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What Is The Best Dust Free Cat Litter

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Cats Pride Unscented Complete Care Litter

The Best Cat Litter EVER !!! Dr Elsey’s Premium Clumping Cat Litter

This is a super-fine clumping clay litter, both lightweight and easy for cats to dig in. A win-win! Christine Sellers, the veterinary advisor at Cat Person, agrees. My go-to litter for my five cats at home and my top recommendation for my clients is Cats Pride Complete Control. The clumps are not too sticky and dont adhere to the box when scooped daily. And its lightweight.

Overall Best Odor Control Litter

Our 2022 Picks: Best Cat Litter for Odor Control
  • Uses baking soda to eliminate odors
  • Prevents the growth of bacterial odor
  • Eco-friendly odor control cat litter
  • Great for multi-cat households
  • Small granules are gentle on paws
  • Odor Shield Technology for superior odor control
  • High absorbency

This Okocat clumping litter has everything you could possibly want in an excellent odor control cat litter. The granules are made from 100% reclaimed fibers, making it environmentally-friendly. Whether you choose to flush this litter or toss it in the trash, it is biodegradable and wont harm our planet. Even the packaging is compostable. Every cat parent can appreciate that!

Okocat Super Soft Clumping Wood Cat litter was built with Odor Shield Technology, which was designed to control odors for up to seven days. The litter itself is high absorbency, and will bind and trap liquid, moisture and odor on contact. We like that it takes less litter to create hard clumps with Okocat, so you will waste less litter and save money in the end.

This lightweight litter is easy to carry and pour, and the tiny pellets are soft on your cats paws. The gentle, fine texture will be great for kittens, senior cats and cats with sensitive paws. We recommend this Okocat litter for ultimate odor control, multi-cat households, and cats with delicate paws. Basically, its a great option no matter what your circumstances are!


  • Reduced dust and mess
  • Traps odors and eliminates moisture




The Best Litter Scoop: Duranimals Durascoop Original Cat Litter Scoop

*At the time of publishing, the price was $13.

Out of five scoops we used to scoop litter at the Brooklyn Cat Cafe, the DurAnimals DuraScoop Original Cat Litter Scoop was the only one that didnt end up with a crust of pee and litter on the edge, or bits of litter stuck in the mesh.

This scoop is deeper and wider than the competition, making it simple to scoop up a large clump or to rake through the litter to pick up any bits youve missed. Its sturdy edge allows you to easily remove any clumps that may have gotten stuck to the pans edge or bottom.

The DuraScoops inventor, Chuck Firthaka the poop scoop guy, as he signs his emailssaid he invented this scoop in 2003 because he was tired of using plastic scoops that bent easily. The DuraScoop lives up to his intent, and its rubber handle is easy to grip and wont bend or dig into your hand.

Overall, the DuraScoop makes an unpleasant chore as simple as possible, a fact reflected by the scoops impressive, 4.8-star rating on Amazon. One reviewer says, 30 years, 4 cats, and countless plastic scoops later, I bought the metal DuraScoop. What a relief. Says another, I cant believe Im in love with a litter scoop! Its also a firm staff favorite at Wirecutter.

The DuraScoop is more expensive than the competition, though we think that about $13 is still a small price to pay for something that makes it easy to clean out your pets litter box.

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Recycled Paper Cat Litter

Cat litter made from recycled paper comes in the form of pellets as well. Where the environment is concerned this is a wonderful option since it reuses what might have otherwise have been wasted. Recycled paper-based litter is also mostly dust-free, low-tracking, and very absorbent.

When made without harmful additives like sodium bentonite , paper litter is safe for kittens, cats prone to infection, cats with respiratory problems, and cats recovering from surgery. For disposal, composting is fine but with paper-based litter, the litter box has to be cleaned a little more often than its counterparts.

In our search for the best non-toxic cat litter, where materials used are recycled or upcycled, that is even better. We also look for brands that go the extra mile, to avoid any greenwashing. Whether it be through the use of sustainable packaging and other sustainable practices, or their charitable works.

The best non-toxic option for you will depend on your cat’s preferences, however, so this may require some trial and error.

Best Dust Free Cat Litters With Our 2022 Budget

# Top 10 Best Dust Free Cat Litter Brand

When a cat litter is dust free it means that the litter produces no dust when poured from the container or moved around by your cat. Dust free litters are free of any chemicals or properties which would cause a dusty cloud of residue in your cats litter area. Cat parents like dust free litters because they tend to be healthier for your cat and human members of your household.

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In this article we talk about the benefits of using a dust free litter, and what exactly makes a cat litter earn that title. We break down some helpful components to look for when choosing the best low dust cat litter for your furry feline. We also have seven great recommendations for dust free cat litters, no matter what type of budget youre on. To start, lets explore the benefits of using a dust free cat litter.

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Dr Elseys Precious Cat Ultra Clumping Clay Cat Litter

Dr. Elseys Precious Cat Ultra Clumping Clay Cat Litter is a 99.9% dust-free natural litter that does not irritate cats while breathing and also keeps your surfaces clean. Moreover, it is also hypo-allergenic which makes it perfect for cats as well as families who suffer from allergies.

Its hard clumping clay makes it the perfect clumping litter that helps prevent moisture. In addition to this, the medium-grain clay is an optimum balance between comfort and effectiveness.

Key Features:

  • Dust-Free Rating: 99.9%

Since it is specially formulated for multiple cats so it provides superior odor control and keeps your home smelling clean and fresh day in and day out. It is also ideal for sifting & mechanical litter boxes which make it easier for you to dispose of the waste.

It is also easy to scoop and clean as it forms hard clumps that dont break down. Not to mention, it is also low tracking thus it wont stick with your cats paws or coat and wont create a mess in your house.

  • 99.9% dust-free litter formula that does not irritates cats while breathing
  • Forms hard clumps which makes it easy to clean
  • The litter is not lightweight

Why Should You Trust Our Recommendations

You care about your cat as if he were your own child, so we understand that you want whats best for him. Were cat owners and pet lovers ourselves, so we know that picking the right products for your cat can be stressful. We also know that there are an unbelievable number of cat litter reviews out there, making it difficult to know who to trust.

After testing dozens of cat litter brands, we know what to look for and what features or drawbacks could affect your decision.

All of the brands recommended here have been tried and tested personally, though weve also read other user reviews and have evaluated any information provided by the manufacturer. Not every cat litter on this list will be the perfect fit for your cat, but hopefully the insight weve provided will help you make the right choice.

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Okocat Natural Paper Dust Free Cat Litter Review

Pellet litter made from recycled paper

This litter is made from recycled paper and creates absolutely no dust, making it perfect for even the most sensitive cats and people.

Although this pellet-style paper litter doesnt clump, it utilizes Odor Shield technology to trap odors within the pellet fibers. The exterior of the pellets is hard, while the interior is soft and absorbent to effectively trap odors. According to Okocat, the litter controls odors for up to an entire week longer than most other litters.

This litter is biodegradable, so it wont build up in landfills the way that clay litter does. Its also flushable, making cleaning out the litter box a little bit simpler.

The product is free from additives, including fragrances and deodorants that could irritate your cat. Its also hypoallergenic, making it perfect for cats with respiratory issues. Buy It


  • Made from biodegradable recycled materials


What To Consider Before Purchasing The Best Dust

TOP 5: Best Cat Litter [2022] | Our Top Picks!

Dont just choose one of the items on this list and expect all of your cat litter issues to be fixed. Here are a few things to consider as you prepare to choose the best dust free cat litter for the suggestions above:

  • Dust-free litter will clump According to reputable cat care resources, clumping litter is the ideal type of litter, and that is what most dust-free litter is.
  • Keep an eye out for muddy litter Litter that does not produce dust may move in the other direction and become muddy if it becomes too wet. You may avoid this by purchasing high-quality litter and replacing it on a regular basis.
  • Know your cats preferences Even if you are satisfied with the litter you picked, your cat may not enjoy it, so you must be prepared to switch it out for something else. Start with a tiny bag of any new litter to test it out on your cat first. You wont squander as much money this way.
  • Be wary of cat allergies and sensitivities Aside from how little dust it leaves behind, there are additional factors to consider when purchasing cat litter. You should also consider whether it creates an allergic response in your cat or whether it is too strong smelling for your cat.

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Advantages Of Best Dust

Reducers of allergens:

Dust-free cat litter is often hypoallergenic. They are lung-friendly due to the lack of artificial perfumes, dust, and other elements. The reduction of allergies and irritants results in a happy and healthy cat and owner.

Cleaner surroundings:

Clay and crystal-based litter brands can distract your attention from the filth and dust that your cat is creating all over the house. If you consider your pets and your house, this is a much better alternative as it can help you keep the environment within the house cleaner.

Now, that we have talked about some basic information required while choosing the best dust-free cat litter, lets have a look at some of the best options for dust-free cat litter in the market.

Important Features To Consider

Base Material

When looking for a dust-free cat litter, you have options for the base: clay, silica, or biodegradable materials. Each has its own drawback and benefits.

Litters with a clay base arent inherently dust-free. It depends on its formula. If you are considering a clay litter, look at the fine print to see if it is low in dust.

Silica-based litters are usually made to be dust-free. Biodegradable and natural litters are also usually dust-free. These biodegradable litters are made up of natural litters like corn, wheat, or walnut. However, this type of litter sometimes attracts bugs.


Next, you should consider the texture. Cat litter texture can vary in size, shape, and consistency. While the texture may not seem like a big deal to you, it probably is to your cat. Some cats will prefer a certain texture over others.

If your cat doesnt like the texture of the dust free cat litter, they may not use the litter box at all. So make sure to introduce the new litter to them in a way where you can gauge how receptive they are to it.

Odor Control

Most cat owners put odor control right up there in their concerns when choosing a litter, and for good reason! Cat litters use many different methods to control odors, even the dust free cat litter ones.

Most of the time, you will find that dust-free cat users use a couple of different methods, so you should easily be able to find one that meets all your needs.

Ease of Cleaning

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The Best Alternatives To Clay Litter

Our experts said most cats do well with clay litter. And we think owners using clay clumping litter need to experiment less with their setup, which will save them money, too. Still, we plan to consider alternatives to clay litter in our future research. In the meantime, here are a few personal recommendations from Wirecutter staff.

Dr Elseys Precious Cat Respiratory Relief Silica Gel Cat Litter Review

Best Dust Free Cat Litter To Buy in 2021

Silica gel crystal litter made specifically for cats with respiratory issues

For those who prefer silica gel litter, this formula from Dr. Elseys offers a virtually dust free product designed specifically for cats with respiratory issues. It is hypo-allergenic with no plant proteins and is free from other potential irritants like added fragrances and deodorants. The gentle litter includes natural stress-reducing essences.

Like all silica gel crystal litters, this product absorbs urine and odors on contact. Youll need to scoop out solid waste and stir the litter daily to maintain freshness. If you have multiple cats, theyll go through this litter quickly, but a single cat can use it for up to about a month without excess liquid buildup.

Unlike most crystal litters, this product has a fine sand-like texture that is gentle on your cats paws. Buy It


  • Not cost-effective for multiple cat households

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Top 5 Best Dust Free Cat Litters

Quick Look : Top 5 Best Low Dust Cat Litters

Where To Buy $.76/lb

Now that we know what to look for, heres a list of the top five best dust free cat litters on the market today. While its impossible to guarantee that these litters will never create a trace of dust, each of the products listed below has a great reputation for being almost or completely dust free.

Youll notice that some of the litters were made specifically with your cats respiratory health in mind these are good options for cats with asthma or other respiratory issues.

If your cat has respiratory issues, remember that they may be allergy-related. If you suspect that your cat may have respiratory problems caused by allergies, avoid corn, pine, and wheat litters. These could irritate your cats respiratory system as much as dust. Unless you have ruled out these specific allergens, its better to opt for a hypoallergenic litter.

Additives like deodorants and fragrances may also irritate your sensitive cat. Besides the fact that cats generally prefer them, unscented litters are gentle on your cats respiratory system and help to keep them breathing easily.

All of the products on the following list are unscented products that are gentle enough for sensitive cats.

Why You Should Trust Us

Im Wirecutters pets writer, and Ive covered everything from the best automatic litter boxes no one should buy to our favorite cat litter mats. Im also a lifelong pet owner and animal-shelter volunteer whos dealt with her share of cat poop, and Im determined to find the best way to control litter box odors without making things worse for feline residents.

Shannon Palus was a senior staff writer who wrote the original version of this guide. She interviewed Alexandra Medley, a veterinarian who had recently graduated from the Ohio State University , and had her survey the vets in her network for answers to Wirecutters toughest litter questions. Shannon also consulted Michael Lund, a vet with the ASPCA Anne Levin, president of the Brooklyn Bridge Animal Welfare Coalition and manager of the Brooklyn Cat Cafe and Ray Brown, VP of household R& D at Church & Dwight, the company that owns Arm & Hammer . She tested the top-performing cat litters at Brooklyn Cat Cafe, where dozens of cats provided their, er, input.

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Slowly Transitioning Your Cat To A New Litter

Another important thing to consider is that cats may have a difficult time transitioning to a different litter. You can aid in this process by mixing the new litter into the old little by little, gradually increasing the content of the new litter over time until theres no more old litter left. This can help ensure your cat doesnt have any accidents during the in-between transitional time.

Cats Pride Fresh Ultimate Care Lightweight Unscented Hypoallergenic Multi

BEST Cat Litter Box EVER!! (NO LITTER NEEDED Just Pinto Beans)

Key Features:

  • This is a wonderful choice for any sensitive cat that suffers from allergies or other sensitive conditions.
  • It is formulated with hypoallergenic components that prevent your cat from reacting negatively to the litter.
  • Its also reasonably priced and one of the finest deals in cat litter.
  • There will be little dust for you to clean up afterward, but it will be a little dustier than some of the other options on our list, so you should be aware of that going in.


  • One of the most affordable choices.
  • Clumps that are simple to clean and reduce odors.
  • Works longer than most other cat litter alternatives.


  • The kitty litter is not as dust-free as some of the others on this list.

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