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Teacup Munchkin Kittens For Sale

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Know The Types Of Munchkin Kittens

Custard – Teacup Blue Eyed White Persian Kitten for Sale from Daphne’s Dolls Cattery

Are you considering adopting a new feline friend? If so, you might want to consider the types of munchkin cats available. These cute little felines are particularly well-liked for their short legs and long bodies.

Munchkin cats come in three different types: standard, tall, and miniature . This article will discuss the benefits of each type, as well as provide an overview of what they look like in order to help find your perfect match!

Interesting And Fun Facts About Munchkin Cats

Lets state the obvious here Munchkin cats are unique and interesting felines!

Here are some facts about this breed that you may not have been aware of:

  • It should come as no surprise that a Munchkin holds the record for the shortest cat which was measured at just 13.34cm tall.
  • They are one of the newer cat breeds to be officially recognized, appearing in 1991.
  • Munchkins are extremely playful and will behave like kittens long into adulthood.
  • Their legs are around 3 inches shorter than average cats.
  • If youve seen The Wizard of Oz Munchkins really are named after the small characters from that film/book.

Q: What Is The Best Way To Contact Us A: Email Minuetkittens@gmailcom Please Fill Out An Application After Reading This Page First Email Is Best

Q: What is a Minuet kitten?A: Minuet is a relatively newly recognized breed – a beautiful breed growing in popularity! It is a cross breed between a classic doll face Persian and a Munchkin. We have been breeding beautiful Minuet kittens since 2007.

Note: only about 50% of Minuet kittens are born STANDARD and those get usually reserved very quickly. If you want a STANDARD Minuet kitten, then the best way to go – is to fill out an application, contact us, and inquire about our paid deposit waiting list.

We would like to recommend whenever possible that the new owner flies to pickup the kitten in person, and we would meet them at the airport for a nominal fee. In December 2021 our fee increased to $140. Or you may choose to Uber to us from the airport . This is to ensure the highest safety of our kittens and the least amount of stress on them due to airline issues, layovers, etc.

Q: What if I live close to San Diego/ Los Angeles and do not need shipping? A: If you live in So CA – San Diego, Los Angeles, etc and you reserved a kitten on our website, then you can pick up your kitten in our home, after they have been weaned, vaccinated, and prepared for a new home. All the other rules are the same as for the families who need shipping.

Q: How do I prepare for my kitten? A:We have two sections to read under More Resources : Preparing for your Kitten, and Kitten Nutrition. Please look at those, and it will give you a great starting point and answer nearly all of your questions.

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Some Facts About Munchkin Cats

Also known as drawf cats and sausage cats, its no surprise that Munchkins are a unique and interesting-looking breed.

Here are some facts about this breed that you may not have known about:

  • Munchkins legs are around 3 inches shorter than average cats thats a lot!
  • It will come as no surprise that a Munchkin holds the record for the shortest living cat.
  • They are a fairly new breed, only really being introduced to the scene in 1991.
  • They really are named after the small characters from the Wizard of Oz!
  • They are one of the most playful breeds, even long into adulthood.

Tica / Cfa Registered Munchkin Kitten For Sale

munchkin kittens for sale, Cats, for Sale, Price

Munchkin cats are known for their extra short legs, very small size, and ultra loving and sweet personalities. Munchkins come in all colors and patterns, making for very unique and special kitties that resemble kittens their entire lives. Our Munchkin Kittens are bred selectively for temperament, health, and beauty. We have many colors, including calico, tabby, tuxedo, bicolor, and pointed Munchkin Kittens for sale. We are a registered cattery with TICA.

We have an outstanding variety of Munchkin Kittens available throughout the year. If you are looking to buy a Munchkin kitten from us you are not only getting a top-quality kitten from excellent bloodlines that have gotten top of the line care and attention, but you are also getting fantastic health and genetic guarantee and the peace of mind that we are available to you seven days a week for support and will be here for many years to come.

Our standard rug hugger, Munchkin, and Teacup kittens are some of the most sought-after kittens in the world, and you and your friends and family will marvel at the uniqueness and incredible cuteness of your cat that will forever resemble a kitten and have adorable short little legs! You will never regret your purchase of one of these spectacular kittens


And since the temperament is often hereditary, we select Munchkin cats with the best possible personality, which makes all the difference.


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Adopting A Munchkin In Oklahoma

If you cannot find available kittens or what youre looking for from the above breeders, you could consider adopting a Munchkin cat from a shelter or a rescue.

Adopting a cat is a satisfying thing to do. It gives a cat another opportunity to live out their life with a loving family, as opposed to staying in a shelter indefinitely.

If youre interested in adopting, there are no guarantees youll find what youre looking for but its worth taking a look.

Here are a couple of places online where you can find cats for adoption:

Both of these sites are basically just huge databases connecting thousands of rescues and shelters. Take a look and see what you can find.

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Tica And Cfa Certifications

You may have seen some breeders saying they are TICA and CFA certified. This is an extra stamp of approval that they registered their cats and are maintaining a high standard.

Heres what these organizations mean:

The International Cat Association is the worlds largest purebred cat registry and the only global organization that represents all breeds of cats.

TICA was founded in 1967 and currently has more than 190 member associations, with more than 20,000 members in 90 countries.

The Cat Fanciers Association is the largest, most experienced, and most respected cat registry in the world.

The CFA has become the single source for all things related to cats and cat fanciers. It has a membership of over 165,000 people worldwide who own purebred cats or subscribe to their periodicals.

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Scottish Fold Munchkin Cat

Also known as Scottish Kilts, their origin can very easily be guessed. Many breeders and owners alike wanted something round, lovable cat with short legs and folded ears. This is combination is what brings about the popularity of this breed, making it the perfect little pet.

They can be very friendly and fantastic for people who want cats as pets. There have been very few reports of any problems with Scottish fold cats

While they are not much different from your regular Scottish fold, Scottish fold munchkins are prone to a condition called Feline Polycystic Kidney Disease. Take note that dry food can make the condition worse.

This breed can be very rare, making it quite a hassle to find a reputable breeder. Fortunately for you, we are here to solve that issue for you. We have them available and ready to ship.

Munchkin Kittens For Sale In Tennessee

Teacup Golden Persian Kittens for Sale

Thank you for visiting the Tennessee Munchkin Breeders page here at Local Kittens For Sale! Here at Local Kittens For Sale our goal is to help connect anyone who is interested in getting a specific breed of cat with a trustworthy and reputable breeder in their area.

Each breed specific state page has a complete list of all the local catteries and individual breeders that we have been able to locate in that state. We list contact information for you to use, as well as posting a link to their website, so you can quickly see what kittens they currently have available. All this information is provided so that YOU can research each breeder individually and find the one that has your perfect kitten available!

We always strongly encourage you to thoroughly check out each cat breeder you are interested in purchasing from before you make your final decision. With over 3,000 cat breeders listed on this website, we are the LARGEST breeder directory on the internet! However, that means we also rely on our visitors to inform us if any of our breeders listed fall short of being a reputable and trustworthy cat breeder.

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Munchkin Cat For Sale

Munchkin cats are a hypoallergenic cat breed that originated in the 1970s. They have short legs and a compact body, which gives them their munchkin name. Due to their appearance, many people mistake these cats for being unhealthy or having some sort of deformity. However, this is not true! Munchkins are just as healthy as any other cat breed. If youre looking for a new companion, consider getting one of these adorable munchkin kittens!

If you or someone in your family has allergies and is considering adopting a pet, theres no reason to shy away from munchkins. In fact, they make excellent pets if those with allergies are looking for a hypoallergenic cat.

Munchkin cats can come with short hair, long hair, or any type in between! These adorable little fur babies can be found in many colors and patterns as well to match your personal style. Munchkins also have the same lifespan as other breeds so youll get a friend for a long time.

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Are Munchkins Good Family Pets

They are good family pets, yes. Obviously, each Munchkin has its own personality that you will need to discover. But generally speaking, Munchkins are social cats, they are fine with children and other animals, and will take advantage of all of that attention,

Youll notice theyre very different from other cats, theres no mistaking that. They are a lot less agile and wont be getting themselves into the kinds of annoying predicaments most kittens do.

On the plus side, this means not hanging off of curtains, jumping on the kitchen sides, hiding in odd high up places, and so on. So, its not all bad!

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Munchkin Cat Breed Information

Munchkin cats are regular domestic cats with short legs due to a natural genetic mutation. While they had been around for years, munchkins were just accepted as a breed by The International Cat Association in 2003. But unfortunately, the Cat Fanciers Association hasnt yet accepted them.The Munchkin is small to a medium-sized cat weighing about 5 to 9 pounds. Other than his short legs, he looks like any other cat, with a long or short coat, which can be just about any color or pattern. The Munchkin is reasonably fit for any home with individuals who will like him and take care of him. Keep him indoors to secure him from automobiles, an illness spread by other cats, and attacks from other animals. They can live 13 years or longer


Munchkins are easy to train, and friendly towards humans, strangers, and other house pets. These babies can explore the world. Even in adulthood, they are known to keep fun-loving and kittenish attitudes. According to Marilyn Krieger, who is a certified cat behavior consultant, munchkins are known as confident extroverts. They love to socialize with people and are full of energy, curious about their environment despite their short legs and small nature. They love to jump and run.

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Scottish Fold Munchkin Kittens For Sale

Munchkin Cats For Sale

Our Scottish Fold Munchkin Kittens, or Scottish Kilts, are bred with Persian, Himalayan, and Siamese bloodlines.

Kittens are priced around 4 weeks after they are born. It takes about 4 weeks to tell if their ears are going to fold or not. Around 12 weeks, babies are ready to go home.

Some kittens will take a little longer to tell what color they will be. All pointed kittens will keep their blue eyes as adults.

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Female Mango Munchkin Kitten For Sale


Breeding right: YES CATS CAN BE USED FOR BREEDING. Good with Children: YesGood with other Kittens & Dogs: Yesincluded : Registered, Current vaccinationsHealth guaranteeIncludes: TICA registration, 1 years health guarantee, shot records, feeding Menu and Handbook catalog on how to take care of the kitten)

Character: the cats are curious but calm, affectionate but not clingy, and very smart. They can be shy at first, but they are playful and loving once they feel comfortable. While they are happy living with families and even other pets, They tend to form a deep connection with only one person.

Munchkin Kittens For Adoption

Munchkins owe their short legs to a naturally occurring gene, not human selective breeding. The gene responsible for the breeds short legs has been likened to the same one that gives dachshunds and Welsh corgis their diminutive stature. However, since the spine of a cat is physically different from that of a dog, munchkins do not suffer the spinal problems that are sometimes associated with those canine breeds.

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Munchkin Kitten For Sale Healthy & Litter Trained

Munchkin Kitten For Sale. The cat fancys version of downsizing the Munchkinhas cat fanciers on both sides hissing over whether the breed should be recognized. While most new breeds have to face periods of resistance before acceptance can occur, the battle over this breed has been particularly long and heated because it raises questions regarding where unique variety ends and abomination begins. This point has been previously raised within the cat fancy concerning breeds such as the Sphynx and the Manx, now widely accepted breeds.

Short-legged cats have been documented as early as the 1930s in England. According to records, these short-legged cats survived for four generations before World War II took its toll on the cat population of Europe. One such cat was also reported in the Soviet Union in the 1950s and dubbed the Stalingrad Kangaroo Cat for its tendency to sit up on its haunches. But the breed as we know it today began in Louisiana, USA.

Persian Kittens For Sale

Cupcake – Teacup Female Solid White Persian Kitten for Sale from Daphne’s Dolls Cattery

Welcome to our world of Designer Kittens~ we hope to educate everyone who visits about our breeds.

Teacup Persian Kittens, yes they are here! We have been raising Persian kittens for 21 years and we offer some of the sweetest and brightest little faces you’ll find. Our kittens come pre-spoiled, kid tested and spaniel approved! Over the years, we have come to believe that while nothing living can be guaranteed to be without flaw, we personally give a LIFETIME genetic guarantee on every kitten we sell. The Persian cat is number one in popularity due to their loving and docile personality. They are more like dogs than a typical domestic cat and as anyone who’s ever owned one can tell you, they sometimes even seem ‘co-dependant’. They seek human interaction and blend beautifully into homes with children and other animals.

See Who’s New by clicking the tabs at the top of this page:)

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Teacup Persian Kittens Facts Vs Fiction

Doll Face Persian Kittens Specializing in Teacup Persian Kittens

What to know before you purchase one The Truth About Teacup Cats

What is a teacup cat? Are they real? ~~ Facts vs. fantasy world on these fascinating felines.

You can read almost anything on the World Wide Web, heck Im sure somewhere you can probably even buy a unicorn if you believe hard enough.

Living in a fantasy world can seem fun for a while, but personally, when it comes to matters of the heart, eventually, the truth is always the best.

We have been breeding Persian and Himalayan Kittens for 33 years now. We have been on the internet for 17 of those years and have seen tons of here today gone tomorrow websites. Many claim to have Ultra-Tiny Teacups, Ultra Mini Size, Micro Size, kittens as a marketing ploy to get you to believe their kittens are the tiniest.

Many cat breeders will take pictures of a three or four-month-old kitten, post it on their website, and say it is an Adult Teacup Cat.Some of these websites are still up and running, scamming people every day.

This is so misleading and makes all of us look bad, especially those who have worked very hard and poured decades of our lives downsizing in a healthy process.

How is the public supposed to know the actual age of the kitty in the picture? You want to believe what you see, but lets face it, unicorns are not real, and neither are many of these pictures floating around on the internet of so-called Teacup Cats.

Munchkin Cats For Sale

Hochenedel and LaFrance wrote the first breed standard, and established a breeding program. Other breeders soon joined their cause and established their own Munchkin breeding programs. In 1991, the Munchkin was introduced to the public at the nationally televised INCATS TICA show at Madison Square Garden in New York City, to both acclaim and resistance. They tried to gain recognition for the Munchkin with TICA at that time, but were turned down on the basis that not enough was known about the breed. In 1994, the Munchkin breeders tried again, and this time the breed was accepted into TICAs New Breed development program in September of that year. TICAs New Breed development program is overseen by TICAs genetics committee, which tracks the pedigrees and monitors the breeding statistics as a breed develops, including the outcrosses used to develop the breed. This program confirmed that the gene governing the short legs was dominant any cat that possesses the gene will have the foreshortened legs, and can pass along the trait to its offspring. As of May 1, 1995, the Munchkin was recognized for New Breed and Color status in TICA.

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