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Can Cats Get Addicted To Catnip

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Can Cat Overdose On Catnip Conclusion

Cat Addicted To Catnip

As a cat owner, you should know about catnip, its benefits, and its disadvantages. Before using it, you should have a rough idea of how to use it.

You should also have an idea of how often you can provide the catnip to your cat. As well as keep in mind the quantity. I would suggest you stimulate your cat with catnip toys, instead of oral consumption.

Providing catnip is something extra you can do for your cat, whether you want to stimulate or make your furry friend happy. Although it wont make your cat addicted and wont hurt the health, I do not see any reason to give it every day. As Ive already said, everyday consumption will lead to insensitiveness.

Catnip has some negative parts, but the best thing is that all of the negatives will vanish within 10 to 15 minutes. Catnip is a stimulating drug, but at the same time, it is a non-toxic and not addicted. You can give your kitty catnip without fear because it is very safe.

All in your hands. Give your kitty what is needed and not more. Keep in mind all the points mentioned above and then go ahead. She will get all the benefits of catnip. You and your cat will enjoy the catnip. Be Focused and Be Safe.

Is Catnip Tea Safe For Cats

Catnip is not the sole reserve of felines. As per Natural Products Chemistry and Research, catnip has mild sedative qualities. The herb is often applied to human teas to aid sleep and relaxation.

As long as this tea is caffeine-free, its safe for cats. Obviously, it needs to cool down first. Never offer a cat hot tea. You also cannot add milk or sugar.

This drink may be helpful to encourage fussy cats to hydrate. Its better than dropping catnip in water. As much as cats will like the scent, catnip will taint the water from their perspective.

Can I Put Catnip In My Cats Food

You can sprinkle catnip into feline food. This may tempt a fussy cat into eating. The smell of the catnip will prove irresistible. The cat will quickly eat to enjoy the benefits of this herb.

If doing this, use a small amount of catnip. Aim for just enough to tantalize your cats nose. Remember, consuming catnip makes a cat sleepy. Food does the same. You want your cat to eat a full meal, though.

If the cat consumes a large amount of catnip, it will immediately relax. This will likely result in an abandoned food dish. You may find yourself woken in the night by a hungry cat. Use just enough catnip to encourage eating, offering more afterward if necessary.

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How To Give Catnip To Your Kitty

What is catnip?

While catnip toys dominate pet store shelves, cats can actually become desensitized to catnip if theyre exposed to it too often, so you shouldnt leave catnip toys out all the time. On the other hand, catnip can make an excellent training aid.

Rub catnip on a scratching post to encourage your cat to use it rather than your furniture. Sprinkle catnip on a new pet bed for your kitty to know its for them. Sprinkle it in the cat carrier to make it less scary. If your cat loves catnip, you can get creative on how you reward your kitty with it.

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How To Give Catnip To Cats

You can give catnip to your cat in several different ways. I will discuss here some useful techniques and methods to provide catnip.

You can buy catnip in the form of the fresh plant, in dried format, as flakes, as pellets or in spray form. You can also grow catnip in your home.

The best way to use catnip is to buy refillable toys to put inside fresh catnip. When you give fresh catnip, just crush it a bit, more scent will be released. Your cat will be immediately attracted and will start enjoying it. If you can, make simple toys of your own and fill it with some catnip.

Fresh catnip can also be used in scratching posts by rubbing on it. When you do this, your feline friend will get attracted to the appropriate scratching spot. You will be maybe surprised to know that catnip can be used as a training aid also. Just rub catnip on areas where you need your kitty to be.

Another way of giving catnip is in spray format. The spray can be a worthy product for you. It is not like dried catnip, and it wont make the place untidy. But catnip spray is not that much powerful when compared to dried catnip. You can just use it to spray where you need your kitty to get attracted.

You can gift your loved one with solid catnip balls stuffed with the herb, and your cat will love to tire it off. Mainly your kittys focus will be on the catnip. Solid catnip balls are large, and she cant bounce it also. This type of stuffed balls is excellent as your cat can play, smell, and enjoy it.

How Long Does Catnip High Last

Catnip is an herb from the mint plant family. There is an essential oil in this plant that contains nepetalactone, which many cats are sensitive to.

The scent of this essential oil stimulates the catsvomeronasal gland thats found at the roof of their mouths. It sends a signal to their brain and activates feelings of euphoria or happiness.

The effects of catnip on felines happen almost instantly as it doesnt take much to stimulate their senses. The changes in their behavior usually last for around 10 minutes and then the catnips effects will gradually wear off.

After this, your cat will become temporarily immune to the influence of this plant. It might take anywhere between 30 mins to a few hours before it can work its magic again on your pet. But nonetheless, they have already associated that smell or taste with a happy feeling.

However, not all cats are affected by the scent of this fragrant herb. Cat experts say that felines responsiveness to catnip is hereditary and only about 50% of cats have this sensitivity. So, dont expect catnip to work on all cats.

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How To Make Catnip Tea For Cats

Cats arent the only ones that enjoy catnip. According to research, catnip has moderate sedative properties. The plant is frequently used in human drinks to help people sleep and relax.

This tea is safe for cats as long as it is caffeine-free. It must, of course, cool off first. Never give a cat a cup of hot tea. You cant use milk or sugar, either.

This drink could be useful for getting finicky cats to drink more water. Its preferable than putting catnip in the water.

Catnip tea is a healthy and pleasant treat for your cat, produced by steeping catnip leaves in boiling water and then pouring over ice.

Follow this recipe to make catnip tea for your little feline friend. You may make slight changes to this recipe if you wish to.


  • 1 tablespoon of dried catnip
  • 2 cups of water
  • In a tea steeper, place dried catnip.
  • Boil the water and pour it over the catnip.
  • Allow three to five minutes for steeping.
  • Drain and cool in a jar, or drain over ice and serve.

Before serving, make sure the tea has totally cooled. The tea can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 5 days.

Catnip: Toys And Training

My cat is addicted to catnip

Because cats do respond to catnip again and again, the herb can be a powerful training aid.

Want to keep kitty from clawing furniture? Rub a scratching post with catnip to make it more appealing. Bought a new cat bed? Sprinkle a little of the herb on kitty’s cushion to make it more attractive to your feline friend.

You can also provide enrichment for an indoor kitty by creating catnip toys. Sprinkle a bit of the herb into an old sock, then knot the top. Or put a big pinch of catnip in a small paper bag and crush the bag into a tight ball.


The intensity of kitty’s response to toys and training will be affected by the type of catnip you use. While most cats enjoy the herb dried or fresh, they’re usually less interested in catnip sprays, which generally don’t contain enough nepetalactone to appeal to most felines.

Fortunately for kitty, catnip — which is non-addictive and safe to eat — is easy to grow in a sunny window. You can even go so far as to create your own kitty garden with one pot of catnip and one of wheat, oat, rye, or barley grass. Not only will kitty enjoy both, but having its own house plants may keep kitty out of yours. If you plant catnip directly in the garden, remember that, like most mints, it’s a vigorous, sometimes invasive, grower.

Catnip’s potency doesn’t last forever the essential oils quickly dissipate. So if you buy dried catnip for your feline friend, store what you don’t use in the freezer.

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How Can Owners Wean Their Cats From Treat Addiction

The worst thing that you can do if your cat has become treat-addicted is to give them the treat whenever they demand it. It might simply feel easier to give in when they get annoyed about it, especially if they turn aggressive at being denied their savory morsels of choice. But its like teaching children proper behavior: You dont give them what they want when they do something bad.

The same principle applies to cats. No matter what they do, even if they scratch or bite at you, do not give them treats when they are displaying bad behavior.

Cats quickly learn how much sway they have in our households. This becomes evident when they are demanding food and especially treats. Fortunately, there are ways to get around their bossy behaviors and take control of the situation.

So What Is Catnip Anyway

Catnip is one of the approximate 250 species in the mint family and has a leafy green appearance. Nepetalactone, the essential oil in catnip, can turn even the laziest couch potato into a crazy furballif said furball happens to have inherited the sensitivity to its effects. The trait doesn’t emerge until a cat is between three and six months old until then, a kitten will not have a response. Catnip sensitivity is hereditaryan estimated 50 percent of cats have no reaction.

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What Do Cats See After Eating Catnip

Smelling vs. Researchers suspect that catnip targets feline “happy” receptors in the brain. When eaten, however, catnip tends to have the opposite effect and your cat mellows out. Most cats react to catnip by rolling, flipping, rubbing, and eventually zoning out. They may meow or growl at the same time.

Why Do Cats Like Catnip So Much

Cats of Instagram

All it takes is one little sniff.

When cats smell the catnip, they have a reaction that can be described as a high.

It makes them feel happy, excited, frisky and sometimes aggressive.

The reaction comes from the chemical nepetalactone. The reason many cats chew enthusiastically on catnip is to release more the the nepetalactone chemical into the air so they can get more of a high.

Pet professionals say catnip is a powerful stimulant and compare it to a drug.

They really cant help themselves when they get a smell of the intoxicating aroma. If you have seen the enthusiastic outbursts at the sight of a catnip toy you will understand how strongly cats are attracted to catnip.

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My Cat Chudley Is Addicted To Catnip Its His Kitty Marijuana

Recreational marijuana has been legal in Colorado since January 1st, but kitty pot has been legal for quite some time. I am talking about catnip. My cat Chudley is an addict. He loves the stuff. If he could roll it and smoke it, he would. So, we grew him a couple of his own plants.

Our other cat Morgan could care less. She just thinks her brother is stupid as he convulses in the kitty weed with his eyes rolled up in the back of his head. He meows the whole time. It’s like he is say, “Seriously, have you guys tried this stuff?’ Then he eats it, mellows out and goes inside to sleep it off.

Please don’t judge poor Chudley. Catnip addiction is a disease. We are trying to get him on a 12-step program.

How Old Should A Cat Be For Catnip

Most kittens won’t have any reaction at all to catnip.

Kittens under the age of eight weeks are fairly indifferent to this plant. It isn’t until their seventh month that cats seem to show a real appreciation to it. This is probably due to the possibility that the nepetalactone has an odor akin to feline pheromones, which a cat does not really react to until she has reached sexual maturity.

To sum it up, catnip and catnip toys can be safely used as a recreational stimulant for your cat if used in moderation. Eating catnip is fairly safe, though it will have a sedative rather than stimulating effect. Always consult a veterinarian before making any drastic changes to your cat’s diet.

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Do Cats Actually Get High Of Catnip : Nostupidquestion

Yes. My sweet boy Spike turned to the nip when his best friend and housemate,Buddy, passed away. Every day when I came home from work he waited impatiently beside the refrigerator for his daily branch. . He. 1,768. Location. Texas. We accidentally stumbled across the solution for our Temptations-addicted kitty when we got some free pouches of Applaws, which is pretty much just shredded meat. They don’t contain taurine , and are only intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding anne woodward my cat is so addicted to these that she gos thought 3 big bags a week so that is 6 pfn and at $8 per bag it is a lot of $$ so what can i do to get her off of them plz help Ker Plunk +anne woodward LOOOL my cat is a junkie too.. im too kind to make her go cold turkey Mission Failed1 crackhead kitt Oct 3, 2005. #9. lang rabbie said: Medical researchers have developed self-medicating cocaine-binging rats*, so I supect a squirrel could become a crackhead. But, who cares about the science – just issue a press release to the South London Press, saying how concerned you are about the health of the squirrels You Can Give Your Cat Catnip Every Day, but Watch Out for. Catnip is safe to give to your cat regularly. It is non-toxic, and cats that respond to catnip love it. Too much of catnip can cause your cat to get a mild upset stomach. Some cats will respond to catnip by being too playful, while other cats remain calm

What Behaviors Indicate An Addiction To Treats

Cats addicted to catnip

Most cats love treats. Some cats love them so much that they will completely ignore their full food dishes in pursuit of treats once they hear the bag shake. A simple love of treats is common and nothing to be concerned about. Over time, however, your cat might develop an addiction which could lead to some changes in their behavior.

One of the trademark indicators of cat treat addiction is incessant meowing that may gradually increase in volume as if you cant already hear them making their demands.

Rarely, a cat may also get physically aggressive by hissing, biting or scratching when treats are denied especially if they can see the treats but not get to them.

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How Long It Lasts

Typically the effect lasts about 10 minutes, and then the cat returns to his normal behavior. However, in a couple of hours he can return and get silly all over again. Unlike with an addiction, cats do not feel a need to seek out catnip to get a fix they simply enjoy it when it is available and then go on with their normal cat lives.

Does Catnip Affect Other Felines

If catnip can have a striking effect on domestic cats, does it also affect larger felines, such as lions, jaguars, and tigers?

The answer is yes and it seems to act, to a much lesser extent, on other cat-like mammals that are not actually felines.

An experiment conducted in the early 1970s at what is now Zoo Knoxville in Tennessee found that lions and jaguars were extremely sensitive to catnip.

Some of the tigers, cougars, and bobcats at the zoo also responded to catnip, though not at all strongly. The two cheetahs on site at the time showed no interest in the plant.

Other animals have shown curiosity about catnip, though to a much lesser extent than domestic cats.

Non-felines that have shown an interest in catnip include civets, which are carnivorous animals native to Asia and Africa that look like cats but belong to a different family, called Viverridae.

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