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Why Are My Cats Eyes Goopy

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Treatments For Cat And Dog Eye Boogers

Treating an Eye Infection in a Kitten

As previously stated, theres a wide range of things that might be wrong with your pet. Clearing up whatever ails them might be as easy as removing an eyelash, or it might require more involved medical treatment. Here are some possible treatments for issues with cat and dog eye boogers:

  • Removing the foreign object

Cat Eye Infection Treatments For Watery Eyes

If your cat is diagnosed with an infection or damage to the eye, you may be given some eye drops or ointment to put in the eyes. Your vet will show you how to use the medicine, but these tips will help you deal with this stressful treatment for your pet.

Keep your cat calm and work in a quiet environment. Place the cat on a table and reward him/her during the treatment. Speak calmly as you put the drops or ointment in the eye. Try not to touch the surface of the eye with the tip of the applicator.

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Are Some Cat Breeds More Likely To Have Watery Eyes

Yes, some cat breeds are more susceptible to watery eyes due to the shape of their faces. A short face with a rounded skull predisposes them to cat eye problems and watery eyes.

If you notice tear stains on their face and irritated or inflamed skin, your cat has excessive tearing. There are products on the market that treat the stains and inflammation, talk to your vet about what is safe for your pet.

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Why Are My Cat’s Eyes Watering

The moist outer layer on your cat’s eye protects the eye by washing away dirt and debris. That said, if your cat’s eyes have started to tear or water excessively, or if your cat is squinting, it could be an early sign that there is an issue. Today our Greensboro vets explain a few reasons why cat’s eyes water.

What Are The Signs Of Epiphora

Watery Goopy Eyes In Cats

The most common clinical signs associated with epiphora are dampness or wetness beneath the eyes, reddish-brown staining of the fur beneath the eyes, odor, skin irritation, and skin infection. Many owners report that their cat’s face is constantly damp, and they may even see tears rolling off their pet’s face.

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How Will I Know If My Cat Is Having Eye Problems

A healthy cats eyes are clear, bright, the pupils are both the same size, and theres no excessive discharge or puffiness. When you look at your feline friends eyes, there should be no cloudiness and you should not see the third eyelid. If your kittys eyes dont look as healthy as they should, they could be suffering from an eye infection.

Lets look at some common types of eye infections in cats, and their causes.

Signs Your Cat May Have An Eye Infection

Discharge, unusual blinking, or rubbing of the eyes may be the sign of a cat eye infection. Understanding the symptoms is key to treating this common condition.

Your cat’s gorgeous eyes are suddenly showing some signs of irritation. Theyre looking a little goopyclear, yellow, or green discharge might be pooling in the corners of the eyes and on the eyelids. Perhaps shes squinting or blinking, or those cute little paws are rubbing one or both eyes more than usual.

You might be wondering if its an eye infection. Even worseis it contagious? Before turning to an untested home remedy or raiding your medicine cabinet for a treatment thats meant for humans, consider the different conditions that can cause eye trouble in cats. You need a solid diagnosis from a professional before tackling your cat’s eye trouble, and here’s why.

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What Is Cat Eye Discharge

Generally, eye discharge is not a disease itself, but rather a sign of an underlying condition. Many diseases for which eye discharge may be a sign can progress to blindness and/or systemic infection.

Therefore, if the discharge is chronic, experts recommend that you let your veterinarian take a more thorough look into exactly what may be causing it.

Simply speaking, cat eye discharge originates from the tears that the body constantly produces throughout the day.

Usually, the tears drain at the corner of the eye without spilling over. However, when something irritates the eyes, the body produces more tears than normal. This results in a discharge from the eye that is much more pronounced than usual.

Furthermore, while eye discharge may not have a highly negative effect on many people, it can cause your cat a great deal of discomfort.

From constant scratching to milder itchy sensations to overall eye pain, if your cat is experiencing chronic eye discharge, youll want to get to the bottom of it.

Some Cat Eye Discharge Warrants A Trip To The Vet

My 3 Favorite Dog Eye Infection Home Remedies (Safe and Natural)

Yellow or green eye discharge is not normal if your cat has colored discharge, make a vet appointment as soon as possible. If there is enough discharge that you have to wipe your pets eye more than one to two times daily, or if your cat is squinting or frequently rubbing at his eye, or if the eye look red, he should be seen by a veterinarian, Dr. Kimmitt says. When it comes to your cat eye discharge and other eye issues, dont delay making that vet appointment your cats eyes and eyesight might depend on it.

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Why You Should Visit The Vet Soon

Working at an animal hospital, we used to always recommended that cats suffering from some sort of eye problem be seen by a vet within 24 hours. Delaying potentially aggravating eye problems could lead to blindness. Should your cat have an eye problem and you do not see any improvement within 24 hours, please have your cat seen by a vet, as this could save its vision.

Cat’s tears are produced by special glands found on the eyelids. Their main function is to lubricate the eye and prevent bacteria from causing infections. Usually, tears evaporate, and the excess is removed by a drainage system that delivers the moisture to the nose. When the tearing is apparent, your cat may have a problem.

What Causes Feline Eye Infections

There are several places to look when searching for the cause of your cats eye infection. Eye infections are extremely contagious. Cats that are exposed to other infected cats run the risk of contracting an infection themselves.

Young cats have weaker immune systems and may come down with an infection if kept in close quarters with an infected cat. Feline Herpesvirus can cause conjunctivitis, which is basically pinkeye. Autoimmune disease, cancer, eye trauma and feline leukemia may also be to blame for an infection.

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What Can I Do To Make My Cat More Comfortable

You can make your cat more comfortable by cleaning any goopy discharge from his eyes as needed. Try to keep the face clean and dry. Donât forget to clean facial folds if your cat has them. You can pour some saline on a cotton ball to carefully wipe each eye from the inside corner to the outside. Make sure to use a fresh cotton ball to clean each eye. Avoid any over the counter washes or solutions unless your veterinarian has approved them for your pet. If you clean your catâs eyes before visiting your vet, make sure to take a photo to document the severity of the symptoms.

Treating Cat Eye Discharge

My cats eye wont dilate, has a film on it, and is goopy ...

The appropriate treatment of cat eye discharge will vary based on the underlying cause.

Before we get into specifics, we want to remind you to never reuse eye medication from a previous ailment, even if you believe your cat is having a recurrence.

You can inadvertently cause considerable injury or worsen the condition by using the wrong medication for your cats current eye problem.

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Why Does My Cat Have Runny Eyes

Given the sheer variety of causes, you might still be unsure what is wrong with your cat. Take a close look at your cats eyes and consider the color and texture of the discharge, as well as the color of the eye itself. Then, refer to this quick summary:

  • Dark pink/red in the outermost edges of the eyeball The conjunctiva is inflamed, so your cat probably has conjunctivitis. The most common cause is a bacterial or viral infection, but there are other causes.
  • Green or yellowish discharge This usually indicates a bacterial, viral, or fungal infection.
  • Clear, watery discharge Allergy or epiphora
  • Clear mucuslike discharge Systemic infection bacterial, viral, or fungal
  • Brown/red stained fur under the eyes Epiphora
  • Mottled Iris Keratosis/Corneal ulcer.

There are, of course, exceptions to the above. For example, bacterial/viral infections usually produce an eye discharge with a yellow tinge, but the discharge can occasionally be colorless.

When To See A Vet

Your cats eyes are as delicate as they are beautiful. Small problems can quickly turn into serious conditions. If your cats eye discharge symptoms dont clear up within 24 hours or if your cat is squinting, talk to your veterinarian right away.

If you have medications left over from a previous eye problem, dont use them on your cats eyes. Different eye issues call for different medications, and you can end up causing serious injury by using the wrong one.


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Are The Tissues Around Their Eyes Inflamed And Red

If you see this in one or both eyes, along with a watery discharge, theres a good chance they have conjunctivitis. You may know it by its nickname, pinkeye.

It’s the most common eye problem for cats. An infection, an allergy, or even dust can bring it on. Pinkeye is contagious, so most cats will have it at least once in their lives. They can get it at any age, but it most often affects young animals.

Feline herpes virus also causes pinkeye. Your cat can get shots to protect them from this, but they could have picked it up when they were a kitten. If they have the virus, they are infected for life. But the vaccine can reduce their symptoms.

Easing their stress can prevent flare-ups. If they have an outbreak of herpes-related pinkeye, your vet will prescribe antibiotics and an antiviral drug for you to use.

Pinkeye often clears up without treatment. If you see discharge and your cat seems to be in pain, take them to the vet. Theyll make sure that a more serious problem isnt causing the symptoms.

Does Your Cat Have An Allergy

Dog Watery, Itchy Eyes: don’t let them go blind (causes treatment) – Dog Health Vet Advice

If the watery eyes tend to show up at the same time each year or after using a new product, you might suspect an allergy. Cats are allergic to the same environmental contaminants that might irritate your own eyes and nose:

  • Pollen
  • Medicines
  • Perfumes

If you suspect that your cat has an allergy, consult your vet. Your veterinarian will verify whether your cat has an allergy and recommend the best treatments.

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When Its Time To Call The Vet

Cat eye infections can cause discharge, irritation, and pain and are caused by a number of factors. If an eye condition persists for longer than a day and isn’t getting better, it’s time to make an appointment with a veterinarian to find out what’s wrong, so you can get it treated right away.

Ward advises pet owners to be wary of using old eye medications that were previously prescribed to treat a new problem that crops up. “I’ve seen so many cases where the pet owner has leftover eye medication, and when the is squinting and pawing at red eyes, they try it,” Ward says.

But because eye problems in cats can be caused by so many different issuesfrom allergies to corneal scratchesusing that old medicine without an examination by your vet can cause serious problems and even further damage to your cats eye.

Preventing Cat Eye Discharge

Thankfully, there are a few ways that you can prevent the development of eye disorders and therefore prevent an abnormal eye discharge. Again, the discharge is merely a sign, youll want to focus on preventing the underlying cause.

First, do your best to avoid environments that are overcrowded with cats. Eye infections are transmitted extremely easily. The more cats around, the higher the risk.

Next, it is important to keep the area around the eyes clean. Dont allow the discharge to buildup. Cat owners can use a wet cotton ball to gently wipe away the excess fluid and keep their felines eyes bright and clear.

Be sure to use a different, clean cotton swab for each eye, particularly, if for any reason you feel that there may be an infection.

Additionally, be sure to stay away from any over-the-counter washes or drops, unless your vet has specifically prescribed them.

Remember, never reuse drops or medications from a previous ailment. Administering the wrong medication to your cats fragile eyes can have irreversible consequences.

Finally, stay alert. As we previously mentioned, it is so important to know your cats normal behavior and physical state. Only then will you be able to pick up on when something is off early on.

When it comes to the eyes, the sooner you can figure out whats wrong, the better the chances that your cat will recover without any permanent damage.

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Allergies: If Your Cat Is Sneezing This Could Be Why

Cats get allergies just like dogs and humans do. Allergies can come from many sources and need a vets diagnosis to confirm them.

Common allergens:

  • Ear mites and other parasites


  • Excessive itching or scratching flea allergies can happen with a single bite
  • Watery or runny eyes or nose
  • Sudden snoring when the back of the throat gets inflamed

Diagnosis & Treatment:

  • Blood or urine tests to rule out bacteria or parasites
  • Cultures or allergen tests to determine the type of allergy
  • Eye drops or ointments may be prescribed to decrease inflammation and heal the infection

Is The Discharge Sticky Or Yellow

My cat CONSTANTLY has goop in his eyes. We clean it twice ...

Your cat probably has an infection. Lab tests can help your vet figure out whats causing the problem.

  • Clear mucus means your cat has a virus. The vet will tell you to wait and see if it clears up on its own in a week or two.
  • Green or yellow mucus suggests a bacterial infection. Youll probably get antibiotic eyedrops or ointment to treat it with.


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Treatment Of Eye Discharge

  • In minor cases of infection and inflammation, the treatment may be as simple as an antibiotic ointment put into the eye or an oral antibiotic. In the more serious cases, surgical intervention may be needed.
  • If your cat’s eye is swollen and painful, the following may be used: warm compresses applied over the eye, pain medications, and/or an eye medication that dilates the pupil.
  • It is important to remember that you must follow the treatment course prescribed by the veterinarian. Problems in the eye can rapidly decline, causing pain for the cat and eye damage that cannot be repaired.

Treatment And Prevention Of Eye Issues

Once your vet knows what’s causing your cat’s eye discharge, red eyes, irritation, or pain, theyll be able to consider the right treatmentand whether any home remedy is appropriate. Never give your cat eye drops, ointments, antibiotics, or other medicine unless directed to do so by a veterinarian.

Here are some treatments that might be called for depending on the diagnosis:

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Audience: Executive Leadership Foster Caregivers Public Shelter/rescue Staff & Volunteers Veterinary Team

Eye discharge in cats is a symptom rather than a disease itself, and has a variety of causes. Eye discharge may be clear and runny, or it may be green/yellow and thick. If your cat’s symptoms are mild and he/she has a normal appetite and energy level, and does not have any other symptoms of illness, it is okay to monitor him/her for a few days.

Common Symptoms Of Cat Eye Discharge

Conversations With My Cat: Signs Your Pet Is Hiding Illness

Cat eye-watering may occur on its own. Or may happen at the same time as other symptoms. The discharge can vary in frequency and consistency, and may appear as:

  • Excessive wetness around the tear area
  • Red and swollen eyes that are extremely sore looking
  • Thin and watery or thick and mucus-like substance around the eyes
  • Eye edges having crusty formations pointing to dried discharge

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Below are the usual signs: Cat eye discharge is a sign of many different eye diseases and disorders, including corneal ulcers ,.

A visual guide to bengal cat colors patterns bengal. A cats eyes may not be formed properly due to anatomical abnormalities.

A cute kitten and flowers cute kitten cat cuteanimals. A leaky discharge or eye boogers are common among older cats with weaker immune systems.

Adeline cat eye eyeglasses eyeglasses cat eye glasses. Allergies are a surprisingly common issue for cats and can certainly lead a cats eyes to become irritated and watery.

Can anyone tell me why my cats eye is so goopy hes about. As long as she is eating ok it is alright to just keep an eye on her.

For the love of animals cute cats kittens baby cats. Elevated inner eyelid above the cornea.

Help my cat wont eat or drink what to do when kitty. Entropion, for example, is a genetic condition in which part of the eyelid is folded toward the eyeball.

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