. As these expenses add up, you may find that the money you spent is almost equal to the price of a kitten from a breeder.

3. You might need to deal with a feral cat

Aside from medical concerns, you also need to observe the cats behavior. For instance, if you adopt a feral cat, you may have trouble dealing with aggressiveness.

Because they are not used to humans, they have a tendency to hiss, claw, or even bite when approached. You need to be very patient in taming them.

4. You can get scammed by people on the internet

Since anyone can post anything online, you cant be sure that the free kitten ad you see on Facebook or Instagram isnt a scam.

Volunteer For A Kitten Nursery

Take a step inside a kitten nursery!

While it isn’t common, there are some cities that actually have a kitten nursery where you can volunteer. Cities like Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, San Diego, and New York are all home to wonderful organizations that operate on-site care to orphan kittens. Unfortunately, this is a less common volunteer opportunity, but if you do locate one in your city, give them a call!

Have The Kittens Vet Checkup And Vaccinations

You don’t want to count on the kittens’ adopters to take care of this. The kittens should also be tested for ear mites and worms, and treatments were given, if necessary. At the same time, if the mother cat has not already been tested clear of FIV and FeLV, this should be done now. Both of these diseases can be transmitted to the kittens in utero.

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Where To Adopt Kittens For Free In Your Area

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Many families are looking forward to having a pet. Felines are among the most demandable companions for people around the world. The idea to adopt a kitten is great if you have children.

Most cats are very calm, friendly, and well-socializing. Your kids can play with the bewhiskered companion, feed it, and care about your new fluffy family member.

But how to buy a kitten locally? Usually, kitties for sale are available in each state. There are many local breeders and catteries to take into account.

The most reputable ones offer purebred cats with all the documentation in the context of the pedigree and the felineâs health. Additionally, there are animal shelters and adoption centers near you. Here, you can count on a kitten for free or cats at the most affordable price.

Explore all the local variants and take a closer look at the most popular American pet adoption services. Note that among reputable websites with charge-free kitty males and females are craigslist and websites of animal shelters. Here, you can find free cats and bewhiskered buddies at the most attractive adoption fee.

Ways To Find Free Kittens In Your Area For Adoption

A Roundtable Discussion on Cats for Spay/Neuter Awareness Month

Nothing brings cat lovers more joy than raising an adorable kitten. While others can easily purchase any cat breed of their choice, others are only left to daydream about owning one. This is why many feline enthusiasts try to get kittens for free.

While you can easily google where to find free kittens near me with one click, actually finding one can be a lot more complicated.

After all, the best things in life dont always come easy. However, its also not impossible to spend zero dollars on your next pet.

If you want credible tips on how to find free kittens or adult cats near your area, you are definitely on the right page. Lets discuss them one by one!

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Ask A Friend Who Is Expecting A New Litter

If you have a friend, relative, or even a neighbor who is expecting a new kitten litter, you can pay them a visit to ask if you can have one of the newborns.

If its an unexpected pregnancy, theres a high chance that they might agree to give you one for free.

Reassure your friend that the kitten will be given proper care and attention. Then, when the kitten is old enough for you to take home, you can offer them a free drink or better yet, cook them a good meal as a way of saying thanks.

Preparing Your Home For A Kitten

What You Need

Free kittens and those you purchase from a breeder or rescue do not differ in their basic needs.


Kittens feed differently depending upon their age when they come home with you. Up to four weeks of age, your kitten will be nursing on a bottle every two to three hours. At four weeks of age, you can start offering a gruel several times a day. You will still be bottle feeding, but every four hours. Begin the weaning process gradually between five and seven weeks. Dry food should be always available, and you should feed a gruel, canned food, or baby food with water four times a day. Onions are highly toxic to cats, so make sure the baby food does not have onion powder. It should also be meat-based and is only ideal for exceptionally picky eaters. By seven or eight weeks, your kitten will be effectively weaned and weigh approximately two pounds. Growing kittens require 50 to 65 calories per pound per day. Many times, the best way to deliver a high concentration of calories is via canned food which is high in protein and fat. Kittens should eat enough to be full but not bloated or distended in the abdomen. Cats are kittens until about a year old. Try to get a sample of the same food your kitten has already been eating. Make food changes gradually.

Litter Box
Scratching Post
Collars and Leashes

Kitten-Proof Your Home

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Ask Your Local Shelter

Animals are taken in by the dozen every minute in pet shelters. Sadly, approximately 5,000 cats and dogs are euthanized each day.

While most animal shelters require an adoption fee, others can let you adopt a kitten without charge.

However, you should proceed with caution because you may end up getting a kitten that has underlying illnesses due to old age or complications from poor health. You will need to shoulder any medical expenses needed to treat them.

Where Can I Get My Cats Spayed For Free

How to get a free cat

You can get your cat spayed for free by checking in the low-cost neuter near me. There are many clinics that provide people with a low-cost program that results in high-quality treatment. However, if you want a fully authorized and certified free or low-cost spay and neuter clinic, you can ASPCAs free and low-cost spay/neuter database as the database will provide you with a full list of clinics near you that are free of cost or have low-cost fixtures for the treatment.

The database stresses on the clinics that cover the New York region as well as regions adjacent to them. The clinics mentioned in the database are affordable yet comprehensive and detailed which will provide you with full-fledged programs dedicated to providing healthcare to cats.

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Check The Daily Newspaper

From websites, we go back to the old-school way of searching for free cat adoption announcements newspapers.

Before you get lost in the sea of pages and information, I suggest that you look straight into the classified ads section.

Find postings with captions related to free kittens for adoption and contact the owner directly with the information they included.

Where To Find Free Maine Coon Kittens

Maine Coon kittens are simply adorable and lovable and everything wonderful! There are a few rescue groups that specialize in Maine Coons. There are of course local shelters as well that may have mixed or older Coons available for adoption.

In most cases there will be some fee associated with the adoption process. You should also know that the shelters and the rescue groups that offer Maine Coon kittens for adoption have no way of guaranteeing that what you are getting is a full bred Maine Coon cat.

Usually these cats have been abandoned so the lineage is not known. Finding a pure bred Maine Coon kitten for free may be a rather impossible task.

Check With Your Local Shelters

If you know what the physical traits are for a Maine Coon cat you may get lucky by simply checking the local shelters and taking a look a their cat population. Shelter workers are not experts on cats so they very likely are not aware of the breeds that they currently have up for adoption.

The only way to know for sure whether they have a Maine Coon kitten among their population is to go take a look yourself. You may be pleasantly surprised to find a Maine Coon kitten for adoption.

Check With Groups and Organizations That Represent the Breed

There are rare cases when a breeder has to get rid of their cats and kittens so you should check with the local Coon cat organizations. Check with all the groups in your state and neighboring states to see if anyone has any kittens up for adoption.

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Pros Of Getting A Free Kitten

Lets start with the advantages. Here are some benefits of getting a free kitten:

1. You can save a lot of money

Since you dont have to spend a single cent, you can save thousands of dollars usually spent buying a newborn kitten from a breeder.

You also dont need to pay for adoption fees required by shelters or rescues. Its the most practical option.

2. You can allot more budget on cat supplies

With the money you saved, you can focus on purchasing high-quality items for your cats convenience. These include carriers, beddings, toys, cat trees, scratching posts, and grooming essentials.

You can also invest in a good pet insurance policy to ensure your cats health for the years to come.

3. You dont have to wait for long approval periods

Adopting a cat from a rescue usually takes two weeks or more since they are run by volunteers. When you get a free kitten from a friend or other sources, you dont have to deal with these lengthy processing times.

You can instantly get your kitten and take it home. You can also save yourself from interviews, home visits, and tedious evaluations.

4. You can have an instant companion

When adopting a free kitty, you dont need to be approved by rescue volunteers or be waitlisted by a breeder.

Once you settle the meetup schedule with the cat owner, you can take your pet home instantly.

Typically, this is also a paperwork-free transaction so you wont have to worry about time-consuming contract signing, settling of payment, etc.

Dakin Humane Societys One

Free Kittens

The Dakin Humane Society in Springfield is looking to find homes for its one day uptick of 56 unexpected fury guests.

The humane society said in a release that a local animal lover in Franklin County became overwhelmed when just under 10 cats in their care began having litters eventually jumping to a total of 56 cats and kittens in a years time.

The animal lovers intentions were to care for vulnerable and stray cats that had made their way to their home, Dakin said.

Since giving the cats a place to stay, the person learned that Dakin was able to serve as a resource by taking the cats in, giving medical care which includes spaying and neutering and then setting them up for adoption.

This is a person who really wanted help, but didnt know where to get it, stated Moon Wymore, adoption center manager at Dakin. They likely would have gotten help much sooner if they had known about the available resources Dakin offers, and didnt have the transportation issues they have. They felt fortunate that we were able to go onsite and get the cats and kittens ourselves.

As a response to the uptick in cats and kittens at Dakin, select cats and kittens are now available on an adopt one get one free basis, Dakin said.

More information about the adoption process can be found here.

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Ask For Referrals Through Your Local Vet

Another reliable way to find free kittens for adoption is through your local vet.

If you are in close contact with a veterinarian in your city or town, you can ask him to refer you to clients that may have an extra kitten that they would like to give up for free.

If they say that there is no current information about this matter, you may leave them your contact details just in case they come in contact with someone who can help you.

You can even ask the vet assistant or other employees for a higher chance of getting a free cat.

Helping Abandoned Stray Cats And Kittens

The following is an excerpt from the Petfinder Blog.

Almost every summer, Carol goes out on the porch of her remote rural home and discovers an unfamiliar feline face. Another cat or kitten has been thoughtlessly abandoned during the night.


Carol is a senior citizen, and all of her own cats are fixed. Her income is fixed as well, and she has no money for vet visits for new cats.

Yet the abandonment continues.

I volunteer with a feral-cat trap/neuter/return group in addition to my job with Petfinder. We helped neuter Carols outdoor cats in 2002 , so luckily we are there to help when new cats appear in her life. When my phone rang this Sunday, the news was particularly bad: Two female cats and three tiny kittens had been left at Carols door.

Abandonment of domestic animals is illegal. In New York State it is punishable by up to a $1,000 fine or a year in prison. However, its hard to catch someone who merely slows down and tosses a cat alongside a country road or leaves a box of kittens at a campground.

If you wander outside one day with your morning coffee and are greeted by the forlorn mews of an abandoned cat or kittens, you might be tempted to hope they will just go away. However, ignoring them will only make the situation worse. A dumped pregnant cat may shortly have kittens beneath your porch. Healthy kittens, abandoned without their mother, will soon starve or become ill or injured.

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How To Access Free Spay And Neuter Vouchers Near Me

There are many sites where you can avail coupons and zip codes for spay cat near me. You can avail the coupon by clicking on the link and can get access to it when the need will arise. Many organizations even provide you with discount rates on your upcoming visit. You have to acquire information from such clinics before booking an appointment.

Go To The Nearest Rescue Organization

Free Kittens?!

A better option than a shelter is going to a local rescue organization. These rescue groups are dedicated to saving various animals, including cats, from high-kill situations and crowded shelters.

They also require a small adoption fee, but this can easily be waived if you choose to be a foster parent for their rescue.

After the fostering period, they can give you the necessary paperwork for the official adoption of the cat. This also serves as an assessment if you are ready to be a cat parent or not.

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Welcome To Cats Anonymous

We are a private, no kill cat adoption facility located in south-central Ontario, Canada. We are a registered Canadian Charity. Our Cat House is home to approximately 60 cats who are permitted to roam free within the shelter. Our cats need never fear euthanasia, and can stay with us as long as it takes to find the right adoptive home.

Our shelter is run by a very dedicated group of volunteers. We have no paid staff. Our funding comes from adoptions, surrender fees, our own volunteer fundraising events and private donations from individuals. We have no government or township assistance.

All our cats & kittens are blood tested negative for Feline Leukemia , and Feline Immune Deficiency Virus . They are vaccinated, dewormed, treated for fleas and ear mites, microchipped, and are spayed or neutered.

If you would like more information about our shelter, or would like to adopt a new family friend, or would like to volunteer or make a financial contribution, please contact us.

We are booking appointments for our Meet & Greet on Saturday, August 20

To book an appointment contact our administrator by email at . We will require the names of the guests that will be attending, your address and a phone number. This information is required for our visitation guest log.

With basic measure, the risk of contacting COVID-19 from your pets is exceptionally low. Ontario Veterinary Medical Association, article from Dr. Scott Weese, DVM, DVSc, DADVIM.

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