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Why Is My Kittens Anus Protruding

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Rectal Prolapse In Kittens

What is an Anal Fistula

We need to highlight rectal prolapse in kittens as young cats are more likely to suffer from diarrhea. The reason for this is an underdeveloped immune system and related vulnerability to disease and parasitical infestation. Parasites can affect the gastrointestinal system in various ways.

Rectal prolapse is most common in kittens younger than 6 months of age. Frequent evacuation can cause anal irritation and, in the most severe cases, a prolapse is possible. Treatment of rectal prolapse in kittens is similar to that of adult cats. However, since they are more vulnerable, veterinary assistance is even more important. The clinical picture can degrade rapidly and they may not have the strength to recover.

Full Rectal Prolapse In Dogs And Cats: Its An Emergency

So now that weve covered mucosal prolapse, lets look at the more serious version: the full rectal prolapse.

Lets say the worst has happened: You come home to find a pink sausage sticking out of your dogs butt. What do you do?

Your dog needs immediate veterinary treatment.

Dont delay contact an emergency vet and go to the clinic, but take steps to prevent damage to the delicate tissue of the rectum:

  • Stop the animal from licking the area.
  • Keep the prolapse moist. Saturate some cotton swabs in saline solution . Gently wrap this around the prolapse to protect the tissue. Then wet the swabs some more so they stay moist.
  • Dont feed your pet: The pet will need an anesthetic, so an empty stomach is essential.

Now, get to the vet!

Diagnosis Of Protrusion Of The Rectum And Anus In Cats

After you bring your cat into a veterinary clinic or animal hospital, the veterinarian will need to perform a complete physical examination. This will include visual confirmation of the symptoms present followed by a rectal exam. To differentiate rectal prolapse from an even more severe condition called intussusception , a lubricated probe will be inserted into the cat’s anus. If the probe enters with little to no resistance, intussusception is likely and emergency surgery is required. If the probe does not enter easily, rectal prolapse is most likely present. The cat will need to be sedated for the duration of this examination.

The underlying cause of the rectal prolapse needs to be identified to choose the proper form of treatment. A fecal analysis may prove useful in identifying any parasites that are present in the cat. Blood work, including a complete blood count to see if hemoglobin is decreasing, and a chemical panel for overall health assessment may be necessary. Urinalysis can also help diagnose certain issues that cause rectal prolapse. X-rays can be used to see the extent of internal damage to the rectum.

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What Causes Cat Anal Gland Problems

The anal sacs can become diseased for different reasons, although compared to dogs, anal sac disease in cats only happens rarely.

The most common problem is simple: the anal sacs stop emptying properly, and become over-full. Anal sacs are normally around the size of a small pea , but they can expand to the size of a large pea . If they are over-full like this, the anal sacs may become painful and itchy.

Other issues that can affect anal sacs include impaction , bacterial infections including abscesses, and neoplasia .

Safely Cutting The String From Your Cat

Cat Butthole Red

If you can do so safely , you can use scissors to cut the protruding portion of the string prior to transport to the vet. This can help to decrease the chances that it will get tangled around something and cause problems of its own. Leave an inch or two hanging out and be sure to bring the cut portion with you to the vet so that they can see what type of material they are dealing with and gauge the approximate length.

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Cat Anal Glands Can Rupture

If the anal gland ruptures due to an abscess, then the area is typically cleaned and the cat is started on antibiotics, pain medication and possibly anti-inflammatory medication to treat the infection, Dr. Stern says. A surgery to open up and drain an unruptured abscess may need to be performed. However, she adds, anal sacculectomies are not considered urgent or immediate surgery. It is usually recommended to have this surgery after the abscess, infection and inflammation has resolved, she advises.

Even after a rupture, cats can have another anal gland impaction or abscess in the same anal gland, or it can happen on the other side, so the anal gland issue can still be a problem.

Treating The Underlying Cause

To avoid recurrence of rectal prolapse, the underlying cause of the prolapse must also be treated. This treatment will depend on the underlying cause.

If the prolapse is due to birthing kittens, your cat must be spayed so it wont happen again.

Intestinal parasites can be treated by deworming, while a urinary stone or obstruction will need its own treatment, and so on.

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Curing Feline Rectal Breeding

While it’s upsetting for a cat owner when they see signs of blood on their cat’s anus, the treatments are generally successful in mild-to-moderate cases. Because this is indicative of pain for your cat, it’s important to get to a vet right away to diagnose their condition and get them some relief for their discomfort.

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    How To Express Your Cats Anal Glands

    You may want the help of an expert the first time, but expressing your cats anal glands is simpler than it sounds.

    Anal sac expression is generally a task to be undertaken under professional supervision for the first time, if you wish to learn to do this yourself.

    Essentially, you should wear a protective glove, the cats tail should be raised with one hand, and you should use your index finger and thumb of the other hand to gently squeeze the tissue immediately below the anus.

    Visualise squeezing two small sacs at 4 and 8 oclock. Squeeze gently but firmly, and you may be able to feel the small pea-like structures gradually reducing in size as their contents empty into the rectum. Sometimes their secretion is ejected straight out of the anus like a water pistol, and you may need to take care that you dont inadvertently squirt the secretion onto yourself.

    How Vets Diagnose Rectal Prolapse In Cats

    Rectal prolapse in cats is diagnosed with a physical examination. By the time most cases are seen by a veterinarian, the prolapse is often complete, so the rectum is constantly exposed, rather than only being visible when a cat is pooping.

    A completely prolapsed rectum will look like a long, tubular mass protruding from the anus. Rectal masses may sometimes look like rectal prolapses. In general, if you see any type of tissue protruding from the anal opening, you should see your vet right away.

    Once the prolapse is diagnosed, your vet will try to determine if theres an underlying cause. Treating the underlying cause can sometimes resolve the condition. Underlying causes of rectal prolapse include intestinal parasites, rectal masses, stenosis of the rectum , or an enlarged prostate. All of these conditions can cause your cat to strain while pooping, which can lead to rectal prolapse.

    A stool sample should be checked to rule out intestinal parasites. Bloodwork and x-rays of the abdomen and may be recommended if the underlying cause of the prolapse is not obvious based on physical examination alone.

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    Ways The Cat Butt Can Give You A Bigger Picture Of Your Kittys Health

    What do a bunch of cat veterinarians talk about when theyre hanging out at a party together? Cat poop, of course, says Dr. Jean Hofve, holistic veterinarian, author, and founder of the site Little Big Cat. Why? Because the state of a cats poop is one of the fastest ways to help determine what might be wrong with an ailing kitty. Poop is important to your cats health, so it stands to reason that the place where it exits, the cat butt, would be, too. Here are four important things you should know about caring for the cat butt.

    In The Wild Secretions From Cat Anal Glands Are Used To Mark Territory

    My Cats Butt Is Swollen

    When a wild cat poops, the passage of feces through the anal canal squeezes the anal glands and expresses a little bit of that strong-smelling fluid. This serves as an extra tool for marking the boundaries of that cats range. Domestic cat anal sacs are considered vestigial, although they do seem to play a large role in cat social dynamics.

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    Treating A Rectal Prolapse In A Dog Or Cat

    Although this condition is rare, I recently treated both a dog and a cat for rectal prolapses. Both of them had an anesthetic and the prolapsed tissue gently replaced.

    Theres a risk of immediate re-prolapse, so a purse-string suture was placed so this physically cant happen.

    This suture is exactly what it sounds like: It tightens the anus in the same way a drawstring closes a shoe bag. A small hole is left so soft poop can pass through, and the suture is removed after about 7 days.

    The vigilant among you will spot that normal poop wont pass through a small hole. This makes it necessary to use a gentle laxative, such as lactulose, to keep things soft.

    Unfortunately for my feline patient, the client overlooked giving the lactulose, so the cat became very uncomfortable.

    This meant intervention with an enema. Now were waiting for things to settle down before removing that purse-string suture and hoping that the cats rectum stays in place.

    And what happens if the purse-string suture doesnt work?

    Then things would get very serious. It would mean radical surgery to amputate the prolapsed tissue. But, as you can imagine, this is high-risk surgery thats prone to complications, so its best avoided.

    Anal Electromyography/pudendal Nerve Testing

    It may be used to evaluate incontinence, but there is disagreement about what relevance the results may show, as rarely do they mandate a change of surgical plan. There may be denervation of striated musculature on the electromyogram. Increased nerve conduction periods , this may be significant in predicting post-operative incontinence.

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    How To Get Rid Of Worms In Humans Without Medication

    Wash your hands regularly. Keep your nails short and avoid biting your nails. Wear tight underwear. Wash your underwear in hot water every day. Change sleepwear regularly. Mop or vacuum floors in all living areas. Wash all sheets and bedding in hot water.

    Home Care And Prevention

    Megacolon in Cats | Extreme Constipation

    There is no home care for rectal prolapse. Keep the tissue moistened and do not allow your pet to lick or chew at the tissue. After treatment, animals are often prescribed stool softeners for a period of time. In some cases, a gel is recommended to be placed in the rectum to reduce pain and irritation.

    Since the underlying cause of rectal prolapse is often not known, it is difficult to prevent. Have your pet dewormed routinely and have fecal examinations performed. Keeping your pet parasite free is one measure you can take to help prevent rectal prolapse.


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    Treatment Of Protrusion Of The Rectum And Anus In Cats

    The earlier a cat is brought in to be treated for rectal prolapse, the better chance for a successful recovery. Treatment has to be administered quickly to keep as much rectal tissue alive as possible. All treatments require general anesthesia and pain killers for the recovery period.

    Manual Resetting

    If most of the rectal tissue is alive, the veterinarian may be able to manually push it back into place. Sutures are then placed around the anus to keep the rectum in the body. Sutures need to be loose enough to allow bowel movements to pass. Sutures can be removed after 48 hours.


    This is a mildly invasive surgery with an initial incision about the size of a spay incision. The rectum is pulled back into the body and secured to the body wall.

    Rectal Resection

    This surgery is used if rectal tissue has died and needs to be removed. Once dead tissue is amputated, the rectum is connected back to the anus. This is a very complicated surgery that is used as a last resort attempt to save the cats life. Complications are common.

    Deworming Medication

    If parasites have been found in the cat, a full deworming is necessary to help the cat from having more rectal issues.


    If bacterial infection has been identified as an underlying cause, antibiotics can be prescribed to eliminate the harmful bacteria from the body. Prescriptions generally last from two to four weeks.

    Worried about the cost of Protrusion Of The Rectum And Anus treatment?

    What Causes Anal Gland Problems In Cats

    When a cat has a bowel movement, the anal muscles press against the outside of the glands. A firm bowel movement puts pressure on the glands from the inside. Together, this squeezes liquid out of the glands through two pinhole openings located outside the rectum in the four oclock and eight oclock positions, Hoover says.

    Cat anal gland problems can occur for a few reasons. Soft stools or diarrhea dont provide the pressure needed to squeeze the glands. When glands arent emptied, the fluid becomes thicker and harder to disburse.

    Additionally, the gland openings can become clogged, sometimes from diarrhea getting stuck in the openings, Hoover says. More rarely, a tumor in the rectum could be the source of the problem.

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    Recovery Of Inflammation Of The Rectum And Anus In Cats

    You will need to closely follow the vets instructions when it comes to administering medication to ensure your cat recovers well. If you miss even one dose of an antibiotic treatment, for example, the bacteria could become resistant to the medication, making it less effective.

    If your cat has been licking the area, the vet may recommend putting an Elizabethan collar on him to stop this behavior.

    To combat any diarrhea, the vet will most likely ask you to change your cats diet to include more fiber and easily digestible foods. Make sure you have this conversation with your vet prior to leaving the office, and follow his instructions closely. Monitor your cat as he heals and take him back to the vet if the symptoms are still present after treatment is over.

    As long as your cat receives treatment in a timely manner, rectal and anal inflammation is generally easily treatable by veterinarians.

    Inflammation in the rectus and anus can be expensive to treat. If you suspect your cat has inflammation in the rectus and anus or is at risk, start searching for pet insurance today. Brought to you by Pet Insurer, Wag! Wellness lets pet parents compare insurance plans from leading companies like PetPlan and Trupanion. Find the pawfect plan for your pet in just a few clicks!

    Treatment Of Rectal Prolapse In Cats

    Rectal Prolapse In Cats Treatment Cost

    Early treatment is crucial. If the tissue appears to still be alive and not too traumatized, your veterinarian will try to push it back into normal position. A suture is then placed around the anus to make sure the tissue does not come out again. The suture must be loose enough to allow stool to pass out. This suture is generally left in for 48 hours and then removed.

    If the rectal tissue is dried, severely traumatized or appears to be dead, surgery will need to be performed. The damaged part of the intestine is surgically amputated and the remaining tissue of the large intestine is sutured to the anus. Surgery may also be necessary if the prolapse returns after attempting to push it back inside and suturing.

    It is best to avoid surgery since amputation of the rectum is fraught with complications. Serious infection and fecal incontinence can occur. Animals treated with surgery have a guarded to poor prognosis.

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    Kitten Has Swollen Anus Red Lump & Diarrhea

    Hi there,I recently got a kitten from my mother-in-law. I’ve had him for just over a week now. He’s now 6 weeks old. He is very active and eats and drinks regularly. About 3 days ago, when our kitten , and our other cat , were playing we noticed the kitten had a very painful looking swollen anus. We picked him up to see what it could be, we noticed he has a red lump about the size of a pea on the top of his anus. He’s been having diarrhea too. Sometimes he’ll run to the litter box to go, and he won’t make it and leave a trail on the floor. Before we let him jump up on the bed for bed time, we check to make sure no poop is coming out, and sometimes his anus looks like there’s pus. Do you have any suggestions on what this could be or causing this? I’ve been looking all over the net for any help and haven’t found anything!Thank you. Hello, and thank you for writing in with concern for your kitten.It sounds like your new kitten may have a rectal prolapse, or what may be the beginning of a rectal prolapse. He may also have parasites that are causing the severe kitten diarrhea. Please bring your kitten to a veterinarian as soon as possible, along with a fecal sample, to have him examined before his condition worsens. If it is a rectal prolapse, left untreated, it can become very serious and even lead to death.Best wishes,

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