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Cat Seems Hungry But Won’t Eat

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Treatment Of Increased Appetite In Cats

Time to eat food but all baby cats Seems like not hungry

Once the actual cause of your cat’s increased appetite has been rooted out, your vet will discuss with you the best course of action to treat the problem.

Change in Diet

Upon the diagnosis of a disease like IBD, low-fat and easily digestible food may help to improve the condition alongside medication. If the cause is determined to be purely behavioral, then your vet will propose you begin better monitoring your cat’s food intake. To assist in curbing overeating, it is helpful to regulate the amount of food your cat consumes in one sitting. This can be done by breaking down their meals into several separate feedings throughout the day.

In the event that a pregnancy is behind the increased appetite, a diet change can help manage the overeating. You can provide your pet with food high in calories as they need that the most during the end of their pregnancy as well as during nursing.


A condition such as Cushing’s Syndrome may require the use of specific medication in order to control the disease. In the case of diabetes mellitus, if diet change is not enough, then your vet will recommend the use of insulin injections to help treat it. Additionally, concerning diseases like IBD, your vet can prescribe antibiotics or steroids if a dietary change fails to improve the problem.

As certain medications can also cause an increased appetite, then your vet may encourage you to steadily discontinue use of the medication if it is possible.

How To Help If Your Cat Wont Eat

Treatment for cats with feline anorexia or pseudo anorexia varies. The specific treatment is based on the underlying diagnosis as well as the impact of related symptoms. For example, it is imperative to control or eliminate nausea in a cat. Same goes for providing intravenous fluids for a dehydrated cat. Even a low level of potassium can cause diminished appetite in a cat.

Veterinarians typically turn to such medications as cyproheptadine and mirtazapine as appetite stimulants. Other non-medical ways to boost a cats appetite include:

  • Adding canned food to the cats dry food diet
  • Warming up the food to emit beckoning aromas
  • Adding low-sodium broth to the food for flavor enhancement
  • Preparing healthy homemade meals
  • If your cats appetite remains lackluster after a few days, she might be fitted with an esophagostomy tube. This e-tube is a feeding tube that enters the skin at the side of the neck near the chin and extends down into the esophagus. It is secured in place using sutures and then a protective bandage is placed around the neck.

    The e-tube allows us to provide food and medications without stressing the cat, and it allows a cat to be treated at home who otherwise might have to be treated in the hospital, Dr. Downing explains. Feeding via an e-tube is an exceptionally effective way to avoid hepatic lipidosis.

    Why Is My Adult Cat Not Eating

    Loss of appetite can have many causes in adult cats.

    If your cat wont eat, some causes may be evident through a vets physical exam of your cat, while others may require diagnostic tests like blood work or x-rays.

    If your adult cat has had a poor appetite or simply wont eat for more than two days, take your cat to your veterinarian to find out the cause.

    Here are some possible reasons why your cat is not eating.

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    Cat Not Eating Due To Factors In Their Environment

    Sometimes fussiness can be caused by factors other than food so it could be that your cat just prefers to have their meal served a certain way, rather than dislikes their dinner. Try some of the following tips to tempt a picky pet into eating:

    • If you have a multi-cat household make sure there are enough food bowls for each cat to have their own, and space them apart so they dont feel there is competition to eat. Even the friendliest of felines can feel stressed about sharing a food bowl with other cats.

    Is A Cat Not Eating An Emergency

    Cat Seems Hungry But Wont Eat

    A cat not eating can be an emergency. According to Memphis Veterinary Specialists, a cat not eating needs veterinary care if throwing up, having diarrhea/constipation, or suffering from weight loss.

    On the other hand, a cat not eating simply because it dislikes the taste of the food you are offering or if it prefers canned cat food over kibble is not an emergency.

    Determining whether your cat not eating is an emergency or not should be done by a vet after they conduct a thorough physical examination. Only a veterinarian is qualified to give a diagnosis and establish if the situation classifies as an emergency.

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    Has Your Cat Been In The Hospital Or Cattery Recently

    Cats can easily develop food aversions if they associate a particular food with a time when they felt unwell or had a scary experience. Suppose your cat has recently been in hospital or a cattery. In that case, they may be associating their food with this experience, and understandably theyve lost their appetite.

    If you think its likely your cat is just being a bit fussy, try switching their cat food for something else and see how they react. Ideally, this transition would be done gradually by mixing it with their old diet, but cats with an aversion to their old food may need to swap to a new food right away. You could also try offering a small amount of something particularly tasty or strong smelling to try to encourage their appetite.

    Why Does My Cat Only Want To Eat Treats

    Another excuse your cat just likes to eat toys and refuses to eat dry food is that youve been too generous with the treats youve given them in the first place. This might sound like a catch-22 situation: your cat isnt eating much, so you bribe them with treats, which encourages them to consume less of their food.

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    How To Encourage Your Cat To Eat

    30th May 2021

    Loss of appetite can occur due to many things including both illness and stress. If your cat is not eating as they do normally, consult your veterinary clinic promptly, as periods of reduced food intake can have negative effects on a cats health. Even short periods eating less can have significant effects on recovery from illness, wound healing and the immune system, and cats are also vulnerable to liver problems caused by lack of food . Unlike dogs, which can cope with periods of reduced food intake, cats must be promptly treated to improve their appetite, or in some cases a feeding tube may be placed to supply nutrition while they dont feel like eating. Medications can also be given to boost appetite.

    There are many causes of a reduction in appetite, and these include any illness causing nausea or pain for example. A cat may also eat less if they are dehydrated or constipated. Sudden changes in their diet or stress at home can also put a cat off their food. Please see the Cat Carer guide on inappetence found at for more information on why a cat would eat less.

    If an illness has been ruled out, or a cat is recovering from a surgery or has been stressed for example, certain techniques can be used to tempt them to eat, although if methods fail, veterinary advice must be sought promptly.

    Tips and hints include:

    How To Stimulate Your Cats Appetite

    The Poor Cat Is Hungry And Won’t Stop Eating Bread | Lucky Paws

    If your cat isn’t eating, we need to get them back on track as soon as possible. But because there are so many reasons why your cat may have lost their appetite, it’s essential to find and treat the underlying cause first. These tips and tricks for stimulating your cat’s appetite do not replace professional veterinary advice. Still, they may be helpful when caring for your cat at home after a trip to the vet.

    First up, you can try gently warming wet or tinned food to increase the aroma. Some cats prefer warm food, and others like it cold straight from the fridge, so see which yours prefers! However, take care to ensure that any microwaved food is lukewarm and the heat evenly distributed to avoid burns. Cats with suspected mouth pain or those recovering from a dental procedure will also tend to prefer wet or tinned food as its much softer and easier to chew. Adding a little tuna in spring water to their regular diet may also tempt cats to eat, as might offering small portions of a variety of foods to see which they fancy.

    If your cat isnt eating at all, you shouldnt leave it more than 24 hours before going to the vet. However, if they have other symptoms such as vomiting, urinary problems, or an increased breathing rate, it could be an emergency, in which case you should get them to the vet as soon as possible.

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    Eating And Losing Weight

    Cats that seem to always be hungry and never gain weight are often diagnosed with some sort of an ailment. These include:

    Thankfully, most cats just love to eat and their day revolves around naps and meals. As long as your cat’s weight is stable, it isn’t vomiting, having diarrhea, or acting strangely, it is most likely just a food-motivated feline.

    + Cat Seems Hungry But Wont Eat Pictures

    My cat, bella, has been driving me crazy. Loss of appetite in cats, also known as anorexia, can be a sign of a serious underlying disease. Main reasons can be named as medical problems, recent vaccinate effects, and psychological problems. Then he threw it up and now refuses to touch that kind of food. Other cats may still be feeling hungry but something else is stopping them from tucking into their disease can be very painful and, in severe cases, could be enough to stop your cat from eating. To play devils advocate for a moment, when a cat stops eating, especially older ones, they do tend to go downhill very fast.

    My cat, bella, has been driving me crazy. Weve had to feed 3 or 4 different wet foods in a day because the cat would refuse to eat the same thing twice. If you have a food processor or a blender, maybe you could whirr her food in that to make it soft and easier to eat. Maybe your cat has an underlying disease that makes him too distressed to eat. Experiment by choosing a different flavor, texture, or shape of food to feed your cat. There is also a high calorie liquid, basically kitty ensure, that you can try.

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    They Dont Like The Location

    Cats and kittens can be particular about where they like to eat their food! Make sure their food and water bowls are positioned somewhere quiet, accessible and away from their litter tray or loud appliances such as the washing machine. To help your kitten adjust to their feeding routine, make sure you always feed them in the same place. That way they wont be confused or go off of their food.

    Why My Cat Seems Hungry But Wont Eat

    Cat Seems Hungry But Wont Eat

    Loss of appetite in cats is typically a sign of sickness, so visit your veterinarian as soon as you detect a change in your cats feeding habits. The faster you respond to the situation, the more likely you are to be able to help.

    When a cat is sick and has no appetite, they appear hungry but refuse to eat. Its also possible that the food has gone bad. Alternatively, the cat may be bored with the current meal and seek something new.

    For owners, a decrease in appetite might be worrying. It should be fine unless the cat refuses to eat for longer than 48 hours.

    In this article, we are going to discuss these weird reasons why your cat seems hungry but continuously refuses their food!

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    When This Border Collie Is Hungry She Will Give You A

    Cats sometimes have food allergies, and they can learn to avoid certain foods that trigger them.

    Cat Seems Hungry But Wont Eat – This is why i feed him three small meals a day. She will consistently eat it. Experiment by choosing a different flavor, texture, or shape of food to feed your cat. I really don’t like feeding her this. There are times when our cats seem hungry but hardly pick at their food. A raccoon family comes over and eats her leftovers.

    Was Your Cat Ravenously Hungry Before They Stopped Eating

    Diabetes and hyperthyroidism both cause extreme hunger in most cats at first. Pet parents are often pleased as older cats look like they’re having a ‘second wind’ with a good appetite. However, these cats usually lose weight despite their increased appetite, and in some cases, they then lose their appetite entirely as the diseases progress. In diabetes particularly, this is a pretty bad sign.

    If your cat is middle-aged or older and previously had an excellent appetite, it’s worth considering whether diabetes or hyperthyroidism could be to blame. Your vet will be able to diagnose these issues through an examination and some tests before discussing the best management plan with you.

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    Dental Problems And Disease

    Dental problems in cats is another common reason. Studies are reporting that at least 50 to 90% of cats suffers from dental problems. Dental diseases are quite treatable if you can detect in the early stage.

    Gingivitis, periodontitis, and tooth resorption are the most common dental problems among cats. Depend on the stage of the problem, and your cat can show different symptoms.

    Behaviour Or Psychological Problems

    A cunning cat won’t eat his meal

    We learned that cats face different kinds of behaviour or psychological problems as humans do. According to veterinarians, there are trying to stop eating or drinking as a side effect of these problems. At first we thought that psychological issues might be a rare incident. But after we dig deeper through several articles in veterinarian websites and forums, we found that this is familiar.

    Hence, we checked what are these psychological issues, and we found that few common triggering points such as change of household, facing disturbance from other cats, owner gone for long trips and changes in cat diet or place. These points can elevate your cats depression state or anxiety

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    Why Is My Cat Not Eating

    Loss of appetite in cats, also known as anorexia, can be a sign of a serious underlying disease. The list of potential causes for cats not eating is long and diverse and includes kidney disease, cat flu, diabetes, fever, hyperthyroidism and pancreatitis. Dental problems, pain and internal obstructions may also result in your cat not eating. There may be a behavioural reason, such as stress, anxiety or depression, perhaps caused by a change in surroundings.

    What To Do If Your Cats Fussiness Continues

    If nothing seems to work and your cat is not eating, you could consider changing their food. Stick with their previous preference of wet or dry food, and introduce them to the new formula over a period of 7-10 days by gradually adding more of the new food to each meal. Sudden changes in diet can lead to diarrhoea and vomiting. Sometimes a simple change in recipe is all it will take to appeal to their taste buds.

    If your cat seems keen, but is struggling to eat, they may have dental problems making it difficult or painful. If you think your cats gums look red or swollen you should book an appointment with the vet. Take a look at our handy guide on how to look after your cats teeth to avoid dental problems, and be sure to follow veterinary advice.

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    Is Your Cat Drinking A Normal Amount

    Cats dont tend to drink much, so a reduction in drinking can be hard to spot. However, an increase in drinking is a common sign of an underlying health problem like diabetes, kidney disease, or hyperthyroidism . You might also notice your cat urinating more than usual due to their increased thirst.

    If you aren’t sure if your cat is drinking a normal amount of water, you can measure the amount they drink from their bowl. However, if you suspect that they’re drinking more and they’re not eating, getting them to the vet without delay is usually the best course of action. Your vet might suggest testing a blood sample and urine sample to check for some of the conditions mentioned.

    What Should I Expect When I Visit The Vet

    What to do if your Cat is Always Hungry » Petsoid

    Your vet will ask you about your cats recent medical history and whether you have noticed any other signs, such as weight loss or vomiting. It is important to try to work out if your cat is hungry but not managing to eat for some reason or if they have no interest in food.Your vet will check your cat over by performing a clinical examination and also ask questions about you have observed at home. Since there are many possible reasons for cats not eating, your vet may also need to perform some tests to work out what is going on, such as blood tests, urine tests, x-rays or ultrasound.

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