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Why Does My Cat Huff When Playing

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Pay Attention To The Tail

7 Sounds Cats Make and What They Mean

Most seasoned cat owners know that cats communicate largely with their tails. For new cat owners, it can be a bit difficult to discern what these tail positions mean! If your cat’s tail starts lashing back and forth, looking almost like a dog wagging its tail, it indicates your cat is upset. Unlike a dog wagging its tail in excitement or happiness, a cat with a tail whipping back and forth is irritated, angry, and probably about to pounce!

What Does A Cat Huff Mean

A cats huff is similar to a hiss. The former is akin to a half hiss but comes out as a puff of air. Mostly, a cats hiss signifies anger, pain, or discomfort and could be followed by an act of aggression. A cat huff too can be propelled by anger. However, most times, when a cat huffs it means shes either afraid, frustrated, or uncomfortable. For instance, if your cat huffs at you when you are petting her, it means shes uncomfortable or displeased with how you are touching her, and you should stop.

But how can you know that your cats huff signifies anger? Usually, when felines huff out of anger, their ears would be drawn back. You may also notice their tails twitching at well. At that point, she may hiss as well. But whether or not she hisses, your pet is really mad, and shes communicating that to you.

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Mostly, a cats hiss signifies anger, pain, or discomfort and could be followed by an act of aggression. A cat huff too can be propelled by anger. However, most times, when a cat huffs it means shes either afraid, frustrated, or uncomfortable.

Potentially Dangerous Disorders & Maladies Causing Cat Panting

There are a number of disorders and maladies that can cause panting in cats. These include:

  • Heartworms
  • Hydrothorax
  • Fever
  • Respiratory complications
  • And others

Unfortunately, these are quite hard to determine all on your own since most of these dont display any outward symptoms aside from panting, listlessness, or panic. However, there are ways to determine when you need to call a vet.

If you think your cat may be at risk, contact Village Vet of Urbana for cat vet services in Frederick County, MD.

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It Could Be A Predator Thing After All

Scientists have observed cats mimicking the cries of monkeys in the wild. This has led them to wonder if, to fool the birds, housecats might also be mimicking their chirps and chatters. A bird wouldn’t fly away just because another bird was nearby, after all. Making noises that are similar to those their prey makes might help cats get closer before they pounce.

Regardless of the exact reason that cats chirp and chatter when they see birds outside, it is cute to watch.

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Does Cat Wheezing Always Mean A Trip To The Vet

Why Does My Cat Huff at Me When Playing

If youve ruled out hairballs, cat wheezing does warrant a trip to the vet. . It is very important to have your cat examined by a veterinarian to determine the cause of the wheezing, Dr. Gibbons advises.

Since your cat is probably not continually wheezing , try to capture your cat wheezing on video. It can be helpful to record an episode of wheezing to help your vet determine the underlying cause, says Dr. Anna Larson, DVM, at Spot On Veterinary Hospital & Hotel in Stamford, Connecticut. Radiographs and lab work may be necessary for a diagnosis in many cases.

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When To Worry About Your Cats Sighing

There are times when you shouldnt neglect your cats sighing. That is if:

  • The sighing is accompanied by other sounds, such as moaning or howling
  • Your cat sighs constantly
  • The sighing comes with other signs such as or a lack of energy

In all of these instances, your cat could be trying to express her discomfort. In case this happens, assess your pet and her environment more closely.

Check whether theres anything in her surroundings that could be making her uncomfortable.

If you cant figure out the cause, and she continues to sigh, take her for a medical check-up.

Is Your Cat Having Breathing Difficulties

Take the Feline Asthma Assessment to see if your cat could have asthma.

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Why Does My Cat Huff At Me When Playing

All cats have different personalities and express themselves through body language and weird noises such as hissing, huffing, and others.

They may purr to let you know that they like something or make other noises to indicate they dont.

Therefore, cat owners need to grasp the meaning of different cat sounds and what each means. When a cat makes huffing noises at you when playing, it can be expressing the feeling of being safe, relieved, exhausted, irritated, or even a sign of illness.

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What Is Cat Huffing And Is It Safe

How to stop your cat from biting you

No, cat huffing isnt an illegal drug gone feline. People just love the scent of kitties! See whether this cute trend is for you and the kitties you love.

Have you heard of cat huffing? No, its not an illegal street drug gone feline. Cat huffing involves burying ones face into a cats body and repeatedly inhaling the kitty scent. So far, there arent any known side effects to cat huffing, although it can be highly tantalizing, like catnip for people.

Here are just a few reasons to love this admittedly odd but overwhelmingly cute phenomenon of people smelling their kitties:

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How Do You Treat Cat Wheezing

Treatments for cat wheezing depend on the cause. Kitties may be sent home with either short- or long-term treatments. And, just like human asthmatics, kitties who are wheezing because of asthma may get inhalers, too.

Depending on the underlying cause of your cats wheezing, your veterinarian will determine the appropriate treatment, if necessary, Dr. Larson says. This may be a steroid or inhaler for asthma, antibiotics for a bacterial infection or anti-viral supplements for a respiratory virus. Some of these disease processes require long-term treatment and some will resolve with a single course of therapy, or simply the tincture of time. You should always follow your trusted veterinarians instructions on monitoring and treating your cats wheezing, as any breathing changes can be very serious.

Is It Bad If I Can Hear My Cat Breathing

If you can hear your cat breathing heavy, there may be an underlying problem. Coughing shallow breaths and a loud breathing rhythm are two symptoms to watch for.

Cats who are having trouble breathing may be suffering from a variety of illnesses, ranging from minor to serious.

Food or a foreign object stuck in a cats throat may be the cause of their difficulty breathing. Heavy breathing may also indicate that your cat is in distress.

Examine the body to see if there are any noticeable bruises, scratches, or bloating.

Heavy breathing isnt a challenge in and of itself, in most cases. Keep eye on your pet for signs of difficulty breathing, such as coughing or panting. Heavy breathing, in addition to other symptoms of respiratory illness, could indicate that your cat is sick.

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Chirps Trills And Chirrups

Learned in kittenhood, these birdlike utterances are slightly more declarative than a meow. Originally used by mothers to tell kittens to pay attention and follow her, your cat may chirp in an effort to get you to pay attention to her or as a way to get you to check out something she deems important. Chirrups and squeaky little trills might also happen when a cat is excited and happy.


You might have heard your cat chatter her teeth while longingly staring out a window at a sparrow or squirrel in a tree. Sometimes accompanied by a chirp, squeak or faint cry, the chatter is thought to be an indicator of a cats predatory excitement and of her stress at not being able to get to the prize. Some claim the chatter is actually a mimicked bird or rodent call, but this is anecdotal at best as the hunting prowess of cats is dependent on silence and stealth.

Why Does My Cat Huff

Why Does My Cat Huff at Me When Playing

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  • Why Does My Cat Huff Though? I Still Dont Know!
  • Some cat sounds are pretty self-explanatory. A hiss is short for a step back and a chirp accompanied by a tail in the air is the way many cats say hello.

    But why does my cat huff when were hanging out or even playing? Well, the answer might be a little more complicated than you might think.

    This article mentions some concerning health conditions. But theyre just suggestions to consider for the sake of safety. Read to the end before you start worrying yourself! As it could be nothing.

    First though, lets agree on what a huff is precisely

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    Why Does My Cat Huff And Puff At Me

    If you are the recipient of any of the two sounds, you must have done something to trigger your pet. For instance, if you are not giving your pet the privacy she needs, you could get her frustrated and angry with you. Cats are private animals, and although they are pets, they love to be in control. Some cats like to sleep in their own rooms or on their own bed. So, if you try to force your pet to stay in bed with you, she will say no with a huff and a puff. The same thing applies to when you try to cuddle her, and shes not in the mood.

    Besides, if you are harsh or hostile to your pet, she might be scared of you and perceive you as a threat. Hence, she may huff and puff at you whenever you come near her. Its essential to build a friendly relationship of mutual trust and respect with your cat. Some cat owners believe in using Force in training pets. This is wrong! Instead, train your feline with positive reinforcement.

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    Heavy Breathing In Cats

    Some panting in cats is normal, while in other cases, it can indicate a serious problem that requires prompt veterinary care.

    If you notice that your is cat is exhibiting heavy breathing, start by assessing the situation based on the criteria below.

    Bring your cat to the vet if the heavy breathing seems out of the ordinary, or if it continues for a long period of time.

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    How Do I Tell If My Cat Is Frustrated

    Like humans, cats will feel frustrated when they feel like theyre not in control in some way, when their expectations are not met, or when they dont have access to the things they want, such as food, play, time outside, or attention.

    What you may think of as a stress-free situation could still frustrate your cat. Your cats frustrated body language signs will vary depending on the situation theyre in, but there are some things you can look out for to help you better understand how your cat is feeling.

    Take a look at our video on understanding cat body language.

    Behaviour Signs A Cat Is Frustrated With You

    meow the cat vs honey the dog
    • Your cat may move their head or body away from you.
    • Your cat may sharply or quickly turn their head towards your face or hands .
    • Your cat may approach you, interact, and then quickly walk away, potentially repeating this cycle multiple times.
    • Your frustrated cat may growl, hiss, bite or swipe at you.

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    Is Your Cat Wheezing Or Coughing

    Cat wheezing and cat coughing are similar. Wheezing can be any noise from the respiratory tract , Dr. Gibbons explains. Coughing is more specific to the lungs and more commonly associated with asthma and less commonly with heartworm, lungworm, tumors in the lungs and, rarely, heart disease.

    A cat who is coughing, or a cat who is wheezing and coughing, should also see a vet.

    Cat Huffing Noise: Is There Something Wrong With The Pet

    Most cat parents know that cats make all kinds of noises from time to time for a variety of reasons. Most of the time, there should be nothing to worry about but if the vocalization accompanies odd behaviors, something may have gone wrong here. So what compels the average cats to make huffing noise? Is it possible for a perfectly healthy pet to start huffing out of the blue? How could you make sure that cat huffing noise takes place because of natural causes instead of underlying health issues?

    So you completely have no idea how to find the answers to the questions above? If that is so, you come to the right place.

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    Why Do Cats Make Noises When They See Prey

    Generally, cat chirping occurs when a cat is interested in or provoked by prey a bird, a squirrel or a rodent, for example, Loftin told The Dodo. Its more of an excited sound and less of a sound used to hunt. It seems to be universal to cats of all ages and breeds. Even wild cats can make this sound.

    Can You Prevent Cat Wheezing Before It Happens

    Why Does My Cat Huff at Me When Playing

    If your cats wheezing is caused by asthma, Dr. Gibbons says you can take steps to reduce allergens and irritants in your living space by introducing HEPA filters and frequently dusting and cleaning. Switching to a dust-free litter can also reduce episodes of coughing and wheezing for some cats, Dr. Gibbons advises.

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    What Does Wheezing In Cats Sound Like

    Wheezing differs from a coughing or choking sound, and can look different as well.

    Wheezing in cats sounds similar to wheezing in humans or similar to just before your cat coughs up a hairball. It usually sounds like a huffing or whistling noise as they inhale or exhale or a slight rattling of the breath. Heavy breathing could also be involved depending on the cause of the wheeze.

    In terms of posture, your cat may hunch their shoulders and stretch their neck to help elongate their airways.

    Could This Huffing Be Sexual Aggression

    There is a chance that, if you see two cats huffing, it could be sexual aggression or frustration. This is more likely if it is a male and female cat that have not been neutered and still have the urge to mate.

    As you may know, once a cat is neutered, they often lose the desire to mate . So, if it is neutered, then this huffing noise could be something else.

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    What Does It Mean When A Cat Huffs At Another Cat

    The most likely reason why one cat may huff at another is if her space is being invaded.

    Cats are among the most territorial creatures, so theyd much rather not share their space with other pets.

    If another pet- be it a dog or a cat- intrudes her space, she will react by producing a huffing noise.

    Its important to note that a huff is different from a sigh.

    A sigh is extended and audible respiration of air whereas a huff is a deep and heavy breath often made to signal anger or frustration.

    A huff almost sounds like a grunt. Check out the video below to see what I mean:

    When The Felines Normally Huff

    Ferrets Playing in Water

    In physically-fit pets, huffing is considered to be normal.

    Overall, most cats often huff in the case they feel stressed, anxious, overheated and alike. In addition, your fluffy friend would also make huffing noise after going through tedious activities. Normally, the huffing shall come to an end the moment the pets have a chance to lay down and relax. As a result, if you know for certain what is happening with your pet before the huffing begins, you only need to wait a bit. On the other hand, if your cat starts huffing all of a sudden without apparent reasons, you must take a good look at the situation.

    Just to be safe, take your cat straight to veterinary clinics if the huffing lingers for long periods of time. Well trained vets should perform examinations, deduce the cause and devise treatment regime if necessary.

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    How Do You Know If A Cat Is Happy To See You

    Cats express their feelings physically if they are happy to see you, after you have been away for any length of time, then they will show you with a straight, upright tail, erect ears and by then rubbing his ears, face and body around your legs just watch they dont trip you over by rubbing round your ankles!

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