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Cat Tower For Small Apartment

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Have you ever lived with an indoor cat or two in a small apartment before? What was it like? Did you struggle or was it much easier than most probably expect?

Have any suggestions for other pet owners who are about to move into a small apartment with their pet, or about to adopt a pet while living in a small apartment? Share your tips with us in the comments section down below!

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Elises Favourite Tip

One of the most frustrating problems Ive had to deal with as a pet parent is staying on top of my cats desire to play. While this is typically hard to do, toys like these that allow cats to play by themselves make the job one heck of a lot easier.

The hits in my household are ridiculously affordable: cat springs, ball track toys, & kick sticks. I have a slew scattered around the house, so when my cats get bored, even if Im busy or not even home, my furries are able to actively play.

Final Thoughts On Cat Furniture For Apartments

The best cat furniture for apartments satisfies multiple enrichment needs and doesnt take up a lot of floor space.

The Cat Ladder is my favorite piece of cat furniture for apartments because Jericho can climb, perch, rest, and scratch on it. And it doesnt take up a lot of space.

Put it next to the window for added entertainment.

Dont forget to teach your cat how to use his new cat furniture!

You know what it is. But your cat doesnt know it yet.

Tease toys on the furniture, hide treats, or use organic catnip to get him to play on it.

Want to keep your cat happy? Grab my Cat Happiness Checklist!

Homeowner Or Rented Apartment

The main caveat of many cat trees for small apartments is that they are often mounted to your wall or door to keep them safe and secure. While this should be no issue if you own the home that you live in, living in rented accommodation makes things a little more difficult, as your landlord probably wont be happy with this. Therefore, people staying in rented housing are best using freestanding cat trees.

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The Art Of Paws Cat Shelf

This hammock-style wall-mounted wood shelf can be placed in your apartment at whatever level your cat prefersits a great way to get the cat off your desk! You can install multiple shelves to create a complete cat climbing wall or to accommodate multiple cats. This cat furniture comes with both a fiber-type cover for scratching or a soft wool cover for napping. And its perfect for big kittiesit holds up to 33 pounds!

Want more of this style of cat furniture? Check out our favorite cat hammocks and space-saving window beds, perfect for apartments and small spaces.

My Recommendation For Cat Furniture For Larger Homes And Apartments

68"  Pet Cat Tree Tower Climbing Shelf Cat Apartment Game ...

If you have room to spare in your house, then, by all means, get a cat tower! Of course, there are many different types, but I would recommend more of an activity cat tower than a sleeping cat tower! With more scratching and climbing features, I encourage a more active and stimulating lifestyle for my cats.

As such, I also invested in a cat wheel. I really like cat wheels. However, I would say its not a good idea to put in a studio apartment due to the size and noise that they make, but since I am a crazy cat-daddy, I just had to get one. Also, because my Bengal cat is full of energy, a cat wheel was crucial to get rid of excess energy.

It does take up a bit of room for sure, but its quite easy to work into a room layout. Indoor cats dont really get a chance to go full-speed sprint, so having a cat wheel is a great tool to expend some extra energy from hyperactive cats.

Special note on the cat wheel! My place is super small, but I still invested in a cat wheel because of the above! Its unnecessary and probably not feasible in a one-room apartment, especially if you dont have an active breed like a Bengal. Again, its important to me that the environment I provide is a relatively active one.

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Cat Tree With Small Footprint

This cute little cat tree has everything a cat tree should have: scratching posts and this is a must-have when you have a cat at home, playing ball and a cozy hammock on the top. And on top of it, it doesnt take much space. It is really on the small side cat tree but still packed with all the necessities.

I love that it is in a neutral beige color, this is the perfect color for small apartments.

The top hammock is made of rich plush material so your cat can dive into this softness with pleasure. It also has a metal rim added for stability so it can hold even large cats.

The scratching posts are made of natural sisal this is guaranteed that your cat will love it.

One really good looking and practical cat tree that will fit great in small spaces. You can see how it leaves the space open simply perfect for small spaces.

There is an alternative to this small cat tree which involves a cat condo at the bottom, so for the same space you get an additional cat condo, you can check that version here.

Top 10 Best Cat Tree For Small Apartment Reviews And Guide

What is the best cat tree for small apartment? Cat owners who dwell in small apartments might not enjoy the luxury of getting larger cat trees. You need to think about the space and the room décor as well. Since saving space is your major concern, you need to get a tall and skinny cat tree.

It is also great to ensure that you get a stable cat tree with a strong base to keep your feline friend safe. If you are shopping for cat trees for small living spaces, you might have trouble getting a perfect one. We will help you pick the best cat tree for small spaces where your cat can relax, scratch, jump, and play.


  • Final Verdict
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    Do Indoor Cats Need Cat Trees

    Yes, cat trees are essential for indoor cats. Here they can take a rest. Play and hide. Basically, cats love to stay in a higher place. Most of the cat tree has scratcher posts. Scratching is the natural behavior of a cat and it is healthy. In the outdoors, they can scratch the tree but indoors, they can scratch the furniture if you dont buy a scratcher for them. A cat tree can be a good choice. If you have a large indoor cat you should buy a cat tree which will be perfect for large cats.

    Sturdiness: The Base Matters

    DIY Small Living room Makeover W/decorating Ideas and Tower Cat Installation

    Really pay attention to the wideness of the base of any cat tree youre considering. You should also focus on designs that wont topple under the weight of fast-moving, jumping-prone fluffers.

    Do some sturdiness checks to make sure a cat tree can withstand normal usage. If not, you need to put it in a corner or secure it to a wall .

    Ultimately, a wider base is safer because theres a good chance your cat is never going to attempt using a tree again if it topples when theyre on it. You know how cats are with vendettas!

    If youre used to picking lightweight, smaller stuff for the sake of space efficiency, know that generic lightweight cat tree may not provide the sturdiness your cat needs.

    A heavier tree made from high-quality materials like wood is really worth it if you want your cat to actually feel safe!

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    Best Cat Trees For Small Apartment

    Okay! So you are a cat lover like me and having a little kitten as a pet and you want her to be happy with you then you need to provide her a home and should look for a small sized cat tree for your apartment.

    There are different kinds of cat trees depending upon the need. We will here review a few of the best cat trees for small apartment for you to buy.

    Petco Small Cat Tree House Review

    First of all, lets be clear that this Petco cat tree is meant for a small cat or a kitten. Dont place your 12 pounds cat on it and hope it doesnt fall apart. It will unless your cat does nothing but lay in it!

    The best part about this cat tree house, besides being small, is the availability of the scratch pole. Cats just love to have their paws scratching this thing. Without it, I would assume your other furniture will bear the burden of your cat doing its scratching on them.

    The design of the cat tree house is just great. Cats can jump around it or just sleep in it. These multiple functions offered by the house means you cat just plenty of options when it comes to using it.

    Putting it together was simple as there isnt many part to the tree house. Due to its size, it can feel wobbly but rest assured that it wouldnt fall apart that easily .

    Overall, it is a great looking modern cat tree furniture with solid usability functions. Its affordable price makes it an even more attractive offer.

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    Petfusion Ultimate Cat Climbing Tower & Activity Tree

    The long, sturdy post on this cat tree makes perfect for a nimble cat who loves to climb. Apartment denizens also win because this modern and sleek design takes up little space.

    In addition to a single post that is used for climbing and scratching, this slim cat tree features two platforms. With the simplicity of this design comes the sacrifice of not having plushness.

    But if your cat prefers to be up high and watch over their kingdom, they wont mind the admittedly minimal cushions on each perch instead. This model is absolutely one of the best cat trees for climbers.

    If youre worried about this tree being too lightweight, simply use the drywall anchors included to attach it to a wall. Dimensions are 24 inches x 20.8 inches x 76. 8 inches

    The posts are constructed of medium density fiberboard rather than lower-quality cardboard, with thick sisal wrapped around them. Replacement posts are available.


    Petfusion Ultimate Cat Window Climbing Perch

    Best Cat Tree For Small Apartment Dwellers

    Give your cats a better view of the outside with this window climbing perch. It also acts as a scratching post where your cats can smartly sharpen their claws. The perch is designed with 3 heavy-duty suction cups to add more strength and support. Therefore, it will not collapse, and cats will also find it easy to use.

    It has a nice interactive design to meet the needs of your cats. They will love to lounge, scratch, and climb. On top of that, they can see the outdoor environment better. The perch is made with safe materials suitable for your cat. It can also accommodate cats of all ages.

    Things We Like:

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    What Makes The Best Cat Trees For Small Spaces

    The best cat trees for small spaces need to meet certain criteria, but they primarily need to be small enough to fit comfortably in the apartment while still offering some benefit to their feline users.

    Important features to check include:

    • Dimensions Measure the floor space you have and check this against the length and width of any scratching post. You might have plenty of height in your room but remember that a tall cat tree will dominate your vision and take over the aesthetic of the room, too.
    • Space Utilization Just because a cat tree is small doesnt mean it has to be boring. Look for those that best utilize the space on offer with features like multiple scratch post sections and the addition of perches, hammocks, and even condos. Hanging toys can provide a means of play but they tend to be very easily torn off.
    • Stability There are cat trees available with very small bases. They take up minimal floor space, but if they are too tall and top-heavy, the small base does little to keep the tree steady. Try to find a compromise between saving space and providing a stable environment for climbing and playing.
    • Durable Materials An engineered wood base can help ensure this stability, while materials like faux fur or plush are comfortable and soft for your cat to sit on. Sisal is the scratching post material of choice for most manufacturers. Some posts do use carpet as a scratcher, but this may teach your cat that it is OK to scratch carpets.

    Want A Floor To Ceiling Cat Tree

    We covered two of the best floor to ceiling cat trees above, the PetFusion Ultimate Cat Climbing Tower & Activity Tree and S-Lifeeling Cat Climbing Tree. They are both space-saving with a tiny square footage footprint.

    But those looking for a more substantial floor to ceiling cat tree can do no wrong with the Furhaven Pet Tiger Tough Cat Tree .

    This pick is a genuinely great full sized cat tree complete with the accoutrements any cat needs: platforms, condos, scratching posts. And its soaring: floor to ceiling with a tension rod for security.

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    Why Trust The Spruce Pets

    This article was written and researched by Madeleine Burry, a freelance writer who’s covered a variety of home topics for The Spruce. Previously an editor, her work has appeared on several leading publications. To make this list, she considered each pick’s size, shape, toys, and cat size. In addition, several product testers shared insight.

    Frisco Faux Fur Cat Tree

    I Make My Tiny Apartment Into a Cat Playground (Suction Cup Catification)!

    The Frisco 28-inch faux fur cat tree has an unusual structure compared to what weve seen so far. At 17.5 by 19 inches, its base is about the limit of what you can fit in a studio apartment. The lowest piece of furniture is a horizontal scratching post. At 12.5 inches high, theres a comfy rectangular bed with raised sides.

    Thats all cool, but our favorite part has to be the highest level: a cylinder with a side door and open edges, 9.5 inches in diameter, mounted on two scratching posts, and with a toy dangling from each end.

    It stops just this side of excessive, but its also exactly what cats are looking for: a perfect secret lair, with enough going on to keep them busy for hours. Jumping, pouncing, and napping are all possible within a small space. Its soft, space-efficient, and affordable.

    So whats the catch? Frisco has great design ideas but cuts corners when it comes to construction. The high platform rests on somewhat shaky supports and can be unstable enough that larger cats shy away. Its also a bit of a squeeze for most bigger adult cats, especially on the enclosed perch.

    • Too small for big cats
    • Low weight limit

    If your cat loves climbing, you’ll need a good window perch! The Hepper Cat Window Bed with Suction Cups is a great option, with a comfortable canvas surface and simple suction cups.

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    Catastrophicreations Wall Mounted Cat Tree Shelves


    This unique cat tree is providing us so many benefits, it just seems crazy as it looks absolutely awesome and strong. This is a cat tree not only your cat but also you will love to keep in your room due to its beautiful and attractive nature. Its also a piece of decoration.

    It is so unique in shape that it will empress all of your guests who come to your house which makes it worth buying. Its sophisticated look gives a better view of both big and small rooms. It is the best space saver if you live in a small apartment and want to provide your cat with her basic necessities.

    You will get required pots of planting your favorite indoor plants by the company. This will make it much easier for planting your favorite plants right away. Also if you want your cat to eat on its cat tree then you can also replace the plant pots with feeding pots for your homehygiene.

    Structure and Design

    The design of this cat tree is so cautiously made that the racks seem as they are floating in the air. The mounting framework is exceptionally created by this brand and anticipates patent. Essentially this implies that the mounting equipment is non-visible which empowers a smooth look.

    The cat tree is made of bamboo which is a standout in the race of strength amongst other structure materials on the planet. Above everything, it is a natural material which implies that it is truly tough and solid. It is additionally water-resistant so you can even fix it outside if you wish.


    Best Cat Tree For Small Apartment Dwellers

    Whats the best cat tree for small apartment dwellers? One that makes the most of limited space and will also enhance the decor of the room, of course.

    Thats exactly what youll find here. A collection of pet furniture thats compact enough to give your kitty a place of their own to hangout and play even if you have seriously limited space.

    In addition to space concerns. It was important for us to find you cat trees that stand out from the crowd in terms of quality, affordability and uniqueness.

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