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What Does It Mean When Cats Eyes Are Slits

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Treatment Of Unequal Pupil Size In Cats

Why Cat Eyes are Slits and Vertical

As unequal pupils are often the sign of an underlying issue, treatment depends on the issue and not the condition of the pupils themselves. Severity of underlying issues range from harmless to life-threatening. Common issues and their recommended treatments are listed below.


In some cases, a medication will be found to cause unequal pupils. If this is the situation, the removal of the medication should stop the pupil issue.


Often medication will be prescribed for this condition, reducing the intra ocular pressure and fixing the unequal pupils in the process.


If eye infections are found, the responsible bacteria will be identified and the appropriate antibiotics will be prescribed. The average time needed for antibiotics is 2-4 weeks.


If tumors are found, surgery may be an option. The cat would be put under general anesthesia for the procedure. Recovery time will depend on the location of the tumors. Radiation or chemotherapy may also be treatment options to fight against cancer. Both have side effects and treatment time can be lengthy.

High Blood Pressure

This can be alleviated with ACE inhibitors, beta-blockers, calcium channel blockers and a low sodium diet. This treatment may be ongoing.

Horners Syndrome

This issue will generally resolve on its own, but eye drops may be prescribed to help with symptoms.

Feline Leukemia Virus

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If The Pupil Remains Dilated For An Extended Period Of Time It Is Important To Rule Out Any Underlying Problems

Persistently dilated pupils could be a clue that your cat is experiencing pain somewhere in its body. If the eye itself is painful it would usually only be the affected eye that is different. The pupil would likely be constricted rather than dilated.

If your cats eyes are persistently dilated and there doesnt appear to be an obvious cause, then it would be prudent to arrange a check-up with your veterinary surgeon. Your vet will perform a physical examination of your cat. They will look not only at the eye but looking to rule out any other potential causes of large pupils.

What Is The Third Eyelid

The scientific name of this membrane located in the eyes of most mammals, including cats, is the nictitating membrane . More commonly it is known as the third eyelid. It is a tissue located around the cornea, conjunctiva and mucous membrane.

Although you may not notice, you can often see secretions between the eye and the outer eyelids when your cat is half asleep. As they wake up, a cats third eyelid showing as they begin to open their eyes is normal. However, it should not be visible once open, awake and alert.

One role of the third eyelid is to protect the eyeballs from any foreign object and from traumas as a result of a hit or knock. Their action is instinctive and automatic. It is also responsible for releasing a liquid with antiseptic properties to fight bacteria and microorganisms that could cause disease. However, these protective uses of the third eyelid should not lead to the feline nictitating membrane to show all the time.

Nictitating membranes are also sometimes known as a haw. In other animals, including many birds, it can be used to moisten the eyeball while open. As it is transparent or translucent, it means the animal can still see. Some mammals have a full third eyelid which can do this, but the cat does not. It is believed that some species have evolved away from using this membrane. Even humans have a vestigial part of their conjunctiva known as the plica semilunaris which is thought to have once been a third eyelid.

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The Orange Tabby Will Usually Have One Of Five Varying Kinds Of Coat Patterns

There are five basic types of this pattern: classic tabby, spotted tabby, ticked tabby, patched tabby and mackerel tabby.

The classic tabby will have a butterfly pattern on his back or a bulls eye pattern on his sides, appearing as if the cat was tie dyed.

A spotted tabby will look more like a leopard or a jaguar with rosette or oval markings rather than stripes. Ticked tabbies have most of the tabby markings on their face.

Patched tabbies will have large swathes of color as well as stripes. The mackerel tabby will have stripes just like a tiger.

Why Are My Cats Eyes Dilated

Why do cats and snakes have slits for pupils?  ATA

Cats have very distinctive eyes the iris or coloured part of the eye. It can range in colour from blue to greens or hazel or copper appearance. The pupil is the black part of the eye seen centrally which controls how much light is let into the eye. The pupil can appear as a vertical slit to almost fully round when it is dilated. A cats pupil will respond to the amount of light available, so in dim or dark settings the pupil will be dilated to allow the maximum amount of light into the eye. In bright light the pupil will be much smaller and slit like. This can mean the appearance of a cats eye varies depending on the conditions.

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Cultural Reactions And Folklore

Odd-eyed cats are popular within several breeds, including Van cat, Turkish Van, Turkish Angora, Sphynx, Persian, Oriental Shorthair, Japanese Bobtail and Khao Manee.

In Turkey, Ankara Zoo has a breeding program to preserve pure white Turkish Angora cats with blue and amber eyes. The zoo specifically prized the odd-eyed Angoras who had one blue eye and one amber eye, as the Turkish folklore suggests that the eyes must be as green as the lake and as blue as the sky. The mascot of the 2010 FIBA World Championship, hosted by Turkey, was an anthropomorphized odd-eyed Van Cat named Bascat.

Muhammads pet Angora, Muezza, was reputed to be an odd-eyed cat. In the Japanese Bobtail, odd-eyed cats are most frequently found in calico individuals.

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Anisocoria Or Different Sized Pupils

You might notice some cats have one large and one small pupil, its not your cat making up or changing their mind, but might be a symptom of a medical problem known as anisocoria.

Anisocoria can be caused by a range of health problems and some are serious emergencies if you notice this happening to your cat you should get in touch with a vet immediately as it could result in permanent damage to your cats vision.

Some conditions that can result in anisocoria include

  • Brain injury after trauma or impact
  • Injury or physical damage to the eye or facial nerves
  • Glaucoma or retinal diseases
  • Cancer or feline leukemia

You can also check for other symptoms such as cloudy eyes, discharge or droopy/non-responsive eyelids. Your vet will be able to diagnose and treat most problems if caught quickly, but if not, it could result in permanent blindness.

Cats eyes and pupils can be a window to their thoughts understanding what your cat is trying to say to you with their eyes can be a valuable relationship-building tool to increase the bond you share.

Have you noticed any specific behaviour that ties in with any of the different pupil sizes your kitty has?

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Ear Signals Every Cat Owner Should Know

Your cat has 32 muscles in each of her ears. Thats more than five times the amount of muscles you have in your own! All of those muscles give your cats ears an amazing range of motion, including the ability to swivel up to 180 degrees. That incredible range of motion is part of the reason you cat has such a strong sense of hearing.

In addition to helping her hear the slightest shuffle from prey or a potential predator, the range of motion also allows her ears to be very expressive, and paying attention to the position of her ears can give you clues about her mood.

Once you know what to look for, youll see that her ears give you a lot of information. Theyll tell you whether shes angry, content, feeling playful, or even whether or not she wants to be picked up.

Being able to understand the signals will ensure that her emotional needs are being met and will strengthen the bond you have with each other. Heres what to look for.

Image: Sarah Hopewell : Flickr

1. If your cat is RELAXEDHer ears will face forward. They may be also slightly tilted to the back or swiveled slightly to to the side. Youll notice your cats ears are in this position when shes content to be lounging in your lap.

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Its All In The Eyes: How To Learn The Meaning Of Cat Eyes & Know What Your Cat Is Thinking

Why Does Your Cat Have Strange Eyes?
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Today were looking at the meaning of cats non-verbal communication: the eyes. Read on for facts about cats eyes as a way of understanding what theyre thinking.

Have you ever been innocently petting a cat when all of a sudden WAP they get you with their claws? What was that all about? You think as you dab the blood with a tissue. With their impassive faces and ability to hide pain, cats are famously hard to read, unlike dogs who are pretty transparent. Whens the last time you wondered if a dog was happy, sad or scared? Probably never.

Cats do not have expressive faces like dogs, and it all comes down to the fact that they dont have eyebrows. That makes it a lot harder to tell the meaning behind your cats eyes. Like humans, dogs use eyebrows as a communication device. Call a dogs name and up go their eyebrows. Call a cats name and they look at you as if to say, Ugh, what do you want? They arent really thinking this its just that their faces dont demonstrate emotion.It is theorized that cats have a small capacity for facial recognition, meaning they dont really read our expressions. So while we cant read their faces, they cant read ours, either.

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The Narrow Pupil In A Squinted Eye

This is almost the same as having droopy eyes. However, if you take note of the pupils, they will be narrow or squinted. If you have this combination of squinted eyes and narrow pupils, youd better stay back. This kitty is not in the mood for some cuddle time.

There is a reason why cats will have a slit-eyed look. It is a means of protection. In the presence of an opponent, they have to do everything they can to protect their eyes. Half-closing the eyes expose only a fraction of the cornea. In case their opponent attacks and tries to strike their eyes with its claws, it will be a lot easier and quicker for the cat to close its eyelids.

As mentioned, the narrowing of the pupils allows the cat to focus on something. When taken in the context of aggression, this means the feline has its eyes on its opponent. It is forever vigilant of the next move its enemy might take. When you combine these two pupillary constriction and eye narrowing you get a formidable defensive strategy.

Hence, it is never wise to approach a cat thats giving you a slit-eyed look. This is especially true if its pupils are also constricted. It only means it considers you as a threat and will never hesitate to defend itself.

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Why Does My Cat Have Slanted Eyes

Have you ever wondered why your cats eyes have those creepy vertical slits for pupils? A new study suggests the reason may lie in cats preferred mode of hunting. Vertical-slit pupils are most common among nocturnal predators that ambush their prey, according to the new research, published today (Aug.

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The Wide Pupils Of Excitement Or Fear

The diametrical opposite of a narrow-shaped feline pupil, wide-open pupils often indicate excitement or fear. These are very powerful feline emotions that can spell either good or bad for the pet parent.

Pupillary dilation is always associated with the stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system. In case youre wondering what this part of the nervous system does, it plays a role in stress responses. You may have heard of the substance we call epinephrine or adrenaline. It is this hormone that keeps you all pumped up.

One of the effects of adrenaline or epinephrine is to increase the size or diameter of the pupils. This allows the cat to take in more visual information from its surroundings. When it is on the hunt and still searching for prey, the prospect of having a sumptuous meal afterwards is enough to stimulate its sympathetic nervous system. This enlarges the diameter of its pupils so that it can scan its environment a lot better. Scanning helps the cat look for prey in a shorter amount of time.

However, one has to recognize that the cat also has to contend with prowling predators. This is part of its scanning behavior. As such, while it is searching for its next meal, the feline will also be on the alert for any sign of an approaching predator.

Diseases And Conditions Of The Eye

Why Our Pupils Are Round, Cats Are Slit And Herbivores ...

Cats are subject to a number of the same conditions we sometimes have, including cataracts, glaucoma, and conjunctivitis . The latter, if caused by the chlamydia bacteria, can be contagious to humans.

Since cats eyes are so important to their general welfare, it is crucial that you take your cat to a veterinarian at the first sign of trouble. Many conditions can be treated easily if caught in time but can lead to months of veterinary expense and possibly even blindness, if ignored.

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What Does The Shape Of A Cats Eyes Mean

Whether they are blue, green, or gold, round, oval, or almond-shaped, your cats eyes communicate emotions through physiological changes in pupil size and eyelid position. A cats pupils can shrink to the narrowest of slits or widen into black pools. Eyelids may be fully open, partially closed, or drawn into a squint.

The Final Word On Cat Pupils

Cat pupils are an amazingly expressive part of your feline friends body language repertoire. By studying your cats eyes along with her body language, youll be able to understand your cat better and avoid unwanted aggression or fear. The pupils are also a reflection of your cats health. Dont hesitate to get your cat to the vet if you notice that her pupils are different sizes.

Tell us: Have you noticed your cats pupils changing different shapes and sizes?

This piece was originally published in 2018.

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The Feline Unblinking Stare

We all adore Puss making that now-iconic wide-eyed look and quivering stare. For most folks, it is a sign of trust and friendliness. However, there is another kind of feline stare that can be quite disconcerting.

When a cat doesnt break its stare, it often means the animal is exerting its dominance over you. It doesnt recognize you as a trustworthy owner or it may be uncomfortable around you. Again, this has its roots in the predatory nature of cats. If they are on the hunt, they will always focus on their prey. Blinking can provide the opportunity for the prey to escape. In terms of aggression, a cat will never blink when facing a predator or an enemy. It doesnt want to give its opponent that split-second chance to attack. Hence, it stares it without batting an eyelash.

Under no circumstances should you enter in a staring competition against your cat. This makes it more nervous. Doing so can also switch on the aggressive tendencies of the animal. Break the eye contact at once. Look away and pretend that you did not see the cats stare down. At least, the only thing youll nurse is a bruised ego instead of feline scratches and bites.

The feline eyes can tell us so much about its mood. Figuring out what the different shapes of its pupils are and the various forms of its eyes can help us determine how we should interact with our furry friends.

What Does The Shape Of Your Cats Eyes Communicate

What Does It Mean When A Cats Pupils Are Slits? #shorts #cat #cute

Other than the effect of light on your cats eyes, the shape of their eyes also communicates different things, and it is essential to remember. This can help you take care of your cat better or understand what is going on in their bodies. The following are the different shapes and what they may signify.

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What Does It Mean When Your Cat Stares At You And Meows

There are several reasons why a cat stares at you and meows, one of the most common being hunger. … Another reason a cat may meow while staring at you is due to pain or discomfort. They want you to pay attention because they don’t want to feel such pain. Some cats hide and avoid company when they are sick.

Try Blinking To Communicate

Still having trouble reading cat eyes? Meaning can be communicated with a simple blink! While humans and cats cant communicate using our faces, we can communicate through our eyes. Try blinking your eyes at a cat. If they blink back, it means they trust you. See? Youre not invisible after all. So while they might ignore your voice, or sometimes your presence in general, they will respond to your eyes.

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