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Cat Names For Boy Or Girl

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Exotic Male Cat Names

Over 200 Kitten Names | List of Girl FEMALE CATS
  • Ammon: Ammon is an Egyptian name and it means hidden.
  • Asher: Asher is an Hebrew name that means blessed or happy. Nicknames for the name Asher include Ash and Ashy.
  • Axel: It is a middle age form of Absalom. The Scandinavian name means my father is peace.
  • Bear: This American name means bear-like. Perfect for that cat with a scary form of a bear.
  • Berry: Berry could also be another variation of the name Barry. It means small fruit.
  • Blaze: Is your feline friend hot as fire? Then Blaze is a perfect name for him. It connotes flame.
  • Brady: This famous Irish name means descendant of Bradach. The name is associated with a popular footballer, Tom Brady.
  • Glenn: Glenn means from the wooded valley and it of Scotish extraction. John Glenn is a popular astronaut.
  • Hans: It is a form of John and it is of Scandinavian origin. It means God is gracious.
  • Hawk: This is a fitting name for that cat that looks or acts like a hawk.
  • Lancelot: This sweet name is of French origin and it simply means land.
  • Leonardo: It means lion brave and it is of Italian origin. Leonardo Da Vinci was a great inventor/artist/sculptor.
  • Mercury: Mercury is the name of a planet that is nearest to the sun. The Latin name means god of trade.
  • Merlin: Merlin is a well-known magician/wizard in Arthurian legend and it is a Latin form of Myrddin.
  • Napoleon: It is a popular French name that connotes a person from Naples, Italy. A famous politician is known as Napoleon Bonaparte.
  • Why Unisex Kitten Names Are Great

    If you find a unisex name you just love it will work just as well for a boy as it will for a girl. Keep in mind that cats do not always fall into gender stereotypes. A female cat is just as likely to be as viscous a hunter as a male.

    Perhaps more so. In the wild, it’s the lioness who does the hunting. Male cats can be gentle and quiet and some like playing with kittens and even puppies.

    You may have to remind him to play nice. A unisex name can mean your cat is an individual with nothing to prove. It can illustrate a philosophy that all are capable of both strength and gentleness and that both are necessary.

    • Myth
    • Orca

    Tips For Choosing Unisex Cat Names

    When coming up with a great unisex name for your cat or kitten you can forget about gender. Instead, start by thinking about your new kittys size, color, coat type, and personality.

    Of course, you don’t need to limit yourself to choosing a name based on your cat’s physical characteristics. There are countless gender-neutral names out there and the only requirement is your love of the name.

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    Black And White Male Cat Names

  • Alex: Alex is a short form of Alexandra or Alexander and the English name means defender of the people.
  • Arlo: This is a German name that means hill. It could also be used as a diminutive form of Carlo, Carlos or Charles.
  • Carter: This popular name is of English root and it simply means driver of a cart. Jimmy Carter was a US President.
  • Clark: Clark is an English surname that means clerk.
  • Cole: It is originally a shortened form of Nicholas and the name means victory of the people. Another variation is Khole.
  • Cooper: This popular name is of English origin and it means barrel maker. Famous figures associated with the name include Alice Cooper, singer and Gary Cooper, actor.
  • Elvis: This Scandinavian name means all wise. The name is associated with a number of celebrities including Elvis Costello, musician and Elvis Presley, singer/actor.
  • Leo: Leo derives its root from Italy and it connotes lion. Also perfect for a ferocious-looking cat.
  • Mickey: Mickey is a shortened form of Michael and it means who is like God?.
  • Orrick: It is originally an English surname and it means sword ruler. Cute for that kitty with sharp claws.
  • Owen: Owen is a Welsh name that denotes desire born. And common nicknames for the name include Wen, Wayne and Owe.
  • Ozzy: Ozzy originates from English and it connotes a shortened version of name beginning with Os.
  • Patch: Patch is of American origin and it connotes noble. It is also a shortened form of Patrick.
  • Oreo: A great name for black and white sweet cat.
  • Bengal Cat Names Male

    400+ Cat Names: Ideas for Male and Female Cats en 2020 ...
  • Alex: this name is what you wish for, for a protective tabby kitty.
  • Apollo: This famous name is of Greek root and it connotes destroyer. And it also means the Greek god of the sun. Other variations of the name include Apolo and Apolleaux.
  • Ben: It is a short version of Benjamin or Benedict. The clock tower in London is called Big Ben.
  • Billy: Billy is an English name and it connotes a short form of William. Billy Baldwin is a popular actor.
  • Charlie: Charlie is a shortened form of Charles and it means free man. It is of English origin and other variations include Charly or Charli.
  • Dave: The English name is shortened form of David and it means beloved. Dave Foley is a popular actor.
  • Eddie: Eddie is of English origin and it means wealthy guardian. Also, it is a shortened form of names starting with Ed, for instance Edward or Edgar.
  • Einstein: It is a German name that means stone worker. Also, it is thought to have been an occupational surname in Germany coined from the word einsteinen, which means to surround with stone. The name is popularly associated with Albert Einstein, a famous scientist.
  • Evander: It is a Greek name that denotes good man.
  • Falcon: This English name connotes bird in the hawk family.
  • Flynn: This is an Irish name that denotes descendant of the red-haired man.
  • Frank: Frank is of English root and it denotes free or truthful. It is a diminutive version of Francis. Frank Sinatra is a popular actor/singer.
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    Our Favorite Grey Cat Names

    There are hundreds of cool cat names for grey cats to choose from, but weve managed to cull down our list to the best of the best. Here are our top 5 options.

    Luna: Greek in origin, the name Luna means moon and makes for a celestial and bright name choice for a kitten with a light grey or dappled coat. Its a great pick for a cat with a calming and sweet personality, and its also one of our favorite grey and white cat names.

    Dorian : Inspired by Oscar Wildes novel The Picture of Dorian Gray, this names a fun play on wordsespecially if youre a British literature buff. Dorian was a character who wished that he could remain young and handsome while a magical portrait of him grew old, so it could be a good fit for a particularly good-looking boy who spends lots of time grooming.

    Anastasia: This names ideal for Russian Blues. Elegant and royal, Anastasia was the name of the daughter of Nicholas II, the last emperor of Russia. Anastasia means resurrection, which could make it a powerful name for a rescue cat whos been through a lot.

    Sylvester: Get it? Silvester! While the popular cartoon Sylvester the cat had a tuxedo coat, we love this name for a cat with a particularly silvery or shiny coat, too. It just has a classic ring to it. And if youre a Rocky fan, you could always name him Sylvester Stallone.

    Orange Male Cat Names

  • Archie: It is the shortened version of the German name Archibald or English name Archer. It connotes archer or truly bold.
  • Ariel: It is of Hebrew extraction and the name means lion of God. Other variations include Aerielle, Arial and Arriel.
  • Aslan: Aslan takes its root from Turkish and the name means lion.
  • Aspen: Aspen is of American root and it means quaking tree. It is coined from the old English aespe or aepse.
  • Chester: Chester is an English name that means a fortress or camp. Also, it is a short form of Rochester.
  • Chilion: It is a Hebrew name and it means complete. Cute for that perfectly looking kitty.
  • Chuck: This is a popular American name and it is a shortened version of Charles. Famous figures associated with the name include Chuck Norris, actor and Chuck Jones, animator.
  • Colby: Colby is an English name that connotes from Kolis farm. It is also a type of cheese.
  • Conan: Conan is an Irish name and it denotes hound or wolf. It is the name of a movie, Conan the Barbarian.
  • Crimson: It is English in origin and it denotes dark red color.
  • Fairfax: It is of English origin and connotes fair haired.
  • Harry: It is a famous English name that means army ruler. It is originally a shortened form of Henry or Harold. Also, the fictional wizard in Harry Potter by JK Rowling.
  • Kenny: Kenny is a popular Scottish name that means handsome. Perfect for that cute looking kitty.
  • Mac: It is a well-known name for anyone whose surname starts with Mac or Mc. The Scottish name means son.
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    Space Cat Names For Females

    For the girls, I again looked to the stars to find plenty of amazing options. These include constellations, planets, moons, and other space objects.

    I also mixed in a few awesome names inspired by space movies, so take a look!

  • Adara
  • Venus
  • Zeta
  • From the female space cat names, I really love Nebula! Maybe because Im a Guardians of the Galaxy fan.

    Phoebe is a lovely choice, too, especially if you loved Charmed! If youre looking for black cat names inspired by outer space, I like Umbra and Eclipse.

    Check out this video for a quick recap:

    While you wont find many cats in space just yet, one day that could all change.

    With new technology coming out every day, it could only be a matter of time before were heading off to new planets with our feline friends in tow.

    In the meantime, though, these space cat names are as close to as out-of-this-world as our kitties will get.

    I hope you found one that you love!

    What are your favorite space cat names? Share below!

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    Choosing The Best Name


    There are many ways to find a name for a cat. Here are a few that have helped me name the felines in my life:

    • First Impression: Whats the first thing that comes to mind when you think of your cat? Is there something special about his or her personality, habits, color, or markings? All these things can help you name your furry friend.
    • Personality: Whats your cat like? Is she a drama queen that needs a name like Diva, Sassy, or Princess? Or is he a little troublemaker you can picture calling Sneaker or Mischief? Personalities can be the source of countless name ideas.
    • Habits: Does your cat run around the house like a racehorse? What about a name like Dash or Blaze? Observe him or her for a while and see what comes to you.
    • Coat or Eye Color: Some cats stand out for a unique coat or eye color. Names like Snowy, Emerald, Slate, and Hazel might be good choices for your beautiful feline.
    • Names You Like: We all have names we like. Why not choose one of those for your cat?
    • Random: If youre browsing through a list of names and one stands out, maybe its meant for your cat.

    I hope this list has been helpful in your search for a cat name. If you found the purr-fect one here, Id love to hear about it. Feel free to leave a comment below.

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    Tips For Naming Your Cat

    Between stocking up on all of kitty’s gearlike a fun cat tree, engaging toys, and plenty of litter boxesintroducing your new cat to other pets, and getting him into his new routine, bringing home a new cat or kitten home can feel pawsitively overwhelming. What’s more? Choosing the perfect namethat the whole family will love for years to comecan be a major challenge in itself.

    Here’s our advice: Consider your cat’s personality and appearance for major inspiration. Is he a brooding, Jon Snow-type? A lazy Garfield-type? Does his fur have a distinctive color or pattern? If you’re not feeling totally inspired by his charming personality or good looks, think about your family’s interests. If you love to travel, consider a travel-inspired name if you love to cook, consider a foodie name.

    Remember: The name you pick should suit your cat and be something everyone can agree on. We know it’s challenging, but we have even more cat naming inspiration for you below.

    Grey Cat Names For Silvery Felines

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    Whether youve got a light grey Russian Blue, a silvery Chartreux, or a speckled Shorthair, its a great idea to give your feline a grey cat name to match.

    Although grey might not seem like the most exciting color, there are all sorts of places to take inspiration from including the natural world, famous capital cities, historical figures, and even ancient Greek myths.

    Before you begin testing out names, though, remember: Youre going to be saying this name countless times in the near future. As such, be sure to try out a handful before you settle on one. To help you get started, here are 65 cool grey cat names to consider.

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    Italian Cat Names Male

  • Alfonso: It is a sweet Italian name that means noble and ready.
  • Amadeus: Amadeus is of Italian origin and it means love of God. Wolfgang Amedeus Mozart was a popular composer.
  • Arturo: This unique Italian name connotes a bear. Perfect for that bear-like kitty.
  • Bello: It is originally an Italian surname and it denotes handsome or beautiful. Maria Bello is a popular actress.
  • Benito: Benito is the shortened form of Benedict.
  • Capri: It is the name of an Italian Island.
  • Emiliano: Emiliano is a popular Italian name that means rival.
  • Enrico: It is a form of Henry and it denotes home ruler. Enrico Caruso is an Italian tenor.
  • Fabian: This popular Italian name connotes bean grower. Fabian is a famous singer born Fabiano Anthony Forte.
  • Ferrari: This another popular Italian name and it means blacksmith or ironworker. Also, It a well-known Italian car brand.
  • Gabriel: Gabriel originates from Hebrew and it means God is my strength.
  • Geona: Geona is an Italian version of Jonah and it denotes a dove. Does your kitty look innocent like a dove? This might be just the perfect name for him.
  • Gino: It is originally a diminutive form of Georgino and it means farmer.
  • Leo: Leo derives its root from Italy and it connotes lion. Also perfect for a ferocious-looking cat.
  • Leonardo: It means lion brave and it is of Italian origin. Leonardo Da Vinci was a great inventor/artist/sculptor.
  • This is a very popular Italian name and it connotes warlike. Perfect fit for that fighter kitty.
  • + Twin Cat Names For Sibling Duo Cats

    100 Top Male and Female Cat Names of 2019

    If your cat gave birth to 2 kittens or twins, then this is the best place for you to pick their names. Here is a compiled list of the best, funny, and famous tandem names you can give to those 2 cuties.

    • Benny & Joon
    • Ron & Hermione

    There are some cat pair names, but there are also twin cat names for those cats that are identical.

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    The 600 Best Male Cat Names Find Your Cats Perfect Match

    There is no greater joy than a new Kitten. Cats are a great part of the joy and humor we experience every day. Here youll need to find the cutest name for your new family member. Well help you chose the name that relates to the cat natural behavior and appearance. There are a lot of funny, unique, color based as well character-based names for cats. If you need a name for your cat, you came to right place.

    Spanish Cat Names Male

  • Alejandro: Alejandro means defender of the people and it is the Spanish version of Alexander.
  • Alonzo: This popular Spanish name connotes noble and ready. Another variation of the name is Alonso.
  • Antonio: It denotes of unknown meaning and it is the Spanish version of ANthony. Antonio Banderas is a famous actor.
  • Benito: Benito is the shortened form of Benedict.
  • Bernardo: This unique name means bold as a bear and it is the Spanish version of Bernard.
  • Carlos: This Spanish name means free man and it is a form of Charles. Carlos Santana is a famous musician.
  • Diego: It is a shortened version of San Diego. And San Diego is Saint James of Santiago.
  • Eduardo: Eduardo is a Spanish name that means wealthy guardian. Also, it is the Spanish version of Edward.
  • Felipe: Felipe means horse lover.
  • Gonzalo: This is a unique Spanish name that connotes battle.
  • Jorge: Jorge is the Spanish form of George and it denotes farmer.
  • Leonardo: It means lion brave and it is of Italian origin. Leonardo Da Vinci was a great inventor/artist/sculptor.
  • Marco is of Italian origin and it means warlike.
  • Pablo: This popular name connotes small and it is the Spanish version of Paul.
  • Quito: Quito is a Spanish name that means fifth. Cool for your fifth feline friend.
  • Rafael: This is another Spanish name that connotes God has healed.
  • Raul: Raul is the Spanish version of Ralph and it means wolf counsel. Raul Julia is a famous actor.
  • Sergio: Sergio is of Italian root and it denotes servant.
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    Badass Male Cat Names

  • Ares: it is a variation of the name Aries and it means the ram. Also, it is used for children born under the astrological sign.
  • Armani: Armani means from the house of Armand and it is of Latin origin.
  • Axel: It is a Scandinavian name that connotes my father is peace. And it is a medieval Danish version of Absalom.
  • Bat: It is of English root and it denotes a son of Tolmai. It is also a shortened form of the name Bartholomew.
  • Beast: it means a wild animal or a cruel being. Perfect for that beastly looking kitty.
  • Beckham: It is from an English surname that means from the Beck Homestead. David Beckham is a popular Soccer player.
  • Blade: It is an English name that connotes a knife or sword.
  • Blaze: Blaze is of English origin and it means flame of fire. Cute for the ferocious one.
  • Blitz: this name means a fast, violent attack on a location, probably a city.
  • Bran: Bran is of Welsh origin and it means a raven.Good for that insistent kitty.
  • Brutus: This name is of Latin origin and it connotes heavy or muscular. Perfect for that heavily built cat.
  • Dagger: Dagger is a double-edged, short, pointed knife formerly used as a weapon. Cute for that fighter-cat.
  • Goliath: It means a very big and powerful organization or person. Cool for your gigantic cat.
  • Hercules: It is the Latin form of the Greek god name Herakles and it means the glory of Hera.
  • Maverick: Maverick is of American origin and it connotes wildly independent. Good for that friend that wants to always be on his own.
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