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Best Friend Ft Doja Cat

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Formation And Early Years

Saweetie – Best Friend (feat. Doja Cat) [Official Music Video]

Warner Bros. returned to the record business on March 19, 1958 with the establishment of its own recording division, Warner Bros. Records. By this time, the established studios were reeling from multiple challenges to their former dominancethe most notable being the introduction of television in the late 1940s. Legal changes also had a major impact on their businesslawsuits brought by major stars had effectively overthrown the old studio contract system by the late 1940s and, beginning in 1949, anti-trust suits brought by the U.S. government forced the five major studios to divest their cinema chains.

In 1956, and sold their interest in the studio and the board was joined by new members who favored a renewed expansion into the music businessCharles Allen of the investment bank Charles Allen & Company, of the and investor David Baird. Semenenko in particular had a strong professional interest in the entertainment business and he began to push Jack Warner on the issue of setting up an ‘in-house’ record label. With the record business booming sales had topped US$500 million by 1958 Semnenko argued that it was foolish for Warner Bros. to make deals with other companies to release its soundtracks when, for less than the cost of one motion picture, they could establish their own label, creating a new income stream that could continue indefinitely and provide an additional means of exploiting and promoting its contract actors.

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Musical Style And Themes

Doja Cat’s music has been described as ,,, and . When asked about her legacy, Doja Cat revealed that in future she would like to be remembered for her versatility in not only music but also and dance. Her second full-length studio album, Hot Pink, is built with her own beats as well as a series of videos written and conceived by herself. She claimed the era was a firm restart for her career, and the most “refined, chiseled” representation of herself. Her escapist fantasy worldview is reflected in the music by its upbeat style. The record was inspired by some drastic lifestyle changes including an “illuminating” acid trip which made her quit smoking cigarettes and marijuana.

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Icy And Other Ventures

Saweetie Doja Cat

Saweetie released her second major label EP, Icy, on March 29, 2019. Its first single, “”, written by Saweetie and produced by , samples “” by . Debuting on the Billboard Hot 100 at number 81, It was Saweetie’s first song to enter the Hot 100. “My Type” peaked at number 21, becoming Saweetie’s first top-40 hit on the Billboard Hot 100. A remix of the song featuring and was released on August 23, 2019. “My Type” hit number 1 on the Rhythmic Radio charts in September 2019 and was later certified double platinum in the U.S.

In September 2019, Saweetie collaborated with to launch a 59-piece clothing collection, PrettyLittleThing x Saweetie. She said the theme of the was “a rich girl enjoying the finer things in life. I want to show the boys and girls that if you hustle hard your work will pay off.” It debuted during . Saweetie appeared on VH1’s on January 28, 2020, as a guest performer, performing “My Type”.

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Doja Cat And Saweetie Release Best Friend

On Thursday , Doja Cat and Saweetie have released the music video of their single titled Best Friend.

This is their first song together as they havent collaborated on a music project in the past.

Since the release of Best Friend on YouTube, the video has amassed an impressive 3.4 million views and the figure and the likes for the song keep rising.

The song starts with the lyrics Thats my best friend she a real bad b***h but are Doja Cat and Saweetie best friends in real life as the lyrics of the song suggest?

Fans React To Best Friend

Fans have a lot of love for Doja Cat and Saweeties first single and many have said that they are a pretty good duo.

One fan reacted: After watching the Best Friend music video, I need to find me a @Saweetie to my @DojaCat.

Another follower made a reference to Doja Cat and Saweeties zodiac signs and tweeted: Doja Cat being a Libra and Saweetie being Cancer. like cmon now Best Friend is about me and Aida. You cant even tell me otherwise!

Check out more reactions down below.

Saweetie and Doja Cat came out with a song called Best Friendcalling it now that itll be part of TikToks next trend.

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Breakthrough With Hot Pink

A remix version of Doja Cat’s song “Juicy”, from the deluxe version of Amala, added a verse from American rapper and was released alongside a music video in August 2019 as the lead single from her second studio album. Following the release of the remix, the song debuted at number 83 on the Billboard Hot 100, marking Doja Cat’s first entry on the chart, and ultimately peaked at number 41. The would later award the song a certification in the United States. The song’s success led to Amala debuting for the first time on the Billboard 200 chart that same month. In October 2019, Doja Cat released “Bottom Bitch”, the second single from her second album. This was followed by the release of the single “” alongside the announcement of her second studio album .Hot Pink was released on November 7, 2019, to generally favorable reviews. The album would eventually peak at number 9 on the Billboard 200. Doja Cat was meant to feature on a track titled “Broward Coward” from an early version of American rapper ‘s fourth studio album, , however the song was ultimately scrapped when the album tracklist was completely revised for its posthumous release in December 2019. She later released the single “” as part of for the 2020 film .

Hot Pink

Are Doja Cat And Saweetie Best Friends In Real Life New Song Has Fans Intrigued

Saweetie – Best Friend (Lyric Video) ft. Doja Cat

Fans are wondering whether Doja Cat and Saweetie are best friends in real life following the release of their single Best Friend.

In the celebrity world, relationships and friendships are always of interest to their devoted fans.

Doja Cat and Saweetie have released their first single together, titled Best Friend, prompting many of their fans to question whether they are actually true besties in real life.

Heres the friendship of the two stars explored.

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    Stage Name And Persona

    As a teenager in 2012, Doja Cat gained her stage name from one of her cats as well as her favorite of , stating, “I was heavily addicted to weed and , so when I began rapping I thought of the word ‘doja’ and how it sounds like a girl’s name.” She has since expressed slight disdain towards the name and the persona that it carries, stating in November 2021 that “my image was the pothead girl, and I’m not that.”

    Are Doja Cat And Saweetie Best Friends

    Video: Saweetie

    Based on what theyve said about each other in previous interviews, it looks like Doja Cat and Saweetie are friends in real life.

    Saweetie previously spoke of her love for Doja Cat, calling her talented and someone who works super hard just what a true bestie would say, right?

    I love Doja Cat, I met her about two years ago, Saweetie told Extra TV. Ive always been a fan of her work, she works super hard, shes talented.

    I think this record fits perfectly for us because it reminds me of independent women but in a different way. Its empowering, its fun, its sexy but it still talks about some real stuff, and I feel like were missing a best friend anthem so I think me and her just fit perfectly for it.

    • TRENDING: Amanda Ensing faces backlash over Twitter posts

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    Facts About Best Friend

    At first Warner Brothers prematurely released this track, at least according to Saweetie, on 4 December 2020. But its official release date is actually 7 January 2021. And it is featured on Saweeties first full-length, Pretty Bi**h Music.

    Music video director Dave Meyers put together the official clip to this song. It most notably features what has been referred to as a bedazzled Tesla.

    This marks Saweeties first collaboration with Doja Cat, with both artists hailing from California. The two ladies also co-wrote the song in conjunction with A1 LaFlare, SupaKaine, Theron Thomas and the tracks two producers, Dr. Luke and Rocco Valdes .

    Present: Pretty Bitch Music

    Saweetie released the lead single, “”, from her upcoming debut album, , on June 20, 2020. The single peaked at number 20 on the Billboard Hot 100, becoming her first top-20 single and her first song to enter the , peaking at number 38. In September 2020, the single reached number one on ‘s Urban Radio Chart as well as the Billboard x US and Global charts. The track was Saweetie’s second single to reach Billboard’s Hot 100. In August 2020, Saweetie released a of the single, “Tap In Remix”, that featured rappers , and . This was followed by the promotional single “Pretty Bitch Freestyle” on July 2, 2020.

    On July 31, 2020, Saweetie appeared alongside American rapper on the song “Bussin 2.0”, with a music video premiering the same day. On August 6, 2020, she was featured on ‘s song, “”, alongside . On October 23, 2020, she released “”, featuring , which serves as the second single from Pretty Bitch Music. The album’s third single, “”, featuring , was released on January 7, 2021. The full album is expected to be released in 2022.

    In 2020, Saweetie was added to ‘ Music list and ‘s Hitmakers Impact list. In March 2020, she embarked on her first beauty collaboration by becoming the face of the KISS Colors edge fixer glue in the Edge Fixer Glued x Saweetie collection. In October 2020, she launched her own content series, Icy University.

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    Saweetie And Doja Cats Relationship

    Saweetie and Doja dont seem to have had much of an actual friendship prior to this song. Yes, they are both from the Golden State but two completely-different areas, with Doja hailing from L.A. and Saweetie, Santa Clara, which is nearly 400 miles away. However, Saweetie has pointed out that she love Doja Cat. Moreover the two of them met a couple of years prior to this track being released. And as we have alluded to earlier, the rapper has also put forth that the purpose of Best Friend is to serve as a female empowerment tune. Additionally it is meant to be a best friend anthem.

    Career Beginnings And Record Deal

    Saweetie – Best Friend (feat. Doja Cat, Jamie & CHANMINA) [Official Lyric Video]

    Doja Cat has described life after dropping out of school as “messy”, claiming that she slept on the floor and spent “all night and day” browsing the internet, looking for beats and instrumentals from which she downloaded and used to create her own music. After becoming fascinated with and websites like and , she taught herself to sing, rap and use while at home without a job, frequently making music and uploading it to . In late 2012, “” became the first permanent upload on her SoundCloud account. Doja Cat began her career in the Los Angeles scene, performing at parties and cyphers, and connecting with rappers such as , Ill Camille and VerBS, the latter of whom claims to have helped hone her craft and find her first gig. It was during this time that she met producer Jerry “Tizhimself” Powell, who’d stumbled upon her SoundCloud account. He introduced her to record producer , who invited her to record at his studio in the neighbourhood of , which also served as “an oasis of sorts for Doja to escape from the turmoil at home”. Yeti Beats then connected her with , an imprint of , where she signed in March 2014 under label executive and his publishing company Prescription Songs at the age of 17. This deal also came with a temporary artist management partnership with .

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    Early Life And Education

    Diamonté Quiava Valentin Harper was born on July 2, 1993, in , to Trinidad Valentin, who is of and heritage, and Johnny Harper, who is African-American. She grew up in , , attending in and graduating from in . She began writing music at age 13. After high school, she attended , where she studied communications and before transferring to the , where she completed her degree and received a in . After graduating, she began to focus on her rap career.

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