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Why Does My Cat Lay On Top Of Me

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Why Is My Cat Always On Top Of Me

In the moment, you might firmly believe your cat is lying down on your chest in order to keep you from moving or doing literally anything at all.

But there are actually a couple of different reasons why she feels the need to blatantly invade your personal bubble.

Cats may choose to sit on top of you, your laptop or really any external heat source in search of warmth, Dr. Spano told The Dodo.

So it turns out shes not trying to mess with your workflow when she declares she must sit down right on your keyboard. Shes just treating your computer like her own little space heater!

Cats may also just want to be physically near you for your attention and love, Dr. Spano said. This can be a good thing!

Just the thing an obsessed pet parent wants to hear!

And while its cute to think that your cat is lying down on you and following you everywhere because shes obsessed with you right back, theres also a chance she might be hyper-attached, or even have separation anxiety.

Why Does My Cat Lay On Me Is He Stalking Me

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  • While you are reading in bed or watching TV on the couch, does your cat crawl up and lay upon you? Do they comfortably lie on your chest and maybe for hours together still and silent? You should feel very much flattered. Probably you are already making Aww and Wow while admiring them.



    As a cat lover, there is actually no joy than curling up on a cold with the kitty just beside you or upon you. But do you know the logic behind why cats choose to lay on you? It may be comforting to imagine the way they cuddle because they love you. But honestly, they are using you.

    We are not totally denying the fact they are seeking companionship. However, that is not the only reason; there are various methods on how the cats show that they love you. But lying on you has different meanings. Here we have listed down the reasons why the cats tend to lay upon you.


    Why Do Cats Sleep On Your Feet

    If they can, cat’s will often try to sleep next to their owners. This isn’t because they want to maul you in their sleepfar from it. It is actually a sign of trust and protection! Your cat wants to relax and be near you, but not necessarily on you. Staying by your feet means that they can easily leave if they get bored or sick of you.

    And if your cat likes to only sleep next to your feet, and not next to the feet of anyone else in your family? Well, lucky you. You’re your cat’s favorite.

    Your Cat May Like To Sleep On Your Chest Because Its So Warm

    Everyone who knows even just one or two things about cats knows that they love to sit, sleep, and rest in warm places.

    They love to snuggle up in fleece, lay in the heat of the sun nearly any time its available, and so this reason in and of itself could be a large part of the reason why your cat likes to snuggle up specifically on your chest and not just any ol body part.

    Why? If youre talking about the warmest spot on a human body, the chest gets one of the top spots. points out:The warmest parts of the human body are the head, chest and armpits and to be honest, your cat would probably get extra heat from resting smack dab in the middle of all those body parts.

    The fact that these are our warmest body parts makes sense if you consider the fact that our heads are quite important, and whats contained within our chests our heart is of utmost importance to keeping us alive as well.

    Our bodys core including the innermost parts of our bodies, like the chest is so important to keep warm that if its temperature gets too low, we can suffer from hypothermia, which if bad enough, can lead to death.

    The fact that these body parts are so warm means you could probably get by on this theory alone if youre trying to look for a quick explanation why many cats would want to snuggle up to this part of the human body.

    That being said, I do think there are a lot more reasons that likely factor in quite highly, like

    A Desirable Solution To A Not

    Why Does My Cat Lay on My Chest? (Top 5 Reasons ...

    Try to make a different sleeping area for your cat that imitates your chest pattern to keep you from being annoyed

    Your cat may lay on your chest from time to time, but if it becomes a regular affair, then things might get a bit irritating for you. If this is not comfortable for you, or making it difficult for you to sleep, then you can certainly take some steps to move your cat away from your chest.

    Cats are considered naturally flexible and can adopt a different area for sleeping if properly trained or managed. Try to make a different sleeping area for your cat that imitates your chest pattern. It can be warm and soft area so that your cat can find it comfortable.

    Cat Sleeping Positions: What Do They Tell You

    Cats are odd sometimes but maybe thats why we love them so much.

    unpredictability and downright silliness of a cats character are perhaps what makes them the most popular four-legged companion pet in the world.

    Unusual behavior and entertaining antics have practically become the cats middle name, to the point that theyve become the unintentional face of the internet meme-verse.

    Sleeping In Enclosed Spaces

    Its quite normal for cats to seek out perceived places of safety where they can snooze in peace. Whether its a basket full of dirty clothes, a quiet corner of the house, under the bed, or even in a cardboard box; a cat has no problem with slumbering in dark and tight places.

    Allowing your cat to sleep under the covers isnt a good idea though its unhygienic and your kitty will get hair all over the place.

    Cats are hunters by nature, and a good hunter knows how to get into a strategic position. Having their backs to solid walls or other objects allows a cat to observe their surroundings from a distance. It provides a sense of security and also allows the cat to retain more body heat.

    Why Does My Cat Lay On My Chest A Feeling Of Safety And Security

    Cat may find it safe and secure when it stays with you. Cats have a thing of building a bond with someone it feels secure with. Why does my cat lay on my chest? The answer is right there! It feels a sense of safety and security when it remains closer to your chest.


    Why Does My Cat Keep Pushing Her Head Against Me

    As stated above, cats arent very good at expressing affection towards others. If your cat is constantly pushing their head against you, they are trying to tell you that they love you and they like to be around you. This is basically your cats way of asking for your undivided attention for some love and pets.

    In more rare cases, your cat could be trying to tell you something is wrong. If pushing their head into you isnt a normal behavior for your cat, you should contact your vet as soon as possible to get the proper tests ran.

    Your Cat Is A Social Sleeper

    Kitties are naturally social sleepers. Early on in their lives, they snuggle up to mom to take a nap and often with their brothers and sisters in their litter. Outdoor cats also snuggle with family members to stay warm in the winter and stay safe from predators and other outdoor dangers.

    So it stands to reason that, in addition to your body warmth, they also may like the sound of your heartbeat and the rhythm of your breath while you sleep, causing them to curl up on your lap or chest for a nap.

    Why Does My Cat Sleep On My Head

    Apart from the fact that your head is warm, it is also the most stationary part of your body whenever you sleep. Since theres a possibility for you to twist and turn during the duration of your sleep, your cat might be cautious so as not to be hit by your arms or legs.

    Another possible reason is that they have a thing for eye contact. They often communicate with their eyes, so laying on your head may give them the advantage of being near your eyes.

    Lastly, they may be drawn to your head because of the smell of your hair. Cats have a heightened sense of smell, and if they like the scent of your hair, they probably want to stay near it.

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    Is It Bad To Let Your Cat Sleep With You

    There are definitely pros to letting your cat sleep in bed with you. It can help with stress relief, allows the two of you to bond, and keeps you both cozy and warm. But, there are also some cons.

    Although not strictly nocturnal, many cats are active in the evening so it could be hard to get in some Zs if hes being rambunctious, says Delgado. Plus, if your cat prefers to sleep on your chest or head, this could become bothersome, particularly if hes overweight.

    Also, indoor cats could track litter into your bed and outdoor cats might be carriers of disease.

    Delgado also warns that cats should never sleep with children under the age of five. There could be a risk of suffocation and if the cat gets startled in the middle of the night they could panic and scratch a child. Avoid these other mistakes that cat owners should never make.

    My Cat Is Laying On Me All Of A Sudden What To Do

    Why Does My Cat Sleep On Me?

    Your cat is laying on you all of a sudden because your cat has only recently learned to love and trust you.

    When she gets older, she might like more affection and petting. With the passage of time, she is gradually beginning to enjoy you more.

    They can also see that you arent doing well at least some of them.

    When Im having a bad day, mine cares about me and comes up to me to check me out.

    I refer to her as my help cat as a joke, but its always sweet when she reveals that she cares. She was a shy kitten who hated being hugged or petted, but she matured into a lovely adult.

  • Final Words
  • Finding A Comfortable Solution

    Though predisposed toward late night stirring, Krieger said that cats are nevertheless naturally flexible and can indeed be convinced to adopt more convenient sleeping habits, starting with some activity before bedtime.

    in a way that imitates the huntdrag the toy away from cat and let the cat catch it, Krieger said. After a nice workout, immediately following that last catch, give the cat a nice bowl of cat food. The cat will then eat, groom, and go to sleep.

    While any behavioral modification may take some time, repetition can always help encourage predictable behaviors, Krieger said. Your pet may be stubborn at first, but time and patience will indeed lead to a more mutually comfortable schedule and sleeping quarters.

    Cons Of Letting Your Cat Sleep With You

  • May disturb your sleep. Typically, cats are more active in the evening .
  • Hygiene concerns. Indoor cats may track kitty litter into your bed, and outdoor cats can be potential carriers of disease.
  • Discomfort. if your cat prefers to sleep on your chest or head, this could become bothersome, particularly if hes overweight. Plus, you run the risk of inhaling a load of cat fur with each breath.
  • One thing to note: Cats shouldnt be allowed to sleep with children under the age of five, and NEVER with a baby because of the risk of suffocation. A jumpy or easily frightened cat may even lash out and scratch a child if startled during sleep.

    Your Cat Wants To Feel Safe

    As with other mammals, it is very important for cats to feel safe, especially when sleeping. The reason for this is that during resting hours, a cat lowers their guard: increasing their chances of being attacked by a predator.

    As a response to their natural survival instincts, cats look for safety in the home. One of the safest places for cats is on top or by the stomach and feet of their humans. Not only do they feel safer in these positions, but they also receive the warmth and company that they desire. In this way, they get both the warmth of contact and the comfort and security that they require for a good night’s sleep.

    Why Does My Cat Sit On My Chest

    The answer often lies in the habit of your cat. Sometimes your cat wants to feel the warmth of your body which it finds on top of your chest.

    It may also be associated with having extra comfort, a way of showing its affection towards you, having a sense of security that it finds on the chest area, or simply it may love that particular area for its rest. There may be one or more of these reasons which is why your cat is behaving like this.

    Is It Good To Sleep With Your Cat

    Sleeping with your cat has its advantages and disadvantages. While your feline might be your best friend, it is not always something which will be good fore you and your daily routine, especially if you are not the best sleeper. This is something which scientists have also been interested in studying. A report from 2018 in the journal Anthrozoös investigated the effects sleeping with pets had on people. It is not a conclusive report and further study is needed, but they did see a trend in people suggesting dogs had less of a negative impact on sleeping patterns than cats.

    This can help us to look at the pros and cons of sleeping with your cat. Here are some of the findings as well as general considerations:

    There are many reasons why a cat will want to sleep with you and vice versa. It is up to your if you think it will be a good idea for you .

    If you want to read similar articles to 5 Reasons Your Cat Sleeps With You, we recommend you visit our Facts about the animal kingdom category.

    Cats May Be Trying To Claim Or Show They Own You By Sitting On Top Of You

    Part of the reason cats really like to get their scents all over spaces, places, objects, and people they love likely has to do with the fact that cats are territorial creatures.

    If your cats sitting and sleeping right on top of your chest, it isnt a stretch to think he or she is claiming you as his or her own, not only by covering you in their scent, but also by physically sitting on top of you as well.

    After all, they seem to do this with quite a lot of things they love toys, sleeping spots, clothing. It wouldnt be a surprise to me to learn theyre doing the equivalent of saying mine with the act of sitting directly on top of their human.

    You Help Them Feel Secure

    Your cat may lay on you at night or sleep on your chest for security. A recent study found that cats are emotionally attached to their owners in ways that mirror how babies are attached to their parents.3 In the study, kittens felt distress when their owners were gone, and more security when their owners came back. With that kind of relationship, it’s very likely that your cat sleeps on you because he sees you as a source of security and you make him feel safe. It’s a huge compliment: your cat sees you as a parent he wants to snuggle up with.

    Why Does My Cat Love To Sleep On Top Of Me

    Why Does My Dog Lay On Top Of Me? â Goldendoodle Advice

    Cats love to sleep on top of you because cats may suffer from anxiety and confidence issues particularly if they are rescued.

    Your pet may not have previously felt safe being kissed or cuddled, but now theyve opened their hearts to you and have full faith in you.

    This can only be seen as a positive thing, as it ensures that you are not pushing the issue. I have three cats, and after eight years, one of them has recently begun sleeping in my bed with me and laying on me comfortably.

    Its a small change, but its a big step forward.

    Do Cats Like You Resting Your Head On Them

    Since your cat likes resting their head on you, you might wonder if they would like you to do the same. Honestly, it depends on the cat. If your cat is extremely cuddly and patient, they might enjoy you resting your head on them.

    If they dont like to be confined or touched much, resting your head on your cat can make them feel uncomfortable and upset.

    To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser thatsupports HTML5 video

    They Want To Bond With You

    Cat owners can attest to the fact that cats really are sweet creatures. Dont be fooled by their reputation of being standoffish. Yes, cats want to bond with their owners in their own unique way.

    One of their ways of showing their affection is to sleep with you. Its your cats way to show how much they want to be near you. It also brings your cat a sense of comfort to hear the sound of your breathing or your beating heart.

    This can be likened to a cats behavior in the wild where they show much affection to their kin. They bond by grooming and rubbing each other as well as by pillowing together when they sleep.

    Is It A Good Thing When Your Cat Rests Its Head On You

    It is considered to be a good thing when your cat rests its head on you. For cats, this is a sign that they love you and trust you with their whole life. If they curl up next to you and rest their head on you for a nap, they trust that you are going to protect them and make sure they are safe.

    Cats will also rest their heads on you as a sign of love. Cats are very independent animals, so they dont show affection the way a dog would. They show love in more subtle ways, like resting their head. This is a very good thing because you know how your cat feels about you.

    How To Stop My Cat From Sleeping On Me

    Coming home from a long day at work, there’s nothing better than settling for a warm, sleepy cuddle with your cat. Evenings are certainly much better with a feline friend and they make everything a lot more fun as well as fluffy.

    Loose hair aside, when it comes to bed time, you probably want time away from your cat. Those paws kneading at your face and tugging on your hair is the last thing you need when trying to get eight hours of shut-eye a night.

    But how can you tell your cat that cuddle time is fine for when you’re relaxing in the living room but not so fine when you’re trying to sleep?

    Looking For Ways To Cut Down On The Cat

    Opening your eyes first thing in the morning and seeing a cat face or butt may be the dream for some, but for others, its less ideal. And lets be real, a sleeping feline on top of you all night long may not make for the most restful slumber either.

    Luckily, there is a compromise to be made, which is sure to leave both parties cozy, happy, and well-rested at the end. This compromise comes in the form of a good .

    Maine Coon Personality Profile, 13 Things to Know about the Skookum Cat, Siberian Cat Personality Profile, 13 Things to Know About the Dwelf Cat, 13 Things you Need to Know About Minskin Cats, Tabby Cat Personality Profile,13 Bambino Cat Characteristics, 10 things to know about the Genetta Cat, 13 Characteristics of the Napoleon Cat and Siamese Cat Personality Profile.

    Your best bet would be something comfortable, soft, and preferably with a heating feature for your kittys maximum pleasure. Throw in that old sweater that smells like you, and youve got a winning combo.

    And if you put it next to your bed at night, theyll have the next best thing after your chest. This way, youll be able to breathe deeply and freely, and your poor kitty wont be crushed by an accidental roll-over from you. 

    Why Do Cats Sit On You Here Are 6 Reasons

    Why do cats sit on you? Downtime would not be the same for me without a purring cat on my lap. One of the greatest joys of living with cats is when one of them chooses to lounge on top of me. This special bonding time is good for me, as it lowers my blood pressure, and is good for my cat, as it meets some of her needs. Not all cats sit on their humans, though, and some become lap cats later in life. Although some breeds like the Ragdoll are known to be lap cats, it still depends on the cat, and only time with that individual will tell.

    All cats are individuals and it depends on the individual cat, says Marilyn Krieger, Certified Cat Behavior Consultant , based in Redwood City, California, and author of Naughty No More! In general, cats seek out a few basic needs when they sit on a humans lap. There are other factors that play into cats sitting on you, like your clothes. Lets look at some answers to Why do cats sit on you? here.

    Cats May Sleep On Your Chest To Be Comfortably Close To Your Face

    Ive seen a few people mention that when cats are sitting on your chests, theyre close enough to feel your warm breath on their face, and this is a really good point I likely wouldnt have come up with on my own.

    Not only is your breath warm, but being close to your face is in my opinion something that many cats very much enjoy when they are in a happy, restful, and cuddly place.

    My Avery regularly scents my glasses when hes content and purring away, and if I dont have my glasses on, hell do so on my nose.

    Hes very content when I hold him and rub my own face on his, so I can see being close to a human they loves face as playing a role in why a cat might like to sleep and rest on a humans chest.

    What Is Cat Head Pressing

    Why Does My Cat is Laying on Me All of a Sudden?

    There is a difference between your cat resting its head on you and pressing its head into you. If you notice that your cat is pressing their head, you will want to take them to the vet immediately to determine what the issue could be.

    The vet will most likely perform an examination of the cats retina, check their blood pressure, go over their medical history, and perform any other necessary tests. After all of the tests have been ran, your vet will be able to tell you the cause of the head pressing.

    Some of the most common causes of head pressing in cats include toxic poisoning, metabolic conditions, a tumor of some kind, an infection on the nervous system, head trauma, or prosencephalon disease.

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