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How To Keep Kitten Out Of Christmas Tree

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How To Keep Cats Out Of Christmas Trees

How to Keep the Cat out of the Christmas Tree

These handy tips and tricks are sure to keep your furry feline friend out of harm’s way this holiday season.

It goes without saying that pets, especially cats, are extremely sensitive to new objects in their home environment and are very curious of those new additions. So, when the holidays roll around and it’s time to deck the halls, your furry friend is sure to take note of all the seasonal sights and smells, especially big sparkling sights with strong smells and lots of hanging accessories to swat at aka, the Christmas tree. These festive additions may seem all merry and bright to you but they can be a danger to pets when not properly set up. Once your curious kitty decides to take a closer look at the Christmas tree, youll be thanking yourself for taking a few extra precautions to save yourself a world of trouble. Here are a few helpful tips for cat-proofing your Christmas tree.

What To Do If Your Cat Gets Hurt By The Christmas Tree

If your cat does manage to get into trouble with the tree, its important to seek veterinary advice as soon as possible, especially if you think they might have ingested something they shouldnt have.

Over the holidays, Small Door members can get in touch with us 24/7 via the app if you need any advice.

Our medical experts

Why Are Cats Attracted To Christmas Trees

Is your cat fascinated by your trees shiny baubles? Wont stop trying to climb it? If so, youre not alone. Cats are naturally attracted to Christmas trees for a number of reasons:

  • Christmas trees are usually filled with shiny tinsel, baubles and sparkly lights for them to bat, which look just like their toys.

  • Cats are curious creatures. In general, cats love exploring new, unfamiliar things in their home, and will attempt to climb or clamber on the object if they can, to get a good look at it.

  • Climbing is a natural instinct for cats. They love high perches, and the top of the tree is no exception. They may try to climb the tree to get a good vantage point of their nearby environment.

  • The bark makes a good scratching post. Scratching feels great for cats; it relieves a natural instinct and helps to wear down their claws. If your cat doesnt have a scratching post nearby, they may be tempted to scratch on the bark of the tree.

  • The pot and soil makes a good litter tray. If your cat doesnt love their current litter situation, they may be tempted to do their business in the tree pot. Cats with a tendency to urine mark may also be tempted to mark their territory on the new tree!

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How To Keep Cats Out Of The Christmas Tree: Anti

You have the tree set up and ready to go. Keeping up with watering the tree regularly prevents those dangerous needles from dropping. However, you have to decorate the tree eventually, right? If you want to work on how to keep cats out of the Christmas tree, you CAN add some subtle decorations that will turn them AWAY. They wont even detract from the holiday spirit.

  • Jingle bells make fantastic warning systems. Attach them to the lower branches of the tree. If your cat brushes them, youll hear and can intervene.
  • Cats disapprove of different scents. You can soak a pinecone in one of the following and place it around the base of the tree:
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Citronella
  • Vicks
  • Orange rinds are high in d-Limonene. The essential oil ISNT safe for cats, but if you place the rinds in a mesh bag and hang them around the bottom branches, your cats will avoid the unpleasant smell while staying safe.
  • Decorate With Durable Ornaments

    How to keep cats out of the Christmas tree

    Avoid festooning your home with tinsel. Cats love to play with the stuff, but they ingest it, leading to potentially fatal digestive obstructions. While youre decking the halls, though, consider trimming the top of your tree with the glitteriest ornaments. Dangling a snazzy ornament on the bottom of the tree is asking the cat to cause a scene.

    Instead, decorate the lower half of the tree with the plainest ornaments. If you are a DIYer, you can create your own decorations with styrofoam balls instead of glass or ceramic ones. Cover the styrofoam with fabric, baubles or paint to make unbreakable, attractive ornaments.

    Be sure to take extra safety precautions if you decorate with candles. Open flame is especially dangerous for curious pets.

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    Are Fir Trees Poisonous To Cats

    Christmas trees are one of many holiday plants that can be toxic to pets. The fir tree oils can cause excessive vomiting and drooling, and tree needles, if especially sharp, are bad for the inside of a pets stomach. Beware of dogs and cats eating the needles, as they can puncture the intestinal lining.

    Artificial Trees May Be A Helpful Solution

    Pre-cat, you may have shunned the idea of a “fake” Christmas tree. But cats alter the equation. With an artificial tree, you don’t have to worry about needles, water, or sap. Plus, you can reuse the same tree year after year and improve your ecological karma.

    However, note that artificial trees are not a complete fix. Your kitty may still be attracted to the needles, perhaps even more so if they are shiny and move in the breeze. There will still be decorations to worry about, and unstable artificial trees can still fall down, causing injury to your cat.

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    How Can I Prevent My Cat From Getting Into My Christmas Tree

    Make the Tree Safer

    Even if your cat rarely gets into the tree, make sure your tree is anchored to the wall, Dr. Richardson said. That way, it won’t fall over and hurt your cat or damage anything in your home. She also suggested making sure there’s no access to the water in your tree stand if you use a live tree â and don’t use chemical preservatives and Christmas tree extender products in your water. As for ornaments, she said to make sure all decorations are shatterproof, to avoid decorating with tinsel, and to place fewer low-hanging ornaments.

    Make the Tree Less Desirable

    One way to make your tree less desirable to climb is by selecting a pricklier species of Christmas tree if you buy a live tree, Dr. Burch suggested. They may be a little more challenging to decorate, she said, but trees like the Colorado Blue Spruce and the Norway Spruce can help dissuade your cat from climbing.

    She also recommended a variety of different repellants you can use to keep your cat away from your tree. Apple cider vinegar, citronella oil spray, and orange juice can all be applied around your tree to repel your cat. Dr. Burch suggested spraying pine cones with citronella oil and placing them below or hanging on your tree or placing orange peels around your tree.

    Use Humane Discouragement

    Provide Alternatives

    “When all else fails,” Dr. Burch joked, “hang your Christmas tree upside down from the ceiling!”

    Keep A Squirt Bottle Nearby

    How to keep your cat out of the Christmas tree.

    One of the most effective ways to prevent a cat from misbehaving is to keep a squirt bottle nearby. If all else fails, this tried-and-true method is sure to come in handy in the holiday season. If you see your cat messing with the tree, a little squirt of water ought to do the trick.

    Trim your tree with our unique DIY projects and design tips from holiday decorating pros.

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    Think Outside The Box

    When it comes to anything to do with cats or small children you have to stay one step ahead. If you; are really stuck with your cats attacking your tree, try looking at it from a different perspective… literally! Why not consider an upside down Christmas tree?You may think it’s madness but they’re the latest trend – don’t believe me, ask Google! Particularly if you have high ceilings then these are a few creative ideas that can be suspended from the ceiling.

    Chewing On Needles Is Unhealthy

    Your cat will most likely sniff the tree with great curiosity, which is perfectly acceptable and standard cat practice. However, he’s not allowed to bite on the needles. Many types of tree needles are toxicsome more than others.

    Shortly after bringing in the tree, spray the needles with anti-chew repellent. The spray is not harmful to trees or animals, but it should repel your kitty.

    If your cat persists in munching on or even licking the needles despite them being covered in a bitter-tasting coating, use the tips in the article “,” including:

    • Make a startling noise such as clapping your hands and saying “No” sharply when your cat puts his mouth on the tree.
    • Provide an alternative such as a pot of cat grass for your cat to chew on instead, and use positive reinforcement when he does so.

    While the tree is up, water it well to reduce needle loss. After the holidays, take it down before it starts dropping needles.

    Note that the risk of your cat nibbling on needles and getting into other kinds of trouble may increase dramatically if he’s bored, especially when he’s by himself. A cat with nothing to do is much more prone to engage in risky behaviors such as chewing on the Christmas tree in an attempt to alleviate boredom. It’s imperative that you provide your cat with sufficient play, stimulation, and safe diversions.

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    What’s The Best Way To Cat Proofyour Christmas Tree

    • Simple curiosity about something new – how does it smell, taste, feel?
    • A desire to climb and scratch and hunt;
    • A preference for high, secluded views
    • All the bright, sparkly, crinkly, irresistible;things that are dangly from it
    • The tree is a ready-made indoor activity centre!;Cats can be pretty lazy and with Christmas time being colder and wetter many cats;are less inclined to venture outside for their daily entertainment and exercise

    How To Keep Your Cat Away From The Christmas Tree

    How to Keep Your Cat out of the Christmas Tree ...

    Does your cat love to paw at your favorite glass ornaments? Or hop onto the tree when no one is looking? Cats and Christmas trees can be a;seriously dangerous combination this holiday season. But since Christmas trees are an essential piece of holiday decoration for your home,;what can you do to keep your tree upright and your kitty safe?

    Follow these tips for keeping cats out of your Christmas tree, and you can resign from the full-time job of Christmas tree security guard. Plus, be sure to learn these important tips for keeping your pets safe this winter.

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    Are Artificial Christmas Trees Toxic To Cats

    The Holly Dazzle Tree

    This isnt an issue as long as they dont eat anything while they are in there, get sap on their fur, or knock the whole thing over. Try getting an artificial tree so your cat cant ingest sap, tree water or pine needles, which can cause nausea, vomiting, skin irritation or injury to the stomach.

    Make Sure The Tree Is Steady

    Your kitty may get a notion to climb the tree, especially if he’s a rambunctious kitten. If you were a cat and a nice tall tree was at your disposal 24 hours a day, you might get the urge to climb it, too. Even if your cat doesn’t actually scale the tree, he’ll almost definitely rub against it, he might bump into it while playing, and he may decide to use it as a scratching surface .

    The concern with each of these activities is that the tree will come tumbling down, potentially injuring your cat. Make sure that you secure the tree firmly in its holder. For extra stability, you can fasten the tree to the top of the wall. One way to do this is to tie one end of a cord around the tree trunk and attach the other end to a hook or picture hanger in the wall.

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    How Do I Stop My Cat Climbing The Christmas Tree

    How do I stop my cat climbing the Christmas tree? Steer your cat away.Most cats hate foil and citrus scents, so wrap your tree trunk in foil, and place a few lemon or orange peels around the base. You can also place pine cones around the base.

    How do I cat-proof my Christmas tree?;Wondering how to deal with cats and christmas trees? One of the very best ways to cat-proof your tree is by spraying it with an orange-scented spray . Another solution is to use a bitter spray, available at most pet stores.

    How do I stop my cat from attacking my Christmas tree?;You can try placing orange peels at the base of the tree, using an orange or citrus-scented spray-on branch, or putting apple cider vinegar-coated pine cones near the tree. There are also ready-made cat deterrents available at most pet stores. Cover the trunk of your live Christmas tree with aluminum foil.

    Is it normal for cats to climb Christmas trees?;Many young cats and kittens love to climb trees and are naturally intrigued by anything new, bright and sparkly so theyre probably going to be attracted to a Christmas tree covered in sparkly decorations in the corner of your living room.

    Consider A Tree With Less Area To Play

    How to Keep Cats OUT of Christmas Trees. Cat Proof your Christmas Tree!

    As has been suggested in our comments section following this blog, one consideration to keep your curious cat out of your tree would be to choose a slimmer model. Pencil trees are great for people who may not have a lot of room to decorate and even less to store.

    They can be another option in keeping your cat at bay, because of lack of area to climb. Of course, results may vary for particular households. If you have a real mischievous feline, they may still jump onto the tree, so of course securing your tree is equally important. In most cases, you may have an ornament or two knocked down, but it’s much better than bent branches and broken decorations.

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    Choose Your Tree Wisely

    If youre considering a live Christmas tree, be aware that the sap from the tree can be poisonous to pets. Ingesting the resin or needles from a pine or fir tree can trigger nausea, vomiting, skin irritation, or stomach injury. Its important to keep the tree water off limits as well. Stagnant water contains bacteria that can cause gastrointestinal issues. Avoid water additives to extend tree freshness as these may contain harmful preservatives and fertilizers.;

    Those with cats that are prone to nibble on off-limits objects should consider an artificial tree. If your kitty is likely to climb and knock over the tree, pick a smaller tree that will cause less damage when toppled. The best Christmas tree for homes with cats might be a small tabletop tree that can be closed off in another room when the kitties are out and about.

    Use Smells To Keep The Cat Away

    Cats hate citrus scents, so another trick to prevent your cat from climbing the tree is to make a DIY cat repellent. Peel some oranges or lemons, put the rinds in an old sock, tie it shut and place it near the tree base. Or tuck it inside the tree in a hidden spot.

    If this doesnt deter the cats, consider adding a few drops of citrus essential oils like citronella, orange or lemongrass to a squirt bottle filled with water. Spray the tree to keep your furry friend away. Plus, check out these ten DIY ways to keep a cat off the kitchen countertops.

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    Opt For Larger Decorations

    Even if your cat doesnt intend to eat ornaments, its instinct to play with them may result in an accidental meal. To avoid a trip to the vets office, choose larger decorations that arent easy to pull apart or swallow. If you do have a favorite bauble or two thats smaller in size, place those near the top of the tree.

    Keep Your Cat Out Of Your Christmas Tree

    How to Keep Cats Out of Christmas Trees

    Im convinced Christmas must be the worst time of year for cats. Thanksgiving day is over and immediately it starts. All the cats and Christmas tree memes appear and every Facebook group is filled with people asking how do I keep my cat out of my Christmas tree?;

    Everyone grabs their spray bottles and yells at their cat. Ive even seen posts from people who banish their cats to the basement for the month. Wheres the celebration for your furry family members?;

    It takes compromise to keep everyone happy and safe. Mostly, its on us to understand our furbabies natural behavior and to adapt our holiday traditions to them. You can still have a magical holiday while accommodating your cats need to be a cat.;

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    Other Christmas Tree Tips

    If you keep a tree in your home, dont use tree preservatives, which can contain high concentrations of fertilizer that will be dangerous if your cat takes a drink of tree water. Some people also use aspirin to extend the life of their tree DO NOT DO THIS IF YOU HAVE CATS. Aspirin is what’s called a Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug , and while there are a few conditions where cats may be prescribed low doses of aspirin , if your cat ingests enough aspirin from your tree water, which can happen, they could suffer bleeding and ulceration of their stomach and intestines.

    And be careful to cover, protect, or hide light;cords. Cats will happily chew on the wires, resulting in a severe shock and perhaps even sparking a house fire. If it’s difficult to put the light cords out of reach, try a;combination of bitter sprays and cord covers to prevent your cats from chewing on them. Or you can use;cat-safer rope lighting.

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