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Cat Sitter For A Month

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Boarding And Grooming Or Pet Spa

A month spent cat-sitting in Melbourne | Housesitting in Australia for free

Sometimes you can drop your dog off for a few days and also get all their grooming done at the same time. Dog grooming prices start at $15 up to a full groom for around $50. Services include shampooing, nail clipping, and anal gland expression. Many dog boarding kennels provide add-on servicessome are complimentary and included in the boarding price, while others offer them for an additional cost.

How To Find A Pet Sitter When You Travel

May 17, 2012

When we booked our ticket for a one-month trip through South America, I was elated. That was until I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about this: What should we do with our pets?

We have one cat, Sylvie, and a dog, Posey. When we go on vacation, we leave the dog with my mother-in-law who adores her. Unfortunately, Sylvie cant go because her husband is allergic to cats. Even if he was not, my cat wouldnt want to leave home. Like most cats, she is uncomfortable when taken out of her familiar environment.

Sylvie is pretty low-maintenanceshe is young and healthy, and eats like a bird so Im comfortable leaving her home alone for up to 3 dayswith plenty of food and water, of course. For longer trips weve always had friends stop in periodically to check on her. For an extended trip, we knew it would be a lot to ask of our friends to stop in so frequently, not to mention, hard for her to be alone for so long. I knew she would hate being boarded, and while I knew I could hire a local pet sitter, I worried about how much that would cost.

Whats The Going Rate For House Sitting With A Pet

If youre heading out of town for a few days or more, you may be looking for someone to care for your pet, as well as your house. If this is the case , the rate should be higher than if they were just dropping in for walks or feedings.

Weve always had our babysitter stay at our home with our dog when weve gone out of town, says Cockapoo owner Mary Ragazzo Reilly of Cranford, New Jersey. Aside from getting our mail, the care was solely focused on walking and feeding the dog. We negotiated a daily rate beforehand, taking kennel costs and her normal babysitting rate into account. We both agreed on $30 a day.

Jen McConnell, a Doberman owner in Aberdeen, New Jersey, paid her pet sitter a higher rate, as both her home and dog required more care. Our pet sitter didnt stay over, but she did come by more than once a day to feed and walk the dog, as well as take care of packages, plants, our garbage and recycling, as well as our pool, she says. We paid her $50 a day.

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House Sitting Rates With Pets

A house sitter who also takes care of your pets costs from $30 to $65 a day. Sometimes it might be more economical for you to hire a pet sitter as a combination pet sitter/house sitter. They would stay at your home with your pet every day and night until you return.

With a house sitter, they can check the mail, and water the grass and the houseplants. They will be a visible presence in your home, which may help prevent a break-in, and they might do a little light housework, ensuring you come home to a clean house.

  • Dog Sitting A dog sitter who stays in your home will cost $30$65 a day.
  • Cat Sitting A cat sitter who stays in your home will cost $30$65 a day.
  • Bird Sitting Birds are generally boarded, rather than have a person spend the night in their home. Depending on the size of your bird, the cost for boarding can range from $12$18 per day.

How Much Can You Make As A Cat Sitter

2 Twin Cats Needs Sitter For 2 Or So Months

Pet SittingPet sittersif youpetif you

. Also, how much money can I make as a pet sitter?

According to Forecki, sitters that treat Rover like a part-time job and take two or three dogs for two weeks out of the month earn an average of $1,000 per month. Meanwhile, those that treat Rover like a full-time job, working 4 weeks out of the month and taking 2-3 dogs at a time, earn an average of $3,300/month.

Subsequently, question is, how much does it cost to have a cat sitter? Pet sitters charge $20-$40 a day on average, depending on the services involved. The average cost of a 30-minute visit is $25, while overnight pet-sitting costs $75-$85. Pet sitters will often charge more for 24-hour care, additional pets, and services provided on holidays.

Furthermore, how much do cat sitters make in 2018?

In 2018, the average cost of a pet sitter was $16.80 per hour, but anywhere in the range of $14 – $18 per hour is typical for most areas. Some pet sitters are willing to work for as little as $5.60 per hour but keep in mind your state or province’s minimum wage law – it’s important to be ethical in your payment!

How much do you pay a teenage pet sitter?

It’s pretty standard at $20 a day per dog assuming they’re normal and not high maintenance. Give $20 extra bucks per night if you want them to spend the night.

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Was Your Pet Food Recalled

Stress, he believes, is a problem at any sort of boarding facility, especially for cats. Cats like the familiar and tend to resist change with every fiber of their furry being.

Also, cats arent usually very thrilled to suddenly find themselves in places with lots of other strange animals.

Do Your Research and Ask Lots of Questions

Do research now to secure a reservation at a highly reputable establishment. Cat-only facilities are a really good idea.

Visit the facility, if possible, or get recommendations from your cat-loving friends or veterinarian.

When making reservations at a cat boarding facility, ask questions, such as:

  • What vaccinations are required?
  • How much playtime do the cats get at this boarding facility?
  • Does the staff give medications?
  • If my cat gets sick, will you use your vet or my vet? Who exactly is your vet?

If your cat is high maintenance in needing insulin injections or oral medications, carefully check the nursing expertise of the staff. Some cats may be better off in a veterinary hospital if they are frail, or if they need subcutaneous fluids or medical monitoring and meds.

Among the amenities at some catteries are full-height sneeze barriers, a security corridor, viewing shelves for rainy days, and heat lamps and heating pads for older/more delicate cats.

The Downsides to Boarding Your Cat

Unfortunately, some catteries can be pricey.

Cat therapist Carole Wilbourn advises strongly against boarding.

The Incredibly Detailed Tips Are Below

Below youll find far more detailed tips and extensive expertise from the cat sitters that took their time to contribute. Some of the sitters decided to contribute expansive lists & details and others focused on the one key tip that has made or broken experiences in the past. They are all incredibly insightful.

There are an extensive number of tips below that did not make it to the infographic, but they are well worth reading to ensure you have a wonderful experience with your cat sitter.

Youll find tips related to ensuring your cat has interactive toys, a comfy bed to sleep in and several on preparing your litter box and your kitchen before you leave. And if youre an experienced cat owner you wont be surprised to find Feliway in the mix as well.

Youll also find that these tips range from one man/woman shops focused in a single neighborhood all the way up to huge teams of cat sitters covering whole cities. Be sure to check out their websites for more detail!

*An 18th cat sitter has now weighed in. If youre interested in adding your tip please contact me at .

Establish clear and seamless communication

From the MeowSit Team

MeowSit says their #1 tip for cat owners to ensure the cats and the cat sitter have the best experience possible would be to establish clear and seamless communication.

Leave out a cat care kit on your counter or table so the sitter can find all the food and supplies

Emily at the Lakeview Petcare Team

From the Chicago Pet Sitters

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Boarding Your Cat When You Travel

Boarding facilities arent necessarily bad places. Some of them are lovely, and the people who run them are extremely conscientious.

Pet hotels with all sorts of amenities are more common, says Dr. Ken Tudor, DVM.

If you think the best and safest solution for your cats is a boarding facility, then plan early.

3 Types of Cat Boarding Facilities

You have options:

  • Veterinary clinics: On the upside, your cats have on-site medical care. The downside is that they have to hang out in cages.
  • Kennels: Some kennels have cages set aside for cats. But will your cat really thank you for a vacation that includes canine suite mates?
  • Boarding : They vary in style. The Cozy Cattery in Wales, for instance, has 11 units to house 2 cats sharing from the same home and 2 units to cater for 4 cats from the same home. All units have heated indoor chalets and covered outdoor play areas.
  • Its easier to medicate cats at a boarding facility: Theyre confined to a room or a large cage, and they cant pull a disappearing act on you. And if that facility happens to be a veterinary clinic, then youve got people on the spot should any health issues arise.

    But its not as simple as that. Dr. Tudor actually isnt all that much in favor of boarding animals at a clinic.

    Because medical and surgical cases are a higher priority in veterinary hospitals, he says, boarders are likely to be short-changed on attention and care.

    Finallya Cat Sitting Option That Works For Cats

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    • Cat boarding options for every need

      Don’t want to uproot your cat? Do you simply need someone to stop by and play, feed, and scoop? Book the service you need, when you need it.

    • Cat sitters you can trust

      Every cat sitter on the site has been hand-reviewed and approved by the Rover team.

    • Convenient Meet & Greet tool

      Do you and your cat want to meet your cat sitter before you book? Schedule a free in-person Meet & Greet, right from your Rover inbox.

    • Cute photo updates

      Millions of adorable photos have been sent through Rover. Get a pic of your cat chomping on their feather toy or hunting a catnip mouse.

    • Affordable, personalized cat sitting

      Your cat is unique, and your sitter should be too. Find the right person for you, your cat, and your budget.

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    Overnight Dog Sitting Cost

    Some companies will offer a 10 or a 12 hour overnight service. Overnight service will usually start at 7:00 9:00 pm and end at 7:00am. Overnight service should include an evening and a morning walk. Mid-day visits can be added to overnight services for the cost of a mid-day visit. Most pets do not need overnight service, but some pets with isolation distress a medical issue will benefit from overnight service.

    10-12 hour overnights can range from $50 $85 dollars.

    The reason for the large differences in price for overnights is that companies that hire employees might have to pay their sitters at least minimum wage while the sitter sleeps.

    Hospital & Vet Boarding Costs

    Dog boarding rates at a hospital or animal clinic dont seem to be much different to boarding a dog anywhere else, costing about $35 to $45 a night if the dog has no medical problems, and $39 to $55 if s/he has medical issues or needs to be isolated because of behavioral issues.

    Many animal hospitals, infirmaries, and veterinarians will offer boarding services as well, though the price can tend to be a bit higher since that same space could be used for a sick pet. However, many dog owners feel more comfortable keeping their dog under the supervision of trained, experienced animal hospital or veterinary clinic staff.

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    Faqs For Becoming A Cat Sitter

    How to become a cat sitter?
    Becoming a Meowtel cat sitter is a 4-step process that usually takes 10-14 days. Create your free account, take the sitter questionnaire, complete your application and background check, and then pass a sitter success quiz and complete your sitter activation call.
    How much money does a cat sitter make?
    Cat sitter earnings will vary depending on the sitters location and experience with cats, including their ability to give medication. The best cat sitters on Meowtel typically earn between $4,000-$6,000 per month. Sitters who cat sit more casually on Meowtel typically earn between $500-$1,000 per month. If a cat sitter has open availability, especially on major holidays, they will be able to maximize their cat sitting earnings.
    Do I need an insurance to become a cat sitter?
    As a Meowtel cat sitter, you are fully insured and bonded you do not need to have your own cat sitter insurance.
    What do you need to become a cat sitter?
    To become a Meowtel cat sitter, you will need a smartphone and the Meowtel mobile app. We look for relevant cat ownership experience as well as the skills needed to be a successful independent contractor with us, which include professionalism, great time management, excellent communication skills, and a high level of integrity.

    How To Find Professional Sitters

    After cat

    Most professional pet sitting companies will advertise online. You can find these companies by searching Google for Pet Sitters, Dog Sitters, Cat Sitters, or Dog Walkers in your area.

    Look for companies that show up in the local results, have been around for a few years, and have some good reviews. See our article 7 Tips For Finding A Great Pet Sitter for more information.

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    How Do I Find A Cat Sitter In My Area

    This is the tricky bit. Word of mouth is usually the best way, but that option isnt always readily available. My friend found Deb using the Nextdoor app. If you havent used Nextdoor before, its a super convenient way to connect with the people that live in your surrounding area. Its free to join and is basically just a community forum for people to write posts about any topics or questions they want. It would definitely be worth a try to search for a cat sitter using something like that. Then at least you know the sitter would be in close proximity to you.

    You could also try other social media websites designed to help find caregivers such as or Rover . A referral or recommendation from your veterinarian would be a great option also. Professional pet sitting websites such as Pet Sitters International or would ensure that your sitter has top notch credentials.

    So again, some ways to find a cat sitter near you:

    • Recommendation by a veterinarian or friend

    Working With A Hobby Pet Sitter

    You should not expect your hobby sitter to always have availability, especially on short notice. Be sure to coordinate with them before you book flights or hotels.

    Keep in mind that hobby sitters tend to not carry insurance. If this is the case, you could be on the hook if something happens to your home, your dog, or the sitter while you are away.

    Although you can find some real deals with hobby sitters, the service is not very regulated. I have seen vet techs bring clients dogs to college parties, and Ive heard of hobby sitters throwing parties in clients homes. You can wind up with a mess on your hands if you are unlucky and go with a less than reputable sitter. So, I recommend finding a hobby sitter you really trust and sure to get some references before you give them the keys to your home.

    Hobby sitters are usually providing pet care for side cash. When this is the case, it is easy for a hobby sitter to flake out at the last minute. I have brought on a number of clients who were panicking and looking for a sitter a day or two before they were heading out of town. Hobby sitters are usually a team of one. So, if they are not able to make it to your visits, you and your pets might be out of luck.

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    Find The Perfect Cat Sitter On Rover

    Whether youll be away for a weekend or a whole week, we make it easy to find the right sitter for short- and long-term cat boarding. Your sitter will give your cat plenty of one-on-one attention, caring for them just like you would in their cat-friendly home. Rover cat boarding is a great cat kennel alternative thats less stressful for you and your cat. Does your cat prefer to stay on their own turf? Try drop-in visits or house sitting, where the sitter comes to your home.

    What To Do With Your Cat When You Travel: Boarding Vs Cat Sitter

    9 Month Update! Sitting Up, CRAWLING, Cats and One Ill Mama

    There are pros and cons to both cat sitting and boarding. It really comes down to what works best for your individual cat.

    Going out of town? Vacation?

    So, whats happening with your cats while youre gone?

    Are you leaving them for an extended time with just a bunch of water and food? Are you letting the kid down the block just throw some food in the bowl every other day?

    You want our professional opinion? Those are not very good ideas.

    Just because cats dont have to be walked twice a day like dogs doesnt mean they deserve poor home care while youre away.

    It can be tricky figuring out what the best arrangement is for your pet.

    With any luck, this article will help you figure out what to do with your cat when you travel.

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