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Why Did My Cat Run Away

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Cats Are Crepuscular Animals

Do Cats Come Back Home If They Run Away?

What comes with a cats hunting genes is its crepuscularity. Its what?

Cats are crepuscular, meaning they are active at dawn and dusk. This is another inherent trait that reminds us of their wild cat origins. Before cats were domesticated, they used to hunt primarily at dawn and dusk, times where human activity was less and it was much cooler at night. Cats lived in places in Africa and the Middle East, where temperatures could get seriously intense. And those unique eyeslits that cats have is another reason why they prefer these hunting times, too.

Now, our house cats may not have to deal with the scorching sun or the potential threat of humankind. Yet, they still stick to this crepuscular schedule. And, they have a method to it.

But I Want To Pet My Cat Can I Get My Cat To Like Being Pet More

Yes, you absolutely can teach your cat to like being pet more. Its all about a slow, steady process, but its actually very easy to turn your cat into a more cuddly version of herself.

How? Take a peek at some of the tips Ive posted here.

Do I think its possible to help every cat transform into a snuggle-loving lap cat? No. But I do think you can make considerable headway and train every cat to be happier than she currently is with cuddles, petting, and general affection than before you trained her.

But first things first.

Before you can teach your cat to be snuggly, youre going to have to convince her to stop running away from you every time you begin taking steps toward her which is a separate training process in itself. Lets start with that

Do Cats Run Away From You If They Think Theyre Going To The Vet

Elise Xavier points out how cats often run from their owners if they think something undesirable is going to be done. For many cats, that unpleasant thing is a trip to the vet.

When a cat associates being picked up with going to the vet, it might run away if you try to pick it up. Cats used to vet visits know what is coming next and that everything starts with being picked up and put in a crate.

Start rewarding your cat for being nice whenever you pick it up. To reward your cat, trying using its favorite wet food or treats. If your cat associates your picking it up with a treat instead of a trip to the vet, it will be less inclined to run.

If your cat tends to get restless, regardless of the circumstances, consider getting a diffuser that uses calming scents. These diffusers will help your cat feel more at ease in rooms where they are present, decreasing the odds of a stress response.

One thing that you can do is decrease the stressors that surround taking your cat to the vet. Many cats will still get stressed when they go to the vet, anyway. However, reducing the number of additional circumstances that cause stress always helps.

Try taking your cat to the vet without other pets. Taking the cat by itself is less work for the vet staff, and also less stressful for the cat. You dont need to worry about your cat getting agitated because of another pet acting up.

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How Do I Get My Cat To Stop Running Away

Here’s how to teach your kitty to stop trying to escape.

  • Designate One Door for Outside Freedom. Help your cat learn to associate one door with going outside. …
  • Install a Cat Door. …
  • Distract Your Cat from Opening Doors. …
  • Use a Pet Proofing Barrier or Spray. …
  • Spay or Neuter Your Cat. …
  • Spay or Neuter Your Cat.
  • Reason # : Territorial Underworld

    Why Does My Cat Run Away From Me

    Another reason why sometimes cats run away is the territorial matter. Cats are so-called very territorial. They develop a system amongst each other.

    Related for being territorial, this trait can lead to another reason why the cat run away from you as owner. The moment you moved to another place, your cat may be running away because it is looking for a home that you took away. Most of the people who moved out takes time to address this kind of problem. They make sure that, they take their cats to their new home or place a few or more times and let them roam around the area or premises so they can get acquainted and familiarize the new place. This is quite serious so you need to be patient.

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    Let Other People Know

    Once you have searched high, low, and anywhere in between and your cat is still missing, it is time to let other people and organisations know. Post a recent photograph on the different social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter. Take advantage of pages that have been set up specifically to help find missing cats, such as Cat Aware and Missing Pets GB. Remember to include a full description with their age, name and last known whereabouts, as well as any distinguishable features that will make it easier to identify your cat.

    You can also further your search by creating a missing pet flyer and check with local shelters, your vet, and community forums. If your cat has been missing for a few days, it is worth asking boarding kennels in your area. There are also some great lost and found websites that have reunited lost cats with their owners.

    Why Does My Cat Run Away From Me

    There can be several reasons behind the unusual behavior of the cat. Seeing the feline run away from you can be discouraging for any cat owner.

    But, we can ensure that it is a natural feline behavior, and you should not be discouraged. The most common reasons why your cat runs away from you are as follows:

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    The Importance Of Identification

    If your cat has proper identification, it is more likely to be returned to you. If your cat wears a collar and tags, most people will return him to you if they think he is lost. With micro-chipping and/or ear tattooing, many veterinarians and animal shelters will be able to notify you, even if the collar/tags were removed. Professional thieves avoid cats with ear tattoos they know that laboratories will not accept owned cats, and more nefarious “end users” will probably also avoid them.

    Your Cat May Be Sick And Close To Death

    Why is cat running away from home?

    I hate that this is a reason for cats to run away, however, it is not unheard of.

    Many cats choose to be alone when they are sick or close to death so that they can get as much peace as possible.

    While it is true that most cats have no concept of death or illness, they do have a concept of pain and upset.

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    Tip #: Separate Food Bowls For Different Pets

    Are there other pets roaming around at home? Are you giving them food at the same time in the same place?

    This is a concern depending on how instinctive your cat is. In fact, a lot of cats will even protect food from their family members in the wild because it comes naturally to them. The goal is to eat first and that is only going to happen when you are protecting your hunted food.

    The benefits include:

    • Less Territorial Behavior
    • Reduced Anxiety

    When a cat starts to eat then runs away, this means it may feel boxed in. The other pets in the household may make the cat want to protect its food and/or take as much as possible before running away.

    This is not a good psychological state for the cat to be in, but it can happen.

    The goal remains to move the bowls apart and have them situated in different rooms. This will make it easier for all of the pets to eat peacefully without having to look for the others.

    How Can You Convince Your Cat Is It By Doing The Above

    Very easy, simply walk up to him or her slowly and in a very nice way, then you can mix things up when you decide to go nearby. But for the next few weeks, do some intervals and make sure to do different things. Have a variety of actions so there would be no repetition. Again

    • Just go near or simply stand beside your cat.
    • Offer your cat something to sniff and walk up to your cat.
    • While your cat is sleeping or eating go up with him or her and stroke gently.

    Finding your missing cat is a stressful one. But remember the reason why you put ant extra effort to do so, and that is because you love your cat much. It is very true as I have been there myself. Like humans, I have learned that cats have distinct personalities as well. So better be careful in dealing with them. Make sure, you are also aware of the different behaviors of this creature, and be able to get learned. Treating them well and just is the most important thing to do for trust to build, so that cat will not run away instead will come closer to you.

    To deviate this kind of stress, dealing with an unending search of your missing cat, you need to follow all the information mentioned above. Additional suggestion is by using the animal tracker which can help you monitor your cats location, behaviors, and activities. In this way, you are well assured that your cat is in good condition and you dont need to ask the same question Why does my cat run away from me?

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    Reason # : A Dominant Cat

    Some dominant cat forces your Feline to run away could also be another reason. Kicking your cat out from that area by an existing dominant cat makes your cat run away. This could probably happen when the Felines fight each other, and the winner takes the power to be dominant for that area, and the looser simply runs away. You need to do something about this, by protecting your cat from the existing dominant one. Maybe the best thing that you can do is to keep your cat inside your house for a while. You can also install a motion sensor sprinklers to help frighten this dominant cat away.

    Poor Socialization When She Was Still A Kitten

    Why Does My Cat Run Away from Me? Can I Change This?

    If your cat doesnt want you to pet her and instead runs off then it could be because she was not properly socialized when she was still a kitten. Cats need to be socialized and introduced to the human touch as early as when theyre just 2 to 7 weeks old. By doing so, theyll get used to being held and theyll find it comforting and pleasurable when humans pet them. Still, some cats are too sensitive when it comes to human touch and dont want to be cuddled, held, or touched.

    Heres what to do if your cat hates to be held or picked up:

    • reward her with treats before and after you try to pick her up
    • if your cat squirms each time you attempt to hold her then release her at once to make her realize youre not holding her against her will
    • continue to hold and release her and youll eventually notice that the interactions will be longer but release her if she squirms and reward her again with catnip or treats

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    Rescuer Behaviors That Create Problems

    One of the most tragic misinterpretations of feline behavior occurs when rescuers observe a cat with a xenophobic temperament and assume, based on the fearful behavior, that the cat is an untamed feral. While it is true that feral, untamed cats that are unaccustomed to human contact will hiss, spit, twirl, lunge, and urinate when humanely trapped, this wild animal behavior is also common in cats who have xenophobic temperaments! We know this because we have talked to owners of lost xenophobic cats that had to be humanely trapped in order to be recovered the owners verified that their cats exhibited wild behavior while in the humane trap. These behaviors are a reflection of a fearful temperament, not a lack of tameness. Shelter and TNR workers should scan all feral cats for microchips and conduct research to determine if the new feral is actually someones xenophobic pet cat that escaped outdoors, perhaps several weeks or months before it was found.

    For more lost cat behavior and recovery tips, visit www.lostapet.org and/or read Kat Albrechts book, The Lost Pet Chronicles: Adventures of a K-9 Cop Turned Pet Detective.

    Getting The Cat To The Vets

    If you have the means of transporting the cat to an emergency vet yourself, once youve got to the cat, you can either wrap them in a jacket or towel, or a box or carrier if you have one. Details of your nearest vet can be found here. If you do not have the means to transport them yourself, contacting your local rescue would be the best option as they can send an officer to you. They can also help to advise you further or even assist by setting a trap to try to coax the animal out and get them to the vets.

    In some cases, it might be that the cat does not have enough time to reach the vets. There are certainly things drivers/owners can do to help buy the cat time until they reach the vets, and your actions could be the difference between life and death. For more information on how to stabilise an injured cat who may be going into shock or is suffering from issues such as excessive external bleeding, see our roadside first aid guide here.

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    Why Does My Cat Run Away From Me When I Try To Pet Her

    There are a few reasons that your cat may be running away from you when you try to pet her.

    One of these reasons is that she may be afraid of your hand being near her face. A second reason could be that your cat is not yet used to you and the motions of petting her.

    If these are the reasons, you need to increase the length of time you spend with your cat and show her more love. When your cat sees a hand near her face, she may be mistaking it as a predator attempting to attack or eat her.

    This can lead to an automatic fear response from your cat when she sees both hands near her head.

    Ways To Find Your Lost Cat

    Why does my cat stare at me then run away? MILO TV
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    If you’re the owner of an indoor-outdoor cat, you may be faced with a situation in which your kitty is suddenly missing. Even indoor-only cats may slip out the door unexpectedly. However, chances are your cat did go too far. Cats are very territorial . In fact, they will defend their territory at all costs. If driven out of their own territory by another alpha cat who is larger and more aggressive, cats will often seek safety indoors before running away. It’s more likely a cat has been unwillingly removed from the area, injured, or killed.

    In order to find your cat, consider the possible reasons for his absence. This is the time to set aside emotions and evaluate the possibilities, with an appropriate action for each.

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    Why Do Male Cats Run Away: 6 Common Reasons & Solutions

    If you own a male cat, youâve probably found yourself asking, âWhy do male cats run away?â Iâve had many male cats over the years, and most of the time theyâll stay near me or follow me around the house.

    But occasionally, Iâll come down the stairs and find him nowhere to be found. Through out this article we will be discussing why male and female cats run away from home.

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    Reason # : New Home Sweet

    Your love is not enough as they can feel, that is why they started to run away from you. As maybe they have found someone more loving and caring than you are. It is by nature that cats love to be pampered and easily accept love from someone whom they feel as they are being truly loved. And they feel that they have found another new home.

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    New Member Of The Family

    Did you recently bring home a new bundle of joy? Babies will need a lot more of your attention, attention your cat was likely the greater recipient of. Your cat might feel threatened by this lack of pampering or just the presence of a new person in the house, and run away to seek comfort elsewhere.

    To help your cat adjust, make sure to make him know hes still loved with attention and treats. Also, it could be helpful to have a safe place for him to escape the excess noise and chaos.

    Reason : Your Kitty Feels More Comfortable In Another Place

    Why Do Cats Run Away From Their Poop?

    Cats are special pets and we all know it. They need their own peace and shelter.

    Should they feel uncomfortable in your home, they can easily run away from home, searching for a quieter environment.

    Does your new baby cry most of the time? Did you renovate your home for a longer period or are loud kids always visiting and running around? Such situations can produce discomfort in your catâs universe and kitty can decide to search for a more appropriate home.

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