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Does The Humane Society Take Cats

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If Your Cat Will Be Traveling With You Follow These Guidelines:

Lawsuit filed over SD Humane Society’s handling of stray cats
  • Before the trip, have your cat examined and make sure vaccinations are current. Be very cautious about using pet tranquilizers-your veterinarian will be able to offer the best guidance on when or if these are appropriate.
  • Dont forget his health record, ID tag, a leash and harness , brush or comb, regular food, food and water bowls, litter box and regular litter, and favorite toys.
  • Check with hotels and motels before your arrive to make sure pets are allowed. If you cat flies with you, check with the airline about layovers and expected temperatures in connecting cities. Any layover can be extremely stressful for your pet and should be avoided. Once you arrive, be sure to retrieve your cat quickly.
  • Dont feed your cat just prior to traveling. This will help avoid motion sickness.
  • Whether you travel by car or plane, use a quality, airline approved carrier to transport your cat. Hell be safer and much more comfortable.
  • Be aware that health certificates, obtainable from your veterinarian, are required for most commercial travel.

What To Bring To Your Pet Surrender Appointment:

  • A driver’s license or other government-issued ID.
  • Your pets up-to-date veterinary records.
  • Your pet’s surrender fee, listed below. The cost to care for and rehome pets can be hundreds of dollars or more for each animal. As a local private nonprofit organization, we ask for a fee to help subsidize this cost. The fee is non-refundable and is not dependent on the outcome you choose for your pet after its evaluation.
  • Do Cats Have A Legal Right To Roam

    The law on letting your cat outside “Unfurtunately”, there is no clear-cut countrywide law on letting your cat roam freely. There aren’t usually statewide laws, either. While the US does have countrywide and statewide laws on things like animal cruelty, your city or county sets laws regarding free-roaming cats.

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    Can Cats Sense Death

    They are also intuitive in that they often know when they are about to die. I have heard stories where cats hide or run away from home to find a place to pass away peacefully. Therefore, cats are attuned to their bodies and their environment to the point where they can detect signs associated with death.

    Why Do I Need An Appointment Or Have To Be Put On A Waiting List To Surrender My Animal

    Adopt  McPherson County Humane Society

    We have a number of animals moving through the shelter on any given day and we strive to ensure each animal that comes through our doors gets the best care possible whether it is basic needs, health care, or behaviour support. If we are at capacity, we are unable to take in more animals until we can free up space. If you would like, our Admissions Team can email you an intake form to help the make the process smoother.

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    I Cant Keep My Pet Any Longer What Can I Do

    Once in a while, due to circumstances beyond their control, a pet owner may become unable to care for their pet. Perhaps they became gravely ill or injured. Perhaps their child developed asthma. Perhaps the owner was having serious, long-term financial problems. It is for situations like these that animal shelters exist-to help care for pets and find them new loving homes if their owner becomes truly unable to care for them.

    What Options Do I Have For A Cat I Can’t Keep

    There are some great options to help you find a new home for a cat you can’t keep. It’s best to try to find the cat a new family to live with rather than bringing them to a shelter. Shelters can be very stressful for any animal, so finding a new home for your cat yourself will help make the transition easier on him. Here are the steps you can take to find your cat a new, loving home:

    Start With Friends and Family

    Talk to the people that you are closest with and see if they can adopt your cat. You can post pictures and a description of your cat on your social media channels to cast a wider net as well. If your cat can live with someone you already know, it will give you peace of mind and allow you to remain in contact with the owner.

    Create An Account On Rehome

    If your friends and family are unable to help give your cat a new home, you can turn to another online resource called Rehome. This no-cost program is easy to use and gets your pet posted on Once your pet is posted, millions of potential adopters will be able to view him, giving you the best chance of finding a great new family!

    All you need to get started is a clear, bright photo or two of your cat and some basic information about their behavior and medical history. Then you’ll be able to create your account and craft a bio about your cat to give potential adopters more details.

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    Arent You Supposed To Help As Many Animals As You Can Arent You Open Admission

    We are still open admission, we are just now planning our processes to ensure each animal receives the care, attention and space it needs. We actually are able to help more animals if we plan our intakes and ensure appropriate animal flow through the shelter. With managing our intakes and maintaining our open admission policy, we are able to help as many animals as we can even faster.

    Surrender Your Pet To Ahs

    Humane Society Draws Controversy By Sending Cats Back To The Streets, Part 1

    If youve tried all of the above rehoming options and wish to start the surrender process, were here for you. We take in pets via appointment at our Animal Assistance Department located at our Sunnyslope Campus, and our Ethical No-Kill Philosophy means we dont euthanize pets for space or based on their length of time on the adoption floor.

    The surrender fee is $90 per pet or $90 per litter of puppies or kittens .

    To get started, please complete a surrender form below. For dog owners: there will be a delay before we can accommodate you due to the number of animals were currently caring for. Click here for resources that may help you keep your pet in your home.

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    Important Notice Regarding Surrenders

    EHS services are currently modified due to COVID-19. A limited number of surrender appointments are available and each request will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Appointment availability will vary depending on the animal and its needs, as well as the space and resources we currently have available in shelter.

    Please see the information below for how to submit a surrender request. A team member will then be in contact to let you know when an appointment may be available.

    For more details on how EHS is responding to COVID-19, please click the button below

    How Are You Affiliated With The Humane Society Of The United States And American Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals

    The Humane Society of Northeast Georgia is an independent 501 organization and is not affiliated with any other local, state or national organization such as the Humane Society of the United States in Washington or the ASPCA in New York. Because there are so many humane organizations with similar names, it is not uncommon for supporters of one humane society to mistake it with other humane societies. The Humane Society of Northeast Georgia is dependent solely on financial support from our community and donors.

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    Do People Take Care Of Community Cats How

    Many people see a cat who seems homeless and start feeding the cat. Ideally, the person quickly does more to help the cat:

    • If the cat is tame, the first step is to try to find the cat’s owner. If the owner can’t be found, step two is to try to find a permanent home for the cat through a shelter, rescue or other means.
    • If the cat is feral, unapproachable and wary after several days of feeding, it’s best to find out if there are any groups doing TNR in the community so at least the cat can be spayed or neutered. If there are no local groups, step two is to consult one of the many resources that provide information about TNR.

    Once a cat or colony of cats has been TNR-ed, it’s ideal if a dedicated caretaker provides food, water and shelter, monitors the cats for sickness or injury and TNRs new feral cats who arrive. Ideally, kittens young enough to be socialized and new tame cats who arrive are removed from the colony for possible adoption.

    Many dedicated caretakers pay for TNR themselves to help improve the lives of cats and reduce their numbers. Without TNR and a dedicated caretaker trapping new cats who show up, the population of the colony could increase.

    Surrendering Your Animal To The Whs Should Be Your Last Resort

    Community Adoptions Cats

    Due to the volume of animals the shelter receives each and every day, the WHS is NOT able to guarantee the future of your pet. You will be required to sign a form indicating that you understand our policy that your pet may be euthanized .

    For more information about what happens after an animal is surrendered, click here:

    Animal Surrender What Happens Next?

    We understand that surrendering your pet is a very difficult decision to make. Should we be your last resort, please be honest with our Animal Advisors. They are here to help and gather as much information as possible to ensure your pet can/will be successfully adopted into a new home.

    We work very hard to give each animal that comes through our doors the proper care and an opportunity for a new home. In order to do that we must limit our Intake to match our space and other resources. We will put your pet on a waiting list. The length of wait can vary between a few days and several weeks. We triage our list urgent situations are accommodated first. It is important to not wait for the last minute to try and resolve your pets behaviour issues or attempt to find a new home for your pet.

    Please feel free to contact the Animal Intake Department at 982-2021, Option 5 anytime for further guidance. We hope we can be a valuable resource to you by offering services such as behaviour consultations, customized information from our website, practical advice, and support during this difficult time.

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    Why Do I Need An Appointment To Bring In A Surrendered Animal

    We know its a difficult decision to surrender an animal. To help us succeed in finding live outcomes for the maximum number of animals, we rely on you to have pursued every possible option to find a new home for your pet. The Winnipeg Humane Society should be your last resort for an animal in need. By asking people to bring in animals by appointment only, we can ensure we have the space and resources to take care of all the animals in the shelter to our very high standards. When animals are just dropped off unexpectedly, it puts a strain on our resources. Even a few days notice gives us time to plan and get ready to help another of the thousands of animals we take in per year. Our admission fees range from $25-$100 depending on the type of animal.

    What Does The Surrender Process Look Like

    We know that surrendering a pet is a heartbreaking decision, and one that is not taken lightly. Our caring animal admissions staff will support you and your pet throughout the surrender by explaining the process, collecting vital information for future adopters and respecting your right to confidentiality. During the surrender process we will ask you for some personal information about you and your pet, including identification, but this information is never passed on to future adopters or used for any purpose other than the legal requirements related to animal surrender. When surrendering smaller animals like cats or bunnies, please bring them in with a hand-held kennel to ensure safe transportation and handling for our staff.

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    Advocating For The Animals In Your Community

    Find out about your local ordinance regarding the care for stray cats and dogs by checking your citys code webpage or calling your local animal control. Many cities do not have any services for cats, even those that are injured.

    If your city doesnt have services to protect companion animals, contact us at We are happy to guide you on how to go about getting valuable services for all companion animals in your area. Thank you for caring about the stray animals in your community!

    How Much Does It Cost To Put A Dog Down At The Humane Society

    Humane Society Draws Controversy By Sending Cats Back To The Streets 2

    The cost of this service is $30 for a cat and $50 for a dog.

    Dogs must have a current Butler County Dog License, or one can be purchased for an additional $14.75.

    Your pet will be euthanized in the most humane way, which is by injection.

    It is a painless procedure administered by our certified technicians.

    How long do you keep animals before they are euthanized? Euthanasia decisions may be made at any point following the standard holding period for impounded animals.

    Stray animals with no identification are held five days.

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    Trouble Affording Your Pets Care

    Anyone can experience an unexpected financial crisis. Dont panic: Many national, state and local organizations provide assistance with pet food and other essentials, behavioral advice and training, and low-cost or free spay/neuter and other veterinary care.

    Your local animal shelters or rescue groups can also be a great resource for free or low-cost pet assistance. Find your local shelters and rescues by visiting The Shelter Pet Project and entering your zip code.

    Surrender Appointment Wait Times Are Longer Than Usual

    Like many organizations today, AHS is facing significant staffing challenges that impact ourcapacitytoprovideservices and place additional stress on existing teams.As we work to fill open roles, were also making temporaryadjustmentsto our appointment schedulesbased on our current staffingcapacity.As of December 31, we are scheduling non-emergency appointments for the week of February 15.

    We appreciate your patience and understanding as we address these challenges and support our teams.

    Animal Humane Society helps thousands of dogs, cats, and critters in need find loving homes each year. We take in every animal surrendered to us regardless of its health, age, breed, or behavior. Last year, more than 93% of the animals in our care were placed in homes, reunited with owners, or released to other animal welfare organizations.

    We understand that parting ways with an animal can be especially difficult and we’re committed to working with you to ensure the best possible solution for you and your pet.

    Call our Pet Helpline at to schedule an appointment to surrender your pet to Animal Humane Society.

  • A driver’s license or other government issued ID.
  • Your pets veterinary records.
  • Required form
    $30 each, $45 for litters of two or more
    Ferrets, chinchillas*
    Other small animals and birds* $10 each

    * A profile form is not required for ferrets, chinchillas, other small animals and birds.

    Why do I need to make an appointment to bring in a pet?

    • Care About Wildlife ,

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    Check With Your Local Experts

    Many local animal shelters and rescue groups offer a wide range of resources for struggling pet owners, including temporary foster care, help finding pet-friendly housing, assistance with veterinary expenses, free or low-cost training and more. Find your local shelters and rescues by visiting The Shelter Pet Project and entering your zip code.

    Does The Humane Society Take Stray Cats

    How Long Does the Humane Society Keep Cats?
    • Asked by: Ms. Abigail Nienow DVM

      Last update: December 26, 2021Score: 4.2/5

    bring it to any one of our locationsthe local animal control agency10 Ways to Get Rid of Stray Cats

  • Remove Shelter. All wild animals need a secure place to sleep and to raise their young. …
  • Remove “Temptation” Unaltered males will be attracted to any female cats in heat. …
  • Use Commercial Repellant. …
  • Tips on Handling Stray Cats on Your Own

  • Provide Food and Water. …
  • Lure the Cat Safely Inside a Carrier. …
  • Trap the Cat Only If the Cat Can’t Be Safely Lured into a Carrier. …
  • Evaluate Whether It Is Appropriate to Take the Cat to a Local Animal Shelter. …
  • Bring the Cat into Your Home and Provide Vet Care.
  • an open admissions shelter or rescue organization28 related questions found

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    Ive Found A Cat Who Seems To Be Sick Or Injured

    If youve found a cat who appears to be sick or injured, and there is no sign of an owner, you can bring them to the Humane Society between 8am and 6pm seven days a week. Please give us a call first at 519-966-5751 so we can be ready for you and the cat when you arrive. If you are not able to bring the cat in please confine them and we will come and pick them up . Our medical staff will assess the cat, and make treatment decisions. You may also take the cat to a veterinarian yourself, but the vet will expect you to pay for treatment, even though the cat isnt yours.

    Need To Find Your Pet A New Home

    If youre struggling financially, annoyed by your pet’s behavior, experiencing pet allergies or having trouble finding housing that welcomes your pets, our resources can help.

    Pet-related problems can be frustrating and you may feel that giving up your pet is the only solution. But before you take that step, check out the resources available to help pet owners resolve problems that may seem overwhelming. Best case scenario: You wont have to part with your friend after all. But if you do, our tips can help you find your pet a loving new home.

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