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Dave’s Chicken Cat Food

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Daves Pet Food Naturally Chicken Formula

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Daves naturally chicken formula is a unique product that features turkey and chicken as its main ingredients. The perfect blend of chicken and turkey provides sufficient animal protein to fuel your active cat in its daily adventures.

It comes fully packed with adequate nutrition to improve all the systems in the body. For a lustrous coat, the manufacturers added ingredients containing omega fatty acids.

For a healthy heart and sharp eyesight, they added taurine. This food will improve your kittys urinary and digestive systems thanks to the tasty broth-based aspic. The broth provides adequate hydration for your cat.

And to make it even better, Daves pet food made sure that it is gluten-free. Therefore it is safe for all adult cats, even the ones with allergies and sensitivities. However, it is not loved by all cats. Some owners have complained that it smells funny.


  • Some cat owners have complained that it smells funny

Overall rating 4.1 out of 5

The chicken formula is a perfect combination of everything your cat needs. It doesnt have harmful ingredients therefore, it is safe for all cats, including those with allergies.

Which Types Of Cats Might Do Better With A Different Brand

The only cats that might benefit more from another brand would be cats that need very specific prescribed foods that are recommended by a vet. In such cases, the vet will provide information regarding exactly which food and brand should be used. For all other healthy cats, Daves cat food offers excellent nutrition at a reasonable price.

What Makes Daves Different

The differentiating factor here is the cost. The products from Daves Pet Food are far more affordable than other brands offering the same quality and ingredients. Dave Ratner says that he is the owner, the sales guy, and the marketing guy all rolled into one, which is how he saves cost and sells the products for a budget-friendly price. Aside from that, these meals are gluten free, grain free, and cater to cats with different needs low protein, high protein, and normal protein are some of the different variations.

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What Types Of Cat Food Does Daves Pet Food Offer

Daves Pet Food offers a varied selection of moist cat foods. The cat food line includes varied textures to suit a variety of feline preferences and formulas designed for specific health needs. Youll also find a single dry cat food formula.

Daves Pet Food is manufactured by multiple co-packers in the United States. These include Simmons, Performance Pet, and Evangers. Some of their cat food formulas are manufactured in Thailand.

What Other Users Are Saying

(24 Pack) Dave

There used to be a time when healthy options like Daves Pet Food were difficult to get a hold of. Purchasing such food required a long trip to a distant specialty pet store. But today, pet foods like this are easily available online, through major retailers such as Amazon and Chewy. Thankfully, this allows us the opportunity to bring you opinions other than our own. In this section, were going to quote real-world reviews so you can hear what other people thought of Daves cat food after feeding it to their felines.

The following quotes come directly from reviews on

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Daves Pet Food Naturally Healthy Grain

If youre looking for a healthy alternative to cheap commercial pet foods produced with loads of fillers but you dont want to spend a fortune, then the Naturally Healthy Grain-Free Tuna & Chicken Dinner in Gravy cat food from Daves is a great choice. Its not as expensive as other pet foods made with similarly premium ingredients. Loaded with protein, this food utilizes quality animal-based ingredients like tuna and chicken to provide your cat with the nutrients it needs.

Since most wet pet food is made up mostly of moisture, youre paying for a lot of water. But with this blend, the moisture comes from tuna broth instead, so its still packed with vital nutrients. The entire recipe is grain-free, so its great for cats with sensitive stomachs or food allergies. However, it is worth noting that this cat food is produced in Thailand in a dolphin-safe facility.

Cats are known for being picky about what theyll eat. Thats why this Saucey Tuna Dinner in Gravy Grain-Free Wet Cat Food is made with such tasty sauce. It entices your cat to eat food thats good for it. Unfortunately, this pouched food is far pricier than other Daves cat foods that come in a can, though the serving size is tiny.

  • Not the best choice for healthy cats

Daves Pet Food Naturally Healthy Chicken Canned Cat Food Review

First 5 Ingredients: Chicken, Chicken Broth, Chicken Liver, Turkey, Guar Gum

This paté style cat food is rich in natural protein from a cats favorite source: real meat. The recipe begins with poultry ingredients.

Its not limited to meat, though the recipe also includes sweet potatoes, which contribute heavily to the recipes 3.6% carbohydrate content. These are a more nutritious alternative to white potatoes, but arent a necessary component of the feline diet. The formula includes other plant ingredients, including carrots and zucchini, plus trace amounts of cranberries and blueberries.

The recipe uses both guar gum and carrageenan as thickeners. While the latter is considered safe by the FDA and AAFCO, it may cause inflammation, making it a controversial and potentially unsafe ingredient.

Overall, this is a meat-heavy canned cat food with some plant ingredients. It offers a healthy dose of protein from metabolizable animal sources. Its free from artificial ingredients, grains, and chemical preservatives.

The food is available in 3 oz cans and 5.5 oz cans and cost between $.16/oz and $.21/oz.

According to Daves Pet Food feeding guidelines, this will amount to between $.96 and $1.26 each day.

All costs are based on Chewy prices with shipping costs not included.

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Has Daves Pet Food Ever Been Recalled

In late 2015, a single batch of Daves Simply the Best Dog Food was voluntarily recalled after a customer reported that the food had an off odor. The subsequent investigation found that a sample of the batch had high peroxide levels, which is indicative of rancidity. Ninety percent of recalled food was stocked in Daves stores, and they were promptly pulled from the shelves.

There were no reports of sick pets and no specific cause was ever identified, although the company suspects that rice bran was to blame.

Daves Pet Food Restricted Diet Phosphorus And Magnesium

Dave’s Grain Free Canned Cat Food

Well have a Daves Restricted Diet cat food review next. This ones formulated for cats with urinary tract issues, thanks to its low phosphorus and magnesium levels. This unique meal uses pork as its first ingredient and pork broth to create a taste that your cat will enjoy.

Pork is a perfect source of protein for cats with sensitivities. Several Daves restricted cat reviews have confirmed that this is the best option for cats with urinary tract issues.

It reduces the probability of bladder stones forming thanks to the low phosphorus and magnesium levels. Daves pet food added antioxidants, taurine, vitamins, and mineral to support the cats well-being. However, some cat owners have complained that their cats didnt like this food.


  • Some cat owners have reported that their cats didnt love this meal.

Overall rating 4.1 out of 5

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Daves Cats Meow 95% Chicken And Chicken Liver Canned Cat Food

Product Information: Theres a lot of great pet food on the market, and theres a lot of affordable pet food on the market, but theres not a lot of great, affordable pet food. Daves Cats Meow 95% Chicken and Chicken Liver Canned Cat Food is made with high quality protein and just water, vitamins and minerals no carbs. And while Daves uses premium cuts of chicken, it is a very reasonable price. Even better, all Daves products are made in the USA.

  • Grain free
  • Made in the USA

Why feed Daves? Because its everything you could want in a pet food!

Please see our pages on Substandard Ingredients and Side Effects of Improper Nutrition to see why Daves Cats Meow 95% Chicken and Chicken Liver Canned Cat Food makes a great complete diet or supplemental diet for your cat. Please also see our pages on Canned Food for Cats and Cats and Urinary Tract Disease to see why canned or raw food is extremely important for your cat.

Available Size: 5.5 oz


Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein 9%, Crude Fat 5.5%, Crude Fiber 1.5%, Moisture 78%.

Daves Pet Food Beef And Chicken Dinner Recipe

Daves pet food company understands that cats need meat therefore, they use different sources of meat in their food. The beef and chicken formula is the best value for high-quality cat food that you can purchase.

Daves pet food company used chicken and beef as the main protein source that helps with healthy muscle development. It comes packed with a perfect blend of minerals and vitamins that support your cats overall health.

The tasty broth-based gravy provides enough hydration to support the cats urinary and digestive health. And to improve the health of its heart and eyes, the manufacturer added taurine.

With zero wheat gluten, wheat, or grains, this food is perfect for cats with food allergies or sensitivities. The high carbohydrate level means that its not the best option for aging cats, especially the ones with diabetes.


  • Not ideal for aging cats
  • Not loved by all cats

Overall rating 4.3 out of 5

This recipe comes packed with adequate ingredients that will improve the cats overall health. And the fact that its gluten-free means that it will not affect cats with stomach sensitivities.

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Tuna Blends Are Produced In Thailand

Most of Daves pet foods are produced in America. However, the tuna blend cat foods are not. Theyre made in dolphin-free factories in Thailand. While this doesnt necessarily indicate anything about the food, it is something that many people arent thrilled about, preferring to purchase products produced in the USA.

What Do Customers Think Of Daves Pet Food Cat Food


This brands cat food usually receives positive customer feedback. Most happy customers describe the combination of low price and high-quality ingredients as a primary source of the brands appeal.

On Chewy, Daves Pet Food Chicken Formula has a 4.3 out of 5 star rating. Eighty-nine percent of 93 reviewers say theyd recommend this product.

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Naturally Healthy Grain Free

Most of the variants of cat diets from Daves belong to the Naturally Healthy Grain Free line. They come in either dry or wet form. This line of cat food is made from protein-rich ingredients like salmon, chicken, and tuna, along with wholesome brown rice. Every bite is packed with omega fatty acids for a lustrous coat, along with vitamins, minerals, and taurine to keep your fur baby looking and feeling her best. There is no use of wheat, soy, artificial additives or preservatives, so even sensitive kitties can safely consume these.

Some of the recipes in this line are:

  • Tuna & Salmon
  • Shredded Chicken

What Types Of Food Does Daves Pet Food Produce

This company has three lines of feline food, and this includes:

Naturally Healthy Grain-Free

A huge percentage of this companys product belongs to this line. Naturally healthy grain-free comes in either wet or dry form, and it has high protein content.

The Naturally healthy grain-free meal is made using ingredients like tuna, chicken, and salmon.

Some of the recipes in this line include

  • Shredded chicken
  • Beef and chicken

95% Premium Meat

95% premium is the best option for owners looking for high protein meals for their cats. This line features 95% of protein, and it has no soy, cereal, grains, fruits, or vegetables.

The first ingredient of all the products under this line is always 100% meat.

Some of the cat foods under this line include:

  • Tuna and chicken pate
  • Chicken liver and chicken pate
  • Turkey liver and turkey pate

Restricted Diet

This line is designed for cats suffering from kidney problems. Cats with kidney issues need food with low protein and high nutrient levels.

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Daves Pet Food Tuna And Chicken Pate

This grain-free wet cat food features tuna as its first ingredient and main source of animal protein. The tuna and chicken provide adequate protein to help support your cats healthy muscle. So, if your cat loves fish, then this is the best diet for him.

It is packed with minerals and essential vitamins that can help improve your cats overall health. Each juicy bite comes packed with omega=3s for a healthy and shiny coat and skin.

With no artificial preservatives or grains, this food is a great option for sensitive cats. It comes with taurine to help improve the health of your heart and eyes.

To support the health of its urinary and digestive systems, this food provides adequate hydration. The tuna and chicken recipe is ideal for adult cats only. However, not every cat loves tuna, so you will gradually introduce your cat to this new food.


  • Not loved by all cats.

Overall rating 4.0 out of 5

The Tuna and Chicken pate formula is ideal for all cats, even those with sensitive stomachs or allergies. So, if your cat loves tuna, then this will be a great replacement.

Daves Pet Food Is Self

Dave’s Cat Food | Chewy

Is Daves Pet Food as nutritious as more expensive products?

Lets compare a Daves Pet Food formula to a similar recipe from a competing brand.

Here are the first 12 ingredients of Daves Pet Food Naturally Healthy Grain-Free Chicken formula:

Chicken, Chicken Broth, Chicken Liver, Turkey, Guar Gum, Sweet Potatoes, Potassium Chloride, Carrageenan, Carrots, Zucchini, Minerals, Vitamins

This food costs $.16/oz or about $.96 per day.

The first 12 ingredients of a similar grain-free canned cat food from Blue Buffalo:

Chicken, Chicken Broth, Chicken Liver, Potatoes, Natural Flavor, Guar Gum, Flaxseed, Potassium Chloride, Taurine, Carrageenan, Cassia Gum, Salt

This food costs $.36/oz or about $2.16 per day.

If you purchased the Daves Pet Food formula rather than the one from Blue Buffalo, you would save approximately $438 each year.

Its obvious that Daves Pet Food has a distinct cost advantage.

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Which Types Of Cats Is Daves Best Suited For

Daves is a health-conscious pet food brand that produces quality pet foods that are ideal for just about any pet. Their cat foods are made with feline health as the main focus. They offer grain-free options that are great for cats with sensitive stomachs or digestive issues. Theres even a line of Daves for those on a restricted diet, so you can find an applicable blend for just about any cat in the Daves lineup.

Discussion Of The Primary Ingredients

The ingredients make up the recipe, so you can learn a lot about the quality of any given pet food formula by taking a close look at the ingredients used to craft it. In this case, well be looking at the ingredients in Daves Pet Food Naturally Healthy Grain-Free Tuna & Chicken Dinner in Gravy Canned Cat Food. Its one of the best-selling cat foods offered by Daves, so it should provide a good idea of the quality you can expect from Daves cat food on the whole.

Ingredients lists are in order from the most prevalent ingredient down to the least. So, ingredients at the top of the list are the main ingredients found in the highest dosages within the recipe, and ingredients at the end of the list are minor players found in low amounts. Rather than look at every ingredient used in this cat food, were going to look at the top five ingredients, the primary ingredients that make up the bulk of this particular blend.

30% OFF at

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Daves Cat Food Reviewed

Daves Pet Food is a unique brand in the marketplace. Many companies aim to fill the same market niche that Daves occupies with their affordable yet healthy pet foods made with top-tier ingredients and formulated with peak pet health in mind. But other companies dont do it like Daves, keeping the small-business attitude and ethics alive while being sold at more than 2,000 stores across the US with an online presence to top it off.

Dave’s Pet Food Restricted Magnesium Diet For Cats Chicken Canned Cat Food



Help keep your kitty healthy with every bowl of Dave’s Pet Food Restricted Diet Phosphorus Chicken Formula in Sauce Canned Cat Food. Specially formulated to help support kidney health, this recipe is made with phosphorus, plus added vitamins and minerals to support your paw-tner’s overall health. It’s crafted with real chicken broth and chicken …

Dave’s Pet Food Restricted Phosphorus Diet Chicken Canned Cat Food – 5.5oz Cans – Case of 24

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Daves Pet Food Cat Food Recall History

We do not believe that a recall indicates a low quality food or company, and we respect the fact that sometimes things happen that cause a manufacturer to recall a food.

Usually these things are non-life-threatening, and we think its important to take a moment to be thankful about just how few recalls there really are in the industry, considering the enormous volume of food produced.

However, we do believe that a history of recalls may point to a larger issue with a company, and that discerning consumers want to know who theyre buying from, especially when it comes to something as important as the food you feed your beloved cat.

Here is a list of recalls that have affected the Daves Pet Food brand in the past:

  • Potentially elevated levels of thyroid hormone 1 recipe affected
  • Off odor, potential rancidity 1 recipe affected

If you want to stay up to date on the latest recall information affecting your cats food, sign up to our email list and receive an email every time a recall is announced. Well also let you know about any updated ratings, recipe changes, or new cat foods on the market.

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