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How To Get Kitten To Eat Dry Food

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Spay Or Neuter And Adoption

How to Switch a Small Kitten From Canned Food to Dry Food : Kittens & Cat Care

Eight-week-old healthy kittens are fully weaned and should soon be ready to be spayed or neutered and to find their new forever homes. It is much easier to find homes for eight-week old kittens than it is if you wait longer, so start setting a plan early on. Sharing photos of the kittens with friends and family as they grow, and telling everyone you know that youll be looking for homes for the kittens is a great way to find homes. For more advice on finding homes for the kittens, see this guide on finding homes for homeless pets.

It is also important to ensure that all the kittens are spayed or neutered, so they dont accidentally add to the thousands of unplanned litters of kittens that enter shelters each year. Find a low-cost spay/neuter clinic near you.

While caring for orphaned kittens is a lot of work, its also a lot of fun. The most rewarding part is watching your charges grow up and go into new homes. And the best part is that you can feel good knowing that you helped keep kittens the most at-risk animals to enter shelters safe and sound.

Plastic Water Bottle Fun

This is a very basic and easy way to create a puzzle feeder. If youre unfamiliar with this term, a puzzle feeder is simply a food-dispensing toy. The cat manipulates the toy and shes rewarded with food. Puzzle feeders are becoming more popular for many reasons. Whether its to help a cat eat slowly, combat boredom, or just for fun, puzzle feeders are a natural fit for an animal who is born to hunt. Chances are, you already have some water bottles at home, so heres a way to re-purpose them for your cats enjoyment.

Take a small, empty water bottle that is completely dry and carefully cut some holes in it. The holes should be larger than the size of a piece of dry food. To help your cat understand the concept, make the holes big and create many of them. After the holes are cut, put some pieces of dry food in the bottle and put the cap back on. Put the bottle on the floor and lay it on its side. When your cat walks by, she may detect the food aroma and paw at the bottle to release a few pieces. If she doesnt get the idea, you can help her by gently rolling the bottle yourself so she sees what happens as it moves.

As she gets better at the water bottle technique, you can create other bottles with fewer holes to make it more interesting.

Is Commercial Cat Food Necessary For Cats

We keep dry food as recommended by our vet available at all times to our cat. He greatly prefers the wet food, and most weeks doesnt even touch the dry food. Still, I dont want to have to worry that Im not giving him enough, so I do have a feeder for Bob that always has dry food in it.

I dont think that a little dry food here and there is bad for cats, but I would always want to have raw meat, including organ meats, as the main part of their diet.

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How To Soften Dry Cat Food Into Wet Cat Food

When it comes to feeding your cat, there are two basic food options: dry food and wet food. Which one you serve your cat is most likely up to your cat, since they are picky eaters and will choose the one that they want. There are plenty of reasons why you may need your cat to eat dry food. Fortunately, it is possible to make wet food out of your cats dry food if the need arises.

To do this, there are several methods that you can use that all include adding one part water to three or four parts food and letting the food soak in it. You may need to add more water as it is absorbed to reach the right consistency for your cat, depending on what they like.

To make the process go faster, you can use a food processor to blend the water with the food. Heads up! This will make a smoother mixture which your cat may not want . Most wet foods have a thicker consistency and chunks of solids in them. Using a blender or food processor will break them down and make the entire mixture smooth.

Your Cat Might Be Bored Lonely Or Depressed

Is Free Feeding Cats the Best Way to Feed Your Cat?

Just as humans overeat during heightened emotional states, cats can use food as a self-soothing tool. Cats may become obsessed with food if they are depressed, stressed, or simply bored.

Some cats have even been diagnosed with psychogenic abnormal eating disorder, a psychological condition that boosts their drive for food.

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When Can Kittens Eat Dry Food

It is essential to feed your cat a diet that is appropriate for their life-stage.

Getting a kitten on to dry food is a gradual process from weaning via wet food.

A kitten should stay with their mother until at least 8-9 weeks of age, at which point they should be fully weaned. This period with their mother is also really important for learning feline behaviours and social interactions. For the first few weeks of life a kitten will be drinking their mothers milk. They will then start to experiment with solids, but this will initially involve a soft, paste-like diet and they will still be feeding from their mum.

After another couple of weeks , dry food may start to be introduced. It normally needs to be soaked to begin with and mixed in with the wet food. By the time a kitten is ready to leave their mum, they will probably be munching on a mix of wet and dry diets.

They Dont Have A Routine

Kittens need to eat regularly to support their growth and energy needs! And while some owners may want to leave food out for their cats all the time, having food to graze on wont help your pet develop a clear routine – or could cause your kitten to under or over eat.

To ensure your kitty is only hungry at the right times, create a feeding schedule and keep to this routine. Kittens of around 8 weeks old should be fed three to four times a day, reducing this at 12 weeks to three times a day – in the morning, middle of the day, and again at night just before bed time.

Keep in mind that kittens will often want to use the litter tray straight after eating so this is a great time to reinforce some litter tray training!

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Cat Food Choices And Feeding Methods

Check the food you are offering to make sure its not spoiled or out of date. This may be a reason your cat suddenly isnt showing an interest in his food. Make sure the cat food you are offering is safe, nutritious, and consistent. Dont keep changing the brand of cat food, because this can upset your cats digestive system. If you do want to try a different flavor or brand, make the switch gradually and mix some of the old with the new food until he is only eating all new food. A new flavor might just be enough to stimulate appetite.

If your cat just wont eat dry cat food, no matter what, canned food is acceptable. There are a few tricks you can try that might entice him to eat, however. You can try another brand or flavor of food that might taste better your cat. Mixing in a tablespoon or two of canned food to dry kibbles may provide a flavor boost. Canned cat food can be warmed slightly in the microwave , or you can spoon some warm water or chicken broth over the dry food to give it warmth and extra aroma.

Theyre Not Used To The Food

When & How to Switch Your Cat From Wet to Dry Food | Chewy

You can feed your kitten either dried food, canned food or a combination. However as weve mentioned, feeding your kitten the same food that they are already used to will help to limit their stress as they adjust to life with you.

If you do want to change their food, make sure any adjustments are gradual – slowly mix the new food with the old and transition over a few days so that your pet doesnt have a sudden change, feel stressed, or go off eating altogether. Making occasional changes to your pets diet, up to 4 times a year, can also add some variety, help you discover their favourites and prevent any dietary issues or allergies.

If your kitty still seems reluctant, try warming their food for a few seconds in the microwave – heat will release the scent of the food and entice your kitty to eat up! Always make sure that the food isnt too hot before serving it to your kitty – dont make the food piping hot, just warm!

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What Type Of Food Does My Kitten Need Wet Or Dry

Its important that very young kittens have at least some canned food to eat as part of their diet. Very small kittens have very small teeth and cant chew dry food well. Without some canned food, they wont get enough nutrition to grow properly. If you are feeding your kitten both dry and canned foods, then twice a day canned feedings are sufficient. If theyre only eating canned food, they should be fed four times daily.

How Can I Know Im Selecting A High

Mindy Bough, CVT, senior director of client services for the Midwest Office of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals emphasizes the importance of high-quality kitten food. I dont recommend generic or store brands, Bough says. Buy from a reputable company — one that veterinarians recommend more frequently, she says. Research has determined these kitten foods provide excellent health.


But how can you be certain a kitten food is of high quality? One way is by checking the label. It should at least contain the following: Meets the nutritional requirements of kittens established by the American Association of Feed Control Officials . AAFCO is a group of state and federal officials who regulate pet food. Even better, look for this: Complete and balanced nutrition for kittens based on AAFCO feeding trials. Complete and balanced nutrition means your kitten will require no mineral or vitamin supplementation. In fact, remember that too much of a good thing can be bad for your kitten, causing severe medical problems. Use supplements only if your veterinarian recommends them.

Also use caution with homemade diets. For example, all-meat homemade diets can be low in calcium, leading to a mineral imbalance that causes hyperparathyroidism, a disease more common in rapidly growing kittens. If you use a homemade diet, make sure its been formulated by a reputable nutritionist, Bough says.

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How To Transition Your Cat To A New Food

There are lots of reasons you may desire or even need to change your cats food. Your cat may have developed a medical problem for which a special diet is recommended. You may not be able to obtain the food your cat has been eating any longer. Or you may simply want to change your cat to a higher quality food.

There are lots of reasons you may desire or even need to change your cats food. Your cat may have developed a medical problem for which a special diet is recommended. You may not be able to obtain the food your cat has been eating any longer. Or you may simply want to change your cat to a higher quality food.

Healthy Cats Are Important

Getting Dry Food Addicted Cats To Try Wet Food

When your kitten suffers from diabetes, you need to ensure that you feed them based on when they get the insulin administered, which depends on their type. For example, if your kitten is suffering from hyperthyroidism, they may think of getting or eating food all the time. Veterans suggest treating this disease if it is treatable, or else start giving them proper meals at the appropriate time. Also, as the kittens age, their teeth may go wrong or might develop gum disease, making it challenging to chew dry food.

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Why Wont My Kitten Eat Dry Food

Raising a kitten is a wonderful opportunity to have a warm little bundle of fluff in your home. Kittens love to play, and they make life so much fun. But sometimes, your kitten might have a few quirks that cause you to worry. Do you have a kitten that wont eat dry food? Baby cats may need a little coaxing before they make the switch to kibble. You can help make your kitten eat dry food by mixing it with wet food, adding a little unsalted broth, or feeding the old and new foods side-by-side.

Iams Proactive Health Dry Kitten Food

Iams ProActive Health Dry Kitten Food features chicken as the first listed ingredient with a 33% crude protein content overall. The kibble is formulated with added vitamins E and B12 and omega-3 and -6 essential fatty acids for healthy skin and coat, as well as fish oil to aid in your growing kittens brain and vision development. It also includes taurine for cardiovascular support and essential amino acids for a healthy immune system.

This food contains grains, including ground cornmeal and sorghum, which are not ideal for growing felines. Several customers report that their kittens simply would not touch this food, and it caused vomiting in some kittens. We were also slightly disappointed by the comparatively low protein content.

  • Some kittens would not eat it

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Blue Buffalo Wilderness Dry Kitten Food Best Overall

Our top choice of dry food for kittens is the Blue Buffalo Wilderness dry kitten food. This grain-free kitten food is packed with high-quality protein from real deboned chicken and chicken meal to ensure healthy growth and abundant energy, with a crude protein content of 40% overall. The kibble also contains taurine for cognitive health and eye health, with fatty acids DHA and ARA to further promote healthy development. It also includes Blue Buffalos unique LifeSource Bits, a blend of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals for beneficial immune support and development. This food is grain-free and free from any artificial colors or flavors, making it an ideal choice for your growing feline!

While this food is difficult to fault, some customers reported that this food caused vomiting and diarrhea in their kittens. But even still, overall, we think this is the best dry kitten food out there this year.

  • May cause vomiting and diarrhea in some kittens

How To Handle A Food Obsessed Cat

Cat Teaching Kitten How To Eat Dry Food – 1 Week After Rescue

Does your cat start howling for food as soon as your feet hit the floor in the morning? Do they bolt into the kitchen every time you use the can opener?

While a few extra pounds can make your cat especially huggable, if unchecked, your cats growing weight could become a problem. With a food-obsessed cat, you can count on future health issues, not to mention the nuisance that comes with a demanding pet.

Fortunately, once you understand the reasons behind your cats food obsession, you can take steps to discourage their binge-eating.

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How To Get A Sick Cat To Eat

The first step in the process is determining why a cat is no longer eating. Sometimes you can figure this out by remembering that most cats hate change. Anything different in the home could be responsible. Visitors, new pets, different foods, a new cat bowls, an altered schedule, a different feeding location you name it and it might be to blame. As much as is possible, return your cats diet and environment back to what is normal for him or her and see what happens.

If this doesnt work or you are noticing other worrisome symptoms, it is time for a check-up with your veterinarian. Virtually every disease that cats can get has the potential to turn them off their food.

The fix may be straightforward. For example, a cat with dental disease will usually start eating again once doing so isnt painful anymore. Sometimes, however, we need to encourage a cat to eat while we figure out what is wrong or wait for treatment to take effect.

While I have just said that cats hate change, it is possible to get them to eat by tempting them into trying something new so long as that something is darn near irresistible . Try buying a few types of canned food in different flavors. Place some on a small plate and warm it slightly. If your cat shows no interest, try adding a little fish oil, chicken broth, tuna juice, or cooked egg.

Dr. Jennifer Coates

Make Sure Youre Feeding A Food Made For Kittens

Remember, its very important to feed your kitten food formulated just for her young age. This is because a kitten grows fast and may have energy needs that are three times higher than an older cat.4 Kittens also need more protein, amino acids, and minerals. Its good to feed specially formulated kitten food until shes about one-year-old. And of course, dont forget to provide plenty of water.

A great dry food formulated especially for kittens is the Chicken & Herring Meal Kitten Formula by AvoDerm Natural. This food has high-quality ingredients, including avocados, with protein, fat, and nutrients balanced just right for kittens. The formula also includes DHA for healthy development.

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