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Do Possums Get Along With Cats

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Do Raccoons And Possums Fight

Do Cats and Possums Get Along?

Yes, raccoons and possums have small disagreements. It is possible, although less common, for them to have major fights. Yes, raccoons are larger animals that tend to dominate in a small scuffle, particularly one-on-one.

However, we know that possums are willing to put up a fight. This proves that possums know they stand a chance against raccoons, and they have good reason. Lets find out their fighting strategies.

For both animals, the first step when under real threat is to run away. We notice that possums usually retreat slightly when raccoons go on the attack.

If a raccoon really wanted to catch up, the possum could not outrun the raccoon. However, this does not appear to be a particularly common situation. Possums usually retreat slightly, while generally standing their ground against raccoons.

This home camera footage shows three raccoons switching between bullying a possum and eating peacefully in the same area. There are many other videos online that give evidence of similar behaviour.

What Will Keep Possums Away

Set up motion-activated sprinklers or lights. These tend to startle them just enough so they want to leave the said area. You could also leave some cat/dog hair to cover the area with a predator scent that will let the scavenging pest know they might be threatened. Did you know possums hate the smell of garlic?

Does Vinegar Keep Possums Away


Saliha Luckenotte

  • Tie helium balloons around your yard to sway in the wind and startle the possums away.
  • Place pinwheels, found in party supply stores, in the soil around your plants.
  • Set up an oscillating fan in your garden with an extension cord.
  • Play a portable radio in your yard.
  • Balduino Roijacker

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    Do Possums Eat Cats Your Questions Answered

    Youre a bit concerned when you hear your cat hiss loudly at something. You assume its just your neighbors cat thats causing that kind of reaction, but when you look outside, you see a possum wandering around your property. Now, your feelings of apprehension suddenly escalate. You know these animals can become a nuisance as they overturn trash cans and get into birdseed containers in search of food. However, you dont know what exactly possums consider tasty. Do possums eat cats? Most importantly, should you keep your fur baby locked inside until the possum is gone?

    Fortunately, possums are not out looking for your cat when they scrounge for food. While possums are omnivores and could theoretically kill and eat a housecat or dog, these common backyard visitors are more focused on easier prey. In fact, the scent of cats or dogs is usually actually more of a warning for possums to stay away. Some homeowners go so far as to place cat hair and dog hair throughout their property to prevent possums from making their home in what they see as a rivals territory.

    Of course, this doesnt mean that possums are completely harmless. In fact, these creatures can spread diseases and fleas to house pets. Moreover, possums have to create a home somewhere, and if they choose your property, their nesting habits can cause damage in your yard, not to mention the waste these animals leave behind.

    • Fruits and berries
    • Seeds from bird feeders

    Can A Possum Kill A Cat

    Cats, Coffee, and Chocolate...: The possum and the kitten...

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    Do Rabbits And Groundhogs Get Along

    Not a good idea, mate! Groundhogs are usually aggressive, and if they are captured, they would not likely be mingling with your rabbit. More so, your rabbit could get seriously injured if it is in a fight with the groundhog. Also, groundhogs are wild animals and can carry a lot of diseases that could harm your rabbit/sweet, sweet bunny.

    These Photos Prove That Cats And Possums Are The Best Friends You Can Have

    Cats arent exactly known for being gracefully social creatures. As any cat owner will tell you, our kitty friends prefer to do things their own way, meaning they can often seem independent and cold.

    However, when they do decide to show their affection at times, cats are as loving as can be. They choose exactly whom or what to get close to, which sometimes results in a very unlikely friendship.

    This particular cat was scratching at the back door one day, and when her owners opened it, they saw that shed brought home a new friend: a baby possum!

    This match might seem a bit odd, but its not unheard of! Cats and possums can actually make a wonderful pair! When this possum was found abandoned in a yard when he was just a baby, the home-owners and their new cat quickly welcomed him into the family.

    Its very easy to see why cats would be attracted to a possums sweet, cuddly nature.

    However, cats can also make friends with a wide range of other animals.

    This fox was also rescued from out in the wild and now lives with his best feline friend.

    Some cats even gravitate toward creatures which share unusual physical traits!

    Possums have also been known to make friends with other species. No wonder these two creatures share such a beautiful relationship!

    Animals, in general, can teach us humans something about getting along in spite of our differences!

    Original Story Source: honesttopaws.com

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    Do Possums Get Along With Cats

    Saying that possums get along with cats is a bit of a stretch. But its certainly fairly common for these two species to coexist without any issues.

    Ive seen loads of pictures over the years of possums and cats eating out of the same food bowl together, so thats a pretty strong sign that theyre able to tolerate each other.

    Its also a reminder that cat food attracts possums and they will steal it if given the smallest opportunity!

    At the end of the day, adult possums are really quite wiley. Theyre very adept at surviving by keeping out of trouble, and they really only put themselves in danger when theyre after food.

    They have a great sense of smell and will know that territory belongs to a cat so they need to be hyper-vigilant.

    Typically, its only over time that they become more comfortable being out in the open in an area, especially where cats are roaming.

    What About Labradors Can They Get Along With Rabbits

    Opossum eating with cats in barn

    Each dog has a different personality, but Labradors are usually mellow and calm. So, they can get along with others quickly. If the Labrador and the rabbit are reared together, they shouldnt be having any problems however, if they are not, you should watch over them until they are comfortable with each other scents.

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    How Do Possums Interact With Cats

    Cats, being the curious creatures they are, will be cautious butinquisitive. We have possums come to the back porch regularly toeat the cat food we have out. Our older cats won’t give them asecond look, kinda “I’m ok, your ok” attitude. Our younger felineswill want to sniff them, where the possum will get them a warninghiss and that’s is about it. The cat will retreat position andcontinue to watch. All in all, they get along fine, each havingtheir own “space”, as it were. I would seriously doubt a cat wouldattack a possum unless the cat was ferel and the possum very young.And the misunderstood possum would never attack anything, unlesstrapped, provoked, or seriously threatened.

    Do not fear a possum as they are very docile and will escape anysituation if given a way out. Their hiss and showing of teeth is abluff, that works very well. And possums 99.99% do not carryrabies, their body temp is to low to be a host for the virus andthey are mammals. Nice to know if your cat or someone does happento get a bite.

    What About Small Dogs Can They Get Along With Rabbits

    Do rabbits and small dogs get along? Yes, it has been reported several times that small dogs can easily get along with rabbits. Hell, even some large rabbits can intimidate small dogs, so make sure that doesnt happen. Some aggressive small dogs could change your rabbits, so make sure they are comfortable with each other before leaving them alone.

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    Which Animal Would Kill A Cat And Eat It

    Although cats are hunters and predators by nature, they can also be preyed on by larger and stronger animals. These preying animals pause threats for cats, especially if they try to go outdoors.

    Animals like coyotes, raccoons, mountain lions, and foxes typically hunt for small creatures like cats, especially if they are young, defenseless, or too weak to escape.

    Meat-eating birds of prey such as red-tailed hawks, eagles, and owls are most likely to fly off with a cat, kill and eat it. Unfortunately, cats can also fall prey to aggressive household dogs that can capture, kill and eat a cat if given a chance.

    Abc Can Handle Your Wildlife Problems

    Why do cats and possums tend to ignore each other, rather ...

    For many different reasons, dealing with possums on your property is often best left to the professionals. The wildlife specialists at ABC Home & Commercial Services understand fur-bearing laws and go through an extensive in-house training program to understand these animals eating and sleeping habits. ABC can remove these creatures quickly and help you prevent these animals from wandering on to your property again.

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    Do Possums Carry Diseases Dangerous To Cats

    Even though they wont eat your cat, possums can be dangerous to cats since they may transmit diseases. These creatures are known to carry several diseases such as leptospirosis, salmonella, tularemia, and tuberculosis.

    Cats could pick up a disease from a possum by coming in contact with their feces and urine or their dead carcass. The best way to prevent your cat from contracting a disease from possums is to keep them away from these animals and their leavings.

    Also, always be sure to make sure your cats are up-to-date on their vaccinations. Take your cat to the vet regularly and if you suspect your cat might be sick.

    Discouraging Opossums From Your Yard

    Tips and Tricks:

  • Food source Keep garbage covered. What about pet food? Bring cat and dog food in at night. Do you have fruit trees? If so, you may have to keep the fallen fruit picked up. If the opossums are eating under the bird feeder, you may have to stop feeding birds for several weeks. Compost pile? Cover any scraps with LOTS of grass clippings or leaves.
  • Hiding places you may have to clear shrubbery or brush to make the area less inviting.
  • Security Keep your yard well lit all night. Do this for quite awhile so that transient opossums will not consider your property attractive being nocturnal they *like* darkness. This is one of the most effective things you can do.
  • Easy access is there a fence? A “run” or path that they use often? You could try blocking those routes. Barriers might include branches or small temporary fences that make it hard for them to get through.
  • Repellents:

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    What Happens If You Get Scratched By A Possum

    As with any wild animal, if you get scratched or bitten you should go see a doctor but because the chances of a possum having rabies are so low you shouldnt be worried. If the scratch develops into an infection it will likely be treated with antibiotics.

    Possum nails are very fragile and delicate, the chances of them scratching you are pretty slim.

    Their nail beds are easily ripped out so they need to use other methods of scaring predators away. This is why they evolved to hiss and show their teeth when theyre in danger. They are generally non-confrontational.

    Can You Humanely Euthanize A Possum

    Do Opossums Get Along?

    The National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974 protects all possums, making it illegal to capture and release or kill them without a license.

    A possum can live up to 4 years, with the average lifespan being 1-2 years due to predators attacks. This could be a long time for farmers and homeowners that deal with the possums destructive behavior and could be prompted to kill the wild animals.

    The best way and most humane way to put down a possum is by euthanizing it using carbon dioxide gas and shooting it with a fire weapon while its out. The advantage of this method is that it kills the animal instantly without subjecting it to torture.

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    Do Rabbits And Squirrels Get Along

    Yes, rabbits and squirrels can easily get along, especially when they are young. You can also put young rabbits and squirrels in the same cage if they are not previously exposed to wild pathogens.

    Rabbits and young squirrels can snuggle together and form a cute bond.

    However, large squirrels and rabbits usually do not snuggle and even play differently.

    This could lead to some problems as playing habits of rabbits and squirrels are quite different. Rabbits like to jump and run around while squirrels could assume this act differently and jump on the rabbit. This could be hazardous. Also, rabbits are usually solemn, and they do not like the constant company of others. So, keeping them apart would be perfect.

    Do Rabbits And Pigs Get Along

    According to reports on forums , potbelly pigs and rabbits can get along fine. As both animals are not predators, there shouldnt be a problem of one eating another.

    But, I would be particularly careful as some large pigs are quite heavy and could hurt your bunny. Remember, pigs are omnivores, unlike rabbits.

    Also, as these pigs play outside in the mud, they could carry some serious diseases which could be fatal to any other animal. Its a maybe for our side.

    What about mini pigs? Can they get along with rabbits?

    If those pigs are small enough and have no pathogens associated with them, then surely they had rabbits can get along nicely in the same home. I wouldnt care much about leaving them alone too.

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    Can Rabbits And Parakeets Get Along

    Most likely, Parrots and Rabbits will like each other or leave each other alone. Both of them are not predators, so there shouldnt be a problem with one eating the other.

    Keep in mind the other precautions listed in the birds action. Parakeets are also known as budgies around the world.

    Do Rabbits And Monkeys Get Along

    These Photos Prove That Cats And Possums Are The Best ...

    It all depends on the type of monkey you are getting. Large monkeys can harass a small rabbit. Some of these are quite violent and can eat your rabbit as there are omnivores in nature. So, dont pair monkeys with Rabbits.

    But, if they are reared together, you might get different results. Check out the video below on how a baby rabbit and a small monkey are getting along fine together.

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    Who Would Win A Fight Between A Cat And A Possum

    A cat would almost certainly win a fight with a possum. Cats are much larger, faster, and more powerful. They also have claws and teeth that are just as sharp.

    Obviously, its not something you ever want to see happen though, having your cat fighting with a possum. The risk of your cat being injured, and worse contracting a disease is too high.

    I know both of my cats want nothing to do with possums and that works just fine for me.

    On the rare occasion theyve seen one, and this applies to foxes and most other animals, my cats go down into that stalker/crouching position and just watch them.

    Do Opossums Attack Cats

    There is a lot of confusion between possums and opossums and rightly so as they have very similar names and look similar!

    Believe it or not, possums and opossums are actually two different species of animal.

    American possums are actually called opossums and have the scientific name of Didelphimorphia. While the Australian possums are, well, possums and have the scientific name Phalangeridae.

    Still, the size of both animals its very similar, as are their diets, behaviors, and so on. As far as Im able to tell, opossums present the exact same threats to cats as possums do.

    This means that whether you have possums or opossums coming into contact with your cat where you live, its unlikely they are going to do any serious harm if at all to your cat.

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    Development And Family Structure

    Like other marsupials, opossums give birth to almost embryonic young. The newborns crawl into their mothers pouch, where they remain firmly attached to a nipple until they are about 50 days old. When the pouch becomes too crowded at 80 to 90 days, the joeys venture out to ride on their mothers backs. At a little over three and a half months old, the young opossums start to leave their mother and venture out on their own.

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