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Cat C13 Twin Turbo Problems

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Cat C7 Specs And Engine History

Cat C13 KCB Single Turbo Conversion (PDI)

At the turn of the century there was a lot of buzz around a new diesel engine being produced at Caterpillar, one that could meet the growing emissions requirements enacted by the EPA. The Caterpillar C7 Engine was supposed to be the golden child in Caterpillar diesel engine lineup one that combined raw horsepower with computer controlled clean emissions. However, sometimes things dont go according to plan. The engine was produced from 2003 to 2009 and was installed primarily in over the road medium duty class 8 trucks. All of the big players in the trucking industry hopped on board hoping the CAT C7 was going to live up to the hype. Paccar, Freightliner, Ford and GMC all purchased the engine in droves. The technical classification of a medium duty tuck is a single drive axel with a gross vehicle weight of 18,000-33,000 lbs. mostly box tucks, tow trucks, daycabs, and straight trucks.The Caterpillar C7 was designed mostly out of necessity vs. practicality. Caterpillar, needed to produce a new engine that was going to meet or exceed the Tier Ratings enacted by the EPA in 1994 to curb diesel engine emissions. The stricter Tier 4 emissions requirements went into effect January 1, 2004. The Caterpillar C7 was released in 2003, only months ahead of the Tier 4 ratings change, and replaced the popular 3126 model. Older CAT engines like the 3116 or 3126 were essentially grandfathered into the older tier rating requirements and did not need to be upgraded.

Its Popularity Is Founded In A Long History

Following a construction boom in the middle of the 20th century, Caterpillar began branching out their business in the latter half of the 20th century. They entered an expanding global market and began building truck engines for on-and-off highway applications.

In the latter half of the 20th century, Caterpillar was looking improve on the production of their 3406E. As a result, they released the C15 in 1999. The C15 was immediately popular due to its versatility, and the fact that the design improved on many components of the 3406E. Gasket upgrades, stronger seals and more reliable design made the C15 the go-to engine across disciplines. The engine remains one of the most popular diesel engines in Caterpillarâs line up.

How Many Hours To Replace Twin Turbos On A Cat C13

How are you doing today? Is this a KCB or LEE engine?

I’m doing great, thanks! The typical labor charge for a KCB would be between 5 and 7 hours. For an LEE it would be between 6 and 8 hours.

No problem! You have a great day too!

My goal is to provide you with excellent service. If you have any follow-up questions, don’t hesitate to ask! Thank you for using JustAnswer and have a great day!

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How Much Does It Cost To Rebuild A Cat C13

The prices are going to vary. One companys website did not place its prices on its web pages. They asked you to sign in to get their costs. Another company simply listed the prices part by part or group of parts by group of parts.

For example, the kit to rebuild your C13 was listed at $3250. The prices at that company change depending on the type of CAT motor you own. Another company listed their C13 inframe rebuild kit at $3450.

The CAT website said they would rebuild your engine now and you can pay later. The catch was you had to own a heavy-duty piece of equipment and the minimum order was $100,000.

The best thing to do is contact approved Cat repair shops near you and talk to them about your rebuild project. They will be able to give you an exact price and time frame when the job will be done.

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Turbocharger For CAT C13 Twin Turbo Wastegate Turbo

Search: Cat C15 TwinTurbo Specs. ran across a 2006 pete with C13twinturbo 428 hp serial#kcb 410,000 miles, are they really that bad Our previous video had a cat 3406e, in this video, this unit is powered by a c15 acert 2005 model 1 flywheel housing Fuel System this is a 6 Stock # 1858, MLS # 9927887 Stock # 1858, MLS # 9927887. Replaces.

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  • Jun 03, 2013 · I’m having problems with my 05 w 900 L x15 cattwin turbos ,no boost won’t pull a small hill mt or loaded turbos aren’t engagein motor just fully rebuilt 6 months ago front crank seal leaking. Like crazy checked air charge cooler replaced all 4 boots I’m stumped big time anyone had this problem before HELP I’M A EX TECH FULLY CERTIFIED DIESEL ….

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What To Do When Engine Wont Start

If you have a problem with starting your engine, one of the things you can do is to inspect the electrical power supply to your ECM. However, there are a few other things to take note of to rule out a bigger problem.

  • Check the fuel supply.
  • Inspect the engine shutdown switches. When these are turned on, the engine is unable to start.
  • Make sure the starting aids are not too cold since a cooler ambient temperature can prevent them from starting.
  • Check if there are obstructions in your exhaust systems and air intake.
  • Keep the theft deterrent system disengaged.
  • Clean the appropriate sensors and be sure they are in good condition.
  • Check the timing and speed of your engine.
  • Maintain the right fuel pressure in the fuel line.
  • In the event that the engine was able to start but dies, then you should make it a point that the fuel pressure is optimal and there are no obstructions in your fuel line. Check for any cracked pickup tube that may also be causing an issue.

    There may be a need for a more invasive investigation to determine the actual cause of the problem. This is why you should consider taking your vehicle to a specialized C13 mechanic to have the problem diagnosed and addressed once and for all.

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    I’ve got 12 Petes with the same EPA 07 C-13 430 HP/1650 ft/lb. No major problems to date, except some regen issues. The dealer replaced the ARD heads to an updated version which cured the issue. The motors only have 250K on them so we’re getting ready to start replacing DPFs. I would definitely check how much soot load is in the DPF, they’re not cheap to put new filters in.Our drivers love the motor, having a CDL myself, I also am impressed with the way they pull. Mileage isn’t quite as good as we were use to when we had the MBE4000. Still averaging around 6.1-6.3 pulling steps and RGNs grossing 78-80K with the C-13. That is gross fuel consumption w/o APU, sensible idle time, and Espar cab heater.

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    Cat C13 Starts Then Dies

    One interesting situation is that the engine will run while under 25 mph and shuts down at 25+ mph. Once the owner went under 25 the motor turned itself back on. But only if it isin gear.

    If it is in neutral, then it wont start. No check engine light turns on and no codes are sent. If you run into that problem, the source may be that the engine has a fuel problem when under load.

    That means going through the fuel line basics. Check for fuel pressure issues, obstructions in the line, or similar fuel issues. There may even be a cracked pickup tube.

    Or it could be the ECM keyed and constant power and the ECM ground. Another possibility would be a broken wire, loose connection, or something similar.

    Even if you do not experience that specific situation but still have your RV turning off after it has started, those possibilities should be checked anyways. Finally, the comp board may have gone bad and it would need replacing.

    The situation calls for a thorough investigation until you find the true source. This investigation should be conducted by an experienced C13 mechanic. It just makes sense to do it that way as you may not have the experience to handle the work or be able to spot the problem.

    Caterpillar C13 Engine: Most Common Problems

    2006 Caterpillar C15 twin turbos: a 2 million miles retro engine.

    November 23, 2021 by admin

    If youre looking for Caterpillar C13 engine repair, Daves Auto Center in Utah is your one-stop shop. We have extensive knowledge of caterpillar heavy-duty diesel engines and are equipped to handle any caterpillar repair job.

    In this article, well present the most common problems found in Caterpillar C13 engines and solutions for each problem.

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    Watch Out For Head Gasket Issues

    The biggest problem with the C15 design is the head gasket. But the issue is with the engine block design itself, not the head gasket. The fire rings tend to blow out because of the way the liners and the cylinders are constructed. The liners on the C15 sit in the engine block, similar to a C13. However, the liner rests on the block, as opposed to being pressed into the block. This tends to lead to sunk liners as their protrusion shrinks over time, ultimately causing a worn engine block.

    If you’ve noticed a drop in your engine performance, your head gasket is likely to blame. Here are some things you can watch out for:

    • Coolant in your engine oil
    • Low or no compression
    • Pushing coolant out of your radiator

    If you’ve blown your head gasket, you’ll likely want to replace it, and ensure that you’ve found where the damage is coming from.

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    Dave Auto Center Utah For Your Caterpillar Repair Needs

    If your Caterpillar has any of the above problems, you should bring it to Daves Auto Center, Utah. Weve been repairing heavy-duty diesel engines for years and specialize in caterpillar C13 engine repair.

    Other Caterpillar C13 problems include broken timing chains and worn-out valves and valve guides.

    Reach to Dave Auto Center for professional caterpillar C13 engine repair

    Cat C13 Engine Problems

    Caterpillar C13 Acert Twin Turbocharger

    acegreaser said:Have a c13 2004 serial KCB in the shop running smooth but a lot of blowby.Just started to push dipstick about 8 inches out of tube followed by the oil.Pushes the dipstick only after a long pull under full boost.Going to check turbos for leaking into the crankcase.Engine has high 300,000 on it.Driver said he’s been adding antifreeze but no leaks and nothing in the oil.Also oil pressure dropped by 10#s today.Normally at 40 psi at idle now 30 when hot.Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated.I’m probably looking at top ring problems but oil pressure and antifreeze doesn’t add up.

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    Spacer Head Leaks Are Common And Might Require Inspection

    If you look under the sonar head between engine block you might see small oil bubbles pushing out under the spacer plate. This is because the oil thatâs trying to get to the oil pan is being forced out. The main culprit for this is the spacer plate gasket, which is a piece of metal that sits under the spacer plate and is supposed to seal against the engine block. Leaks from the spacer plate are fairly common, and usually not something to worry about. However, if itâs leaking a lot youâll want to get it checked out. The fix is likely as simple as applying a simple sealant. But, if left unchecked over time, a leaky spacer plate could be a sign of more serious damage.

    Cat C13 Ran Out Of Fuel

    In this situation, you would have to re-prime your fuel line before you get to start the engine. This is not a hard problem to solve if your vehicle and motor have a priming pump.

    All you have to do is push the priming pump button about 40 times and then have someone help you start the motor. Keep pumping the button while your friend keeps cranking the motor.

    It will fire in due time so be patient. But to avoid this problem you need to do the obvious– do not run out of fuel if you can avoid it!! While the manual may say it is not a hard task to re-prime the fuel line, if air gets inside, you are looking at having a long battle ahead of you.

    One owner spent 2 days trying to get his engine re-primed and started. That is because he forgot to add fuel to the fuel filter first, or he ignored the instruction. You need to add fuel to the fuel filter to make sure air does not get into the fuel line and subsequently into the injector lines.

    You can loosen the lines at the injectors and let the fuel push the air out but it is a difficult task if those lines are hard to reach. No matter what diesel motor you have. It is a standard rule to pre-fill the fuel filter on them all when changing the filter.

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    Caterpillar tuning and ECU remapping Wheel Tractor-Scrapers / Dozers / Excavators engines and ECU types: Effective Tuning can remap Cat C18, Cat C15, Cat C13, Cat C9.3, C7.1 Cat®, C27 Cat®, Cat® C32 ACERT, Cat C4.4, Cat C4.4 with Twin Turbo and Cat C7.1 engine models.

    Benefits. Increase Fuel Mileage .2 -.3 mpg. 28 – 32 Horsepower increase. Ceramic coating reduces heat and improves air velocity. Lower manifold temps 300*F. Lower EGT’s 80-100*F. Reduce turbo lag. No cracking, leaking or warping. Improves gasket life.

    Common Cat C13 Twin Turbo Engine Problems

    Twin turbo Straight pipe cat c15 acert in 1995 kenworth w9001 jake brake

    CAT C13 twin turbo engines are generally reliable. But there are some issues involved, especially with regen problems. If you encounter this particular problem, you may need to replace the ARD heads using a more modern version to address the issue.

    If you encounter a power loss with your engine, the best thing to do is to check the air charge cooler then replace the four boots. However, if this does not fix the issue, you may want to use your turbo boost gauge to achieve an accurate reading on the problematic parts.

    Another common reason behind a power loss is a cracked camshaft or crankshaft. This is why it is best to inspect your crankcase and to determine if oil leaks right out of the system. You may also want to check the CAC or the head gasket, which may have been damaged.

    However, there are more complex ways to inspect for leaks. You will need to spray soapy water all around the clamps on your turbo. This should help you identify any leaks in the clamps. In some cases, you may need to go to an experienced C13 mechanic since leaks can be tricky to diagnose and you may need the help of a specialist for this.

    And last, you may want to check the O-ring, which may have gone bad. This is another one of the potential causes of the problem, so it is best to have proper tools to diagnose and troubleshoot this issue.

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    C7 Dimensions And Operating Capabilities

    The Caterpillar C7 engine is an line 6 cylinder diesel fueled engine with a displacement of 7.2 liters. The maximum heavy duty hp dry weight is 1,425 lbs., with an oil capacity of 4.75 gallons or 6.75 gallons with the deeper sump pump and oil pan. The cooling system and water pump allow up to 3.99 gallons. The CAT C7 was available in 8 different horsepower ratings from 210 hp 360 hp with torque ratings from 520-925 lb-ft of torque. The 330 hp and 360 hp models were only available in recreation vehicles and firefighting equipment. The first Caterpillar C7 models were available in both low or high torque options. The torque options allowed for different transmission applications preferred by the various big truck manufacturers. Each manufacturers torque capacity was different and had to be matched with the CAT C7 of choice.Overall the CAT C7 ACERT Engine represents the beginning of the end for Caterpillars long rein with over-the-road diesel engines. The company ultimately didnt feel the cost of continuously producing emissions upgrades was worth the time and effort and exited the over the road industry in 2010 paving the way for Cummins and Paccar. Caterpillar still makes a great engine and continues to produce off-road construction equipment effected less by strict emissions regulations.

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