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Can Fixed Male Cats Still Spray

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Male Neutered Cat Spraying – Indoor Cat Spraying

It takes a bit of detective work to determine whether your cat has a litter box problem or is urine marking. Cats who urine mark also use their litter boxes for voiding, so urine in the litter box does not rule out marking outside the box. But urine marking deposits are usually qualitatively different than inappropriate eliminations outside the box.

The following is a list of characteristics that indicate urine marking:

  • Urine marks are usually deposited on vertical surfaces. Marking on a vertical surface is known as spraying. When spraying, a cat usually backs up to a vertical object like the side of a chair, a wall or a stereo speaker, stands with his body erect and his tail extended straight up in the air, and sprays urine onto the surface. Often his tail and sometimes his entire body twitch while hes spraying.
  • Urine mark deposits often have less volume than voided deposits. The amount of urine a cat sprays when hes urine marking is usually less than the amount he would void during regular elimination in his box.
  • The urine smells pungent. The reason cats can learn so much from the urine mark of another cat is that a urine mark isnt just urine. It also contains extra communication chemicals. Those chemicals smell pungent to people.

There are also certain characteristics of a cat or a household that can contribute to urine marking:

Why Does My Male Cat Spray After Being Neutered

As mentioned before, cats can start spraying overnight for a whole range of different reasons. From feeling stressed out to being in a new environment, cats will do anything to make themselves feel more secure.

Another reason why cats start to spray and pee everywhere can sometimes be related to medical issues. If your cat has an infection and canât pee naturally then they will start to squirt out small amount of liquid. As you can imagine not peeing for several days is super unhealthy and they have to get the liquid out somehow!

If you havenât seen your cat use their litter tray for a few days, then they could be having trouble peeing. The best thing to do is to take them to a vet for a checkup to make sure they are ok. If the results come back as clear, then the chances are itâs most likely a behavioral issue. This is actually good news as its possible to teach your cat how to stop spraying yourself and for less than $40.

Why A Neutered Cat Sprays

Your neutered cat spraying may be caused by changes in your catâs environment. Things, like moving to a new home or adding a new pet to the family, can be very disruptive and stressful to a cat and spraying could be his reaction to this situation.

A neutered cat who sprays may also be marking his territory. This is especially true when there is an unspayed female or another male cat in the home that hasnât been neutered. Your cat may even spray when he detects the presence of another cat outside your home.

Cat spraying could also be a response to litter box issues. Your cat may be unhappy with the type of litter you are using or he may not like the location of his litter box. Or, he could be reacting to litter box odors that you canât even smell. So clean your catâs litter box once or twice a day. Wash out the litter box and replace the litter once a week. Also, make sure that you have enough litter boxes in your home. You need one litter box per cat, plus one. Make sure that the litter box is located in a private, low-traffic area.

Your neutered cat may be spraying because he is stressed. To learn more about the causes of stress in cats and what you can do to help, go to 14 Things That Stress Cats Out!

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Why Do Cats Phantomspray

The main question is why cats phantom spray rather than releasing their urine. The purpose of spraying is to mark territory and find a mate, so it would seem that phantom spraying serves no real purpose.

Your Cat Sees Other Cats Spraying

Cats learn social behaviors from each other. Kittens in a litter dont just learn to open their eyes, walk around, and navigate the world. They also learn how to interact and communicate with other cats from their mother.

For example, kittens will learn to groom themselves and each other by watching their mothers do so. They will learn how to play fight and, if possible, how to hunt prey.

According to PLoS One, spraying is normal social behavior. If a kitten sees its mother spraying, the kitten is likely to copy this behavior. The kitten may also copy the behavior of cats that spray outside your home.

As for why the kitten will learn to fake spray rather than spray urine, that remains unclear. Likely, the mother doesnt spray either.

House Cats May Not Need to Spray

Spraying is a behavior that cats need to do when living in the wild. If a cat cant mark its own territory, itll have nowhere to sleep or hunt thats safe. It will also make it difficult to find a mate.

This means that cats that phantom spray in the wild may struggle to pass on their genes or even survive. Thats why all species of cats learn to spray. According to Nature, lions do the same thing.

Stress Makes Cats Spray

Why Is My Neutered Cat Spraying

Can A Male Cat Spray After Being Neutered

Neutered cat spraying is a big problem for cat lovers. You may have neutered your cat with the expectation that it would stop him from spraying only to find that the behavior continues. It may take a month or so for your catâs hormonal activity to calm down after neutering. But cat spraying is not always sexually related. So if the activity does not eventually stop, your cat may be marking due to other issues. Maybe urine marking has become a habit for your cat. Or your cat may be triggered from the scent of spots where he previously marked. Or, it could be that your cat is spraying because he is stressed.

Neutered cat spraying can be a difficult thing to deal with. While you find the behavior frustrating and offensive, your cat thinks itâs perfectly normal. Neutered cat spraying is often caused by stress. Spraying his scent onto a wall or piece of furniture helps to reassure the cat.

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What Is Urine Spraying

Male cats may urinate outside their box and practice inappropriate elimination but when they pee vertically and not on the floor or other horizontal surfaces it is referred to as spraying or . When a cat marks, urine is sprayed against a wall, table leg, couch, or other surface as a male cat stands, raises its tail, shakes, and backs up to the item. It is typically a small amount of urine that sprays out instead of a steady stream that is produced during a normal, squatting, urination. But while the amount may be small, the smell is often not.

Is There A Medical Cause Of Spraying

Its estimated that approximately 30% of cats will spray urine for medical reasons, rather than behavioural problems.

The most common medical cause of urine spraying is cystitis which is an inflammation of the bladder. This can be caused by bladder stones or infection but there is often no known cause in cats. Theres lots of evidence that cystitis is related to stress in cats, a syndrome known as feline lower urinary tract disease . If left untreated male cats are at risk of urinary blockage. This is where grit or stones obstruct the urethra, or inflammation causes it to go into spasm. If the urethra is blocked the cat cant pass urine, and will quickly become very sick. This is an emergency and needs immediate veterinary intervention.

Some cats may adopt a more upright position to urinate, similar to spraying, due to pain in the hips or spine. This can be due to a previous injury or osteoarthritis developing with age. Other signs may be present such as reduced willingness to jump, sleeping more, and grooming excessively around the affected areas. Joint pain can usually be identified on examination and successfully treated with pain killers.

All cats who suddenly start spraying should initially see a vet to check for an underlying cause.

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What Are The Health Effects Of Spaying Or Neutering A Cat

Of course, while spaying or neutering procedures are routine and considered safe, risk cannot be totally eliminated from every surgical or medical procedure. For example, cats who have been spayed or neutered do tend to gain weight if their diets are not adjusted accordingly. Neutered male cats are also at increased risk for developing urinary blockages.

The benefits of neutering or spaying almost always outweigh the risks. However, you should always ask your vet which choices are best for your pet.

Fixing Stress Related Issues

What To Do With Neutered Cats That Spray | Two Crazy Cat Ladies
  • 1Keep things routine. Changes in a household can cause stress that triggers a cat’s insecurity, leading him to spray to claim his space. If your cat has been spraying, establishing a routine can reduce his stress and eliminate spraying.
  • Feed your cat at the same time each day, and keep his litter box, bed, and toys in the same areas.XResearch source
  • If you have company, put your cat in a separate room. This is especially important if your visitors have cats of their own whose scents may be transmitted via their clothing. This can trigger stress, and in turn spraying.XResearch source
  • Certain pheromone sprays, available at most pet stores, are designed to calm cats. If you know a big change is coming, such as a new household member or pet, investing in one of these sprays can help cats transition.XResearch source
  • 2Make sure your cats are getting enough space. If you live in a multiple cat household, spraying is often a result of a cat’s territorial nature. Making sure all your cats have adequate space can reduce spraying.
  • Provide multiple perches. Cats love to be up high to observe. You can either clear a window sill or space on a bookshelf or purchase cat condos/cat trees from local pet stores.XTrustworthy SourceAmerican Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to AnimalsLeading organization dedicated to the prevention of animal crueltyGo to source
  • Anything that can be washed in a washing machine should be, using standard detergent.XResearch source
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    What Could Be Stressing My Cat

    Not all cats respond to the same pressures by spraying urine as it does depend on the individuals temperament. Broadly speaking, cats can be stressed by other cats, humans or the environment within which they live. Some specific stress triggers, for example, are:

    • Conflict with other cats in the household
    • Dense population of cats outside the home
    • Invasion of your home by a strange cat
    • New additions to the family
    • Owner absence or change of work schedule
    • Inappropriate punishment

    See our information on identifying and addressing the signs of stress

    Why Does My Neutered Cat Still Look Like They Have Testicles

    When a cat is castrated, the testicles are removed but the scrotum isnt. This means sometimes they look like they still have testicles after their operation. Over time the scrotum will shrink and become less noticeable. If you notice swelling or redness in your cats scrotum after their surgery, contact your vet for advice.

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    How To Stop A Cat From Spraying After Neutering

    Let me tell you why your little feline friend could be spraying

    One of the main reasons your Cat is spraying is because of


    Yes, Cats can get stressed too

    When Cats get stressed they resort to spraying and marking their territory

    They do this because that particular place they have sprayed is now marked with their own scent

    Which basically gives them reassurance.

    When your Cat is stressed then he will most likely avoid using the litter box

    Behave in a aggressive manner

    They could get depressed and have withdrawal symptoms

    Stress can have a very negative impact on your Cats life

    That is why it is important to make sure your Cat is healthy and happy

    What causes stress in your Cat?

    There are a number of causes that can get your Cat stressed

    Lets go through the different reasons that causes stress in your Cat

    • A visit to the Vets

    Just as how a small child dont want to go to the doctors because they are afraid they may get an injection, your Cat can get stressed when you are planning on taking your Cat to the vets

    • Changes in the household or moving to a new home

    Cats love routine and as soon that is disrupted or changed then this unsettles your Cat

    Cats dont like change

    They want everything to stay the same and as soon as change happens they hate

    • Adding another Cat or a new Family member
    • Changing the routine
    • The Cat Parent being stressed

    Look, we all can get stressed.

    Work can be very stressful

    Financial times can hit us

    Or even just family trouble



    Establish A Routine And Create A Reassuring Environment For Your Cat

    Why does a neutered male cat still spray?

    Aside from providing your cat with the resources that she needs, see to it that you are creating a reassuring environment for her. Provide a consistent feeding routine, give her attention, and have interactive play sessions with her. Also, limit stress factors like new pets and new people to reduce the likelihood of stress and anxiety. You can also use a Feliway diffuser, which mimics cat pheromones, to help keep your cat calm and relaxed.

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    Remember Cats Are Cats

    It is highly suggested that having your male cat neutered before they reach sexual maturity can greatly reduce the likeliness of cat spraying. For male cats that are neutered before 6 months of age, they are being neutered before they start to instinctively behave based on the testosterone coursing through their veins. Theres no reason to wait on getting your male cat neutered, do it before six months of age to reduce cat owner frustrations later on.

    It is always important to practice patience and slowly introduce new felines to reduce the likeliness of upset cats reacting like, well, cats!

    As we know, cats are not fans of change. Have you recently added to your clowder of kitties and your existing cat has started spraying as a result? As mentioned above, cats are territorial beings. They like change strictly on their terms and they cannot protest by way of meows. Therefore, they rely on other means to object to the presence of a new cat encroaching on all their precious things in their home.

    How To Stop A Neutered Cat From Spraying

    Has your purrfect pal started to spray and urine mark around your home? While cats of all types, males and female can spray, neutering and spaying tends to greatly reduce this practice.

    So, if your neutered or spayed kitty has started to spray and mark around the house, it is worth considering why.

    To stop your cat spraying, its important to think about the causes. Spraying is commonly used as a territory marker or as a signal to potential mates however spraying may also be due to stress, illness, or if your kitty is unhappy with their environment.

    Following the tips below will help you eliminate the causes of spraying and ensure your kitty is happy and relaxed!

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    When It Comes To Males The Pheromones That Are Released With The Spray Indicate Whether The Cat Is Ready To Mate

    Can male cats spray if they are neutered. If your neutered cat starts spraying, there’s generally a physical or emotional reason for his behavior. To learn more about the causes of stress in cats and what you can do to help, go to 14 things that stress cats out! Spraying indoors is a sign that your cat is feeling stressed and is trying to feel more secure by surrounding themselves with their own scent.

    The best way to predict when a cat will begin spraying is to watch for changes in their behavior. For male cats that are neutered before 6 months of age, they are being neutered before they start to instinctively behave based on the testosterone coursing through their veins. While neutering a tom cat often eliminates urine spraying, that’s not true in every case.

    Usually, their motivation is to encourage a female cat to go into heat. For most cats, that happens at around six months of age. If they seem restless, start yowling, or suddenly show more interest in going outside.

    Male cats should be neutered at six months which is usually the time when they become sexually active, however, they can be neutered at any age thereafter. Yes male cats can spray after they are neutered. They are basically spraying and showing off, with a foul smell!

    So, in theory, a female cat would be much less likely to spray than a male cat. When cats get stressed they resort to spraying and marking their territory. Can cats spray if they are fixed?

    How to Stop Cat Spraying Behaviour Cat

    Treating Urine Marking In Intact Cats

    Cat Care & Behavior : When Do Male Cats Start Spraying?

    Here are a few things you can do to remedy the urine marking behavior of an intact cat:

    • Neuter or spay your cat. Although marking isnt limited to advertisement for a mate, advertisement is one reason that cats mark. Neutering or spaying is a proven treatment for cats who mark as a reproductive advertisement.
    • Close windows, blinds and doors. Prevent your indoor cat from seeing other neighborhood cats.
    • Attach a motion-detection device to your lawn sprinkler. Set the sprinkler by windows to deter the presence of neighborhood cats.

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