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Best Cat Litter For Outdoor Cats

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Best Covered Litter Box

Best Outdoor Cat Box Litter Solution Ever!

Covered litter boxes are popular because they keep the litter contained but tend to be smaller than other styles of litter boxes. I like this model, shares Chris Menges, a veterinarian in Austin, Texas, working in digital pet care delivery. Its nearly 2 feet long, unusually roomy for a covered box, he notes. For average size cats, it will provide that extra space they need to feel comfortable doing their business. And it comes in pretty colors, also rare in a covered box.

Best Cat Litter Box For Odor Control

Our experts agree that individual litter boxes placed far apart in the home is the ideal arrangement. But if thats not feasible, consider Ahns favorite for families with more than one cat. Multiple cats will put more wear and tear on a litter box. This one, made of extra-heavy plastic and chrome-plated latches, will stand up to heavy usage. It has an ingenious little step at the entrance to catch litter as your cats step out. And its self-cleaning tray will make it less likely Oliver will encounter Lunas leave-behinds.

How To Train An Outdoor Cat To Use A Litter Box

This article was co-authored by Jessica Char. Jessica Char is a Cat and Dog Trainer, Behavior Consultant, and the Founder of Feline Engineering and Canine Engineering. She specializes in modifying challenging pet behavior problems, such as fear and aggression, using positive reinforcement training protocols. Jessica is a Certified Fear Free Trainer, a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, and a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer. She is also a member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants. Jessica received her BS and MS in Biomedical Engineering from Washington University in St. Louis. This article has been viewed 49,910 times.

Does your cat need to learn how to use a litter box? Training it takes patience, but is possible to succeed.

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Outdoor Cat Litter Boxes

Logan MichaelLitter & Litter Boxes May may earn a small commission when you use one of the links on this page to purchase.

Most people think litter boxes are only for indoor use.

But outdoor, community, and feral cats can benefit from litter boxes, too!

Outdoor litter boxes can help protect gardens by giving cats an alternative bathroom, keep community cats safer with a reliable potty spot, or even be used by your own cats.

While I am a big supporter of keeping your cats indoors, where they typically live happier and healthier lives, Im in full support of anything that keeps community cats safe, happy, and healthy. And adding an outdoor litter box to your catio or other outdoor space is a great way to make it even more functional for your feline friend.

Were going to take a closer look at the reasons to add an outdoor litter box, what to look for in the perfect box, and how to set them up for success. Well also dive deep into some of the individual options with reviews of each but if youd like to skip ahead and see which options made the list you can check them out here:

Should I Buy Litter Box With Privacy Hood

Top 10 Best Cat Litter Boxes 2016

Whether you should buy a Litter Box with Privacy Hood or not depends upon your Cat, and the place where you keep it. If your cat is comfortable in using an open Litter Box then you need not use a Privacy Hood. However, if your cat hesitates in using the open Litter Box then either buy an external Privacy Hood or buy a new Litter Box which already has a Privacy Hood in it.

In the same manner, if you are keeping the Litter Box in the Bathroom then it is not necessary to use external Privacy Hood with it, as the bathroom will already give your Feline enough privacy. However, if you want to keep it at a place that is open then it is the right choice to buy an external privacy hood or Litter Box which already has a Privacy Hood.

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What Is The Best Kitty Litter To Use

Now, letâs talk about what should you put inside the litter box. Before you put your cat in the litter box, you need fresh litter.

First, we recommend using unscented litter. It certainly does smell nice to us cat owners, but we found that many cats donât like it. It also masks their scent from the litter box so it may make training harder. This is because cats connect their scent to their litter box.

Most cats love litter that has small particles and is not too dusty. If your cat is having trouble learning to use the litter box, we found that starting with non clumping clay litter. First we want to get your cat used to using the litter box. Once they have that figured out, you can slowly introduce clumping kitty litter if you like.

In many cases, we found that sprinkling a small amount of dirt over the litter helps. This is to make your cat feel they are eliminating outdoors. In stubborn cases, we had to fill the box with the dirt only. Once we got an outdoor cat over the hurdle of using the litter box itself, we then, slowly added more cat litter to the dirt. For more details on how to change your cat litter, please see our article How can you get your cat to use the new litter type.

Where Should I Place The Automatic Litter Box

The best place to keep the Litter Box is where you used to keep it before, as your Feline will be already used to that Place.

If you are purchasing a Litter Box for the first time, and it has Self-washing and Self-flushing features, then you should place it near the toilet or laundry, as it needs to be connected to the cold water outlet and drainage pipe. Cat Boxes other than this can be placed at any place which is easily accessible to Cats should not be in your routine area.

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Which Litter Is Best For Your Cat


Since Edward Lowe first placed granulated clay in a bag and called it Kitty litter, the multimillion-dollar cat litter industry has produced an astounding array of litter substrates. While most of the litters on the market were clay-based, there is a growing interest in alternative litters. These litters are made of a variety of unlitter-like compounds, such as: paper, corncob, orange peel, wheat, wood, grass, silica, walnuts and peanut shells. All cat litter manufacturers claim that their products are highly absorbent and great at controlling odor, so how is it possible to choose one among so many?

We also know that cats want their indoor bathrooms to meet the same requirements of outdoor toileting areas, even though their little paws may have never touched the good earth. Observations of outdoor cats show that each time they eliminate, they look for a clean area . Dirty litter boxes are a main reason for cats to eliminate outside the litter box. Perfumed litters do not add to the cats enjoyment of the litter box, nor do they fool the cat into thinking that the box is acceptably clean . Perfume is actually a repellent for cats, this will keep them from using the box.

Tips on the proper use of Litter.

Downsides Of Building Your Own Box

How to make an Outdoor Litter Box

Building your own outdoor litter box isnt without its problems. The first issue is time and building your own will always take more time and energy compared to buying a ready-to-go option.

But the bigger limiting factor is often going to be space. Not only do you need a larger area but you also need to do some digging. Annoyed residents arent going to want to build a litter box in their own backyard and its not always practical to build an outdoor box at all depending on where community cats have decided to call home.

The other big, and hotly contested, issue is toxoplasmosis. Toxoplasmosis is an infection thats caused by a single-celled parasite and while it can be contracted through a variety of means including consuming undercooked meat its often connected to outdoor cats.

Cats can shed toxoplasmosis in their stool but the risk of humans contracting the disease is typically quite low. However, theres always the concern that toxoplasmosis can be spread via an outdoor litter box, and because the do-it-yourself box is typically in the ground you dont have many options for keeping the poops and litter contained.

Youll need to assess your specific situation but Id suggest some self-contained options if youre considering an outdoor litter box near any kind of water supply.

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Ainfox 4ft X 6ft Steel Toolsheds Storage Windows Utility For Outdoor Garden Backyard

If youve got a few cats, and youd like to shelter, keep warm and comfortable, feed, provide litter boxes, maybe even throw a water resistant cat tree like the Kitty City Claw Mega Kit in to boot for entertainment when its too cold out a shed may do the trick better for you than anything else. You can add a little cat door on the already-existing human door to allow kitties access without having to leave the shed door open, and have a proper covered litter box or even a deep top entry litter box like the IRIS top entry box inside to boot.

Have issues with raccoons stealing your outdoor cats food? This may provide a great solution: just integrate a microchip cat flap like this one by SureFlap into the side of the shed rather than the front door, and your cats are the only ones who will have access to the space.

Already have an infrequently used shed in your yard? Maybe its high time you moved all the tools you have to the garden and transformed it into an outdoor kitty paradise.

Its Fairly Easy To Train Even Sick Or Old Cats To Use A Litter Box If They Ever Need One Later

If you ever need your cat to use a litter box later, its fairly easy to train cats to use litter boxes especially open litter pans filled with material that looks like dirt, like corn cat litter or walnut cat litter. You may end up with an accident or two, but take those accidents and re-locate them to the litter box so your cat starts associating the box with their #2s and it likely wont take long at all before your kitty completely understands where he or she is supposed to go.

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The Type Of Litter Most People Prefer

So, your cat is most likely to prefer an unscented, fine particle, clumping clay litter. Fortunately, there is no shortage of those to choose from. And now that youve got an idea for whats most likely to make your cat happy, you can consider the qualities in a litter that will keep you happy, too.

Litter Training Older Cats

10 Best Clumping Cat Litter Consumer Reports 2020

After you have set up litter boxes in the perfect locations, let the training begin.

Litter box training starts by introducing your cat to a litter box. Place them in it, or next to it and allow them to dig in the litter if they want. You may move their paws in digging motions with your hands, or show an example yourself. If they want to get out, thatâs okay to start.

Get in a routine of placing your cat in the box whenever they are about to eliminate. Cats tend to do it after waking up, playing, and eating. Make sure to be consistent and catch those moments.

If your cat meows at doors, encourage them to go to a litter box. At the start, you may put your cat in the litter box yourself. As with all cat training, watch to make sure their stress levels arenât rising too high.

If your cat manages to use the litter box, lavish praise on them when they get out of the litter box. We found that food rewards donât work in litter training because catâs donât like eating close where they eliminate.

Pro tip, donât start cheering while your cat is doing their business. Lavish praise when they are finished. This is because you may startle your cat while they are doing their business which will slow their training progress.

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Best Cat Litter With A Bonus

$22 per month for 1 cat, $40 for 2 at Pretty Litter

A pan filled with Pretty Litter doesnt need to be completely cleaned out for 30 days. No, it doesnt smell. For real. We tried it. And! The litter changes color in reaction to the composition of your cats urine, alerting you to potential health problems. Pretty Litter is one of the first real scientific advancements that weve seen in the litter world, says Menges. Available through a monthly subscription, fans say its worth every dime.

Best Litter Box Overall

The versatile Nature’s Miracle Oval Hooded Litter Box is spacious, affordable, and easy to modify for sensitive cats.

Pros: Can be used uncovered, covered, or partially covered simple design spacious pan no swinging door snaps and handle on cover make it easy to remove and attach charcoal filter odor absorber affordable

Cons: Basic design might not be appealing to some people

Often what a cat desires in a litter box is not the same thing that appeals to our human interests. I saw this firsthand as my two cats tested the litter boxes for this guide. After speaking to Dr. Wailani Sung, a veterinary behaviorist at the San Francisco SPCA Veterinary Hospital, and cat behavior consultant Daniel “DQ” Quagliozz, what I’ve learned above all is that cats need choices in order to feel secure.

I selected Nature’s Miracle Hooded Flip-Top Litter Box precisely because it allows me to give my cats different options to best meet their toileting needs. The first option with this box is to use the base alone without adding the cover. With high, rounded sides, the 25.25-by-18.75-inch pan is spacious and sturdy.

The second option is to add the cover. It snaps into the base in four places and has a handle and a charcoal filter for absorbing odors. Unlike some covered litter boxes, there is no plastic door a cat will need to push through that may also swing disconcertingly once the cat is inside the box.

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Petsafe Scoopfree Ultra Self

PetSafes Self-Cleaning Cat Box has a minimalistic design yet it offers a fully automated way to scoop your Cats Litter on its own. It also has an attachment of a disposable tray that you can throw away once it has been used.

It also requires the least maintenance as it does not require scooping, cleaning or refilling for at least a week. The Cat Litter used in it also moisture absorbing which makes it odor-free while in operation.

For the scooping of the waste, rake grill moves through the Cat litter, separates the waste from Litter and dumps it in the waste trap. There is also Safety Sensor installed in it which stops the rake grill from moving while your Feline is inside the Cat Box.

It is available in two types of models, the only difference is the top hood used in the Cat Box. One model has Top-entry Privacy Hood and another model has Front-entry Privacy Hood. Both the models are of the same price and they are also available in two color options namely Purple and Taupe. There is also Health Counter Feature which helps you to keep a track of usage.

To use it, you can either set timer to control the Rake to 5, 10 or 20 minutes. You can also press the Rake button to immediately perform the action.

It is also 5 times more effective in odor control as it uses Crystal Cat Litter instead of conventional Cat Litter. It is also made leakproof which prevents Litter Dust or Waste from leaking out.



The Best Cat Litter Is Easy To Clean

I Made a Outdoor Litter Box for CATS AND DOGS

Clumping cat litter is usually the easiest to keep clean and dry, but not all clumping litter works equally well.

Some products create soft blobs that crumble when you scoop, and others yield firm clumps. You dont want to feel like youre scraping chunks out of a bowl of cookie dough. The clumps should be cohesive, firm, and easy to remove.

If your litter creates loose, crumbly clumps and leaves chunks of waste behind after every scooping, think about finding a better litter. Move on to another product that creates firm, beautiful clumps.

If youre using a non-clumping product, it must do its job well. Any non-clumping litter should be insanely absorbent and not completely saturated after a days use.

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The Best Flushable Corn Cat Litterbut Use Caution

Again and again while working on this guide, we heard from people who swore by Worlds Best Cat Litter, which is made of corn. We ordered some to test, just to see what the fuss was about. It smells like a farm, and objectively, it forms soft mushy clumps. But those who love it mainly love it because the company claims that the litter is flushable .

However, putting your litter down the drain can do damage to local wildlife. As weve written in our guide to dog poop bags, the US Environmental Protection Agency classifies pet waste as a pollutant, which can introduce excess nutrients and harmful microorganisms like parasites and coliform bacteria into rivers, streams, and groundwater. An issue particular to cat waste is toxoplasmosis, a parasitic infection carried by cats that in humans can cause serious complications during pregnancy and for those who have weakened immune systems. In California, evidence has linked toxoplasmosis from cat feces to increased mortality in sea otters, prompting legislation to attach anti-flushing notices on cat litter bags. As a sanitation operations manager told The New York Times about wet wipes, which are also supposedly flushable: I agree that theyre flushable. A golf ball is flushable, but its not a good idea.

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