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Why Do Cats Lift Their Bum When You Pet Them

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Why Do Cats Lift Their Bum When You Pet Them

Why Do Cat Butts Raise When You Pet Them? | Dolan Life Mysteries

There are some seemingly strange behaviors cats exhibit that get cat owners worried. Questions like why do cats lift their Bum when you pet them? And some other seemingly funny questions come as a result of these cat behaviors.

A caring pet owner will ask questions as to the welfare of their cats. These questions are most valid if you would do well as regards taking care of your pets. Sometimes though, it seems like you are doing everything right but your pets still behave somehow or you do not understand what their gesture means.

In this article, well clarify some behavior exhibited by cats and the best way to respond to them.

Why Does My Cat Lick Me When I Pet Him

One reason your cat may lick you is because its a way of creating a social bond. From a young age a cats mother would not only lick them as a way of grooming them, but also to show affection. Cats then replicate this behaviour with you as a way of showing their own affection it simply comes naturally.

My Cat Doesnt Do This

If your cat doesnt put their rear end to the sky when you pet their back, it doesnt mean they hate you. If you just got your cat, it could be because they havent quite warmed up to you yet . But some cats just dont enjoy being pet around the base of the tail like others do. The concentration of nerves endings that makes it feel so good to a lot of cats can actually make it unpleasant for others . Other cats may like a little petting in that sweet spot but quickly become overstimulated .

If your cat used to get elevator butt and really seem to enjoy those back scratches, but suddenly they dont, or your cat seems to react with pain when touched around the hips/tail base, this could be cause for concern . Skin allergies, impacted anal glands, spinal problems, and kidney disease can cause pain in that area . Take your cat to the veterinarian if you notice any signs of pain in their lower back.

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My Cat Does This Without Being Pet

If you have an intact she-cat, you may notice that sometimes she gets elevator butt not only when you pet her, but apparently out of the blue. This is called lordosis and is an indication that a she-cat is in estrus, or heat . Lordosis looks slightly different from regular elevator butt because its actually the she-cat presenting herself to a tom for matingwhether a tom is present or not . She turns her tail to the side and may tread her hind paws . She cats in heat will usually do this a lot, including almost any time they are pet.

When Your Cat Crams Itself Into Boxes And Other Tiny Spaces

Why do felines stick their bums up in the air when you pet ...

If it fits, I sits!Again, there are a couple of theories of why cats like to squeeze into tight spaces. Your cat likes to feel safe and secure and being literally boxed in on all sides will help with this. Also, cats like to be warm and the small space is a good way for your cat to preserve body heat.They also might do it just because they can wouldnt you!

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Maybe Theyre Seeking Attention:

While its true that cats have a tendency to raise their paws if they are hungry or want something, this is not the most common reason. Instead, cats raise their paws to call attention when they want to play, or if something is bothering them.

This raises the question of why cats sometimes use this gesture in a negative way. It might be because people who are afraid of animals seeing a cat raising its paw will assume that its about to attack.

Cats are social animals with several natural behaviors to communicate their intentions. If your cat raises its paw at you, it might just be trying to get some attention from his favorite person. So if your cat is raising its paw at you, its likely because they want to play and not attack! Try rolling a ball or toy towards them to see what happens.

Cats Raise Their Butts Because Theyre Communicating Something To You

All of our cats do this to some degree, but Aria and Kali do it the most. It turns out that cats raise their butts in the air because theyre inviting more scratching and petting. Theyre telling you that theyre happy with what youre doing, and they want more of it.

Cats dont communicate the way we do. A butt in the face, or a raised butt, is a sign of friendliness, and even affection. Their body language says more than their meows ever can. When cats raise their butts, theyre signaling friendship, comfort and affection. A cat that isnt doing this may still enjoy the petting, but perhaps not in that right spot, or maybe theyre just not feeling very affectionate at that time.

Kali will eventually settle all the way down, even though she still wants us to pet and scratch her. When this happens, her ears are forward, the pupils of her eyes are small, shes still rubbing on our fingers, and shes still purring. Shes just decided she wants scratches elsewhere at that time.

She also just gets up and leaves when she gets tired of the attention, so her settling down isnt an indication that shes getting restless. Its probably not with your cat, either.

Aria just never stops with the butt-raising. This often makes it hard to brush her, because shes got her forequarters so low, and her hindquarters so high, that it actually makes brushing her sides much harder.

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Signs Of An Affectionate Cat

Cats are unique and sometimes mysterious creatures. They behave in the strangest ways sometimes, and considering their independent nature, many cat owners are left asking themselves, How do I know if my cat loves me? Here at Thornhill Pet Hospital, we know cats, and were very familiar with their behaviors. Check out these five signs of an affectionate cat and see which ones apply to YOUR feline friend.

Head Butting

Head butting may not sound like an affectionate behavior, but in the feline kingdom, it actually is. Also known as head bunting, head butting is a sign of affection because when your cat rubs his head against something, he releases facial pheromones. Feline facial pheromones are used to mark surfaces as safe, so the next time your cat head butts you, hes telling you he trusts you. Give him a nice scratch on the head to acknowledge the gesture. Itll probably make him like you even more!



Cats can purr for a variety of reasons, with vibrations ranging from 20-140 Hz. One of the great things about a cats purr is that not only can it be a sign of affection it can also benefit your health. Purring has a type of healing power and can lower your stress levels while lowering your blood pressure. So never miss an opportunity to give your cat a pet or scratch on the head or under his chin to get him purring!

Back Rolling

Vertical Tail

Do Cats Think We Are Grooming Them When We Pet Them

Why does my cat bite me gently?

That’s sort of a cat erogenous zone, and petting may overstimulate it, the researchers posit. That suggests that cats see petting as akin to grooming, which happens haphazardly between two friendly cats, rather than allo-rubbing, which always goes from tip to tail. Still, we don’t recommend licking your cat.

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Reminds The Cat Of Her Mom

The first four months of your kittens life are both hectic and filled with growing self-reliance. A curious kitten will follow her mother everywhere and quickly pick up on essential daily cues . Kittens learn to raise their butts high into the air to give mom unobstructed access to their nether regions for two critical reasons:

  • To experience a full-body cleanse
  • To stimulate bowel movements by licking the anal area

No matter how old your cat is, these tail scratching sessions might remind her of early kittenhood alongside her mom and littermates. Do you see where this one is going? The resulting raised behind could be an awkward case of miscommunication.

As the surrogate parent to your beloved kitty, your cats unusual response to tail scratches could be a request for undercarriage grooming. Yes, your cat is indirectly asking you to clean her butt on her behalf.

A More Sensual Response

While the prospect of a grooming request sounds like the most bizarre explanation, this one takes the cake. Many animal experts theorize that these above-tail tickles are reminiscent of a mating session with a male cat. The base of the tail earns a reputation as a female kittys most sensitive erogenous zone.

When a male cat mounts a female kitty in heat, the female will raise her hindquarters, with the dynamic stimulating her tails base. These seemingly innocuous tail scratches might remind your cat of the discomfort of mating, providing sensual or sexual stimulation. Maybe sticking to those safe zones is a better option from this point forward.

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Cats Raise Their Paws To Express Affection:

When littermates greet each other after being apart for some time, theyll sometimes use this paw-raising behavior in order to show that they are happy to be reunited. Cats will also raise their paws when being petted and scratched as if it is a sign of affection, and some cats may do this in order to get the attention of their owner who has been ignoring them for too long.

At times, cats will raise their paws in anticipation of food or as a sign of hunger. Some cats may also use this behavior to indicate that they want something. In some cases, the paw-raising is often accompanied by head-butting ones owner. Another theory about how cats show affection with raised paws is when a mother cat nurses her kittens.

Where Else Does A Cat Like To Be Pet

Why Do Cats Raise Their Backs When You Pet Them?

Do you want to know even more places that your cat enjoys being pet?

Of course, all cats are different, and some have different preferences than others.

Even so, most cats enjoy being pat in the places that I am about to mention. One of these areas where cats love to be scratched is under their chin.

Like the way cats remember their mother grooming them when they lift their butt, it is a similar experience for under their chin.

Cats cannot groom themselves under their chin very well, so when you scratch your cat under her chin, it feels very nice.

It reminds your cat of when her mother used to groom her there. It feels so good that some cats may even start to drool!

You can also pet your feline friend on her forehead. Between the eyes or ears is a nice place to pet your cat.

The cheeks are also a place where many cats enjoy being petted.

All these places have scent glands, so your cat can get scratches from you while also laying her claim on you at the same time.

If you want to pet your cat, these places are better than the legs, tail, or belly of your cat.

However, it all comes down to just petting wherever your cat feels the most comfortable.

All you must do is pay attention to what makes your cat happy compared to what may be more upsetting.

But how do you know? Well, lets figure that out.

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When Your Cat Chews On Plants And Grass

Many cats love to chew on grass, but the reason why can be a little perplexing as they normally throw up soon afterwards. Surely this cant be something that your cat enjoys?Well, there are actually good reasons for your cat having a grassy supper, particularly if they are good hunters. Cats consume their prey whole and throwing up gets rid of all the indigestible material from their stomach.The juice from grass is also high in folic acid, which is an essential vitamin for your cats bodily functions.Hopefully that answers a few of your questions share your new found knowledge with a fellow cat lover below!

How Does It Work

For most animals, touch is an important part of social bonding. Even as humans, we need the constant touch and validation of family members when were babies, and most animals exhibit the same needs. Even if cats arent herd animals like dogs, they still enjoy that physical reassurance of affection to feel safe and happy.

In most mammals, a special set of neurons lie just below the skin to interpret touches and relay signals back to the brain. The long, repetitive motion associated with petting an animalor playing with a friend or loved ones hairtriggers these neurons, and the brain interprets the signal as pleasure or a reward. While these neurons were officially found in mice, they are present in most mammals, no matter the size or scale.

As a result, most animals love to be petted. The soothing motion of petting a cat is relayed to the cats brain as stimulation of those petting neurons, and the brain gets a jolt of enjoyment out of the sensation.

Cats, especially, have a very highly developed nervous systems. Humans have around 5 million nerve endings in their system, while cats have around 19 million. Moreover, these nerve endings are located pretty much over their entire body, as opposed to being concentrated in their paws or extremities.

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Do Cats Like It When You Meow Back

Cats will feel more relaxed with a human that has similar vocalizations to themselves. So try mimicking what your cat does and see if this makes them purr or come closer. At times, cats may be more interested in the human than they are with food. They communicate with human counterparts as much as they do with other cats. If this is successful in making your pet more social or relaxed, try experimenting with meowing at different pitches of voice and observe their response.

How Do Cats Know Their Name

Cat Butt Wiggle Compilation Video | 4K

Cats may recognize their names because its the word humans say most frequently to them, or because its often associated with something positive, like petting or food, the researchers say. These felines could distinguish their name from random nouns, but not from the names of the cats they shared the café with.

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Why Does My Cat Stick His Bum In My Face

When a cat displays its rear end, she wants you to know that she trusts you. According to UK-based veterinarian Joanna Woodnutt, BVM, BVS, “Presenting the bottom is a sign of companionship and trust. The bottom is a vulnerable area and turned around she can’t see an attack coming or defend herself.”

A cat who sticks its bum in your face might also be trying to mark you. “Cats presenting their tail to you can be considered to be a variation of allorubbing, the behavior when cats rub themselves against each other,” explains Alycia Washington, DVM. “They will often start cheek to cheek, then end tail to tail. This behavior, especially when the tail posture is upward, is considered friendly and is generally made towards others that are considered part of their group.”

When Your Cat Sticks Its Bum In The Air

You know when youre stroking your cat and it sticks its bum in the air? Well, although it might look a little gross, the good news is that this is actually your cats friendly way of saying Hello, its me!Cats identify each other primarily by smell and when he lifts up his tail and shows you his bum, hes actually inviting you to give it a sniff to confirm that its him! I wouldnt recommend taking him up on it though!

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Why Do Cats Like To Be Scratched Under The Chin

Most cats enjoy having the sides of their chin rubbed and scratched. Chin pheromones in cats are thought to be “happy” pheromones. If you regularly scratch your cat’s chin you will probably make him or her very happy. You can also make some practical use of chin scratching by extending the area you scratch.

The Reason Why Cats Do This

More About Why Do Cats Stick Their Bum In The Air When You ...

Domestic cats behave as kittens in our presence. They view us as surrogate mothers and they are held in an emotional state of being a kitten. When a kitten is under three weeks of age their real feline mother has to stimulate urination and defecation by licking their bum. This behaviour is called anogenital stimulation.

Mother cats have to do this to ensure that their kittens urinate and defecate but it is no longer necessary after three weeks when kittens begin to move away from their sleeping area for elimination of urine and poop.

Cats raise their bottoms to facilitate their mothers anogenital stimulation. It is a neonatal reflex action by the kitten. Its instinctive and is carried out automatically. Our adult cats do it with their human caregivers because mentally they are cast back to when they were young kittens because petting is like a mother licking their kitten which triggers the neonatal reflex to raise the bum so their mother can lick it.

Google finds one website, and places it at the top of their search results, which purports to explain this behaviour but in my opinion they are incorrect. The website says that cats do it to increase pressure on their backs and to transfer their scent but this is incorrect in my honest opinion. The real reason as mentioned is far more subtle and rooted in instinctive, natural feline behaviours.

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