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Why Do Cats Like The Smell Of Bleach

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Use Of Bleach To Clean Toilettes: Yes Or No

Cat crazy for bleach smell

A discussed issue is the use of bleach in toilettes cleaning. Some say that using bleach encourages the cat to get closer to the litter box and thus learn to use it. Others claim that the cat may think that it has pee on it and avoids using it. It all depends on how your cat reacts to the smell of bleach, so there is no general rule for every kitty.

To ensure a clean and comfortable environment for your kitten, its important to choose a practical toilet that make the daily maintenance easy. An excellent choice for maximum handiness is Ferplasts Ariel Home litter box. Ariel Home is a closed cat litter tray made of sturdy plastic equipped with a sieve system that avoids wasting litter and allows you to eliminate dirty litter and keep the clean one. It keeps the environment dry, which is so important for cats who love a clean space.

What Does Bleach Do To Cats

Bleach is a very corrosive chemical and can do the same to cats it can do to most other animals ingesting it. Bleach is not safe to swallow or drink. Then you have to account for the much smaller size of a cat compared to a large dog or human.

Bleach can cause severe chemical burns to both the esophagus when swallowed and the rest of the digestive tract. Vomiting is a normal response to an irritant in the stomach.

Bleach can cause further chemical burns to your cats esophagus as they vomit it up. If your cat only licked up a tiny amount of diluted bleach, they should be fine when vomiting.

Citrus: Orange Lemon Lime And Grapefruit

Citrus smells are widely reported as being repugnant to cats. You can use this to your advantage by throwing orange peels around your garden to keep cats away or spritzing a citrus scent on indoor fabric that you dont want your cat scratching up. Citrus fruits are considered edible for cats , but the skins and plant material may cause vomiting, diarrhea, or dermatitis.

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What Are The Signs Of Chlorine Poisoning In Cats

Pools with high levels of chlorine can cause irritation to sensitive areas like the eyes and ears if your cat decides to take a swim. Its more commonly seen in dogs, however, as they are more likely to swim in a pool.

Cats are much more likely to drink water with chlorine in. The potential symptoms to look out for if theyve ingested a good amount is:

  • Burning in their mouth and throat
  • Pain and swelling in their throat
  • Vomiting and wretching
  • Stomach pains

If you have any concerns or suspicions at all that your cat has ingested chlorine and is showing some ill effects get them to a vet asap for treatment.

Why Do Cats Like Bleach Over Other Chemicals

Why Does My Cat Like the Smell of Bleach

It leads to another question do other chemicals contain chlorine? Chlorine happens to be one of the most crucial factors that grab the attention of your feline friends. Though cats react to chlorine, they have a similar type of reaction to other chemicals.

In particular, bleach has a strong effect when compared with other detergents. Not all cleaning products include chlorine, and thus, they are less attractive to the felines.

There are several detergents available with diluted water or other organic chemicals. They are less potent and have no chlorine base. Detergents are also infused with fragrances that tend to satisfy us more than our fur kids.

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Why Is Bleach Dangerous To Cats

Bleach is a corrosive fluid, damaging to the lungs, eyes, and skin for both animals and humans. If consumed, it can burn cats from inside the gastrointestinal tract and esophagus.

Color-safe bleach is made with more hydrogen peroxide, thought to be safer for the environment and animals if consumed. The hydrogen peroxide in itself should help induce vomiting in your pet.

Is Bleach Smell Bad For Cats

Experts say that cleaners with strong odours that guarantee results should alert pet owners, especially cat owners, to the threat.

Alcohol, chlorine, hydrogen peroxide, chemical compounds containing the term phenol, and other additives that make disinfectants effective are harmful to companion animals.

While it can seem innocuous, if your cat rubs in bleach and then smells it off, they are ingesting an irritant toxin , which triggers ulceration in the mouth and gastrointestinal tract lining .

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Why Do Cats Like The Smell Of Bleach Final Thoughts

Certainly more research needs to be done on this topic. For now, Researchers believe that cats like the smell of bleach because something in the bleach, or a volatile organic compound created from a bleach reaction is mimicking a cat attractant such as catnip and sex pheromones. This creates the same biological effect and behavior as the latter two cat attractants.

Bleach is toxic, and catnip and sex pheromones are not. So even though your cat is acting very amusingly, and exhibiting kitten like behavior as a result of the bleach aroma, please substitute it with something else such as catnip.

Dont worry too much if the area cleaned with bleach is well rinsed and dried, since the subtle aroma of bleach is not dangerous. However, you still do not want to encourage your cat to engage with it, because they may seek it out in your cabinets later. If that is the case please lock your cleaning supplies away!

To prevent even more danger, if you clean cat urine, do not clean it with bleach as it can emit chlorine gas.

Not all cats react to bleach, so Im curious to hear if your cat reacts to bleach? Feel free to answer in the comment section below, and check out our newest articles here.

What Do Cats Like The Smell Of Bleach

Q& A Natural Skincare: Why does my sweat smell like cat pee (ammonia)??? Help!

You may still be wondering why do cats like the smell of bleach? Scientists believe that it is the bleachs chemical composition that makes them go crazy. Truth be told, cats go a bit bonkers as they smell strong traces of chlorine in bleach.

Cat pheromones smell like chlorine, and it is one of the primary chemical components in bleach.

It is why cats behave differently when they smell pheromones or chemical components that have similar properties to pheromones.

They tend to behave awkwardly. Youll observe your cats rolling around, purring incessantly, or drooling right after they smell bleach.

Dogs are known for their strong sense of smell, but cats can smell things in bleach that is beyond even the human olfactory system. It implies that felines have an equally strong sensibility to canines.

When it comes to odor, felines can discern several things more than we can. The smell mimics something that your cat loves.

Acts like sniffing, purring, rolling are their ways to express excitement or enjoyment. Your kitty acts like this way to express that it is getting stimulated. Reveling in the smell.

Rubbing is also a way to express their approval of the smell.

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What Does A Cat Hate

As a general rule, cats are sensitive when it comes to smells, but there are a few scents they hate that might just surprise you. They cant stand citrus and as much as you might love the smell of fresh herbs, cats hate rosemary and thyme. Banana and mustard are a big no-no too, as well as lavender and eucalyptus.

What Are The Effects Of Bleach Poisoning On Cats

Homeowners that understand bleach toxicity in humans might find they experience some dismay at their kittys affection towards bleach. Wont bleach cause harm to your cat? What if they get sick?

The reality is the same amount of bleach in the water drying on your kitchen floor is harmless to your cat. Even if they start licking the floor, they probably wont experience bad side effects.

Your cat might likely take a few big licks at most and decide to move on. However, if your cat were to lick up a large concentration of bleach, it would be like you swallowing it you need to seek immediate medical attention.

However, cats arent stupid, and its highly unlikely theyll consume enough that warrants a trip to the vet.

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Is Bleach Toxic To Cats

The short answer is yes.

But, this really depends on the type of bleach and how your cat consumes the product.

If your cat smells bleach, they will not be poisoned. But drinking bleach can cause serious health issues.

Also, highly diluted bleach is not as dangerous as undiluted bleach. When you use commercial bleach at home, you are likely using a diluted version. You can also add water to further dilute the bleach.

What Are The Effects Of Skin And Eye Contact With Bleach In Cats

Why Do Cats like Bleach? (Explanation &  Risks)

If your kitty decides to have a quick roll on the floor, their fur will pick up some diluted bleach particles. If the particles make it onto their skin, theyll experience low-grade irritation.

Its nothing to worry about, and the irritation wont last more than a day. However, depending on the concentration, you might notice your cats fur goes a shade lighter or has a whitish-sheen to it.

Its better to wipe them down with a damp cloth if you can. The last thing you need is them rolling on your new couch, tainting the color.

Bleach gets its bleaching power from hydrogen peroxide, the same ingredient found in hair bleach. If the cat does come in contact with pure bleach, rinse down the affected area and check for irritation.

In most cases, chlorine-free bleach also creates skin irritation in your cats.

While the effects of bleach getting onto your cats skin are minimal amounts of irritation, make sure they dont get it in their eyes. Even a small amount of bleach can cause severe issues with your cats eyes.

Youll notice your cat pawing at their eyes. Upon examining them, youll see redness and tearing in the affected eye.

The cat will paw and meow and blink repeatedly. If you notice this behavior, rinse out the eye as much as possible, and immediately take them to the vet.

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Can Bleach Kill A Cat

Now that you know the answer to why do cats like the smell of bleach? then the next obvious question on anyones mind would be can bleach kill a cat?

Yes, in large quantities, bleach could kill a cat.

If you have left a bucket of concentrated bleach near a cat who happens to love bleach and ingests some of it, then it could cause bleach poisoning in your pet. Minor symptoms include salivation or drooling, vomiting, and lot of pain.

If your cat vomits the bleach out, there could be a corrosive action on its way up it could cause ulcers in its mouth and throat.

In extreme cases, cats could experience seizures and could die if they do not receive timely medical help. So rush your pet to the vet if you suspect your cat has ingested bleach.

Where Do Cats Get Their Chlorine Fix

If you want to discourage your cats chlorine habit, here are the places/ways they are most likely to find exposure to it:

On your damp swimwear As mentioned in the opening comments, people usually find out their cats love chlorine when they are all over them after theyve been swimming. They might also try to chew your hair!

From a pool I hope youre fortunate enough to have a home swimming pool. But even if youre not, one of your neighbors might do. Either way, its a good idea to check if there is pool water nearby that your cat may be drinking. If they are, see if you can do something to put a stop to it.

In storage If you have chlorine products youre storing them somewhere. If you dont have kids its likely youre not locking them away really carefully either. Now you know about cats and how much they love the smell of chlorine its time to store them somewhere kitty proof.

Cleaning products Chlorine and bleach are two cleaning products that cats get that catnip type of buzz off. If youve cleaned with bleach you may have noticed their strange behavior, much the same as their reaction to chlorine.

For most people, chlorine isnt a chemical you and your cat will come across daily. Now youre aware of the risk, it shouldnt be too hard to ensure your feline doesnt come into contact with any.

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Report This Adfinal Thoughts

Although there hasnt been a lot of research conducted on this topic, most people think cats are attracted to the chlorine in bleach. This chemical causes them to have the same natural reaction they have to catnip.

But if they drink bleach, cats will experience bleach poisoning. They might vomit or get a chemical burn. If this happens, try to give your cat water or milk to flush out the toxin. Or, take your cat to the vet if the poisoning seems very serious.

Ultimately, the best way to deal with bleach poisoning is to prevent it in the first place.

Is your cat attracted to bleach? Feel free to share your story in the comments below.

Does Bleach Repel Cats

Why do you or Someone you know Smell like Cat Urine or Ammonia when they Sweat?
  • 4 minute read

There are a lot of different methods for discouraging cats from gardens, homes and repelling them from certain areas. Much of this advice is fantastic and has helped many people with their feline problems. But what about bleach? Does bleach repel cats?

Yes, bleach may repel cats from your garden but it is not guaranteed to work. Using bleach to keep cats away is also inhumane and there are moral questions to ask of its use in the garden.

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Does Every Cat Like The Smell Of Bleach

Most cats are attracted to chemicals that mimic pheromone smells, such as bleach and ammonia. Many cats behave differently around these chemicals or scents.

This probably isnt true for all cats, though. All cats arent attracted to things like catnip in the same way. Bleach smells likely dont affect 100% of cats in the same way either.

If your cat is neutered or spayed, the desire to reproduce would be diminished, and sex pheromones might not have the same impact.

What Happens If A Cat Licks Bleach

A few cats have a bleach fetish because they are convinced that the ammonia smell of bleach is another cats wee.

Often, cats go and urinate in areas where you use bleach for cleaning. They might also rub or roll in bleach and inadvertently end up ingesting a little bit of it.

If a cat swallows concentrated bleach, it could develop ulceration in its mouth. Moreover, the strong fumes of bleach could cause eye irritation in your pet.

In rare cases, cats that lick bleach could experience bleach toxicity or bleach poisoning.

Dont worry, only a small percentage of cats tend to experience bleach poisoning most cats are smart enough not to drink large amounts of bleach.

However, if your pet isnt eating or drinking normally afterward, please call your vet just to be on the safe side.

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How Is Bleach Poisoning In Cats Treated

Extreme exposure to unusually large quantities is considered an emergency and needs to be treated by a veterinarian immediately.

Most cases of bleach poisoning in cats wont be lethal, and you can treat them at home. If your cat ingested just a small amount of bleach, they might not vomit at all.

Encourage your cat to drink milk or water, helping wash out any harmful chemicals left in the GI tract. Preferably water as cats really shouldnt drink too much milk.

If your cat has difficulty eating after consuming bleach, you should take them to the vet ASAP.

Why Do Cats Like The Smell Of Chlorine

Why Do Cats Like Bleach? What Attracts Them?

Cats already have a stronger sense of smell than humans. Chlorine probably smells differently to them than it does to people. The smell of chlorine, like the smell of bleach, probably resembles those pheromones previously mentioned.

These chloride aromas can mimic that released during sexual behavior and drive your feline friend wild.

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Take Precautions While Using Bleach

Bleach is one of the most used items in the laundry most people disinfect kitchens and bathrooms using bleach. It is essential to use a cleaning agent like bleach with care.

You might experience irritability, burning sensations, and itches when your skin contacts bleach. Whether you have a cat or not, cleaning agents are a serious business. It would help if you were extra careful when you are around furry friends.

Its obvious that bleach is potent and is not safe for furballs. When your cat walks through the area that got cleaned using bleach, it sticks to its paws. With their habit of licking their paws, eventually, they ingest it.

Why Do Cats Like Bleach

  • 6 min read

**Important- The information in this blog post is for informational purposes only and shouldnt be deemed as medical or veterinary advice. If your cat has consumed bleach then you should consult a veterinary professional immediately **

Has your cat ever had a strange reaction to bleach?

Dont worry, your cat isnt the only one. Many pet owners have noticed that their cat is attracted to the smell of bleach. Some cats have the same reaction to bleach as they do to catnip.

But why does this happen? And isnt bleach toxic? What should you do if your cat drinks bleach?

First, dont panic. We are going to look at all of this together. By the end of this post, we hope you have a better understanding about why cats like bleach and what to do if your cat consumes this toxin.

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