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Do Ragdoll Cats Shed A Lot

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If You Have A Ragdoll Kitten:

How much is a Ragamuffin cat? Do ragamuffin cats shed a lot?
  • Start off with lukewarm water
  • Rinse the fur coat gently
  • Baby shampoo can be used if you want to clean their fur coat
  • Once the bath is over, dry with a towel thoroughly.
  • Very Important: Blow dry on the lowest heat setting to avoid a chill. Make sure the dryer is farther away from their skin and do not aim at the face.
  • Why Is My Ragdoll Cat Not Fluffy

    There are a few things to consider when youre looking at the fluffiness of your Ragdolls coat. The first would be age. Sometimes Ragdoll cats dont get entirely fluffy until theyre a few years old. So dont be alarmed if your kitten hasnt hit its full potential yet. They will with time!

    If your cat has reached the age where they should have all their fluff, consider looking into their diet. As discussed earlier, a cats coat starts from within. If you want to make their coat fluffier and shinier, you have to make sure theyre receiving all of the nutrients they need.

    Did you overbrush their fur? With the lack of undercoat, it is possible to brush them too much. You want to brush them weekly but gently. If you notice their coat is a bit lackluster, slow down on the brushing or consider getting a different type of brush that isnt pulling the hair. Its just to get the loose hairs and prevent knots.

    What Is The Best Age To Get A Ragdoll Kitten

    In general, a ragdoll kitten should be adopted after the age of 12 weeks old. Taking a kitten from its mother too early may lead to stress and separation anxiety. A kitten must also be weened properly from the queen and learn to socialise with other kittens before being adopted.

    Some people fear that if their kitten is not adopted early enough that they may not bond with them but this is simply not true.

    Look at how many stray cats are taken in and end up forming a super-strong bond with their owners.

    Please make sure your kitten is kept with the queen for the full twelve weeks or longer to avoid any problems further down the line.

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    Do Ragdoll Cats Need Baths

    With a Ragdoll´s semi-long fur coat also comes the huge responsibility of taking appropriate care of their hygiene. One of the most important concerns being Will they need a bath anytime soon?

    Do Ragdoll Cats Need Baths? Bathing may not be a regular chore with Ragdoll cats since they are naturally very clean animals. They need to be bathed only once in 30 days, but you will also have to make sure that you dry them immediately to limit the chances of catching the flu. Regular brushing and grooming would suffice throughout the non-bathing period.

    Hygiene is as important for animals as it is for humans, and seeing a Ragdoll coated in dirt is not a pleasing sight at all. At some point, you will find them looking at you with a dimmed twinkle in their eyes asking, Why you not bathe me Hooman!

    Before you rush your cat to take their long-awaited shower, you need to learn a few things that will make the job less traumatic for your beloved companion.

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  • What If Your Cat Sheds More Than Expected

    Do Ragdoll Cats Shed? [Vidéo]

    Ragdoll Cats are generally very good at keeping their grooming regime. They enjoy sitting and licking fur to pluck out and clean problem areas on their own. However in some cases, you may notice that your cat is shedding a lot more hair than usual, or perhaps is developing bald spots from self-grooming.

    If you notice your Ragdoll is shedding more than usual or expected, please consider some of the following reasons which may be the cause of your cat over shedding.

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    Ragdolls Cat Shedding Tips

    To give you an idea of how much hair your pet can shed, there are different varieties of Ragdolls.

    The ones with long coats shed less, as they shed less hair per pound of body weight than those with short hair.

    The length of the coat also plays a role, because shorter hair often sheds more quickly.

    A coat shedding cat should shed less than half an ounce of shedding hair a week.

    A shedding cat should shed less than one pound of shedding hair a week.

    More serious shedding may be a sign of skin conditions, allergies, or medical conditions, or if you have a cat that is losing hair from an environment that is not ideal for its skin or coat.

    More from the same author:

    How To Manage Or Control Shedding In Ragdoll Cats

    In order to manage shedding, you should offer your cat an ideal condition. Still, it is impossible to completely stop the loss of fur yet, you can manage them up to a certain limit. So these are some tips that might help you manage shedding in your ragdoll cat:

    • Provide them with a nutritious and balanced diet. Cats diet must contain some amount of meat otherwise, they will start showing lack of nutrition symptoms, including shedding.
    • Regular proper grooming will help to remove all the extra loose hairs, thus prevent them from shedding here and there on the floor.
    • Try to provide your cat with an ideal temperature that is neither too cold, nor too hot. You can take help from the air conditioner to maintain the temperature for your cat.
    • Bath your cat once a month. Taking care of hygiene will help control the shedding up too much extent.
    • Keep them hydrated. Loss of water in the body often leads to dry skin and more fur loss in cats.
    • In case of any infection, consult your veterinarian as early as possible.

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    They Take Lap Cat To A Whole New Level

    Via 123rf

    Weve already covered how much these cats love their people and how that often translates to a cat in the lap, but we havent yet talked about size.

    Male Ragdolls can weigh up to 20 pounds. With their long bodies, they can stretch clear off your lap and into the next. While females and neutered males tend to be smaller, make no mistake: these cats can be large. We hope your lap is up to it!

    In fact, their length, muscular build, and beautiful coat often result in them being mistaken for the Maine Coon cat. But the Ragdoll is decidedly its own breed with distinct markings and characteristics.

    Keep Your Ragdoll Kitten Safe By Keeping It Indoors

    Brushing a Ragdoll cat’s fur. What to do to prevent shedding?

    Theres a lot of controversy about whether cats should be indoor, outdoor, or a mixture of the two. With Ragdolls there isnt any debate.

    Ragdolls are very tolerant and trusting cats, so they are terrible at defending themselves. They dont even usually put up a fuss of any kind to let you know anything is going on. If another animal or person attacked your Ragdoll, it could be hurt very badly or killed.

    For this reason, Ragdolls should not go outside by themselves and should be outside even with supervision only under very protected conditions. Maybe one of those screened-in pet rooms will do well for your Ragdoll kitty. Even a metal fence enclosure with a roof may allow another animal to hurt it through the openings.

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    Give Your Ragdoll A Warm Bath Once In A While

    Fill a big plastic basin halfway with warm water and place it in your tub. Youâre going to bathe your fluffy companion.

    Ragdoll cats, unlike other feline breeds, respond favorably to bathing if initiated early enough.

    As a kitten, start giving your kitty baths to help her get acclimated to this part of her âbeautifulâ routine.

    Massage a mild pet shampoo onto her fur, then thoroughly rinse her.

    Wrap her in an old bath towel to mop up the excess water, then blow dry her fur on a cold setting to keep her warm. Bathe her once a month at the very least.

    Bathing will greatly aid in the maintenance of a well-groomed cat. Because most cats dislike washing, this may be easier said than done.

    Find out the common reasons why ragdoll cats may bite you!!!

    Why Does My Ragdoll Cat Follow Me Everywhere

    In general ragdoll cats tend to follow their owners around a lot. They are a breed that is known for showing dog-like behaviour. They are also very affectionate and heavily rely on human companionship. Excessive clinginess may be a sign that they are bored or you are not spending enough time with them.

    It is just in their nature to do this, when owning a ragdoll you will have to get used to them being under your feet as you walk, on your pillow at night and demanding regular attention especially when you are reading a book or laying on the sofa to watch TV.

    They tend to follow their owners around a lot because they genuinely love you, they seek so much attention at times and they just love being around humans especially if they have developed a bond with you.

    If this becomes too much then you need to make sure that they are not bored, although they love toys and play they seek human attention more and this is something you need to consider before bringing home a ragdoll.

    Even though they are very laid back and placid in nature they are also protective of their domain and owners which may be another reason they follow you around everywhere.

    They need to know you are safe, how cute!

    I wrote a post called Can cats become obsessed with their owners. In the post, I go into detail about how to know if a cat loves you, some reasons why they may get too clingy and ways to deal with this behaviour if it becomes a problem.

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    Try Giving Your Ragdoll Omega

    Omega-3 shedding supplements have been shown to aid shedding in ragdolls, however this should be addressed with your veterinarian.

    Omega-3 fatty acids not only improve your ragdollâs vision, but they also include chemicals that keep your skin healthy.

    Do not just get any Omega-3 Shedding Supplement, always contact your vet for the right product recommendations.

    The Cordless Stick Vacuum

    Tumbleweeds of Hairballs in my Living Room? Shedding in ...

    The main reason I have for recommending one of these to any cat owner is ease of use. You dont have to get out a vaccuum, unwind the power cable, and keep unplugging it as you move from room-to-room.

    You can vacuum a whole home in about 10 minutes with a cordless vacuum and keep shedding fur well under control. I have used a Dyson Animal for many years because it picks up fur well, is light-weight and has a HEPA filter to prevent allergens being blasted back out.

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    Are Ragdoll Cats Rare

    Ragdoll cats can be rare to find, this is due to the high demand for this popular and family-friendly breed because of the rarity of this breed they can be quite expensive to buy from breeders. They are popular due to their laid back, placid and friendly nature. In the USA they are the most popular cat breed.

    It all depends on the area of the world you live in as to whether you will find it easy to get a ragdoll.

    You may find it easier to get a mixed breed ragdoll but some people do seek out the pedigree show cats. They can be found so you must be patient.

    Owning a ragdoll is worth the patience if you have the time and dedication to caring for them and giving them all the attention they need.

    So I hope my post has answered all your questions and you learned something new today.

    As always take care of yourself and your little fur babies!

    Are Ragdoll Cats High Maintenance

    Ragdolls are typically a low maintenance cat. They are the perfect companion for someone looking for a cat that loves human interaction. With Ragdolls loving human affection, they may not be the best suited for a home where theyre always left alone.

    They tend to have a docile personality and will turn into a ragdoll when you pick them up. Make sure you lift with your legs since these furbabies tend to weigh between 15-20 pounds.

    Even though theyre big, its best to keep Ragdoll cats as an indoor cat unless you have them on a leash outside. They are true lovers and not fighters. If they get into a scenario where they need to defend themselves, its not in their nature to know how to fight and protect themselves.

    If youre looking for a more mild-mannered cat, a Ragdoll cat is a perfect choice. They arent extremely vocal like some other cats. You may hear from them if theyre hungry or want a little attention, but it wont be super loud.

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    Are Dirty Pants An Issue For The Ragdoll

    Long haired Raggies have very floofy pants. SOOO, are dirty butts a problem with this breed?


    If their butts are consistently icky, look at changing their diet. They may not be digesting well. Or they may have a food sensitivity, but as a rule, there shouldnt be stuff hanging on their pants after they use the litter box.

    If their pants are icky, they are great groomers. Theyll take care of it.

    If you are finding it necessary to remove DOODOOs from their pants often, you may need to look at adjusting their diet.

    In the mean time, your babe may need a little assistance with cleaning their dirty pants, if they havent managed to get those nasty DOODOOS off.

    Avoid And Control Parasite Attacks On Your Ragdoll

    How much is a Ragamuffin cat? Do ragamuffin cats shed a lot?

    Fleas, lice, ticks, and mites are the most frequent parasites that infest ragdoll cats, causing excessive shedding.

    Also, keep worms away from your ragdoll here are some ways your ragdoll might obtain worms and how to deal with them.

  • Ragdoll cats get worms from ingesting fleas.
  • Ragdoll cats can get worms from a mosquito bite .
  • Ragdoll cats get worms from eating a worm infected mouse.
  • Ragdoll cats get worms from unkept litter boxes.
  • Ragdoll cats get worms from chasing an infected rodent.
  • Ragdoll cats get worms from eating worm larvae.
  • Ragdoll cats get worms from unkept human footwear.
  • Ragdoll cats get worms from potted plants around your home.
  • Ragdoll cats get worms from unkept small flower gardens.
  • Find out the 17 common symptoms of worm in cats!!!

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    Do Ragdoll Cats Sleep A Lot

    Ragdoll cats tend to sleep on average between 13 and 16 hours a day, kittens and elderly cats may require more sleep, sometimes up to 20 hours a day. Cats do the majority of their sleeping in the daytime and are generally more active at night.

    That is a hell of a long time asleep! So if you spot your ragdoll cat being lazy then dont worry its perfectly normal for them to sleep the day away!

    How lucky are they, Ive always said that if I am reincarnated I want to come back as a pampered housecat! Ideally a ragdoll.

    When Will My Ragdoll Cat Get Fluffy

    If you have owned your ragdoll since they were a kitten, chances are you have wondered When will MY ragdoll kitten get fluffy?. Unfortunately, patience is key here!

    When Will My Ragdoll get Fluffy? A Ragdoll cat is a large breed and features a lightly colored body, dark tails, ears and legs, and may be mitted, bicolor, or color point . Their coat and size do not reach their peak until they are aged between three and four years.

    Now you know just how long it can take for a Ragdoll to really reach his peak. To fully understand the fluff that is the trademark of this breed, and how you can help with coat growth, keep on reading.

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    Do Ragdolls Require Extra Maintenance

    Ragdoll cats usually require less maintenance. If you are looking for a cat to bestow your love on, this is your perfect option. To explain, they wont fit in a busy house with fewer family members. Some aspects to be considered during their care are as follows:

    • Lift them with your legs since they wat almost 15-20 pounds on average.
    • Try to keep them as indoor cats. When going outdoors, use a leash. It is because they are not so aggressive but timid and only know to show love. If someone attacks them, they dont know what to do and will stay helpless.
    • They are not so loud. You will rarely hear large vocal sounds from them, for example, when they are hungry or want you to care for them.
    • Take them to a veterinary doctor at frequent intervals and have regular checkupsclean their teeth with the help of a professional to prevent tartar buildup. If there is an accumulation of fleas, discuss with your doctor the strategies to be adopted. Even though the cats seem ordinary, they should undergo checkups once a year and twice a year as they become seniors.
    • Always keep them hydrated. Give your feline excellent quality food and fresh water. Changing the diet should be incorporated gradually, as rapid changes can cause GI problems such as stomach upset. Freshwater is vital to combat hair falls.

    How Can I Deal With Shedding

    Do Ragdoll Cats Shed A Lot Of Hair

    Haul out that vacuum cleaner. Every other day , I grab my faithful Dyson and do a quick spin around the house. NOTE: I do not have carpeting in my home.

    But, I have three cats in my household: 2 Ragdolls and one Heinz 57 variety. Takes 5 minutes to vacuum the house. End of problem.

    To be perfectly honest, my Heinz variety short haired boy leaves more of a fur trail than the long hair Ragdolls. Go figure.

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