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Natural Paper Pellets Cat Litter

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Is Cat Litter Bad For The Environment

natural cat litter ultra absorbent wood pellets how it breaks down demonstration

Yes. Silica and bentonite are obtained via strip-miningthis means they won’t biodegrade. In addition, we often dispose of the litter clumps in plastic bags and throw it in the trash! It is estimated that there are around 90 million cat-owners in the United States alone. That’s a lot of cat litter and plastic bags!

Your cat knows best! Watch your cat’s behavior before committing to a litter type.

Is It Dangerous For Pregnant Women To Clean Litterboxes

Toxoplasmosis may be acquired if a woman eats raw, unwashed veggies, consumes raw meats, or ingests cat feces . Toxoplasmosis has to sporulate in the cat feces first over a few daysso the longer you wait to clean the cat feces, the higher the chance of accidentally ingesting and acquiring the parasite. Tips for reducing exposure:

  • Dispose of poop the day of
  • Wear gloves

Basically, practice decent litterbox hygiene and don’t eat cat poo!

Health Benefits Of Paper Vs Wood Litter

Both paper and wood litter are dust-free, sodium bentonite-free, and generally free of any potentially harmful additives making both great options for your cats health.

Litter dust has been linked to respiratory issues in cats and humans alike. Sodium bentonite, a common clumping agent, can cause intestinal blockages. Additives sometimes found in cat litter, like synthetic fragrances, can be irritating, if not harmful, to our pets.

That being said, there is some controversy regarding the use of softwood litter for cats. Pine, cedar and other softwoods used to make pellet litter naturally contain phenol organic compounds that are toxic to cats. Exposure can cause serious liver damage and sometimes death.

However, most are treated with a process called kiln drying which greatly reduces or eliminates the amount of phenol, making commercial wood pellets safe for use by cats.

But if youre still concerned, paper is a great alternative to wood without the question marks.

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Is Pellet Cat Litter Better Than Regular Cat Litter

The response to this question is simply a yes. They are not just better but also have a soft texture which is a relief for your cats. It has the ability to absorb odors, and many cat owners claim that they smell wonderful, and are small and light.

Clay kitty litter is heavy, and cleaning out the cat box may be a real pain. When pellet cat litters are moist, they decompose into fluffy sawdust.

How To Dispose Of Wood Pellet Cat Litter

Vibrant Life Natural Paper Pellets Cat Litter, Unscented ...

The standard way to dispose of cat litter is to transfer it to containers and place them in trash bins. Since wood pellet cat litter is biodegradable, you can dispose of it by composting. By doing so, you can use it later as a fertilizer in your garden and for indoor plants. Do not use it to fertilize edible plants and vegetables since cat feces may contain parasites.

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Kocat Natural Paper Cat Litter Dust Free

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The ökocat Natural Paper Cat Litter has a rather bold claim. It can block the production of ammonia odors in the litter box for as long as 7 days. If youre wondering how this can be possible, think of a paper pellets structure again. Each pellet can trap the odors of your cats urine. Just by the nature of the internal structure of the pellets.

Plus, like any other paper litter, its non-clumping. But, this litter can completely absorb your kittys liquid waste. As a result, the pellets can stay dry for longer.

The large pellets of ökocat paper litter produce no harmful dust as well. Again, thats a huge plus for highly sensitive cats and cat moms and dads. Well, its dust-free because the paper pellets are softer and not as dry compared to others.

In case your cat has some respiratory ailments, you would appreciate the hypoallergenic feature of this ökocat litter. It doesnt even contain chemicals and scents. And take note, this litter is unlike the others weve mentioned. Unique as it already is, the ökocat litter comes from 100% sustainable, reclaimed paper pulp, not recycled paper.

So, in its own way, this litter is still eco-friendly. Just with the added advantage of having no ink remnants within each pellet. It can be so much safer for your cats than other brands.

Obviously, its biodegradable as well. And not just that. Its also certified flushable, so cleaning up could never be any easier.

Benefits Of Using Pellet Cat Litter

There are a multitude of reasons why you should consider using a pellet cat litter. While this litter type isnt as popular as standard granule litters, cat parents should be open to the possibilities. Pellet cat litter is a healthy, safe choice for kitties, and below we share why.

  • Good for long hair cats: Any cat parent whose feline has long or fluffy hair knows the struggle of cat litter becoming matted in their fur. Pellet cat litter wont become stuck in your cats fur like small granule litters will. The size of the pellets is also fantastic for post-surgical cats because they wont disturb stitches or surgery sites.
  • Versatile: Pellet cat litter can be used for other small animal enclosures in your home. Its particularly great for ferrets, rabbits and guinea pigs! Using the same type of litter for your crew of multiple species will save a lot of hassle.
  • Great for cats with allergies:Pellet kitty litter is typically dust free, making it a go-to choice for cats with asthma, allergies or other respiratory concerns.
  • Biodegradable: A majority of pellet cat litters are going to be made from natural products, and will therefore be eco-friendly and biodegradable. There is even a flushable recommendation on our list!
  • Non-tracking: Pellet cat litter wont stick to your cats paws like standard litters do. Less of a mess means less stress for you when it comes to cleaning your kittys litter area.
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    Components To Look For In A Paper Cat Litter

  • Origin of the material: Some paper cat litters are made from recycled newspaper while others are created from reclaimed lumber. If this component is important to you, be sure to check the litters label. It will tell you where the paper pellets are sourced from.
  • Odor control: Most paper cat litters are formulated without any sort of fragrance or deodorant. However, some have additional baking soda for superior odor control.
  • Clumping:Paper cat litters arent typically formulated for clumping, but the option does exist. If you want a clumping paper litter, your options will be narrowed significantly.
  • Other ingredients: Clumping paper cat litter may contain additional elements such as starch or polymer. Check the packaging and labels for a specific list of ingredients.
  • Pellet size: Its not often that a paper cat litter will work in a mechanical litter box because the pellets are too large. However, there are a few paper choices that have thinner, shorter pellets.
  • Now for the fun part our paper cat litter recommendations!

    How Paper Cat Litter Can Be Better For Your Cats Health

    Make Cat Litter Pellets from Waste Paper

    Paper cat litter offers several benefits for keeping your beloved kitty healthy. Paper cat litter may not be as easy to maintain as general clumping litters, but it could potentially much better for your cats overall wellbeing.

    The first benefit to note is the lack of airborne dust emitted by paper litter. Since its natural and generally doesnt contain any additional chemicals or elements, there wont be a cloud of dust after your kitty is done with their business. You also wont have to breathe in an icky dust cloud when refilling the litter box. The absence of dust in paper litter is extremely beneficial for not only cats, but also humans who may have respiratory sensitivities or allergies.

    Paper cat litter is also said to be great for cats with sensitive skin. Small granule litter could irritate sensitive skin and get matted in your cats fur. Paper litter pellets are much easier on your kittys precious skin and fur.

    On that note, paper cat litter is fantastic for cats with sensitive paws as well. The soft, larger pellets may be easier for a cat with sensitive paws to step on and dig through. Because of these properties, paper litter is also said to be purrfect for senior cats or post-surgical cats. The pellets wont irritate stitches or a surgery site.

    Now lets take a look at some components to consider when picking the best paper cat litter for your feline friend.

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    The 7 Best Pellet Cat Litters Of 2022

    The only downside of being a cat owner is having to deal with the odor they produce in the litter box. Its a natural process, right! And you cant ask your cat to clean it up for you. You need to do it for your beloved cats. Then why not do it in the most beneficial and chic way!

    If you want your cleaning sessions to be less time-consuming and want your home to be free from all sorts of odors, pellet cat litters are the best options for you. If you had not switched already, or you are planning to, this article will assist you a lot.

    Kocat Vs Worlds Best Litter

    So, weve conducted a little household experiment with our cats to see which cat litter brand performs better: the Ökocat or the Worlds Best Cat Litter. Weve also accounted for the experiences of other cat owners to make our comparison even more accurate.

    • Easy To Scoop: Ökocat appears to be an early favorite among cat parents. Looking at the cleaning perspective, however, we prefer the Worlds Best Cat Litter products. Their grains have much more fiber and theyre far easier to scoop. You can just shake off any of the excess or the unused litter, and then you can put the waste in a bag for disposal.
    • Odor Control: The two brands seem to be equally good in terms of masking foul odors.
    • Tracking: Both litter brands have grains or pellets that track.
    • Dust: Ökocat formulas might get a little dusty after using them for a few days. The Worlds Best products are not as dusty, so the brand easily wins this category.
    • Long-Lasting: The clear winner is the Ökocat with requiring a litter scoop or replacement after a full week. The Worlds Best litter tray appears to need a full change within just a couple of days.
    • The Winner: If you account for long-lasting use, odor control and cost-efficiency, the Ökocat comes out as the winner of our test.

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    How To Switch From Traditional Litter To Pellet Litter

    As you do with any other new product you introduce to your cat, take it step by step. Dont change your cats litter overnight and expect her not to notice or react to this sudden switch.

    The formula is to gradually invert the ratio of new litter to the old one over about a week. Start by replacing roughly a quarter of your cats usual litter with pellet litter . Each time you change the litter, add less of the old one and more of the new one and do it over 4-5 steps.

    Best Paper Cat Litters With Our 2022 Budget

    Vibrant Life Natural Paper Pellets Cat Litter Unscented 12 ...

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    There are several eco-friendly cat litter materials on the market today. This concept is great for cat parents because you can choose one based on a variety of factors. Paper cat litter is popular because it offers premium absorbency and its cost-effective. The idea of using a paper cat litter is also attractive because you can purchase one almost any budget.

    30% Off at Chewy.com

    How To Redeem This Offer

    Paper cat litter can benefit cats in a variety of situations. Whether you have a long hair cat or a kitty who suffers from allergies, a paper cat litter can potentially be your best bet. Weve put together a comprehensive list of the top paper cat litters, along with reasons why you may want to consider paper the next time you need litter.

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    How To Switch To Recycled Paper Cat Litter

    Switching from one type of litter to another follows the same basic rule: let your cat know virtually nothing about it. You have to make the transition so subtle that your cat wont notice, and hence, he would forget complaining.

    Observe your kitty

    Just note that you have to closely observe your kitty whenever hes doing his business .

    Anyway, whats important for you is to note his litter box behavior. See if anything has changed. Keep the atmosphere relaxed and act normal around your cat as much as possible.

    Prepare a second litter box

    If you notice your beloved feline has become a little distressed or suspicious, slow down a bit. Perhaps it would be better for you to prepare another litter box instead and put paper litter there. Let your kittys curiosity figure it out.

    Increase the amount of paper litter slowly

    If, on the other hand, your cat would seem oblivious to the paper litter mixed with his old one, then proceed with your original plan. Slowly increase the amount of paper litter in the ratio between the new and the old.

    Soon, your precious cat would just realize that the transition to paper litter has already been done.

    Cat Allergic To Pine Litter

    The answer is yes. A cat can be allergic to pine litter. Pine is a wood, which can be dangerous to pets that can have a sensitivity to it.

    If you know that your cat is allergic to pine, then the safest thing for you to do is to change its litter box every time you notice the reaction.

    It is not safe to change the litter box until the cat has totally recovered from the reaction.

    Never use scented litter in the same box as pine litter. This is because scented litter will only cause more irritation to the eyes and throat of the cat.

    The best way to get rid of the furniture and carpets from inside the litter box should be avoided.

    Do not expose the cat to any smoke or smell. Do not allow the cat to sleep with your other pet.

    If you notice your cat scratching around in the litter box, immediately remove it from the litter box.

    Do not bathe the cat for at least three days after the first occurrence of itching. The scratching behavior can be due to the same scratching and allergy symptoms.

    The best way to treat pine litter allergy is to get an over the counter medication.

    Most of these products have little to no side effects. You can usually buy these over the counter at your local pet store.

    Make sure that you buy the same brand of product from your local store, as some products can be specially formulated for treating cats.

    You can also prescribe tablets, which are available over thecounter. These tablets will help cure the allergy from scratch.

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    Pellets: The Best Cat Litter For Sustainability

    At first glance, you might not even think that these pellets are actually rabbit food, and not litter. But appearances can be deceiving this litter is actually made of biodegradable material like pine, cedar, or cypress wood or recycled paper thats been formed into tiny pellet shapes. The result is a litter that is very absorbent and excellent at trapping odour.

    Cats Who Will Benefit From Using Pellet Litter For Cats

    Homemade Cat Litter from recycled paper

    Since pellet cat litter has a different texture and consistency than other popular cat litter types, it can be especially good for cats in unique circumstances. Pellets may be preferred for the following types of cats:

    • Long hair cats: The pellets wont become matted in fur like small grains will.
    • Kittens: Coarse litter is generally best for kittens.
    • Post-surgical cats: Cats who just went through surgery or have stitches will benefit from pellet kitty litter. The pellets wont irritate a surgery site like granule litter could possibly do.
    • Cats with severe allergies: Pellet litter is dust free, and will therefore be an excellent choice for our feline friends who struggle with asthma, allergies or other respiratory concerns.
    • Senior cats: For a senior cat who isnt as quick to cover up their business in the litter box, a pellet cat litter will effectively absorb odors and moisture on contact.

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    Whats Paper Pellet Litter

    Paper cat litter is basically made of post-consumer recycled paper. As early as 1947 when Ed Lowe invented the kitty litter, manufacturers have also begun reinventing the product to produce an eco-friendly version in the form of paper litter.

    The most common material used in paper cat litter are pieces of post-consumer newspaper. Theyre re-pulped, de-inked, and screened so that the resulting litter would no longer retain harmful chemicals.

    Shredded Paper Cat Litter

    Typically, you can only have shredded paper cat litter if you make it yourself. Most manufacturers would produce paper litter only in their pellet form.

    If you prefer using the DIY paper litter, you can follow Keds DIY paper cat litter in this short video:

    Homemade Cat Litter From Recycled Paper

  • To do it yourself, simply shred your old newspapers using a paper shredder. Soak it in warm water and mix it with dish soap.
  • You can then drain the water using a colander and repeat the soaking and draining process without the dish soap. Sprinkle baking soda on the wet paper and knead the mixture.
  • Finally, squeeze the remaining water out. Crumble the mass of wet paper and leave to dry under the sun.
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