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Blue Weight Control Cat Food Reviews

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Halo Holistic Wild Salmon & Whitefish Grain

Blue Buffalo Carnivora Cat Food | Chewy

To ensure that your cat gets the highest quality nutrition while still losing weight, consider this Halo Holistic Wild Salmon & Whitefish Grain-Free Healthy Weight Indoor Recipe. This recipe features a holistic formula made with premium proteins like salmon and whitefish as well as digestible grain-free carbohydrates and supplemental sources of fiber. It contains dried fruits and vegetables for a boost of healthy nutrition as well as beneficial supplements like chelated minerals and probiotics. Overall, it provides 32% protein and 5% fiber at under 400 calories per cup.

  • Pros: Holistic natural recipe, premium animal proteins, grain-free carbohydrates, supplemental fiber, dried fruits and vegetables, chelated minerals and probiotics
  • Cons: Could be lower in fat content, contains some soy protein

What Is Blue Buffalo

Since its founding, Blue Buffalo has prided itself in creating pet food for dogs and cats with the healthiest of natural ingredients.

While the company sells a wide range of different foods and treats to meet your cats specific nutritional needs, based on his or her age, lifestyle, and overall health, Blue Buffalo stands out from other pet food brands because all of its recipes feature meat as the first ingredient, complemented by wholesome grains, fruits, and vegetables. The food also includes what the company calls antioxidant-rich lifesource bits, which are a blend of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals selected by veterinarians and animal nutritionists to support your cats immune system, life stage requirements, and oxidative balance.

According to Blue Buffalo, all ingredients are carefully selected from global sources, but the food itself is manufactured in the United States at one of its two manufacturing facilities in Missouri and Indiana. All food undergoes a six-point quality check to ensure quality, safety, and compliance with the nutrient requirements outlined by the Association of American Feed Control Officials and the Global Nutrition Committee of the World Small Animal Veterinary Association . The company also third-party lab tests its food.

Lite/light Cat Food Vs Cat Food With Reduced Calories

Cat food labeled Lite or Light, contains low-level calories per gram. Compared to cat foods labeled Less Fat or Reduced Calories, the former would often contain fewer calories compared to the latter.

So, if your fat cat just needs to lose a few pounds, then you might want to try cat foods with reduced calories. If your cat, however, is overweight or obese, then Lite cat foods might work best since they contain fewer calories. Then again, it is still best to consult your vet.

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Solid Gold Fit As A Fiddle Grain

Our Top Pick for the Best Grain-Free Cat Food for Weight Loss: If you prefer to feed your cat grain-free food, this Solid Gold Fit as a Fiddle Grain-Free Adult Dry Cat Food is a great option. It is designed for weight control but is still loaded with healthy, high-quality ingredients like fresh Alaskan pollock, chickpeas, turkey, and chicken. This formula is grain-free to reduce the risk of food allergies and supplemented with fresh fruits and vegetables as natural sources for key nutrients. It contains a full 30% protein and just 8% to 10% fat and 9% fiber.

  • Pros: Holistic recipe made with grain-free ingredients, weight control, high in protein and fiber, low in fat and calories, fresh fruits and vegetables, probiotics
  • Cons: Some cats may be sensitive to chicken ingredients, no chelated minerals

Is Wet Or Dry Cat Food Better For Weight Loss

Blue Buffalo Blue Wilderness Adult Weight Control Chicken ...

Canned cat food has fewer calories and is better for weight loss when fed on a controlled cat diet. Cats with urinary issues. When fed a canned diet, cats get more hydration out of canned food, which is wet. Cats with constipation issues also do better when fed a canned diet, as these diets contain more moisture.

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Blues Healthy Gourmet With Chicken For Adults

The main stars of this recipe are chicken meat, chicken liver, and chicken broth. The formula is also packed with varied vitamins , Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, and lots of minerals.

What my cats adore in the moist Meaty Morsels formula is the perfectly balanced texture not too flaky or paste-like.

Of course, we all know each kitty is unique. As such, I cant really tell you if your pet will adore the texture of this formula, but you should still give it a try. The real meat, antioxidant-rich fruits, and fiber-rich vegetables are crucial for every indoor cat. Overall, this wet cat food is moist, healthy, holistic, and delicious.

Plus, you can get it in a variety of other flavors too. If your kitty isnt into the morsels, opt for the flaked chicken or the pate.

How Can You Get Your Overweight Cat To Exercise More

Increasing your cats activity is a great way to encourage healthy weight loss. One way to get your cat to exercise more is to start feeding him using an interactive toy or feeding mat the added benefit of these toys is the mental stimulation your cat gets from them. You can also just take it upon yourself to play with your cat more often using a laser pointer, ribbon, or other toys that your cat will want to chase.

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Blue Buffalo Cat Food Review Summary

  • Overall CatFoodDB has reviewed 114 BLUE Buffalo cat food products.Together they average 5.4 / 10 paws,which makes BLUE Buffalo a below average overall cat food brandwhen compared to all the other brands in our database.
  • The 69 reviewed wet foods scored on average 5.9 / 10 paws,making BLUE Buffaloa below average wet cat food brandwhen compared against all other wet food manufacturer’s products.
  • The 45 reviewed dry foods scored on average 4.8 / 10 paws,making BLUE Buffaloan average dry cat food brandwhen compared against all other dry food manufacturer’s products.

At CatFoodDB, we calculate two scores for each product, each represented from 1 – 5 paws.The first score represents the quality of the ingredients in the product.The second score represents our analysis of the product’s published nutritional information.The 2 ratings are then added together to give each product a final score between 2-10 paws.For more information on our cat food analysis techniques, please .

Please note that CatFoodDB may earn a small commission on purchases made via links on this site. Thanks for your support!

What Is The Right Amount Of Blue Buffalo That I Should Feed My Cat

Healthy cat food | Royal canin Fit 32 Review

Blue Buffalos products have varying feeding recommendations, so always check the label on the product youre buying.

If youre introducing Blue Buffalo to your cat for the first time, follow our feeding guide, and start by mixing 25 percent with your cats old food, before gradually increasing from there.

Individual pets requirements vary from feeding recommendations thanks to factors like age, size, environment, and activity level. When in doubt, always ask your veterinarian to ensure your cats diet is supporting optimal body condition.

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What Are The Dangers Of Obesity For Cats

If your cat is carrying around a few extra pounds, hes not alone.

According to a 2011 study published by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention , more than 50% of cats are either overweight or obese. Just because your cat is in good company, however, doesnt mean that you shouldnt be concerned. Obesity is very dangerous for cats.

Here are some of the risks associated with overweight and obesity in cats:

  • Being overweight or obese increases your cats risk of developing disease and can greatly reduce life expectancy. A 2.8-fold increase in mortality can be seen in obese cats in the 8-12 age range.
  • Obesity puts a great deal of strain on your cats bones and joints which can increase his risk for osteoarthritis and other joint problems.
  • Being obese greatly increases your cats risk of type 2 diabetes .
  • Overweight and obesity can increase your cats blood pressure as well as his risk for develop cardiovascular disease.
  • Excess fat in the chest and abdomen can restrict your cats ability to breathe normally this also reduces his heat and exercise tolerance.
  • Overweight and obese cats have a higher risk for urinary tract disease and bladder stones.
  • Obesity can negatively affect both heart and lung function which makes surgery and other procedures that require anesthesia a greater risk.

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How Do You Put A Cat On A Diet

If you want to lose weight, you probably eat less. Unfortunately, putting a cat on a diet is not quite that simple. If you drastically reduce the amount of food youre feeding an obese cat, you put him at risk for developing a dangerous liver disease called hepatic lipidosis. The best way to put a cat on a diet is to switch to a cat food with less fat and calories or to slowly reduce the amount you feed the cat.

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Ways To Help A Cat Lose Weight

Unfortunately, your cat probably doesnt know he is overweight and, if he does, he doesnt care. You cant just tell your cat he needs to watch what he eats you need to help him lose weight.

But how do you create a cat weight loss program that actually works?

The key to helping your cat lose weight is a combination of two things reducing his caloric intake and bumping up his exercise. You want to make sure your cat is still getting enough calories and nutrients to stay healthy, but you want to encourage some healthy activity to burn off the extra weight.

Here are 7 ways to help your cat lose weight:

  • Choose a high-quality cat food with a lower calorie content than your cats current food this enables you to keep feeding your cat the same volume of food while reducing his caloric intake.
  • Switch to a cat food with a lower fat percentage fat is the most highly concentrated source of calories for your cat, so lowering the fat content of his food will reduce calorie content as well.
  • Increase the amount of wet food or raw food in your cats diet these foods are high in protein and low in carbohydrates which makes them less calorically dense than most carbohydrate-based foods.
  • Choose a dry cat food that is high in fiber high-fiber cat foods tend to be more filling, so your cat doesnt feel hungry despite eating less food.
  • Before you start taking steps to help your cat lose weight, you should talk to your veterinarian.

    What To Look For In A Cat Food For Weight Loss

    Blue Buffalo Natural Veterinary Cat Food (Dry) Review And ...

    Obesity is a common concern in the United States for both pets and people. In fact, obesity is considered the most common preventable disease in cats, according to VCA Animal Hospitals.

    When it comes to helping a cat lose weight, many pet owners are at a loss for what to do. One thing you can do fairly easily is switch to a cat food designed for weight loss.

    Here are some things to look for in a good cat food for weight loss:

    • Complete and nutritionally balanced
    • Moderate to high dietary fiber content
    • Beneficial supplements

    If these requirements look familiar, theres a good reason your cats basic nutritional requirements dont change no matter how much he weighs. Hes still an obligate carnivore, so his diet should be primarily meat-based with limited carbohydrate content.

    The main thing that changes between regular cat food and cat food for weight loss is the calorie and fat content as well as the types of ingredients. For example, many weight loss cat foods focus on lean and low-calorie proteins like chicken or fish. A regular cat food might have anywhere from 14 to 18% fat while a cat food for weight loss might be between 10% and 12%.

    Rather than cutting your cats food intake too severely, it is better to help him lose weight slowly by switching to a cat food that supports weight loss. Keep reading to see our top 10 picks for the best cat food for overweight cats.

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    The Skinny On The Blue Buffalo Cat Food Recall

    Here’s the deal:

    The Blue Buffalo company was in the news recentlyand not exactly for a good reason. Unfortunately, the company had to recall some of their dog food lines formulated with beef meat. This recent recall happened in 2017.

    In 2015, the company also had to recall a single series of cat foods and treats, and once before that in 2007. Both of these recalls happened because testing revealed that the cat products contained high levels of a potentially toxic substance known as melamine . These foods also tested positive for low amounts of propylene glycol, which may also be toxic.

    Depending on your personality and risk-tolerance, you may well decide that any history of product recall means that you will swear off that company and its products forever. We’re not here to tell you that’s wrong, by the way, either. You’re a consumer who has the right to make personal decisions about where and how you spend your money

    and what you feed your adorable little feline friend! If you’re just not interested in Blue Buffalo, you’re absolutely welcome to go check out some of our other cat food brand reviews for more in-depth and comprehensive info.

    As far as the pet food manufacturing business goes, it’s really incredible when you learn how many steps are involved from start to finish. With so many moving parts, you’d almost wonder how more problems arise like the ones this company experienced in the past few years.

    Regarding these questions, Blue passes with flying colors.

    Why We Love It

    • HEALTHY WEIGHT CONTROL: Our Fit & Healthy weight management cat food provides moderate calories and is made with L-carnitine to help your adult cat achieve and maintain an ideal weight, and enriched fiber to help your cat feel fuller longer
    • NATURAL INGREDIENTS RECOMMENDED BY VETERINARIANS: BLUE True Solutions is a natural cat food made with the finest ingredients enhanced with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients and includes antioxidant-rich LifeSource Bits
    • STARTS WITH HIGH-QUALITY CHICKEN: This healthy weight dry cat food is formulated with delicious, wholesome ingredients including fruits and vegetables to help manage your adult cats weight control, naturally

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    Blue Buffalo Indoor Hairball And Weight Control Cat Food

    Best cat food for hairball and weight control. Theres only one problem with this solution. Our top 5 picks for cat food for weight loss. Here we have another of the best wet cat foods for weight loss in purinas pro plan weight management formula.

    It gets the ball rolling by listing deboned chicken as the first ingredient to help keep muscles strong and lean. Blue buffalo weight control natural adult dry cat food. A cat food with a hairball control formula still needs to address all the dietary needs of your cat if its to be a worthy replacement for your current food.

    Greenies feline smartbites hairball control. 15 pounds | life stage: Those are some seriously impressive numbers for a weight loss cat food.

    If you have a hairball hacking tabby on a budget, we have found just the thing for you. Hills science diet adult perfect weight wet cat food. Blue adult indoor hairball control.

    Because it makes portion control effortless, its one of the best brands for overweight cats. You’re curled up on the couch after a long day at work when all of a sudden, your cat begins to hack and cough loudly in the corner. Iams cat hairball & weight control food | proactive health.

    Quick navigation best cat food for hairballs comparison. In our experience, royal canin feline health hairball is the best cat food for hairballs providing your cat gets enough moisture from other sources. Purina pro plan canned wet cat food.

    Cat Food for Hairballs IAMS ProActive Health Hairball

    Pin on Cat Food

    Benefits: No Observed Weight Loss But Need More Time

    Chicken Soup For The Soul Cat Food | Chewy

    In addition to its well-rounded nutritional value, this cat food is advertised as helping cats lose or maintain a healthy body weight. For weight reduction, the brand recommends ¼ to ½ cup or ½ to ¾ cup . If weight maintenance is your goal, ½ to ¾ cup is recommended for 5- to 9-pound cats and ¾ to 1 cup is the range for 10- to 14-pound cats.

    Our tester reported that he hadnt specifically noticed weight loss in his cat as a direct response to testing this food over the period of a few weeks, but also acknowledged that it may take more time.

    Interested in reading more reviews? Take a look at our selection of the best healthy cat treats.

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    Blue Buffalo Life Protection Dry Adult Cat Food Vs Hill’s Science Diet Adult Perfect Weight Dry Cat Food

    Science Diet, a cat and dog food label owned by Hill’s Pet Nutrition, also offers a dry food for adult cats thats engineered to help with weight loss or maintaining a healthy weight. Both foods are free of meat byproducts and feature chicken as their first ingredient they also contain L-carnitine, a naturally occurring amino acid derivative that’s often used as a weight loss supplement. Additionally, both foods are free of artificial flavors or preservatives. The main difference in terms of ingredients is that Science Diets version contains corn and wheat, while Blue Buffalos version does not. There is also a difference in price: a 15-pound bag of Science Diets food costs around $40, while a 15-pound bag of Blue Buffalos food can be found for around $35.

    Take a peek at some of the other best premium dry cat foods you can buy.

    Buy it if it fits your cats needs

    Our tester felt that because this food was more expensive than the comparable healthy weight-branded food he traditionally feeds his cat, he wouldnt go out of his way to buy it unless his vet recommended it. However, he had a different take on the food itself: In terms of our cat liking the product, I would buy it again.

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