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Curly Haired Cat For Sale

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Selkirk Rex Poodle Cat

Curly kitten that has taken over the internet!!!!! SELKIRK REX

Selkirk Rexes are made distinct by their thick curly hair that gathers heavily on their neck and chest.

Amusingly, their soft crimped fur makes them look like theyre having a bad hair day! This dominant trait can even be found in their curly whiskers.

This breed is the most popular among the three and is sometimes referred to as a cat in sheeps clothing.

Selkirks head is medium-sized. It is rounded on the forehead, and its skull has more gentle curves. It is connected to a short and thick neck which makes them look like a stuffed toy.

Their muzzle is short which adds to its charm, while their eyebrows and whiskers are curled which is a really cute genetic quirk.

They have large round eyes reminiscent of Puss in Boots when they do the wide-eyed pussy cat trick.

Adding to this breeds stuffed toy look is its stout and rectangular body. However, underneath all that sheeps clothing is a muscular and heavy-boned cat.

Of course, their coat is thick and crimped which converges heavily on the neck and tail area aside from covering its body.

Why Do Some Cats Have Curly Hair

As someone who loves cats, you may be wondering: Why do some cats have curly hair and others straight hair? The answer to this all lies in genetics. The rare, curly-haired phenomenon appeared due to a spontaneous genetic mutation. This mutation is wildly known as the rex mutation.

When the rex mutation is present in a cats genetic make-up, the structure and the look of the hair change, leading to cats having a curly coat. However, there is not one single mutation responsible for curly hair. Instead, several different mutations have come about, which explains why each of the breeds on this list has subtly different curly coats. For example:

Lp Mutation: LaPerm felines suffer from an Lp dominant gene mutation and are blessed with luscious curls. Their coat can be short-haired or long-haired.

R Mutation: The Cornish Rex breed appeared as a result of a recessive R gene mutation. They only have a short undercoat and dont have an outer or middle coat layer.

Se Mutation: Selkirk Rex cats have a Se gene mutation that blessed these felines with long, curly hair. As a result, their coat is denser, fuller, and longer than most cats from the other three recognized breeds. The Se gene is dominant, which means that even if only one of the parents is Selkirk Rex, the kittens will still have a curly coat.

Re Mutation: The Devon Rex breed appeared because of the Re gene mutation. They are similar to the Cornish Rex cats, so is the care of their curly coat.

Where To Adopt Or Buy A Selkirk Rex Cat

If youre longing to bring home a Selkirk Rex kitten, consider attending a cat show, where you can meet local cat breeders. Cat shows are lots of fun and a wonderful way to learn about all the different cat breeds.

To find a cat show in your area, do an internet search for cat show near me or visit Although rare, some Selkirk Rex or Selkirk mix cats, usually adults, might occasionally end up in rescue. Check with local cat-specific rescue groups or even local shelters.

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How Do You Get One Of Our Fabulous Procurl Harem American Curl Kittens From Us

FIRST ANSWER A FEW QUESTIONS HERESECOND Please call and leave a message with your name and number letting us know the questionnaire has been sent. We will then call you back to discuss all further details such as price, your kitten specifications and the procedure on how to bring your curl kitten home.EXTRA INFO Our American Curl kittens are placed at 10-12 weeks old to those that qualify. If the kitten has a flight or a car drive over 2 hrs long then the kitten will leave at 12 weeks old. All visits to our Curl home are welcome by appointment.

Our Kitten Contract

Items Needed for Your New American Curl Kitten

ProCurl Harem, CFA cattery of excellence was originally owned by Caroline Scott who was located in New York City. Caroline passed away in 2014 and ProCurl Harem is now presently owned by Kathy Falcone located in Montgomery, TX.Visit American Curl History to learn about American Curl origin and personality traits.

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Poodle Cat: A Complete Guide To These Curly

Curly Kittens

If youre attracted to cuddly curly-haired creatures but arent such a fan of Poodle dogs or other fluffy dog breeds, then the Poodle cat might be the best bet for you!

These adorable furballs have been rising in popularity due to their distinct and cuddly appearance.

But other than that, they also fit perfectly into families big or small due to their quick wits and loveable personalities.

Before jumping into the Poodle cat community, read through some more facts about these felines and decide for sure if they are really for you.

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How To Care For Curly Haired Cats

Cats with curly hair do have some special care requirements since their coat is built differently. All Rex breeds are cats with undercoats, but most of their coat is made from down. This requires special brushing and bathing. However, this shouldnt sway you away from getting one of these cat breeds! In these sections, Ive detailed all you need to know to keep your curly-haired kitty looking its best.

What Is A Poodle Cat What Breed Is A Poodle Cat

A Poodle cat is a term that is used to refer to cats with curly or crimped fur. There are at least three specific breeds that have curly fur, and the most common is called the Selkirk Rex. The other two breeds that are less known are the Devon Rex and Cornish Rex.

Although these three cat breeds are distinct and separate, theyre united by a special and rare mutation in their genes that scientists call the rex gene.

The rex gene mutation affects hair or fur roots and cross-sections that result in softer and curly hair in animals like cats, rabbits, horses, and dogs.

The three felines tagged as Poodle cats each have different areas of mutation, thus making them an actual breed of their own.

The most recent addition to the rex cats is the Selkirk Rex breed. Unlike the other Poodle cat breeds , Selkirks genetic rex mutation is dominant which resulted in a totally unique curl type.

Meanwhile, Devon and Cornish Rex are more closely related. In fact, they come from the same country which is England.

Theyre older and more established breeds that have three rex mutations present in their genes. Their mutations resulted in a shorter fur than their American cousin, although the crimps and tight curls are well-visible.

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Poodle Cat Grooming Needs: How To Groom A Poodle Cat

For cat lovers and breeders, owning a Poodle cat may be a dream come true.

However, its not all butterflies and rainbows when it comes to this specific breed since proper grooming and hygiene are required to keep them at their best.

Here are some noteworthy tips to guide you through the grooming process:

A Spontaneous Quirk Of Genetics

These Curly Cats Are The Perfect Affectionate Companion | Cats 101

The first poodle cat was born in 1987 at a Montana animal shelter near the Selkirk Mountains of Wyoming. At the time, the show Moonlighting was a hit across the nation and the kittens curling fur resembled receptionist Agnes DiPestos hair on the show. Miss DiPesto the kitty cat garnered loads of attention as well as the curiosity of cat breeders.

Persian cat breeder, Jeri Newman, adopted and bred Miss DiPesto with her black Persian tom. Most of the kittens from their litter sported the kinky fur, making it easy to assume the gene responsible for the unusual curls was indeed a dominate trait.

When the breed was declared by the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna in 2012, the curly cat was dubbed the Selkirk Rex in honor of the region of Miss DiPestos birth. The Selkirk Rex joined the already established Cornish Rex and Devon Rex within the Rex breed. One of the defining factors of Rex cats is their curled or wavy fur. The genetic quirk also gives Rex cats the potential to have wild curly whiskers too.

The genetic twist in the Selkirk Rex applies to fur texture and not coloring or patterning. Meaning curly hair cuties can be any color of the cat rainbow.

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Curly Haired Cat Breeds For Sale

There are many different types of cat breeds and most of the breeds are known for their unique features. Some breeds have long hair, some have short hair and still others have curly hair. If you want a cat with curly hair, then you should consider some of these curly-haired cat breeds for sale:

  • The Devon Rex
  • The Devon Rex is one of the most popular curly-haired cat breeds for sale. This breed has a very friendly temperament and it is also very playful. It is also known for being a great companion for children because it is very tolerant of their rough play. The Devon Rex comes in shades of orange, red, white and black, as well as other colors such as brown and blue however, they all have curly fur that covers most of their bodies except their stomachs and faces. These cats are well suited to indoor environments because they do not shed very much however, they are also able to adapt well to outdoor environments if they are given enough exercise time outside each day.

  • The Cornish Rex
  • The Cornish Rex is another popular breed that has been recognized by many cat associations around the world as being one of the best curly-haired cat breeds for sale today however, this breed only produces offspring

    Curly-haired cats are adorable, but they can be difficult to manage. Curly hair is caused by a dominant gene that affects the texture of your cats coat. It can make it harder to keep your cats fur clean and free of tangles, but it can also make your cat look unique and beautiful.

    Poodle Cat Origin And History: Where Do Poodle Cats Come From

    Surprisingly, the Poodle cat isnt a designer breed at all. In fact, the first-ever Selkirk Rex was created by accident!

    Miss DePesto is the first known Selkirk Rex which is a product of a feral Tortie and a White House cat.

    She was discovered in a shelter near the Selkirk Mountains in Montana in 1987 by a breeder of Persian cats named Jeri Newman. She was then adopted due to her unusual curly hair.

    Newman, seeing the cats potential, bred her with one of his Persians and succeeded. More curly-coated kittens were born which he later on registered as a new breed.

    Finally, in 1990, The International Cat Association accepted Selkirk Rex cats as a new breed of curly cats and the rest is history.

    Similarly, its distant cousin from Devonshire, England, the Devon Rex, resulted from breeding a short-hair cat with a stray Tom cat bearing strange kinks to its fur.

    Their litter also produced one kitten with a wild-looking coat. It was then named Kirlee by its owners.

    It was later discovered that its unique features were caused by an altogether different gene, thus helping the authorities conclude that it is an entirely different breed from the Cornish Rex.

    Last but not least is the Cornish Rex, originating from Cornwall, England. Technically, the Cornish Rex is the first curly-haired feline to be recognized by the authorities.

    Similar to the first two felines discussed, the Cornish Rex was discovered through the unplanned copulation of a British Shorthair and a random cat.

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    About The Selkirk Rex Cat

    Nicknamed The cat in sheep’s clothing, the Selkirk Rex is an adorable, woolly-haired feline with a unique personality. With a bit of an independent streak, this might not the best breed for someone who’s looking for a traditional lap cat even so, the Selkirk Rex generally has a calm demeanor and does enjoy human companionship.

    Friendly and inquisitive, these cats enjoy napping and once they’ve completed their kitten years, they have a good reputation for keeping out of trouble. At the same time, they exhibit a wonderfully playful side, and will happily entertain you with their silly antics.

    Despite their disdain for long cuddling sessions, Selkirk Rex cats don’t like to be left alone for long periods of time. They prefer to spend their time in the company of others, whether snuggling up to watch TV with their human companions or napping alongside another cat.

    Its well worth mentioning that not all members of the Selkirk Rex breed have the same personality traits. Some breeders have outcrossed with Persians, Exotics, British Shorthairs, and American Shorthairs, resulting in cats with adorable curly coats and extremely docile personalities.

    About The Selkirk Rex

    Curly Haired Cat For Sale

    One of the newest natural breeds, this naturally curly cat originated from a housecat, Miss DePesto of Noface, found in a shelter in Montana. Given to Persian breeder, Jeri Newman of Montana, who bred her to PhotoFinish of Deekay, a black Persian. Pest produced three curly kittens out of six proving that unlike the Devon Rex and Cornish Rex, Pests mutation was dominant. Because the gene is dominant, curly kittens can be born in the same litter with straight haired kittens.

    The Selkirk Rex is being developed as a large, heavy boned cat rather like the British Shorthair in conformation. The head is round with no flat planes. The curl is plush and loosely curled, showing up more dramatically on the longhair. Selkirks are healthy and sturdy. They are an incredibly patient, loving, and tolerant cats.

    From the moment of birth, curly kittens can be distinguished from their straight haired littermates by their curly whiskers. The whiskers are brittle and may break as they grow longer. The whiskers and hair do not change as the cat grows older if they are curly at birth, they are curly as an adult. Even if the coat later shows less curl, the cat has the curly gene and retains the curly whiskers.

    A mature male or spayed female will have the best coat. In the best examples, the curling is strongest on the flanks, tummy and around the neck, with some curl on the back. The back of a Selkirk has the least amount of curl.

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    We Believe Every Catmattersis Adoptabledeserves A Second Chance

    At Purrfect Pals, our highest priority is taking in the cats and kittens who need us most those who other shelters and rescue groups might not have the resources to help. This includes senior cats , cats with major medical needs, cats with chronic illnesses and those with behavioral challenges.

    Our cat adoption and rehabilitation programs help us place homeless cats, including those with special needs, in loving homes. We believe that every cat is adoptable some just need more time than others to find the right match. Our ultimate goal is to place them with adopters or long term foster families, but these cats have a loving home in our Arlington sanctuary for as long as they need us. The Purrfect Pals Sanctuary is currently home to 140+ of these special cats.

    We truly believe that every cat, with or without special needs, matters and is deserving of a forever home. After all, people arent perfect. Why would we expect our cats to be?

    At Purrfect Pals, our highest priority is taking in the cats and kittens who need us most those who other shelters and rescue groups might not have the resources to help. This includes senior cats , cats with major medical needs, cats with chronic illnesses and those with behavioral challenges.

    We truly believe that every cat, with or without special needs, matters and is deserving of a forever home. After all, people arent perfect. Why would we expect our cats to be?

    Are Poodle Cats Hypoallergenic

    Contrary to what people assume, Poodle cats are definitely not hypoallergenic despite their soft and curly locks. Truth be told, no cat is 100% hypoallergenic.

    What triggers allergies are not actually the cats coat but the danders or dead skin cells that get trapped in the cats fur. Hence, they are no better for people with cat allergies.

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    Care Of Cats For Sale

    Some of the care for cats is universal, but a few breeds require extra care depending on coat type, activity level, and size.


    Type of Cat Food

    Cats are obligate carnivores, only able to utilize flesh, fat, and bones from animals for energy. Wet food often proves advantageous for cats because the meat content is high. Moreover, the moisture content is at a maximum level, benefitting an animal that is notorious for being stingy in its drinking habits. This is great for cats that are at risk of urinary crystals and blockage. Some fanciers still cite canned food as being bad for a cats teeth. However, the greater risks to dental health appear to be the malocclusion of teeth and genetics. Many people have turned to raw and fresh diets to offer their cats a chance at better health. It is important to understand cat nutrition thoroughly or work with a feline nutritionist or your veterinarian to make sure such diets achieve balance and are nutritionally complete.

    How Much Cat Food?

    Your cat needs roughly 20 to 35 calories per pound per day depending on his activity and overall health. Kittens and nursing queens may need twice the calories of an active housecat. Cats, unlike most dogs, can eat one meal a day. A few cats can eat free choice, and some thrive best with their portion divided into two meals. Kittens should eat multiple small meals a day.


    All cats need basic care such as a weekly massage to stimulate their skin and move oils through their fur.

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