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Cat Food For Healthy Teeth

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Dry Food Cleans A Cats Teeth: Myth

7 Cat Nutrition Myths with Dr. Liz O’Brien

Dr. Eric Barchas, a vet who often writes for the amazingly helpful cat blog and magazine, Catster, wrote an article about whether wet or dry food is better for cats, and in it, described what hes seen in the pet healthcare industry over the years:

For many years, a predominant school of thought held that dry food was better for cats teeth. The theory was that the chewing involved in consuming dry food helped to clean debris off the teeth and reduce the severity of dental disease.

Great. So we have a place to get started. The theory that dry food is better for a cats teeth exists because, supposedly, chewing dry food helps clean debris off feline teeth and that in turn reduces dental disease in the long run for a cat. Sound cut and dry? Well it isnt.

The internet agrees with him, as should you if you feed your cat dry food. Cats just downt chew dry food. So if the first step doesnt take place the second step cant take place either. So thats one theory out.

Best Dental Food For Cats That Facilitates Daily Oral Care

The best dental food for cats should prevent oral disease and improve dental health in cats. Foods listed below are designed to do just that. They have a VOHC seal of approval and a unique kibble texture that effectively cleans cats teeth.

There are just too many dental cat foods out there to list here. But we have picked the best ones from the lot, based on the reviews they have received from buyers.

What To Look For In A Cats Food For Cats With No Teeth Or Bad/few Teeth

These tips will help you feed a nutritious diet to your toothless cat or cat with few or bad teeth:

  • Gravy-based, soft, canned foods are recommended. Choose forms like soups, pate, terrines, meat with gravy, and shreds. Such foods require less chewing.
  • If your cat loves her dry food, try crushing them into smaller pieces to aid with eating. Add broth, gravy, or water to dry pieces to soften them.
  • Feed home-cooked meat and tenderize it enough for easy chewing. Serve in small shreds.
  • Mashing or blending wet food can create an easy-to-swallow meal.
  • Keep your cats hydrated by ensuring they have access to plenty of water all the time.

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Does Dry Food Really Help Prevent The Accumulation Of Plaque

The theory behind feeding dry food suggests that -1. The kibbles abrasive surfaces come in contact with the cats teeth, in effect polishing them and getting plaque off.2. The pieces of dry food get swallowed dry, so there is less food debris that sticks to the teeth to later form plaque .

The problem? There is actually little scientific evidence to back this up. No large studies exist which actually prove that feeding dry food lowers the rate of dental disease. This led to further observations, noting that, in fact, most cats dont chew kibble. The small and fragile pieces of dry cat food are either swallowed whole, or they break apart too quickly in the mouth, providing little resistance to the teeth.

Dr. Fraser Hale, DVM, a veterinary dental specialist, summed this up well in his lecture given to the World Small Animals Veterinary Association :

Supporting Oral Health: Dental Care For Cats

Iams Proactive Health Adult Cat Oral Care Chicken Dry Cat Food, 3.5

Cats Need Some Dental Help to Keep Periodontal Disease at Bay

For the fearsome carnivore that is your cat, healthy teeth are incredibly important. But unless your cat is catching small game and consuming it wholefur and some bone includedtheyre not getting much useful dental care.

People who spend a lot of time with cats understand that cats dont chew. As obligate carnivores, cats have evolved to have a collection of pointy teeth used for shredding their prey. When your cat eats small nuggets or other food forms, they basically swallows them whole with little chewing. So, cats who munch on kibble, canned and even raw food will need some dental help to keep periodontal disease at bay. While brushing remains the optimal way to keep your cats teeth healthy, dental additives and chews can also reduce the chance of periodontal disease.

Why Cat Owners Should Care About Healthy Teeth

While we might care about a white, bright smile for cosmetic reasons, your cat is probably not worried about how they look in a selfie. But periodontal disease isnt just about your cats teethit can also open the door to other diseases as the inflammation begins to affect the rest of your cats body.

Periodontal disease also leads to bone loss over time, which can make your cats jaw even more delicate. And without regular dental care, your cat may lose teeth, develop gum disease or allow painful abscesses to form.

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Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets Dental Health Formula

First 5 ingredients: Ground Yellow Corn, Poultry By-Product Meal, Corn Gluten Meal, Animal Liver Flavor, Animal Fat Preserved With Mixed-Tocopherols

Once your cat feels the crunch of Purinas tasty Pro Plan Veterinary Diet for Feline Dental Health, then, he wont go a day without gleaming in delight with his healthier pearly white teeth.

This diet is specially formulated by veterinarians, nutritionists, and researchers, and it features the VOHC Seal of Acceptance for helping to control the buildup of plaque and tartar.

This high-protein dental cat food is also fortified with vitamins, minerals, and other important nutrients, such as calcium, and phosphorus for stronger teeth and bones, taurine for eye health, and glucosamine for joint support and mobility.

As a veterinary diet, you do need to ask your vet for authorization to purchase this dry cat food either online or in stores nationwide.

Your Cats Dental Health

Cats may not love having their teeth inspected, but paying attention to your cats teeth can help prevent disease. A daily or at least twice-weekly cleaning at home can help your cat avoid painful dental diseases.

What Youll Need:

  • Sterile gauze strips or a soft rubber cat toothbrush.
  • Toothpaste created especially for cats.

What Youll Do:

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Best For Breath: Vetriscience Perio Support Everyday Health Dog & Cat Powder Formula

Another dental supplement for cats that is worth considering is the VetriScience Perio Support Everyday Health Dog & Cat Powder Formula. This powder is described as aromatic and tasty, and it may help keep your kittys breath fresh and her teeth clean, especially if she is not a fan of having her teeth brushed.

All you have to do is sprinkle some of this powder onto your cats food to help reduce harmful bacteria, as well as help prevent the formation and buildup of plaque and tartar on the teeth.

Ingredients include natural zeolites that might help in the prevention of plaque. And this supplement also contains probiotics that may help remove bacteria that can cause bad breath and play a role in plaque buildup. Plus, it also has cranberry extract, which may help support the health of your cats gums.

Other ingredients include:

  • Lactobacillus Acidophilus
  • Enterococcus Faecium

Use this product as directed, and read the label carefully to be sure it is appropriate for your cat. The label will also tell you exactly how much of this product you should give to your kitty based on her weight.

How Can I Keep My Cat’s Teeth Clean Without Brushing

How To Use a Natural Cat Food To Solve Cats Teeth Problem

Sadly most cats are not keen on having their teeth brushed, but there are lots of products on sale that can help to do the job from mouth washes that you add to your cats drinking water, gels that you apply directly to their teeth, and treats that are claimed to clean your cats teeth in much the same way as dental food. Ask a vet for advice on the best products to try.

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What Is The Best Cat Food For Dental Health

Many vets recommend dry foodfor dental health, but there is little evidence that it is any better than wet food. Similarly, a raw food diet probably doesnt make a great deal of difference. The argument in favour of dry foods is that they scrape off plaque residues as your cat chews, but most cats swallow their food without chewing.

What To Look For In Senior Cat Food

As your cat starts to get older, his metabolism may slow down, and he might become less active. Just because he is burning fewer calories, however, doesnt mean that his requirements for balanced nutrition change older cats still need a healthy blend of protein, fat, and essential nutrients in their diet to stay healthy.

Though your cats basic nutritional needs wont change with age, the composition of his diet should be adjusted as he gets older. For example, he may need fewer calories if he becomes less active and that might mean reducing the fat content of his diet. Older cats may also need more protein than younger cats to help make sure they maintain lean muscle mass.

Here are some other things to look for in senior cat food:

Now that you have a better understanding of your senior cats nutritional needs, youre ready to start shopping for senior cat food. Keep reading to see our top picks for the best top rated senior cat food recipes on the market.

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Kimberly St Catharines On

Both my kitties love this! It took a while for them to adjust even though I was mixing it in with their old food and I still am but they were so greasy it was gross. I was going to stop using it but I thought, may as well wait until I’m done with it and now they’re back to a nice shiny sleek coat. I will definitely buy it again.

Purina Dentalife Cat Treats

ONE Purina BIFENSIS adult dry cat food: rich in chicken, strengthens ...

Coming in both chicken and salmon flavor, these treats are a hit with most cats from what weve read online. They are softer than the other cat treats on list, which is part of what makes them so great at removing tartar buildup.

Your cats teeth will be able to easily penetrate them, making sure they get clean all the way to the gum line. As your cat chews on these, all sides of his or her teeth will be getting some exposure to the treat.

A huge plus to Purinas Dentalife treats is that they are free of artificial flavors and colors, yet somehow still manage to be tasty enough for your cat to gobble down

After eating these treats, your cat is likely to have noticeably fresher breath and cleaner teeth, making cuddle time even more enjoyable. You can add them to your cats diet as long as he or she is at least 1-year-old. With the delicious flavor and texture cats enjoy, you should have no problem getting your cat to eat these.

As with all treats, you should watch out for overfeeding these treats. No matter how much your cat begs, make sure to limit them to the recommended daily amount to prevent weight problems.

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Plaque Tartar And Dental Problems In Cats

The process is actually fairly similar in cats, dogs and even humans. As the cat eats, its teeth get covered in a thin film consisting mostly of microscopic food debris and germs. This bacterial cocktail is known as plaque. Its soft and can be removed from the teeth by mild abrasive action such as tooth-brushing.

When plaque is not removed, it hardens into a substance called tartar or calculus. Tartar is made of calcified remains of bacteria. It adheres to the teeth, creating a stronghold where later additional layers of plaque will be created, and the process is repeated until the teeth are covered with a visible layer of tartar. Tartar can be removed only by dental polishing and scaling, a procedure performed by a veterinarian under general anesthesia.

Tartar and plaque trigger an inflammatory response in the cats gums and can cause gingivitis, an inflammation of the gums, which can deteriorate into full-blown periodontitis, affecting the inner structures of the gums and teeth. Some cats can develop a condition called Stomatitis where the entire mouth becomes inflamed.

Clearly, in order to prevent these diseases, we need to regularly remove plaque from the cats teeth, before it turns into Tartar. The theory behind feeding dry food suggests that the kibbles texture helps removes the plaque. But is this really the case?

Not Sure What The Best Dental Food For Cats Is

If youre looking for the best dental cat food to ensure your feline companion keeps all 30 of their pearly whites, fill out our online questionnaire! Untamed recipes are rich in vitamin E, calcium, and other nutrients that will keep your kittys teeth and gums in tip-top shape.

We guarantee our delicious meals can satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. A glance at our most popular products will surely convince you:

  • Tuck-in TunaTuna whole meat 60%, Fish broth 37%, Tapioca 1%
  • Chocka ChickenChicken breast 60%, Chicken broth 37%, Tapioca 1%
  • Full-on FishyTuna whole meat 45%, Fish broth 33%, Sardine 13%, Mackerel 5%, Tapioca 1%
  • Chocka Chicken with DuckChicken breast 55%, Chicken broth 37%, Duck 5%, Tapioca 1%

Serving paw-licking fishy deliciousness!

Image Untamed

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Board Certified Veterinary Dentists In Colorado

So, as with most questions in veterinary medicine, “what is better for your cat’s dental health, wet or dry food?” doesn’t have a straightforward answer. But hopefully, this helps you make an informed decision about how you can best keep your feline friend happy and healthy for as long as possible.

If you have any questions regarding your cats diet as it relates to their teeth, please do not hesitate to reach out to the doctors and staff at Animal Dental Care and Oral Surgery in Colorado Springs for more information. You can call 536-9949 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Photo by Laura Chouette on Unsplash

Feline Friend By Weruva

Is Raw Food Good For Our Cat’s Teeth? | Two Crazy Cat Ladies
  • 3-oz.
  • 3-oz.

Weeruvas fish flavor foods comprise of wild-caught fish by means of dolphin-safe methods and from viable fishing grounds.

It has that fishy odor that is both appealing and irresistible to moggies. The moist gravy it has contains high moisture that is helpful in keeping your cat against urinary infections.

The good range of tempting flavors wont leave you with anything to offer when the cat becomes picky. The variety of flavors is all comprised of quality and value.

Metabolism also slows down as your cat goes to the senior stage. Along with their reduced activeness, they burn fewer calories.

While it is not so much a requirement for balanced nutrition, they still need a nourishing blend of protein, fat, and vital nutrients in their diet.

No, their basic nutritional needs wont change as they age, but, the structure and composition of what he eats should be adjusted as he gets older.

Such are needing fewer calories if he becomes less active, or lessening the amount of fat content in his diet.

To be sure you are getting the right food for your old cat, you can refer to the list of things to look for in senior cat food.

  • Premium animal proteins like protein
  • Low-to-moderate fat content
  • No artificial additives

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Blue Buffalo Healthy Aging Dry Cat Food Best Value

Buffalo Blue Healthy Aging Dry Cat Food is surely the best cat food for older cats with bad teeth for the money. The long shelf life and low cost make this product extremely affordable. Buffalo Blues recipe is all-natural and does not contain any artificial flavors or by-products. The main ingredient is protein from chicken meat, and the flavor will make even the most persnickety cats mouths water.

Additionally, it contains vitamins to boost their aging immune system.

However, this food is available in only one flavor, so if your cat doesnt like it, youre out of luck. But that doesnt change our ranking on it it still is our top choice for best value, best cat food for dental health.

  • Only available in one flavor

Purina Beyond Wild Prey

Top 5 Ingredients: 1. Turkey, 2. Chicken, 3. Liver, 4. Turkey Broth, 5. Quail

The protein-rich formula by Purina Beyond is an excellent choice for cats with no or few teeth. The canned food includes a unique blend of flavors using turkey, chicken, liver, quail, and it is cooked to perfection in juicy turkey broth. The nutrient-dense formula is a great-tasting food for kitties that could have a hard time chewing dry kibble. The broth adds flavor to the recipe and gives it the perfect texture that makes it easy to eat. The recipe includes real turkey for its novel protein content, free from by-products, artificial colors, preservatives, and fillers.

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Best Toothpaste For Cats: Virbac Cet Enzymatic Dog & Cat Poultry Flavor

Its not a secret that the best dental care is made up of daily brushing, and a dental diet that is loaded with the right nutrients and features unique kibble shape and size to support oral health.

You can start with our list above for your cats dental dry cat food. And for the best cat toothpaste, wed suggest one that is manufactured by Virbac, the #1 brand recommended by veterinary professionals.

Virbac C.E.T. Enzymatic Cat & Dog Toothpaste features a unique dual-enzyme system that is more abrasive in keeping your cats teeth clean, and more efficient in preventing the formation of plaque before it even develops into tartar.

This toothpaste doesnt contain foaming agents, so its perfectly safe when swallowed by your cat. And it also comes in five tasty flavors poultry, vanilla-mint, seafood, beef, and malt that your cat will surely love.

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