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Enisyl Lysine Treats For Cats

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Tomlyn L-Lysine Immune Support Supplement Chews for Cats

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What Does Lysine Do For Cats

Besides being a basic building block for proteins, its other benefits including to help boost immunity, aid in calcium absorption, decrease some viral shedding and severity of conjunctivitis and reduce feline herpesvirus severity .

Feline herpes is a contagious virus that causes conjunctivitis as well as other upper respiratory diseases with symptoms such as squinting, eye discharge, red eyes, runny nose, lethargy, sneezing , swollen red eyelids, fever, no interest in food due to a lost sense of smell among others.

Therefore, this amino acid is said to help in managing symptoms such as

  • Sneezing
  • Inflamed eyes
  • Sinus congestion

While previous studies support the use of l-lysine to reduce symptoms especially slowing replication of feline herpesvirus and boosting immunity, recent research thinks otherwise and others state this amino acid will only worsen things.

Pet Naturals Of Vermont Cat Chews

These Pet Naturals Lysine chews are chicken and liver flavored and each chew has 250mg lysine. Recommended dosages are 1-2 chews daily.

Like others, it will support your feline friends respiratory, ocular and tissue health and one pack has 60 chews and it goes for $4.33 at Amazon.com and $4.33 at Chewy.com.

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Vetriscience Vetri Lysine Plus Dmg Immune Support Treats For Cats And Kittens

  • IMMUNE SUPPORT Vetri Lysine Plus is an immune support chew for cats of all weight ranges and contains L-Lysine, an amino acid that supports antibody and enzyme production, and DMG, an intermediary metabolite that supports the production of vitamins, antibodies and other metabolically active molecules.
  • RECOMMENDED BY VETS Vetri Lysine Plus is recommended by veterinarians for feline conditions that are responsive to Lysine.
  • FOR CATS AND KITTENS Vetri Lysine Plus supports immune, eye, and respiratory health in cats and kittens.
  • PLUS DMG Research shows that supplementing with DMG enhances oxygen utilization at the cellular level, as well as supports the immune response with antibody and lymphocyte production.
  • MADE IN THE USA At VetriScience Laboratories, our mission is to help pets live happier, healthier lives.
  • Covered by the FoodScience, LLC 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. Additional terms apply.

A New Study Sheds Light On L

Feline Enisyl

The veterinary communitys attitude toward L-lysine and cats began to change when a 2015 study was published in the BMC Veterinary Research journal. The researchers found that there was no proof that L-lysine supplementation suppressed the feline herpesvirus in infected cats. They recommended that veterinarians stop prescribing L-lysine immediately due to the lack of evidence concerning its effectiveness. The study was summed up as follows:

  • No evidence was found that L-lysine prevented cats from FHV-1 infection
  • L-lysine did not prevent recurrences of FHV-1 and its symptoms
  • No proof exists that L-lysine can alleviate FHV-1 and its symptoms

Frequent use of L-lysine as a supplement lowers levels of arginine, an amino acid essential to cats low arginine levels may cause serious health issues in felines. Arginine is responsible for critical body functions, such as kidney filtration, immune system function, hormone function, and wound healing.

Lysine and arginine compete with each other for absorption within the body. Initially, researchers thought that lower arginine levels helped prevent FHV-1hence the L-lysine recommendationbut the 2015 study has caused scientists, researchers, and veterinarians to adopt a more cautious attitude toward the use of L-lysine.

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Other Side Effects Of L

L-lysine can negatively impact cats in other, less damaging ways, which can nonetheless be uncomfortable for your cat. These side effects include:

  • Seizures
  • Facial swelling
  • Pale gums

L-lysine supplementation may also interfere with other medications that your cat is taking. Always talk to your veterinarian about other medications, supplements, or vitamins that your cat is taking before beginning L-lysine treatment. Large doses of L-lysine may interact with certain antibiotics and increase the antibiotics toxicity.

Cats with digestive disorders, such as irritable bowel syndrome or ulcers, might find their chronic conditions worsened when taking L-lysine supplementation, due to negative interactions with other prescribed medications. Occasionally, a cat may develop an allergy to the L-lysine medication, resulting in difficulty breathing, dizziness, and rashes.

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Possible Lysine For Cats Side Effects And Interaction

If given as directed by your vet or manufacturer, chances side effects are very rare. Some of the side possible side effects include:

  • Stomach upsets
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea

However, in the case of lysine allergy in cats, expect symptoms such as skin itchiness, inflammation, excessive licking, and biting. This may lead to skin infection and alopecia.

Also, seizures, face swellings, pale gums, may also be noted as possible side effects and there might be interactions with other drugs such as those that suppress the immunity and steroids, aminoglycoside medications and calcium supplements.

We already looked at lysine food sources, required amounts, functions, deficiency symptoms and much more. This discussion will be focusing more on supplements for cats as well as the dosages.

Vetoquinol Viralys For Cats Powder Gel And Enisyl

Enisyl and Viralys-Administering Correctly

If you decided to go for Viralys, you have a choice to choose from oral powder . a gel or Enisyl-F oral paste

The 100g powder goes for $21.28 and the 600mg goes for $94.10 at Amazon.com. The 100mg goes for $21.17 at Walmart, $21.28 at Enterelypets.com, just but to mention a few.

a). How much Viralys lysine to give a cat dosage

For your adult fluffy friends, dosages are 500mg of l-lysine hydrochloride given twice a day while dosages for kittens are 250mg given twice a day. Therefore:

  • For Vetoquinol Viralys powdered formulation, give one scoop daily to adult felines while half a scoop for kittens below six months.
  • For Vetoquinol Viralys gel, give for half a teaspoon for adult felines and a quarter a teaspoon for kittens below six months.
  • For Vetoquinol Enisyl-F is a lysine paste for cats and each 1ml has 250mg. Recommended dosages are 1 to 2 ml twice a day for adult cats. Kittens should be given 1ml twice a day or as indicated by your vet.
  • Finally, the dosage for bites should be 500mg twice a day for adult cats while kitten should have 250mg twice a day.

b). Viralys lysine uses and side effects

Viralys uses are the same as those we have already mentioned, i.e, boost immunity or any other condition that responds to l-lysine. Furthermore, although rare, the expected Viralys powder for cats side effects maybe some of those we have already mentioned.

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What Is Lysine Used For

Lysine is mostly used to treat the feline herpes infection in cats. This supplement also seems to improve a cats immune system, which theoretically makes it useful for treating just about anything.

It may be particularly helpful for a feline that already has a compromised immune system. For instance, it can be given to older cats that are constantly getting minor illnesses. Some kittens may also benefit from this supplement because they often have weaker immune systems than adults.

If your cat is prone to infections, this supplement may help prevent them. Generally, these supplements are advertised to treat a wide variety of different things.

That said, there is little clinical data to back up the effectiveness of this supplement. Therefore, this supplement may or may not work as effectively as youd like. However, it does have minimal side effects, so many vets recommend giving it a try.

Since this is a short-acting supplement, the effects disappear if you stop giving it. Therefore, many cats must continue to take it for the rest of their life.

Doggone Best Products Lysine Powder

This powdered brand is all-natural and meets human-grade quality. It will help maintain proper respiratory and eye health, including those suffering from herpes virus symptoms like runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes, and upper respiratory infection, and so on.

It is tasteless, has no additives, and has added 74 minerals, including calcium. Give your felines a scoop of 900mg in each serving twice a day.

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Trusted Immune System Support

Adding L-lysine as a supplement to your cat’s diet is an easy way to help support her long-term health. As a market leader with a wide range of L-lysine products, Vetoquinol puts this active ingredient in tasty chews and bite-size morsels, plus paste, gel and powder form so you can find the best way to offer it to your kitty. These supplements are specifically designed for felines to support the immune system, and maintain respiratory an

Tomlyn Immune Support Daily L


This fish-flavored lysine powder is another excellent choice to buy. Like others, it will support eye function, strengthen immunity, and promote respiratory health.

It will help kitties that are squinting or have watery eyes, runny nose, or inflamed eyes. You only need to give them 1-2 scoops every day and is safe for both kittens and cats.

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Comparison Chart For Best L

Our team scanned 52232 reviews before putting any suggestions for the L-lysine For Cats in this article.

Tomlyn Immune Support Daily L-Lysine Supplement 9.8
Alpha Paw – Human Grade for Pets – Cat Lysine Supplement – Extra Servings 5-10 Month Supply – Immune System 9.6
VetriScience Vetri Lysine Plus DMG Immune Support Treats for Cats and Kittens 9.4
Vetoquinol Viralys L-Lysine Supplement for Cats 9
NOW Pet Health, L-Lysine Supplement 9
Lysine for Cats – L Lysine Powder Cat Supplements – 900mg 8.8
Vetoquinol Enisyl-F Lysine Bites: L-Lysine Chews for Cats & Kittens – Chicken Liver-Flavor 8.6
Pet Naturals of Vermont L-Lysine 60 Fun-Shaped Chews for Cats – 2 pack 8.4
Optixcare 72-2 L-Lysine Chews for Cats & Kittens 8.2
  • L-Lysine supplement for cats supports normal eye function, respiratory health, strong immune system
  • Helps manage common feline health issues sneezing, runny nose, squinting and watery, inflamed eyes
  • One to two scoops daily provides support for the immune and respiratory system for kittens and cats
  • Our vet-quality L-Lysine powder provides immune support for respiratory issues for as long as needed
  • Cats love our tasty, palatable fish-flavored powder easy to dose and administer, simply add to food

Keeping Your Cat Healthier With Lysine Chews

Lysine is an amino acid that helps minimize the symptoms of herpesvirus infections in humans, and it also helps minimize the symptoms of a different kind of herpesvirus infection in cats.

Feline herpesvirus 1, also known as FHV-1, is the viral cause of feline viral rhinotracheitis, also known as “kitty flu.” FHV-1 infections cause irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat of the cat, along with fever, loss of appetite, loss of energy, and sometimes pneumonia.

After the initial infection, the cat’s immune system usually keeps the virus in check, but giving birth, nursing a litter of kittens, extremes of temperature, and the stress caused by moving to a new home can trigger a new round of symptoms. The virus is not transmitted to or from people.

FHV-1 infections are especially common in animal shelters. It is spread from cat to cat by direct contact with nasal secretions from an infected cat, and by shared bowls, toys, and bedding.

If a pregnant cat has an outbreak of FHV-1, the unborn kittens may be spontaneously aborted . If the cat only carries the virus, she may pass it on to unborn kittens while they are still in the womb. Loss of appetite in kittens caused by the virus can result in starvation and death.

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Vetri Lysine Plus For Cats Bite

Manufactured by VetriScience, these chews for cats may help reduce herpesvirus replication, its symptoms, and other conditions that respond to it.

Their price per a 120 chew packet is about $16.69 at Amazon.com, $15.00 at Walmart, 15.69 at Petco, and $15.00 at Chewy.com.

a). What does it do?

According to its manufacturer, VetriScience, some roles it plays include to support immune system function, collagen formation, tissue repair, antioxidant activity, and antibody and lymphocyte production.

b). Dosage

Normally, two chews have 250mg of l-lysine and 50mg of N-Dimethylglycine HCl . Recommended dosages are 1-2 chews, twice a day for adults felines while kittens should have 1 chew given twice a day or as directed by your veterinarian.

Lysine For Cats L Lysine Powder Cat Supplements 900mg

L-lysine treats for cat health
  • L-LYSINE FOR CATS SUPPLEMENT POWDER 900 Mg of Llysine Hydrochloride per scoop, natural Chicken Liver Flavor for picky eaters.
  • CAT IMMUNE SUPPORT SUPPLEMENT Our best L lysine cats supplement powder works as a pet immune system booster without the use of cat meds or antibiotics.
  • CAT RESPIRATORY SUPPORT Our powerful cat vitamins and supplements contain 2x more cat lysine supplement amino acids per scoop for optimal cat health.
  • BEST EYE HEALTH SUPPLEMENTS Our llysine for cats helps to prevent & treat cat eye infections & works great for kitten eye infection treatment.
  • 100% MADE IN THE USA Strawfield Pets lysine products are independently lab tested for safety.

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Lysine Dosage And Overdose

Like humans with herpesvirus infections, cats with herpesvirus infections benefit from additional lysine in the diet. The typical dosage of lysine is 400 mg a day, delivered in the form of “kitty treats.” Lysine is a lot more likely to be beneficial for cats that are not stressed cats brought to animal shelters usually experience so much stress that lysine supplements do not do a lot of good.

Unlike humans with herpesvirus infections, cats with herpesvirus infections are not treated with arginine restriction. The high-protein foods cats require tend to be rich in arginine. Adding lysine is the only nutritional strategy for treating FHV-1 in cats. Treatment with veterinary steroid drugs will cancel out the benefits of the high-lysine cat treats.

A Quick Comparison Of Our Favorites

Dosage 900 mg

The Strawfield Pets L-Lysine Immune Support Cat Supplement is the best overall lysine supplement for cats. It is designed to support your felines immune system, which can be helpful for those with feline herpes and other immune issues. It may also be suitable for older cats because their immune system sometimes declines with age.

This powdered supplement is easy to use. You can use it to treat a variety of different symptoms, including coughing, sneezing, runny nose, and congestion. It may also treat upper respiratory infections, especially in older felines.

The natural chicken flavor covers up the taste of the supplement. Most cats wont have a hard time eating this, which is one reason that we recommend it so highly. You only need to use one scoop daily, no matter your cats size. Just mix it in at mealtime.

Dosage 125 mg

If youre looking for a cheap option, you may want to consider the 21st Century Essential Pet L-Lysine Cat Supplement. It is the best lysine supplement for cats for the money. Its designed specifically to support your cats immune and respiratory systems.

While this supplement is less expensive than some other options, it is made with human-grade ingredients. It also has a chicken flavor to make these chews easier to feed your feline.

That said, while they are tasty for some cats, they are less appealing to others. Therefore, you may or may not be able to effectively give this supplement to your cat. It depends on their preferences.

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Alpha Paw Human Grade For Pets Cat Lysine Supplement Extra Servings 5

  • IMMUNE SUPPORT: Human grade for pets.
  • EXTRA SERVINGS: 8 oz container = 300 One-Scoop Servings or 150 Two-Scoop Servings.
  • ALL NATURAL: Fend off sneezing, runny eyes, and upper respiratory infections with natural immune system support.
  • FLAVORLESS: Even picky eaters wont notice.
  • HUMAN GRADE, USA Sourced: Human grade L Lysine.

What Are Enisyl

#Buy #Online #Cats Lysine Enisyl F #Cat #Treats 6.35oz ...
  • Enisyl-F is formulated to support a healthy immune system in cats.
  • Enisyl-F is an easy to administer L-Lysine supplement.
  • L-Lysine may help with feline herpes virus infections by reducing the frequency and severity of outbreaks.
  • Enisyl-F also helps support respiratory health and maintain normal eye function and health.

Why do cats use Enisyl-F?

  • Enisyl-F is an easy to administer L-Lysine supplement.

What else should I know about Enisyl-F?

  • Enisyl-F Oral Paste has a tuna flavor.
  • Enisyl-F Lysine Bites are chicken liver flavor.
  • Store Enisyl-F in a cool, dry place.

What problems could my cat have with Enisyl-F?

  • If your cat’s condition worsens or does not improve, stop product administration and consult your veterinarian.

How do you use Enisyl-F?

  • Use as directed by your veterinarian.

Enisyl-F Lysine Bites

  • Manufacturer’s suggested use: Kittens under 6 months, 6 bites twice daily. Cats 6 months and older, 12 bites twice daily.

Enisyl-F Oral Paste

  • Manufacturer’s suggested use: Kittens under 6 months, 1 pump twice daily. Cats 6 months and older, 2 pumps twice daily.

What is in Enisyl-F?

Enisyl-F Lysine Bites

  • Active ingredients per 12 bites : L-Lysine Monohydrochloride 500 mg.
  • Inactive ingredients: Chicken Fat , Corn Flour, Glycerin, Hydrolyzed Chicken Liver , Mixed Tocopherols , Phosphoric Acid, Potassium Sorbate, Poultry Meal, Rice Flour, Salt, Sugar, Titanium Dioxide, Yeast.

Enisyl-F Oral Paste

Will I get what I see in the picture?

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