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Do Fleas Fall Off Cats After Treatment

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How Can I Get Rid Of Fleas On My Cat

PET EXPERT: What To Do When Your Cat Resists Topical Flea Treatment

This can be a challenging task and requires a three-pronged approach. Fleas need to be eliminated from 1) your cat, 2) any other cats and dogs that you have, 3) your home and yard. Even this approach may not give 100% control, since you cannot control some sources of fleas such as other people’s pets, wild animals, or property surrounding yours.

Ive Treated My Pet And My Home So Why Am I Still Finding Fleas

Its frustrating to spot a flea on your pet or flea dirt in your pets coat after the time and effort it took to treat your pet and thoroughly de-flea your home.

The best advice is to give it time. Once a flea infestation begins, it can take a while to completely clear it. Flea larvae can remain dormant in your home for months, so new fleas may continue to emerge even after treatment. These fleas will quickly die after hatching if youve treated your home and kept up with regular flea preventive for your pet, but it can take a while for all the existing fleas to hatch and be killed.

Its also worth remembering that no flea treatment forms a force field to stop fleas from jumping onto your pets but an effective treatment will quickly kill fleas once they come into contact with your pet. Once youve gotten on top of an infestation, keeping up with regular flea treatment will help to make sure your pet and your home stay protected.


  • Mehlhorn et al. Parasitol Res 87:198-207, information is regarding mode of action and is not intended to relate to speed of kill or to imply parasites can be completely stopped from biting.
  • Infestation From Other Pets

    If more than one pet lives in your house, treat each one as a potential host for your flea problem, even if only one is scratching. Combing, proper grooming and household cleanliness goes a long way, but getting tough with vacuuming, flea traps and diatomaceous earth is more effective.

    Treat all your pets beds and resting/sleeping areas. You can even rub diatomaceous earth into your pets fur, but because it is a fine dust, be careful not to create lung problems for any family members who might suffer from asthma or other breathing difficulties. Additionally, avoid applying near a house fan or in windy environments.

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    Does Frontline Make Fleas Pop

    Modern flea treatments, such as FRONTLINE, do not work by stopping fleas from jumping on your pet they are effective in killing newly arrived fleas within 24 hours. works when in reality it continues to kill fleas you just see different fleas each time which will soon be killed.

    How long does it take for fleas to die on the front lines?

    New fleas are killed when they come into contact with the animals coat, but it can take up to 24 hours for new fleas to die. However, if the applied Frontline has expired, it may not work at all in this case, the pet owner must wait 30 days to reapply it. The ASPCA explains that all cats exposed to fleas will get them from time to time.

    Where Do Fleas Lay Eggs

    Capstar 11mg 6s Pro Pack Blue Oral Flea Treatment Pets Cats Dogs .5 ...

    Fleas like to lay eggs near their primary food sourceyour dog or cat. Fleas cant produce eggs from a diet of human blood. So, even if they bite people, they almost never lay eggs in human hair. About 36 to 48 hours after making a meal of your poor pets blood, a female flea will deposit her eggs into your pets furbut thats not where they stay.

    Flea eggs are like ping pong balls, describes Dr. Michael Dryden, who recently retired from a career of teaching and research at Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine, where he was known as Dr. Flea for his expertise. They roll right off your dog or cat and bounce into carpets, between floorboards, in upholstery and in your pets bedding, where they like to hide until they are ready to hatch.

    The time it takes eggs to fall off your pet depends on how long their fur is and how active they are, but most of the eggs will fall off within a few days. The itchiness from flea bites naturally encourages scratching, which contributes to faster shedding of dry eggs. Youll find the most eggs in the areas of your home where your pet spends the most time.

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    Can You Give Your Cat A Bath After Applying Flea Medication

    You can usually cuddle and pet your cat immediately after receiving an oral flea prevention medication. Topical products can take a few hours to soak into the skin layer. Avoid petting your cat for 24-48 hours in the spot where you applied a topical medication.

    Can I bathe my cat after applying Frontline?

    Ensure your pet is totally dry before applying FRONTLINE PLUS or FRONTLINE SPRAY products. Do not bath or shampoo your dog for at least 48 hours after application of FRONTLINE PLUS or FRONTLINE SPRAY. Cats may be bathed from 24 hours after application of FRONTLINE PLUS or 48 hours after application of FRONTLINE SPRAY.

    Will a bath wash off flea treatment?

    Avoid bathing your dog for a few days before and after applying spot-on flea treatment. If you bathe your dog before the application, there wont be enough natural oils to carry the medication deep into their skin. If you bathe them shortly after application, youll wash the medicine away.

    Can I bathe my cat after applying Advantage?

    Can I bathe my cat after applying Advantage® II? Yes. Advantage® II is waterproof after 24 hours. However, we suggest bathing your cat before applying Advantage® II.

    Related Question Answers:

    Not All Of Your Pets Are On Flea Treatment

    Dont forget to treat all of the dogs and cats in your house, not just the itchy ones.

    Some pets will scratch more than others, but if one pet in the house has fleas, they all have fleas. All of your pets will need to stay on flea medication to prevent reinfestation.

    Just because you dont see a flea doesnt mean they dont have fleas or dont need to be on flea treatment.

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    Cat Flea Treatment Methods:

    Cat flea treatment remains a controversial topic among animal lovers, but one thing is certain: the presence of cat fleas still threatens pet psyches every dawn.

    Thankfully, identification , control and prevention have been growing steadily these past few years as more people recognize that having cats around wont result in keeping our homes vulnerable to insect-borne diseases against pets or children into turn .

    In animals susceptible for infection from cat infestation commonly known as Cat.

  • In animals susceptible for infection from cat infestation commonly known as Cat
  • The presence of cat fleas still threatens pet psyches every dawn
  • Identification, control and prevention have been growing steadily these past few years as more people recognize that having cats around wont result in keeping our homes vulnerable to insect-borne diseases against pets or children into turn.
  • How Long After Applying Advantage Can I Touch My Cat

    How to apply a flea treatment to your cat

    Topical products can take a few hours to soak into the skin layer. Avoid petting your cat for 24-48 hours in the spot where you applied a topical medication. These treatments arent harmful for humans, but its important that as little as possible is removed from the cat and soaked through human skin.

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    Do Fleas Fall Off Cats After Treatment

    Once a flea infestation has set up in your home, it can take a while to completely clear it. The cocoon stage in the flea life cycle can remain dormant within your home for many months, so new fleas can continue to emerge for months, even after treatment.

    How often do indoor cats need flea treatment?

    Every cat, yes, even indoor cats, needs to be on a monthly flea and tick prevention medication. Talk to your vet about the right option for your cat youve got choices! and be consistent. Youll never be able to make your home a fortress against fleas but you can help your cat withstand the attack.

    How do you flea bomb an indoor cat?

    Activating the Flea Bomb Put the flea bomb in the center of the floor. Make sure all windows are closed and activate the fogger. Wearing a mask is an easy way to protect yourself from the chemicals. People with asthma should take extra care.

    How do I get rid of cat fleas in the house forever?

    How to get rid of fleas in your home

  • Use a powerful vacuum on any floors, upholstery, and mattresses.
  • Employ a steam cleaner for carpets and upholstery, including pet beds.
  • Wash all bedding, including your pets, in hot water.
  • Use chemical treatments.
  • Where to look for fleas on a cat?

    The best places to look for fleas on your cat are the hind legs, neck, and tail. Fleas will congregate around these areas, so part the fur and have a good look. Place your cat on something white and comb her fur with a flea comb and check for flea dirt or any adult fleas.

    Can You See Flea Eggs On Dogs And Cats

    Because they are so tiny, it is very difficult to see flea eggs on a cat or dogespecially if they have light-colored fur. And, since flea eggs fall from animals so easily, pets dont usually have large numbers of flea eggs on them at one time.

    There are a few tricks you can use to confirm whether there are flea eggs on your dog or cat. First, having a magnifying glass handy can help you know what youre looking at. Start by checking fleas favorite places to hide: the haunches, the base of the tail, the nape of the neck, and between the shoulder blades. If youre having difficulty spotting the tiny white eggs on your dog or cat, use that magnifying glass to check your pets favorite lounge areas.

    Using a flea comb can also be helpful to track down flea eggs on your pet. Its long, fine teeth get between hairs to filter out the tiny white eggs. A flea comb will also reveal flea dirt on your pet.

    To use a flea comb, run it gently but firmly through the fur to separate the hairs. Go slowly so you can see the skin beneath. Begin by checking the areas in which fleas love to hide, between the shoulder blades and near the base of the tail. Make sure to do this outside if possible, so eggs dont spray onto the floors and carpet while you comb. Flea eggs on cats are usually easier to comb out due to the softer fur. They can be a little tougher to see and extract from dog fur.

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    Why Is It Important To Treat And Prevent Fleas

    Fleas are the number one cause of skin disease in pets and can cause problems ranging from simple itchiness to weeping sores, scaly skin and a strong smell. Some dogs are even allergic to flea bites or their saliva , where one bite sets off a horrible reaction. All skin conditions require veterinary treatment. As you might expect fleas carry bacteria that can be harmful to humans as well as their pets making it harmful for the whole household, we advise you to visit your local Greencross Vets to learn more on how to treat and prevent fleas.

    Why Does My Cat Still Have Fleas After Treatment

    Flea Treatment for Kittens: Amazon.com

    If you still see fleas in your cats coat after treatment, you might be concerned that the medication isnt working. While this could be the case , its more likely that the treatment is working it just appears as if it is not.

    This paradox occurs because flea treatments only kill fleas that are currently on your cats coat. If your kitty continues to pick fleas up from other animals or its environment, it will appear as if the treatment isnt working. In reality, these are new fleas infesting your cat over and over again!

    Here is a closer look at where your furry friend could get these fleas from and how to resolve a home infestation as quickly as possible.

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    How Long Do Fleas Die After Treatment

    The time taken for the treatment to kill the fleas depends on the type of medication in question. Most products including flea collars for cats, topical solutions, and spot-on patches effectively kill all adult fleas in your kittys coat within 24 hours.

    The exception is flea treatment for kittens under 12 weeks. Kitten-friendly treatment is at a much lower dose and may take longer to work. Flea shampoos also dont kill fleas as effectively but are a great way to help keep flea populations to a minimum in between monthly treatments.

    However, this doesnt mean all fleas will be gone after treatment. My cat still has fleas after treatment consistently! There are two main reasons for this:

    • Within the 24-hour window in which the flea medication works, adult fleas can lay eggs in your cats fur. Most flea treatments only kill adult fleas, meaning these eggs survive. The eggs hatch into larvae within one to ten days . Eventually, they mature into adult fleas and reinfect your kitty!
    • Fleas dont fall off cats after treatment, but their eggs do! Anywhere where your cat spends much time can quickly become a flea hotspot. Treatment only kills adults in your cats fur, meaning the environmental fleas can jump straight back on your cat and cause a re-infestation once theyve hatched and matured.

    Do Home Remedies Kill Flea Eggs

    A quick internet search for how to kill flea eggs will yield several other homespun approaches. However, veterinarians say that although some of these can repel adult fleas, most home remedies are not effective to kill the flea eggs.

    The best way to get rid of flea eggs without medication is through diligent vacuuming and washing. In cases of serious infestations, medication will be needed to destroy flea eggs. Be sure you speak with your veterinarian about the safety of any at-home remedies you choose, no matter how benign they seem.

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    Do Fleas Fall Off After Treatment

    It has a very good residual effect, which means it will continue to work for some time if left undisturbed. Adult fleas will be killed within a few days but the floor should not be vacuumed, swept or mopped for at least two weeks after treatment as there will still be eggs which will continue to hatch.

    Will Fleas Die In Winter

    How to remove flea’s/egg’s from your cat safely and simple

    If it is getting close to winter you might be fooled into thinking that you may not need to worry about fleas because they cannot survive, but is this true?

    No, fleas do not die in the winter. However, it does slow down their production. This is because fleas prefer warm and humid temperatures to thrive and grow quickly. They wont die in the winter but it will make the growth cycle longer.

    So, now you know that fleas will not die in the winter and what impact the winter has on them. But, cant you just get some flea shampoo to get rid of them?

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    Can You Reapply Flea Treatment To Your Cat If It Doesnt Work The First Time

    If your cat still has fleas after treatment, it is important to consult with a veterinarian to find out why the first treatment didnt work.

    As for reapplication, well, In some cases, doubling up on dosing can be dangerous for your cat and unnecessary if you are using already using an effective flea product.

    In fact, there are a number of different types of flea treatments available, so it is important to consult with your veterinarian to find the right treatment for your cat if the initial procedure did not work out well.

    Signs Your Pet Might Have Fleas

    There are a few things you can look out for that could mean your pet has fleas:

    • Is your pet scratching?
    • Areas of hair loss, bald or sore patches?
    • Spots or scans?
    • Thickened skin in areas ?
    • Can you see tiny dark specks in its fur, or small browny-black insects scurrying about?
    • Do you have any unaccounted for insect bites yourself?

    If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, it could mean fleas.

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    How Long After Fleas Do Cats Itch

    If your pet has FAD, the itching will be intense and last longer. Your pet may itch for up to 2 weeks after a bite, and the itching will be severe and even damaging to your pets skin, Osborne says. Other signs of FAD include: A rash on your pets skin or raw, irritated, or bleeding areas on your pets body.

    I Noticed My Cat Had Fleas After Her Return From Boarding Did She Get Fleas There

    Flea Treatment for Kittens: Amazon.com

    Not necessarily! Pre-adult fleas can survive for up to 140 days within their protective pupa. When you or your pets are absent from home for extended periods of time these adult fleas remain in the pupae because no host is available. As soon as you or your pet returns home, these fleas will emerge in large numbers and jump onto cats, dogs, and even people in the search for a blood meal. Vibrations and/or increased carbon dioxide will trigger the emergence of fleas from their pupae.

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