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Why Is My Cats Face Swollen

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Treatment Of Swelling In Cats

Swollen Face in Dogs

Appropriate treatment will vary greatly depending on the type of issue that is found in the cat. Some swelling will reduce on its own, while other cases will require complicated procedures to fix fluid imbalances. Below are some frequently used treatments in incidents of swelling.


Prescriptions for antibiotics will be given if bacterial infection is found in the cat. Antibiotics help rid the cats body of harmful bacteria. Prescriptions last from one to four weeks on average.

Antifungal Medication If fungal infection is diagnosed, antifungal medication can reduce swelling by eliminating the fungal infection.

Cancer Treatments

If the cause of swelling is determined to be cancer, many treatment options are available. Surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy are all useful in treating cancer in cats.


A prescription for diuretics can help alleviate generalized swelling within a cat if caused by excesss fluid.

Specific Medication;

Many different underlying issues can be treated with various medication therapies . Length of treatment and side effects will vary depending on the medication prescribed.

Warnings For Cat Care

Always try to examine the eye before attempting any remedies. Sometimes an object may be lodged in the eye. If this is the case, do not attempt to remove it yourself. Take your cat to your vet.

Do not medicate a cat’s swollen eye with antibiotic cream or eye drops that are not for cats. There are specific medications for cats, and using human eye drops may damage the cat’s eye further. Additionally, some topical ointments can cause further discomfort to a cat.

Be aware that cat eye infections may not respond to antibiotics.

Lymphatic Skin Or Oral Cavity Cancer

Oral masses affect all animals, of any age, breed, species. Sometimes the development of an abscess is completely benign, and other times, its an early sign of cancer.

Causes of feline oral masses are not predictable or known, which is why its important to gain the professional opinion of your cats veterinarian if you find suspicious swelling. You wont know if the swollen lip is a tumor or not until you visit your vets office where theyll likely perform a biopsy .

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Cat Nose Swollen By Foreign Bodies

A foreign body entering the cat’s nasal passage is one of the most common reasons why their nose is swollen. Cats love to explore and smell anything. As is their reputation, a cat’s curiosity can get them into trouble. They may push their face into or inhale something which causes them significant damage. The foreign object may be of varying sizes, but anything stuck in the sinuses is not good. Some of the most common objects which get lodged in a cat’s nose include:

  • Seeds
  • Insects
  • Sand/dirt

We may be first alerted to a dog’s swollen nose, something which will likely happen when they have a foreign body stuck in their nose. There may also be mucus secretions which accompany the problem. We will need to look at the upper respiratory tract to see if anything is there. However, we should try to invasive which could cause further harm.

What Causes A Sudden Swollen Face In Cats

Possible Reasons Why Your Cat Has a Swollen Abdomen or ...

There are many illnesses that could inflict a cat, but theres nothing as baffling as a sudden swollen face. Its also equally alarming to see your beloved face have normal features one moment and have disturbingly disfigured facial features the next. The swollen face syndrome is more common with outdoor cats and for good reason. While indoor cats tend to be categorized as more docile, outdoor cats are generally more hostile and prone to injury. This is because outdoor cats actually have a natural tendency to fight with other outdoor cats. If there arent any cats around to fight with, they will actually go and search for a fight to satisfy their whim. Even when an outdoor cat is generally docile, it can still get provoked from another feline looking for an altercation.

This cat-fight tendency is actually one of the biggest causes of the swollen face syndrome in cats. To explain in medical terms, we can describe that facial swelling to be a facial abscess . Abscesses are usually indicative of an infection, and a cat-fight abscess is most commonly the result of a cat bite injury to another cats head.

Once the entry wound is completely closed, the bacteria that are sitting inside the wound gets cut off from oxygen. The most common bacteria that thrive in cats mouths is the Pasteurella multocida, which actually thrive in environments that are devoid of oxygen. Once this happens, then the inevitable also occursan infection develops.

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What Is Cat Scratch Disease

Cat scratches and bites can cause cat scratch disease, a bacterial infection carried in cat saliva. Research suggests a cat may get these bacteria from fleas. The bacteria are passed from an infected cat to a human after the cat licks an open wound or bites or scratches human skin hard enough to break the surface of the skin. Kittens younger than one year of age are more likely to scratch, increasing the likelihood of infection.

When Bacteria Get To The Root Of Your Cat’s Teeth

Many a cat is brought to the veterinary office because of a sudden swelling under one of their eyes, possibly accompanied by a decrease in their energy level and appetite.

Though its not always the case, these swellings are often the result of a tooth root abscess an infection that occurs at the base of the tooth, under the gumline.A tooth root abscess is easily confirmed on dental x-rays. An abscess happens when bacteria gain access to the deeper structures of the tooth, where the local environment can be ideal for bacterial growth. The infection causes inflammation and starts to erode the tooth structures.As they would be for you, tooth root abscesses are painful for cats. They require treatment from your veterinarian and ideally sooner rather than later.

Safe pain medications and antibiotics can initially help to control the infection and pain, but ultimately anesthesia to evaluate and remove the offending tooth is necessary to truly help your cat.

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Medical Treatment For Rhinitis

Some of the most common medical treatments include:

1. Antibiotics for secondary bacterial infection

If the rhinitis is accompanied by a bacterial infection, antibiotics are prescribed to clear the infection and prevent symptoms from worsening.

2. Intravenous fluids & nutritional support

Cats who are resistant to eating and/or drinking water need fluids and nutritional support so their bodies have the strength to fight off infections and recover.

3. Nasal flush

A nasal flush may be indicated for cats with chronic rhinitis and can be used to dislodge blockages and debris a few times per year.6;This procedure will need to be completed by a vet as your cat will need to be sedated.

4. Corticosteroids for idiopathic rhinitis

If the cause of rhinitis cannot be determined, corticosteroids are often prescribed to reduce inflammation. Once secondary infections have been treated, a trial of oral steroids may be used to see if the rhinitis is responsive to corticosteroids. Most cases have been found to be responsive when the nasal airway has been flushed and antibiotic therapy administered.7

Cats that are responsive to corticosteroids should be transitioned to;inhaled steroids, such as fluticasone, with an;AeroKat* Chamber;for long term management.

5. Antifungal medications

If a fungus is causing rhinitis in your cat, antifungal medications are prescribed to treat it.

6. Surgery or other medical interventions

Help Your Cat Manage Their Symptoms

4 Months of Mystery Face Swelling Solved! Gone in 3 Days

If you suspect your cat is suffering from rhinitis, be sure to take them to the vet for a thorough examination. Although rhinitis is common in cats, it is important to determine what is causing your cats symptoms so their condition can be treated and managed.

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Heres Why Your Cats Lip Is Swollen

Cat behavior can be somewhat of a mystery for even the most dedicated cat lovers. Sometimes those behaviors lead to physical manifestations that puzzle us. Have a cat with swelling on the upper or lower lip? To help your vet, check first if it is a swollen lower lip or upper lip swollen. That will help your vet work out what to do, such as giving anti inflammatory drugs, and the exact cause.

Dont ignore it, but its a common occurrence, and its not a mystery. Have your vet check out your cats health, and in the meantime, check out some of the symptoms you may need to deal with here while waiting for medical attention.

What Will My Veterinarian Do

Your veterinarian first needs to determine the cause of the swelling. Unless the cause is obvious from a visual examination, diagnostic tests are required. Typically, diagnostic tests include intraoral radiographs and some form of cell or tissue sampling of the oral swelling. Additional laboratory tests such as a complete blood count and a serum biochemistry profile may also be performed.

“Your veterinarian first needs to determine the cause of the swelling.”

Most often, a general anesthetic is required to obtain a sample of an oral swelling or oral mass. Various techniques include a fine needle aspiration or a biopsy. Your veterinarian will recommend the sampling technique best suited for your cat.

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What Causes Itching On The Back Of A Cats Neck

The most common are: Fleas: these tiny insects jump from host to host and bite the skin to feed on blood. This process causes itching and it is common to result in wounds or alopecia. The lumbosacral area of the small of the back and neck are most commonly affected.

Cats Teeth As Im Sure You Are Aware Are Long And Sharp

My Cats Face Is Swollen

Cats mouths, like all mouths, have large populations of bacteria. When a cat bites, bacteria are injected deep into the tissues that are bitten.

Because cat teeth are like needles, the entry wound caused by a cat bite will be small and may heal quickly. At first, a cat bite does not seem like a big deal. But when the entry wound heals, the bacteria introduced by the bite are cut off from oxygen. Thats a good thing for them, but not the individual who has been bitten. A common type of bacteria in cats mouths, Pasteurella multocida, thrives in environments where there is no oxygen. A raging infection often occurs.

One to three days after the bite, the infection may begin to manifest itself. The area will become swollen, and it often will be painful. Some, but not all, cats may become lethargic and lose their appetites. Some cats may have a fever.

These early abscesses can be hard to diagnose. The entry wounds may have healed, leaving no sign of a cat fight. The classic pus pocket that occurs later in the development of an abscess wont be there. Im guessing this was the case when Jamies cat was evaluated by the vet.

As the abscess progresses, the body sends white blood cells to the area to fight the infection. They become overwhelmed and die. Dead white blood cells in large quantities are what pus is made of. Therefore, as an abscess matures a palpable pocket of fluid pus develops.

Learn more about your cat with Catster:

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How To Prevent Cat Abscesses

Regular dental care is key to helping prevent dental abscesses from forming. Some cats have more problems than others with dental disease but keeping their teeth clean can help prevent abscesses.

Keeping cats indoors will help prevent bite wound abscesses. This isn’t always possible of course but a cat can’t get a bite wound without another animal being around so it is the best way to prevent them.

Who Is At Risk For Cat Scratch Disease

Factors that can increase your risk for getting cat scratch disease include:

  • Being around cats on a routine basis, especially kittens that are more playful and apt to accidentally scratch you
  • Not cleaning scratches or bites from a cat as soon as you get them
  • Allowing a cat to lick any open wounds that you have
  • Being around a flea infestation

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Specialist Vet Services In Sydney

If your cat has an abscess, its important it receives adequate care at a veterinary hospital. For a range of veterinary services for your pet, speak to our specialist vets at Sydney Veterinary Emergency & Specialists today. Contact us for emergency veterinarian services and after hours care. Call us on 9197 5800, or learn more about our services.

When To See A Veterinarian

Rescued Cat Huge Abscess ~ Day #1

Any swelling, especially if it occurs randomly and within the facial area, should be checked out by a veterinarian immediately. Because a swollen lip can indicate several different underlying medical conditions, all varying severity, its best to know what youre up against.

If initial diagnosis reveals your cat isnt suffering from anything life-threatening or especially painful, you may choose to not visit the vet again when/if swelling occurs again. However, it should be noted, that if the quality of your pets life at any point degrades as a result of chronic facial swelling, consider talking to their vet about options.

While some animals suffer seasonal allergies just as we do and are likely to experience moderate to mild discomfort but no pain, some may have specific allergies that are likely to cause swelling and discomfort.

Allergies that may affect your cat year-round are more important to treat as they could begin to alter their lifestyles negatively. The discomfort of an allergic reaction may cause them to become inactive and possibly depressed.

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Cat Nose Swollen By Allergies

Inflammation is one of the main symptoms of an allergic reaction in cats. The cat’s nose and face are no exception. Depending on the type of allergy, the inflammation can spread to other areas. If the allergen is airborne, the nose and mouth may swell first when inhaled by the cat. This is similar to when the cat suffers a food allergy, since the allergens will come in contact with their mouth and face first.

Generally, all cat allergies will present the following symptoms:

  • Localized erythema
  • Fever
  • Death

The severity of swelling and other symptoms depends on exposure time and amount of allergens present. This is a veterinary emergency, so take the animal to a clinic ASAP if you recognize the symptoms.

Head And Facial Swelling In Cats

Head and facial swelling in cats have several possible causes from mild and self-limiting to life-threatening.

Any type of head or facial swelling must be evaluated by a veterinarian, while some causes are mild and self-limiting, there are several serious pathologies associated with swelling on the head or face.

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What Are The Complications Of Cat Scratch Fever

Most healthy people dont have complications from cat scratch fever. However, people whose immune systems are weak can have complications such as:

  • Bacillary angiomatosis.;A skin disorder characterized by red, elevated lesions surrounded by a scaly ring. This condition may become a more widespread disorder that involves internal organs.;
  • Parinaud’s oculoglandular syndrome. A condition that involves a red, irritated and painful eye similar to conjunctivitis , fever, and swollen lymph nodes in front of the ear on the same side

What Is The Prognosis For My Cat

Why Is My Cat Sneezing?

The ultimate outcome will depend on the underlying cause. In case of cysts, trauma, and infection, the swelling will usually be cured with veterinary treatment. In cases of cancer, a biopsy will determine how likely the cancer is to respond to surgical therapy.

Contributors: Lorraine Hiscox DVM FAVD Dip. AVDC; Jan Bellows, DVM, Dipl. AVDC, ABVP

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Why Does My Cat Have A Soft Lump On His Neck

Soft lump on a cats neck. On the other hand, a lump which is soft and malleable to the touch might be an abscess. An abscess is an accumulation of pus and other fluid under the cats skin. These lumps occur due to the bodys reaction to an infection. Bacteria may enter the skin either through a pore or a wound which has appeared.

Chemotherapy And Radiation For Cancer

Diagnosis of cancer is the initial step before attempting to treat anything. This will usually involve ruling out any of other possible causes for the facial swelling in cats and then attempting to locate the tumor. Its important to note that growths can be cancerous or benign.

Since your cat is already experiencing a swollen lip, its likely this will take a lot of guesswork out of the diagnosis for the veterinarian staff and they will perform a few x-rays to better locate the tumor.

Depending on whether lymphoma or another form of cancer, whether its skin or oral, your veterinarian will utilize both or either chemotherapy as well as radiation.

While both of these terms are frightening to hear, especially in relation to your beloved pet, but these treatments are designed and personalized based on your pets need while limiting any disruption to their quality of life.

Treating cancer will involved settled visits to the vet in which you will drop them off and pick them back up; during their time with the veterinary staff, the animal will be given a physical to review how their dealing with the therapy, blood samples will be taken to ascertain their white blood cell count, and then medications will be administered. These drop off appointments, happening once to twice a week, will continue until the prognosis looks positive.

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