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Why Does My Cat Just Stare At Me

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What Does It Mean When A Cat Stares At You

Now you have the idea that cats observe every move we make in the household. In the world of feline body gestures, cats stare at you differently in various settings. If pet owners want to know that why does my cat stare at me without blinking, there are certain expression your cat indicates a definite message.

Such expressions mention below:

Theyre Trying To Get Your Attention

We all know that cats can be absolute divas especially the only children. When their Royal Majesties request your attention, they very well expect it. And promptly at that.

While it may often be related to food, there are other reasons why kitty might want some attention. Oftentimes, my own cat simply wants to chat. And possibly coax some food out of me.

Some cats demand attention with long whining meows, others use cute little kitten purrs. Maybe, a soft touch of their paws to get you to notice them.

Other times, youll happen upon them staring you into submission. This may be their way of saying, Hey look here! Bask in my glory!

My Cat Stares At Me And Meows

We need to be aware of all methods of feline communication to best understand why they stare at us. The shape of their eyes and their body language is part of it, but so too is their vocalization. There are several reasons why a cat stares at you and meows, one of the most common being hunger. Each cat may ask for food in their own way. Some may stand silently by their plate, others follow you around the house and some may simply stare at you and meow. All the time you don’t give them food is time they think you don’t get the message: âI’m hungryâ. If your cat does this, it may be time to check to see if their food bowl needs filled.

Another reason a cat may meow while staring at you is due to pain or discomfort. They want you to pay attention because they don’t want to feel such pain. Some cats hide and avoid company when they are sick. This is usually because they feel threatened in their vulnerable state and want to protect themselves. Others, especially those which have confidence in their owners, may try to communicate to a human. If they trust you, your cat will know you will want to care for and protect them.

Why Does My Cat Stare At Me What Is Behind The Stare

It seems like every minute your cats eyes arent closed, theyre fixed on you. What is behind your cats seemingly impolite stare? You first start to feel it on the back of your neck, a tingling that then spreads to the rest of your body. Even if you get up and move, it follows you relentlessly. Sometimes you feel it in the middle of the night and other times it creeps up on you while youre eating or watching TV. Its that feeling that something is watching you, scrutinizing your every move… It’s your cat. 

Why Is My Cat Staring At Me

Why Does My Cat Just Sit and Stare at Me?

Just about every cat owner has, at one time, experienced their cat staring at them. Harmless as it might be, its an unsettling look. You might wonder if your pet is plotting against you in some way, or getting ready to pounce on top of your head!

Why does this cat staring happen? Is your cat just curious, or is something else going on?

Why Does My Cat Sit Next To Me But Not On My Lap

Cats may only sit next to you and not on your lap because they dont fully trust you yet. They may love you and want to show you some affection but arent entirely on board with feeling totally safe while on your lap. 

Some of it can come down to the history of the cat. If you didnt raise your cat from a kitten and adopted them when they were older, it may have to do with their story before you came along. 

Consider if the cat had a bad experience with their previous owners. The last thing theyre going to do is instantly trust their new human. You can try to work with a cat like this to earn their trust, but some are going to be stuck in their ways. 

You can continue to try and work with them to get them on your lap but try and respect their space. Be aware of how theyre feeling and what they enjoy. If they hate being pet in certain ways, dont pet them that way. The more you go against what they enjoy, the lower your chance theyll fully trust you and sit on your lap. 

My Cat Stares At Me When I Sleep

Cats are curious and alert animals, so almost any change in an environment can catch their attention. This is often why they will follow you around the house as they become interested in what it is you are doing. Cooking, doing your homework and even sleeping can be mysteries to your cat. These mysteries become fascinations and staring at you is a way to indulge them.

Also, if your cat joins you at bedtime or naptime, they may stare at you in a particular way. This is usually to blink lazily at you. If this happens, then congratulations are in order. Your cat trusts you and feels comfortable enough to allow themselves to be vulnerable near you.

This gesture is common when they snuggle in to sleep with you or whenever you are bestowing caresses and affection upon them. The cat wants you to know that they feel relaxed as they will only allow this to happen with those they most feel at ease. In simple terms, your cat loves you!

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How To Keep Your Cat From Staring At You While You Sleep

Since cats can be very active at night and may lead to stare at you while you sleep for the above reasons, the only thing you can do is to keep it rested or asleep at night also.

Do everything possible to keep your cat stimulated during the daytime so boredom doesnt result in oversleeping and then immoderate activity during inappropriate times. Since cats are natural hunters, you have to make sure they have mental simulation. You can provide toys such as scratchers, feather wands, cat trees and interactive cat feeder. 

If you are too busy during the day to play with your cat, do active and vigorous play before you get ready to head to bed. Try using toys that mimic the movement of mice and birds like balls and mice toys. Play until your cat seems tired.

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Changing your cats meal time may help. Try feeding the cat before you go to bed rather than before you leave in the morning. Cats tend to sleep after a big meal so this could save you from being bothered by your cats stare. A timed cat feeder used to feed the cat even wet food while you are away can also help you schedule your cats meal at night. This could help if the problem us that your cat is hungry and it may learn to wait by the feeder rather than wait for you. 

What Are Some Reasons Why My Cat May Be Staring At Me

As it turns out, there are a few reasons why your cat may like to sit and stare at you. For example, Dr. Herman explains that sometimes a cat may do this because they are telling you it is feeding time, or perhaps you’re sitting in their favorite spot and they’d like you to move. “Oftentimes though, your cat may just be observing you,” says Dr. Herman. “They are curious creatures and are constantly interpreting the world around them and wondering what you might do next.”

Another reason your cat may be staring at you is because they are trying to communicate affection. “If your cat has relaxed loose muscles, a loose tail, and is staring at you blinking slowly, they are just connecting with you and showing you affection,” says Dr. Liz Bales, VMD. “You can slow blink back to return the love.”

However, if a cat is staring at you and seems nervous or on edge, it may mean something very different. For instance, Dr. Bales explains that if a cat is staring at you in a hunting position and with tense muscles, then this may mean it is about to attack you. “This can be dangerous,” warns Dr. Bales. Thankfully if you are experiencing this with your own feline friend then it should be relatively easy to diffuse the situation. “In this circumstance, the best thing to do is slowly look away and distract your kitty by throwing something in the other direction,” adds Dr. Bales. “It’s best to give them time to decompress and leave them alone if you can.”

Ask A Vet: Why Does My Cat Stare At Me

Frequently when you glance up, your cat will be watching you. Some people sum this up as a creepy stalker type of watching, but I dont think that is what it is at all. Think about animals overall and how they function and survive and then consider the way we humans have inserted ourselves into their habitats and their very lives. Cats are visual hunters, depending on their senses to give them information about their environment. You are a big part of your cats environment, providing food, shelter, protection and companionship. When you notice your cat watching you, think about why she might be interested in you, the way you look, your expression and what you are doing.

Obviously cats are naturally attuned to non-verbal communication. Maybe she is using your appearance to help her choose how she should respond to something, and also sharing with you how she feels about it. Her eyes are reading your cues and her body language may be telling you something too. She may want to be sure that you are watching her in return because you share a family group bond. Your shared look can reaffirm your bond and assure the social stability of your group.  If you are calm, she is calm. If you look on edge, she will be too.

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Youre The Most Interesting Thing In The Room

Having interacted with a lot of indoor and outdoor cats, I feel they all do the staring shtick just the same. To an extent, I feel like no matter where we humans are no matter how many birds, bees, and insects, how much wildlife, how many toys scattered around the house, or what happens to be playing on TV we flesh-and-blood humans typically are the most fascinating things for cats to entertain themselves by watching. Yup, saying cats stare at humans because they enjoy entertaining themselves with people-watching is absolutely a human-centric theory, and I definitely could be off, but based on my experience, it rings true.

Why Are Some Cats Lap Cats And Others Not

Whether a cat is a lap cat or not can come down to breed, their history, and their relationship with their owner altogether. If you get a cat that is known to be independent and doesnt like to be touched, you can plan on them not being a lap cat.

Just like humans, cats can just be born with a personality that doesnt like the closeness of their humans. They may prefer to love you from a distance. 

It could be that your cat has a thing against other animals. If you have multiple animals in the house, they may not feel comfortable hanging out on your lap. Since its all about feeling safe and trust, they may feel too vulnerable to stay there. 

When To Worry About Your Cat Staring


The vast majority of the time your cats staring is a completely normal, albeit sometimes unnerving behavior. However, if your cats stare takes on an empty, unfixed quality, then something else may be wrong. A cat may appear to be staring when in reality he or she may have retinal detachment. Retinal detachment is when the layer at the back of the eye detaches from the globe and can occur following high blood pressure. When the retina detaches it can make the pupils constantly dilated leading to an empty stare. Causes of high blood pressure include kidney failure, heart disease, and hyperthyroidism. If you notice your kittys pupils seem constantly dilated or that their gaze isnt fixed on a specific target, go see your veterinarian immediately.

Cat staring may become an issue if it is followed by aggression as well. Always note your cats body language when they stare to determine if an attack is imminent. Try to deescalate the situation before another critter or your toes get attacked!

A Little About Staring Cats

Cats have unusual quirks we all love and admire. They are some of the most outward creatures when it comes to showing how they feel. But some actions, like staring at you while you sleep, might make you feel not-so-warm and fuzzy inside.

No worriesyour cat isnt plotting your untimely death. But there are a few reasons that they might creep up on you to look at you while you sleep.

They Could Be An Actual Scaredy Cat

If your cat is staring at you while crouched down with their tail tucked under their body, you might be dealing with a fraidy cat. This is doubly true if your cat is staring at you from high atop or under the safety of a piece of furniture. Anything could have spooked them, so just try and calm things down with a cat treat, a fun toy they enjoy, or some soft, calming shushing noises. Food is usually the easiest way to make a cat forget their fears. 

Are You Planning World Domination

Cats are part of the family bond, even if its just the two of you. They love their owner and feel dependent on them for security, comfort, play and food. Having a staring contest is just another way to affirm your bond. When you are calm, they are, too. They are constantly sizing you up to see how youre feeling so they can react in kind.

Are Lap Cats Common

Lap cats can be common, but it typically varies by breed. If a lap cat is what youre after, there are certain breeds that are commonly known to be more of a loveable lap cat compared to some other breeds. 

For example, Main Coon cats and Ragdoll cats are two breeds that are known for their cuddly nature. Theyre compared to dogs at times and sometimes known to enjoy being held and tend to be relatively docile. 

Some people believe that getting a purebred cat will give you better odds of having a lap cat versus having some sort of mixed-breed domestic cat. If you think about if you took a cat thats known to be cuddly and it was mixed with a cat that tends to stick to themselves, how would you know how they would turn out?

Your Cat Stares At You To Show Her Supremacy Over You

Your Cat Stares at You to Show Her Supremacy Over You

Cats usually make eye contact as a way of establishing dominance. Therefore, whenever you turn your eyes away from your cats stare, she is likely to assume that she is the dominant party in the relationship between the two of you.It is therefore advisable that you should avoid staring at your cat too much. This is because if you stare at your cat too much, you might make her feel threatened and nervous. But remember that when cats will rule the world, they will dominate over human beings in reality.

Decoding Your Cats Language

Though many people claim that cats arent as affectionate as dogs, this just isnt true. Cats are very affectionate and loving pets. While it can be a bit difficult for humans to read a cats emotions, if you know what to look for, it is easy to see that your cat loves you just as much as you love her. Though cats are more subtle about revealing their feelings than dogs, they still feel affection for their favorite humans.

Your Cat Could Be Angry

As it turns out, my wifes assessment about cats plotting our demise isnt entirely off base. According to PetMD, a cats penetrating stare could mean that they are about to attack. In these cases, the stare is coupled with a few other telltale signs. In addition to direct eye contact, cats that are ready to pounce usually exhibit pupil dilation, a stiffer body posture, pulled back ears, and a tail that swishes from side to side. Also, most domestic cats that exhibit this behavior are looking to play, not attack. 

We Asked 2 Vets To Explain Exactly Why Your Cat Stares At You So Much

Why Does My Cat Just Sit and Stare at Me in 2020 (With images)

One thing is for sure cats are incredibly interesting creatures that like to make their own rules. Whether your cat loves to hang out in the bathtub, or chew on your hair to show affection , if you have a cat you’re probably already familiar with some of their unique behavioral qualities. However, as the proud mother of two furry felines, I am still perplexed by their prolonged staring. As I type this, my older cat, Alfredo, is glaring at me from across the room while standing perfectly still. Not even the piercing sounds of the traffic outside or the birds settled on our windowsill are enough to distract him from his staring. So. Much. Staring. But why?

To help figure out why exactly our kitty counterparts like to just perch up and watch us POPSUGAR tapped two veterinarians to explain whether it’s normal.

Your Cat Is Hunting You


I just said that a staring cat isnt stalking you, but maybe she is. Play stalking that is.


A 2013 study on house-cat genetics revealed that that domestic cats share 95.6% of their DNA with tigers, even though their evolutionary paths diverged 10.8 million years ago.


But unlike a wild tiger, your cat has probably never had to hunt for his own food. And while most house cats are probably glad they dont have to stray far from their cozy cat beds for a meal, hunting is an instinctual cat behavior. Your cat might not rely on his hunting skills for survival, but hell still practice stalking and attacking. Its healthy physical and mental exercise for a cat.


What does this have to do with staring? Cats are visual hunters and they survive in the wild by hunting prey in dim light. Their vision has developed specifically to be able to keep track of fast-moving critters in low light. But this hunting style necessitates that they lock eyes on their target. It looks like staring.



Cats actually have a third eyelid, known as a nictitating membrane. This membrane acts a windshield wiper, removing dirt and debris from the eye and keeping it moist. It allows cats to focus on one thing for a surprisingly long period of time without looking away. You could say that a cats eyes were designed for staring.


But your ankles, they were NOT designed for play stalking. Cat owners everywhere beware.


Reason 1: Youre Doing Something Very Interesting

Cats are constantly intrigued by all the strange things that humans do but sometimes much more than others.

The most obvious example is if youre holding a toy or something that looks like a toy, your cat wont be able to resist staring you down.

But the explanation doesnt always have to make sense and cats may become very interested in objects that can feel a bit random to us. With close inspection, we may be able to figure out whats motivating our cats but many times it will remain a mystery.

For example, when I was growing up, we had a cat that loved the little flippy part on the top of milk containers. He also knew thatd Id always toss them his way whenever I opened a new jug of milk.

This little cat would stare me down if I went to the fridge and he thought there was even a chance that new milk might get opened!

To Get Your Attention

This type of stare is more like feline mind control. Maybe if your cat stares hard enough and for long enough, they can infiltrate your brain and convince you to do what they want. 

Cats cant actually control our minds , but they do know how to use their direct gaze to get a persons attention. Cats often stare at humans when they want them to do something. Most of the time, that request revolves around food.

Cats seem to know that a steady stare can send a message just like a meow or head bop. If its not food your cat is interested in, their request could be for head scratches or butt rubs. Some cats stare at their people when they want them to open a door or even clean the litter box.

Your Cat Is Trying To Tell You Through A Stare That He Or Shes Hungry

Okay this also happens sometimes. But I think we as pet owners usually eventually recognize the Im hungry stare and know to do something about it. There are many times when your cats belly is full and he or she still has plenty in the slow feeder bowl and still comes and stares at you, though. Times like that you know the starings not about food this time.

Why Is Your Cat Staring At Another Cat

Cats are territorial by nature and usually dont take a liking to a rival cat moving in on their turf. Because cats primarily communicate using body language, a cat staring at another cat is a way for the dominant kitty to show aggression. When a cat notices another cat staring at him, they both stop everything theyre doing and visually connect. If this cat staring doesnt sufficiently meet the dominant ones objective, then swatting, wrestling and even perhaps an all-out cat fight are next.

Cats are visual hunters and their ability to stare without regular blinking helps them keep a close eye on their prey. Unlike we humans who must frequently blink to keep our eyes lubricated, cats can maintain a steady gaze for quite some time before a blink. This is why its impossible to win a cat staring contest.

My Cat Stares At Me Intensely

When a cat feels threatened, by a person or another cat, it will usually take one of two attitudes. If it steps aside and starts to lick itself. This implies they are not looking for a conflict. If they are preparing for a possible fight, then they may stare at their attacker. They may even emit hisses or wails as warning signs not to get close.

The sounds a defensive cat will make are very different to those made by a cat wanting food or company. The tone is much more acute and denotes violence. If this happens, it is best to move away from the cat’s field of vision. Alternatively, you can blink several times and move your head slowly from side to side. This gestures communicates that you pose no threat and have no intention of hurting them. However, if they are in a threatened state, it might be difficult to convince them.

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