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Advantage Multi Vs Revolution Plus For Cats

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Contraindications When Should You Not Use Revolution

Advantage Multi vs. Revolution for Cats

Revolution should not be used in puppies less than 6 weeks of age or in kittens less than 8 weeks of age. It is also advised that the product is not used in animals that are sick, underweight, or debilitated in any way.

It is recommended that dogs are tested for heartworm before starting treatment with Revolution. This is because the product is not effective against adult heartworm , although it will help reduce the number of immature worms or microfilariae. Other treatment will be required to clear an existing infection. If the dog has no heartworm then Revolution is effective at preventing infection from occurring.

  • Multiple parasites covered including fleas, ticks, ear mites, mange mites, and heartworm in dogs
  • Variety of different sizes/weights covered including small puppies and kittens
  • Different pack sizes available
  • Can be used in pregnant and lactating animals
  • Dog and cat versions available
  • Bathing your pet after 2 hours of application of the product will not affect its effectiveness against fleas and heartworm
  • Requires a veterinary prescription
  • More expensive than over the counter medications

The Revolution website has more information on their products. It is also worth noting that there is a product called Revolution plus which is a product for cats that has an extra ingredient to help control intestinal roundworm and hookworm as well.

Revolution Plus Vs Frontline Plus

Alright, the two flea medications for cats under the microscope. Revolution or Frontline Plus for Cats is one a better choice than the other for your cat? Well start with how readily available these medications are. A pet owner whos weighing Revolution Plus or Frontline Plus for cats and would prefer to NOT have to make a trip to the vet may find Frontline Plus more appealing. Thats because its available without a prescription, while youll needs a vets prescription for Revolution.

Next up, we have the issue of how many parasites either medication is effective at preventing. Yes, the main target here is the fleas, but one of the major differences when it comes to Revolution Plus or Frontline Plus for cats is that Frontline Plus only protects against biting insects. This means it works for fleas and ticks, but it doesnt defend against parasitic worms too like Revolution does. Revolution kills fleas and ticks, along with roundworms, hookworms, and heartworms.

If your cat is often outdoors, Revolution Plus might be a better choice for your cat. The problem with intestinal worms is that theyre more difficult to detect and heartworm can be a real threat to your cats life. For this reason, Revolution Plus gets high marks for cat owners who want all around protection. Considering thats likely all cat owners, it tilts the advantage with Revolution Plus vs. Frontline Plus towards the Revolution Plus medication.

Which Is Better Revolution Or Advantage For Dogs

Revolution is all around a better option for dogs because of a variety of reasons. Unless your dog is super sensitive, revolution gives you better control of both flea and ticks, as well as other internal parasites like heartworms.

Scabies mites are an often-missed diagnosis for pet itch, so good news! Revolution works to alleviate those symptoms and help your pet get over a condition that vets may not even catch the first time you seek help or treatment. Not many of the solutions on our site do that.

Advantage is sometimes considered appropriate for ultrasensitive dogs who have severe skin issues. Advantage isnt quite as strong as Revolution, but if you have a lot of trouble with your dogs reaction to medication, the lesser strength of Advantage is worth it.

Outside of that situation, however, Revolution is our top pick for dogs.

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Which Treatment Is The Best Priced

Advantage is about $20 cheaper on average for six treatments. One thing youll also have to consider is the vet visit required to get a prescription for Revolution. Its going to cost a bit more, but overall, Revolutions price includes far more treatments than Advantage. With Advantage, youll also need to have treatments for other types of pests.

Revolutions extended treatment may cost more, but it is going to cover more, which may end up being cheaper in the long run. If you dont need any other treatment, it could really cut down on long-term costs.

Revolution Vs Advantage Ii Flea Treatment: We Asked A Vet

Revolution Flea And Tick For Cats Side Effects

Nicole Cosgrove

Parasites are unpleasant creatures. Fleas, worms, and ticks not only irritate our pets but can also transmit disease. Fleas are probably the most common parasites that veterinarians see, and are also the one that often troubles owners the most too. The flea usually found on our pets is Ctenocephalides felis otherwise known as the cat flea. This parasite is not particularly fussy and will infect dogs, cats, and rabbits, as well as biting humans. It is a small brownish-red wingless insect that can quickly multiply, laying eggs that roll off into our homes.

We all want what is best for our furry friend, but with so much choice out there it is hard to know which anti-parasite product is going to be the most effective. This article aims to look at two popular products Revolution and Advantage II. In this article we compare the uses of each one as well its various pros and cons.

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Flea Life Cycle Considerations

With any parasite product it is worth mentioning that although they get to work quite quickly, you may still see fleas in your home for a little while after the initial application if you are dealing with an existing parasite issue. This doesnt mean the product isnt working. Flea eggs that were laid before any anti-parasite products have been applied will still be hatching out of your carpets and upholstery.

If you have a flea infestation in your home it can take time and patience to get on top of the problem. Revolution, for example, demonstrated in clinical trials more than 90% control of flea infestations within 30 days of the first dose. This is good, but indicates that fleas may still be seen at this time point due to the environmental infestation.

To get on top of the flea life cycle quicker you may want to treat your home as well as your pet, using chemical sprays which kill flea eggs and larvae. The pupal cocoon stage of the flea life cycle can be resistant to these products, so usually its a matter of waiting until they all hatch out . Increasing the temperature and humidity in your house can encourage faster hatching as well as the vibrations from hoovering.

As they hatch out, they should come into contact with your pet and their flea treatment and die. So, if you still see fleas on your pet, its usually not because the product has failed, its because you are still getting immature fleas hatching out of your home.

Frontline Plus Vs Advantage Ii

Frontline Plus for Cats:

Advantage II:Effective 1 month kills fleas within 12 hours. Waterproof against Adult fleas, flea larvae, and eggs. Recommended for 7 weeks and older.

Frontline Plus: Effective 1 month kills pests within 24 hours. Waterproof against Adult fleas, flea larvae, and eggs chewing lice ticks. Recommended for 8 weeks and older.


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Revolution Vs Advantage Flea Treatment 2022 Comparison

Your poor pup. Somewhere, it picked up a flea and now theyre everywhere. The itching is driving you both crazy, and something needs to be done.

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Maybe its your indoor/outdoor cat. Roaming cats are highly susceptible to pests even if you confine them to your own yard. During the summer months, your cat may love that warm sunshine, but know what else does? Fleas.

Whats the solution though? Something over the counter or something more drastic? A one-off treatment or something comprehensive? Your pet needs a flea treatment and possibly something more comprehensive than that, but it can be really hard to know where to start. One famous product, Advantage, is available right in your favorite store. Your veterinarian may have suggestions for something called Revolution. Both could be the right choice, but you may need more information.

Well compare Advantage, a brand considered to be a milder option for sensitive pets, and Revolution, one of the broadest forms of protection for both internal and external parasites. Lets figure out which should be your solution.

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Other Suggestions When Choosing A Flea Product

Cat Care: Fleas & Parasites : Advantage Multi vs. Revolution for Cats

When deciding on a flea product for your pet, you may decide that a tablet is easier to administer to your dog than a topical liquid spot-on. Some dogs with sensitive skin can also have local reactions to spot-on products. If this is the case with your dog, then it would be worth speaking to your veterinarian about some of the alternative treatments available. There are also some effective flea and tick collars which they may be able to suggest too, so dont feel limited to using a spot-on.

Your veterinarian will also be able to help assist you if your dog is suffering from excessive itchiness from his flea problem, as some dogs can have flea allergies. If your dogs skin is sore or scabby or he is constantly scratching, then give them a call.

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Our Review Of Revolution And Advantage

Lets take a look at a few things that distinguish the two. We really love Revolution because of its comprehensive protection, but Advantage does have a few specific applications.

Both handle fleas and handles their larvae. Interrupting the flea lifecycle helps your pet get over a full-on flea infestation. Both are safe to be applied to pregnant and nursing pets. Both are monthly doses that are easily applied to the skin through a simple applicator tube.

You apply the product to the skin down a line across your pets back. The applicator makes it easy to part the hair to get it down to the skin where it can be most effective.

Which Should You Buy

When choosing between Frontline vs Advantage for cats, pet owners should consider their cats risk of exposure to pests. Those whose cats are exposed to ticks and lice may want to purchase Frontline Plus. Other owners may be less concerned about ticks or lice, in which case Advantage II, which has fewer ingredients, may be better for your cat.

Also, make sure to ask your vet which product they would recommend for your particular cat and their lifestyle. Let your vet know if your cat is an indoor-only pet, as less frequent treatments might make sense. Also be sure to discuss any health conditions your cat may have, and whether a spot on treatment like Advantage II or Frontline Plus might affect them one way or another.

Whichever product you chooseAdvantage II or Frontline Plusyour cat will surely be happier for it!

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Revolution Vs Advantage Multi: Effectiveness

Both Revolution and Advantage Multi target a number of the same internal and external parasites and both are effective. Advantage Multi has no efficacy against ticks however, so Revolution may be a more appropriate choice if your pup loves to spend time out in areas where there are high numbers of tick populations. Conversely, if your pooch has tested positive for heartworm, Advantage Multi can be used to kill the circulating microfilariae, preventing the development of adult heartworms.

Revolution Vs Advantage For Cats

Revolution Flea And Tick For Cats Side Effects

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Compare Advantage Multi Spot

Advantage Multi and Advantage II, both from Bayer, are trusted spot-on parasite treatments that are available as dog and cat formulas.

Both Advantage II and Advantage Multi use the active ingredient Imidacloprid to provide month-long protection against adult fleas. Advantage II also includes Pyriproxyfen to kill flea eggs and larvae, providing extra protection.

The key difference between these topicals is that Advantage Multi is a broad-spectrum treatment that includes the active ingredient Moxidectin. It protects against heartworm, roundworms, and hookworms in dogs and cats, and whipworms in dogs.

Advantage Multi may be used on dogs from 7 weeks and cats from 9 weeks. Advantage II may be used on dogs as young as 7 weeks and cats from 8 weeks of age. Please ensure you have the correct product for your pets body weight.

Top tip: Fleas and ticks can carry nasty diseases, but protecting your pet doesnt need to be difficult. Use our comparison chart to weigh up the pros and cons of the most popular products.

Kills Flea Eggs and Larvae – Treats and controls lice infestations Safe for Pregnant or Nursing Pets When does it starts working Kills fleas within 12 hours Kills fleas within 12 hours Application

Advantage Multi Vs Revolution Plus For Cats

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Should I Use Revolution Or Advantage Ii For My Pet

The following table helps you to see a side-by-side summary of some of the information discussed in the previous sections

Flea, ticks, ear mites, sarcoptic mange mite and heart worm Fleas and lice
No, use a cat-specific dose though No, use a cat-specific dose though
Safe for use in pregnancy and lactation Yes Not clear consult a veterinarian
3, 6 or 12 dose packs 4, 6 or 12 dose packs

There are a few clear differences between the products. The number of parasites that Revolution covers is greater than that of Advantage II and the product is also safe to use in pregnancy and lactation which can be useful if you are breeding your pets. The product can also be used in younger and smaller animals.

However, it does require a veterinary prescription to obtain it and it is also usually a bit more costly but then you are getting more protection against a wider array of parasites, so that seems reasonable.

Revolution may take a little longer to kill off existing adult fleas but on balance it does seem like the better product. However, there are pros and cons with both products and the decision will depend on your own circumstances as to what you are looking for in an anti-parasite treatment.

External Flea Medications For Cats

Cat Care: Fleas & Parasites : Comparing Advantage, Frontline Plus & Revolution for Cats

Cat parents want to make their kitties as healthy and happy as possible. This includes making sure they are free of fleas, which can cause illness. With a number of flea-protection options, however, this can be confusing. Whether to get your furkid Revolution or Advantage depends on his individual needs.

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