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Cat Teeth Cleaning Without Anesthesia

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Can Your Pets Teeth Be Cleaned Without Anesthesia Is It Safe

Anesthesia-free dental cleaning in Markham

They will then use an alternative approach to clean the pets teeth.

During a non-anesthetic dental cleaning your pets teeth are scraped above and below the gum line. All plaque and tartar are gently removed and rinsed away.

This is a non-invasive procedure that is very similar to when we go to the dentist to get our teeth cleaned. Every pet is treated as an individual and special instruments typically with blunt edges are used to clean the teeth and any areas that may need a deeper cleaning. The entire cleaning is under an hour.

Myth: This service is unsafe. Lets debunk this myth.

True: These procedures are completely safe! Non-anesthetic dental cleanings dont require blood work or medication, there are no side-effects and no recovery time. These are performed by dental technicians. Some states do require a veterinarian present while the procedure is being performed.

When Its Time To Call In The Pros

If at your cats annual visit, the vet notices red gums or heavy tartar accumulation or bad breath, that indicates its time for teeth cleaning, says Dr. Lisa Fink, a board-certified veterinarian with a specialty in dentistry and oral surgery at Cornell University Veterinary Specialists in Stamford, Connecticut.

If youre paying close attention, however, you already might see indicators at home.

Dropping food, not wanting to eat, going up to the food bowl and running away from it, all are signs of oral pain, Dr. Fink says.

Your cat still might have an appetite, but you notice they tilt their head and tries to chew on just one side. Swallowing kibble without chewing also might signal a problem.

Drooling, change in behavior, bad breath and pawing at the mouth also can indicate something is wrong.

Mouth odor is late along the regimen by that time, its periodontal disease, Dr. Bellows says. Flip or pull back the lips and look for yellowish or brown on tooth surface. If its there, its time for a dental cleaning.

While the frequency of professional dental cleaning varies from cat to cat, Dr. Fink says every 1 to 2 years is generally recommended. She adds that though we might read a lot about purebred cats, such as Siamese, having worse teeth, any breed of cat can have problems, from purebred to domestic shorthair.

This is where at-home care and diet come in to play.

Does My Cat Need Teeth Cleaning If I Brush His Teeth

Even if you never miss a day of brushing your cats teeth, he still needs to have them professionally cleaned.

Brushing at home is great, and it reduces the amount of tartar, plaque and bacteria in your pets mouth, but it doesnt entirely eliminate them, Dr. Richardson said. Your pet will still need dental cleanings periodically, just like people do, but theyll need them less frequently if you brush at home each day.

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Why Should Your Dog Get A Deep Teeth Cleaning

Dental Disease in dogs can lead to:

  • Mouth pain or problems chewing food
  • Tooth Loss
  • Respiratory Disease
  • Weakened Immune System

Dental care is very important to our pets health and is usually overlooked by most pet owners. Without proper care, teeth and gums can become infected and lead to more serious disorders. If your pet is at Stage 1 you can continue brushing their teeth on a routine basis to prevent periodontal disease. If your pet is at a Stage 2 or 3 then they are in need of a full dental. A dental under anesthesia can cost anywhere from $200-$1000. If your pet is not a candidate for anesthesia due to their health or cost is an issue you can try an anesthesia free dental cleaning with V.I.C. Pet Care. We not only offer dog teeth cleaning anesthesia free, we also offer cat and anesthesia free dog dental cleaning

Who Does The Dog Teeth Cleaning At Lucky Pet

Ask a Vet: Why Are Cats Anesthetized for Routine Dental ...

Vicki Bonilla started up V.I.C. Pet Care in July 2010 and has met over 700 clients in the area. She moved to Tampa in 2007 and is now a loving mother of 2 fur kids and 2 little boys. Between V.I.C. Pet Care and her family she stays pretty busy. Vicki has been working in the animal health field for over 20 years. She started working at a young age in South Florida as a veterinary technician until she went off to college. She graduated from Clemson University with a biological science degree in 2005. Since graduation she has followed her passion for pet care. Even though shes worked with several wildlife rescue centers and was a zoo keeper, her love and passion has always been directed back to our own critters at home!

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Is My Cat Too Old For Dental Work

Some vets will hesitate to approve a tooth cleaning for senior cats. This is because anesthesia will be required.

There is no formal cut-off point when a cat can no longer be placed under anesthesia. Your cat will need to undergo a number of health checks. Your vet will also ask you questions about your cats health and lifestyle.

You must answer these honestly. Cats with any of the following conditions are unlikely to thrive under anesthesia:

  • Weak or irregular heartbeats
  • Prominent or serious allergies

A healthcare professional will advise whether your senior cat is strong enough for tooth cleaning.

In most cases, the final decision will lie with you as the owner. Short-term safety and long-term quality of life must both be taken into consideration.

Anesthesia Free Teeth Cleaning

Anesthesia-Free Dental Cleaning!

Are your pets teeth in need of a good cleaning? Schedule your pet for a veterinarian supervised, anesthesia free dental cleaning!

Animal Clinic of the Oaks is proud to offer an affordable, state of the art, ultrasonic cleaning method that can reduce the onset of periodontal disease as well as the need for costly dental procedures.

Bad breath and stained teeth are not only unappealing, but may also indicate symptoms of serious gum disease that can shorten the lifespan of your pet.

These cleanings provide for a more holistic dental hygiene option that does not require your pet to be put under anesthesia or sedation.

The next scheduled day for anesthesia free dental cleanings is July 23rd from 10 am to 2 pm! Call us today to schedule an appointment! $175 per pet


Please note, anesthetic free dental cleanings are not suitable for every pet. We take into consideration their age, condition and temperament. If your pet requires additional treatment for advanced dental conditions or requires additional pain management, they may benefit from a complete anesthetic dental procedure.

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What Happens During A Professional Dental Cleaning

  • The patient is admitted to the hospital after an overnight fast
  • The patient is examined by the doctor to ensure the pet is healthy enough for the procedure
  • The patient is given an injection of a sedative and analgesic
  • An IV catheter is placed
  • The patient is intubated and placed under general anesthesia
  • The patient is connected to monitors which record blood pressure, body temperature, respiration, oxygenation, EKG, and heart rate
  • A technician takes the dental x-rays and performs the cleaning while your pet is constantly monitored
  • The doctor oversees the entire procedure, evaluates the x-rays, performs any oral surgery required, administers any necessary medications, and communicates with the owner over the phone
  • Once the procedure is complete, the patient is transferred to a recovery cage to ensure a comfortable recovery
  • The patient is discharged in the late afternoon with full at-home care instructions

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Cat getting a teeth cleaning

This was the third time Ive taken my dog in for the cleaning. I was very satisfied with the service and cost. As a retiree, this was a great value for my budget!

I like it that my dog is quite relaxed during the process. And I have 100% faith that her health is in good hands while she is with the nice staff at K-9 Smiles.

What a great group of attentive hygienists! My dog is skittish and the hygienist talked to her the whole time and calmed her down. I am ashamed I waited so long to get my dogs teeth cleaned.

I brush my dogs teeth every night, and each time I have brought her to you just in case she needed something, you were honest enough to refund my deposit as she didnt need cleaning. Thanks!

I was surprised that my little blind, nervous, neurotic Terrier was perfectly calm during the cleaning. Her teeth were spotless, and the price is reasonable compared to veterinary anesthesia cleaning.

For Dexters first dental cleaning, it was a wonderfully smooth process. He has no side effects or any pain that we can tell. His teeth look great!

Everyone takes such good care and is so compassionate towards my Molly girl. Thank you so much K-9 Smiles.

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Risks Of Anesthesia Free Pet Dental Cleaning:

1. Patient motion can cause oral injury during teeth scaling procedures.2. Patient motion will not allow for dental radiographs to be taken adequately.3. Patient motion may cause pet pain if periodontal probing is performed.4. Inability to see may cause misdiagnosis, or failure to diagnose any problems.5. Dental calculus may fall into the pet’s respiratory tract, and cause severe disease or even death.6. Owners may be led to believe their pet is healthy, while severe disease may be present.

The California model of non-anesthesia has resulted in complaints by the public!

The California Veterinary Medical Board has taken action.

1. A consumer complained that their pet was taken for non-anesthesia dental services for five consecutive years, and the owner felt misled that the services were equivalent to those of a full service veterinary dental provider. Severe periodontal disease developed and progressed, and was never diagnosed. Failure to diagnose periodontal disease resulted in the loss of many teeth.2. One complaint filed reported death of their pet during non-anesthesia dental services. The owner believed that anesthesia was of high risk and that anesthesia free dental services were risk free. Unfortunately, anesthesia free dental services can be very frightening and stressful for pets, and even result in injury or death.3. One complaint reported that their pet suffered a broken jaw during anesthesia free dental services.

What Is Involved With A Dental Exam

An examination by your veterinarian is the first step. Your veterinarian will confirm that a dental cleaning is needed and will review with you what procedures are likely required prior to the dental cleaning.

Since it can be difficult to predict the extent of dental disease in advance of the procedure, it is imperative that your veterinarian be able to reach you during the procedure to discuss any additional treatment that may be necessary.

Your veterinarian may perform preanesthetic blood tests to ensure that kidney and liver function are satisfactory for anesthesia , as well as an evaluation of the heart and abdomen if needed.

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The Truth About Anesthesia

Checked by Dr. Heather Kovac

If you have looked into having your dog or cats teeth cleaned, you probably have stumbled upon anesthesia free pet dental cleanings. This simply means that your pet will not go under general anesthesia in order to have their teeth cleaned. At first glance, it seems less risky and less expensive- so why not?

Current California legislation prohibits non-veterinarians from scaling plaque off of pets teeth using sharp instruments. The only legal way to do a cosmetic cleaning is with the use of a toothbrush, gauze, and toothpaste. Yet many businesses proudly offer this service as part of a grooming regimen. Think of it this way- you wouldnt go to a salon for your own oral hygiene needs, and neither should your pets.

And How Often Should You Get It Done

Some of our latest non anesthetic dental cleaning patients ...

Cats are pretty good at hiding any signs that theyre sick or in pain, so you may not notice if your cats having a problem with his teeth.

But dental disease is actually super common in cats, which is why its important to take your cat for regular teeth cleanings. And if you dont have pet insurance that covers preventative care, this dental procedure can get pretty pricey. So how much should you expect to pay to get your cats teeth cleaned at the vet?

The Dodo spoke to Dr. Jamie Richardson, medical chief of staff at Small Door Veterinary, to find out how much a cat dental cleaning costs and what exactly youll be paying for.

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The Dangers Of Anesthesia

Over the past number of years, you may have heard about groomers, pet shops and even some veterinary providers offering a procedure referred to as Anesthesia Free Dentistry or No Anesthesia Dentistry . These procedures involve the scaling of a dog or cats teeth with an instrument without the use of anesthesia. In these procedures, the animal must still be restrained while only calculus above the gingival margin is removed. Unfortunately, these procedures are totally inadequate in providing oral health care for pets and the term cleaning ends up being quite misleading. And as veterinary dentists in Colorado Springs and Denver, Co., we want to warn you about why anesthesia-free dentistry is bad for your pet.

Humans will often sit in a dental chair for as long as 45-60 minutes while their teeth are completely cleaned and polished by a trained dental hygienist. Dental radiographs are often taken and a complete examination of their teeth and gums is performed. While certainly not enjoyable, we will cooperate and sit still without restraint while these procedures are performed.

In addition to all of the trauma these patients might endure, this cleaning is far from complete and misses the majority of plaque and calculus that causes periodontal disease. Providers of these procedures will often tell pet owners that their AFD cleanings are the same as a human going to the dentist. You can see this is the farthest thing from the truth.

Houndstooth Pet Teeth Cleaning

Houndstooth Non-Anesthetic Veterinary Dental Service has specialized in preventative dental care for dogs & cats for nearly 20 years and is regarded as the premier provider in this unique field. We offer thorough dental cleanings without the use of anaesthetics.

Non-anaesthetic dental cleanings offer a safe, affordable alternative to standard anaesthetic-based cleanings. By combining extensive training and Houndstooths gentle handling techniques, our technicians are able to effectively clean both above & below the gum line and polish while your pet remains alert & comfortable.

Houndstooth technicians are professionals specializing in the unique dental needs of pets. They are highly skilled in all levels of pet dental hygiene & the detection of abnormal dental conditions.

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The Truth About Anesthesia Free Pet Dentals

Anesthesia-Free Pet Dentals, Gentle Pet Dental Care, Holistic Dental Care for Your Petsthese seem to be all the rage in dental care for pets these days. But are they really all they are cracked up to be? The truth, no.

People and businesses offering this service are excellent at marketing. When you Google anesthesia free dentals youll find a plethora of information and websites touting how wonderful and effective this procedure is. Pet owners, beware. Do a little more research before scheduling an appointment with them.

Here are some facts:

  • According to the law, veterinary medicine includes veterinary surgery, medicine and dentistry. Which means, anyone providing dental services for animals other than a licensed veterinarian, or a trained veterinary technician under the direct supervision of a veterinarian, is practicing veterinary medicine without a license and is subject to criminal charges. Groomers should not be offering or practicing dental scaling for dogs and cats.

Dental scaling without anesthesia does not allow sufficient access to all surfaces of the teeth for comprehensive cleaning and evaluation. What does that mean and why is it important?

The Benefits Far Outweigh The Risks

DIY Teeth Cleaning for Dogs and Cats (NO Anesthesia)

If it sounds like we are coming across strongly, its because we care about the humane treatment of pets. It is understandable for pet owners to be anxious about placing their pets under anesthesia. However, the risk of anesthetic procedures has been greatly reduced with pre-anesthetic blood panel testing, advanced anesthetic monitoring, IV fluid administration during procedures and the usage of modern gas anesthetics and advanced anesthetic agents. With the prevalence and extremely negative impact of dental disease in pets, I am far more concerned about periodontal disease being the cause of a pets demise than the risk of complications in a present-day, safely performed anesthetic procedure.

As you can tell, AFD procedures should not be performed for numerous reasons.

  • Only supragingival calculus can be removed, while the most detrimental plaque is subgingival .
  • AFD scalings leave a roughened more plaque-retentive surface since an adequate polishing of the tooth surface is not possible. This will only allow calculus to reform faster after an AFD.
  • Dental radiographs and a complete veterinary oral examination is not possible without anesthesia and painful conditions will go undiagnosed and untreated.
  • Pet owners are given a false sense of security because their pets’ teeth may be whiter, while painful problems below the gum line go unchecked.

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Why Do Cats Need To Get Their Teeth Cleaned

Cats need to have their teeth cleaned regularly because they get buildup on their teeth just like people do. If the plaque on their teeth isnt removed regularly, it can lead to serious tooth and gum issues and sometimes even other health problems.

Over time, this can lead to oral diseases, like periodontal disease and gingivitis, and can cause pain, inflammation, infection, tooth decay and tooth or bone loss, Dr. Richardson said. Plaque and bacteria can even enter your pets bloodstream and affect other organs, like their heart, liver and kidneys.

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