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Good Couch Material For Cats

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What Fabric Are Couches Made Of

Best Sofa Material For Parents & Pet Owners | Protect Your Living Space from Kids, Cats and Dogs

There are many different fabrics used to make couches. You have your choice between natural fibers and synthetic ones. But you need to be aware of some of the laws or regulations governing which fabrics can be used.

Different states have different rules for flammability and toxic chemical ingredients. If you are making your own couch, you need to be aware of those rules so you do not get into trouble if something happens later on.

Then when you are choosing the different fabrics you think would work best in your home, cotton is durable and stain-resistant, silk is almost a no-no as it is too fragile. Then rayon can mimic silk so you still get the look and feel of that fabric without losing durability, etc.

On top of all that you can get fabric blends that create material that uses the best characteristics found in both fabric worlds.

Bad: Loose Weave Fabrics

Tweed, corduroy, and anything with an open weave can easily snag on claws and unravel over time. Plus, open weave couch fabrics can trap hair and dust, which is next to impossible to clean if the cushions arent removable. Trapped debris embedded in the fibers can even make your couch smell stinky.

Next: Skip the silk couch.

When It Comes To Furniture Cat Owners Should Keep It Simple

Finally, Tamalpais NatureWorks recommends modular furniture made of wood and steel joinery. William Callahan calls it the worlds healthiest and easiest to maintain furniture for people and pets.

If a kitty destroys a table leg, just put a new one in its place, Callahan said.

None of this furniture is upholstered, making it easy to clean and repair.

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Best Types Of Fabric For Cat Owners

Cats seem to like any furniture, but they especially love bright colors and fabrics that have some tooth to them. Velvet, brocade, embroidery, and damask fabrics are a definite NO as cats can sink their claws into these like a knife into butter. Additionally, cats will naturally gravitate toward fabrics that are susceptible to scratching and hooking-those are just so much more fun to a cat!

Instead, opt for upholstery fabrics that are solid, resist penetration by claws, and are not so “sink in soft” that your cat will want to come over and hibernate there .

Plenty Of Cat Scratching Furniture

15 Photos Pet Proof Sofa Covers

So your cat seems to be too interested in your couch why not get a couch for cats?

There are plenty of models available, and if you dont find one in the exact design you like, you can at least get several scratching posts, cat trees, and other such accessories specifically made for this purpose.

Cat couches, especially those that have been filled with or sprayed on with catnip oil solutions, can make it possible for your feline friend to be so interested in them that shell completely ignore the human furniture.

Here are some of my favorites in terms of scratching furniture for cats!

Furhaven Pet Tiger Tough Tall Cat Tree

Not only does this scratching post look cute, but it actually comes with not one, but two sections that can be scratched!

Its cozy, cat-friendly, and it can be cleaned easily, and its not going to wear down as quickly as other cat trees.

PetnPurr Cactus Cat Scratcher

Isnt this one absolutely adorable? If your interior design is a little rustic, you can definitely consider this option, especially since its garnered the appreciation of more than two thousand people.

This product is durable, easy to assemble, and provides a variety of entertainment opportunities for one or more kitties.

Coching Cat Scratcher Cardboard Pad

If you have nothing against your cat making a bit of a mess while trying to sharpen her claws, you can try out this model.

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How To Choose Fabric For Couch

There are several factors you need to look for when selecting the right fabric for your home when you have pets. The first factor is the weave style. A loose weave is an accident waiting to happen as those fibers will easily catch on a pets claws.

Also, these open-weave fabrics, like tweed and corduroy, trap hair and dust making it almost impossible to keep clean. The tighter the weave the better. Next is durability. Cotton is almost as good as the synthetic fibers when it comes to this factor. But polyester, rayon, and other synthetics are better in this category.

Another factor to look for would be stain-resistant and if the material is easy to clean. Again, cotton is almost as good as the synthetics here but comes in a close second. A fourth factor would be wear and tear. A tightly woven fiber would be best here. It handles the rough traffic and stays in shape a lot better than a loose weave fiber.

Of course, as we have already mentioned, you need to choose a fabric that will meet local laws on flammability, toxic ingredients, and other major items state and federal governments do not want in your home.

Couch Considerations For Animal Lovers

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The Spruce / Kevin Norris

As a loving owner of a cat or dog, you know that it is not just your prized sofabut also most of your home decorthat bears the brunt of your beloved pet. Because even when Fluffy isn’t trying to destroy your upholstery, the simple act of climbing, sitting, or walking on it can warrant a heavy cleaning bill. This is how and why selecting the best upholstery for your couch gets complicated.

Luckily, there are some heavy-duty fabrics that can withstand a few claw marks, prevent clinging pet hair, and resist dirt marks and stains due to the occasional accident from a cat or dog on the couch.

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Best Couch Materials & Fabrics For Dogs

Nicole Cosgrove

Owning a dog can be an absolute blessing for you and your family. However, those sentiments might not be shared by your furniture.

Dogs are notorious for ruining furniturewhether its intentional or not. However, that doesnt mean your pup has to stay outside. But you might want to consider investing in some furniture made out of a dog-friendly fabric.

Not all furniture fabric can hold up to the rigors of owning a pet, but there are plenty of great options available. But before we get into them, lets take a look at some of the ways your pooch might tear up your couch.

Best Upholstery For Kids Pets And Summer Homes

How to protect your couch from cat scratch. The best product to stop cats from scratching furniture.

Having pets, kids, or a combination of both may lead to a bit of concern when it comes to your upholstered furniture. The key is to be prepared and choose a fabric that will hold up to claws, stains, and general wear and tear.

So, what upholstery is best in these scenarios? There are multiple factors, and it depends on what you’re looking for, but high-performing, stain-resistant fabrics are a great place to start.

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These Are The Best Couch Fabrics For Pet Owners

Even if you have the best of intentions, pets have a way of breaking the careful rules you lay out for them. Plenty of dog and cat owners who swore theyd never allow animals on the couch have reluctantly given up their favorite spots for four-legged friends. Its amazing how loving your pet can change everything you thought you knew about yourself.

Just because you have a pet it doesnt mean you have to shroud all the furniture in plastic. Keeping your favorite pieces pristine may take a little extra work, but by choosing the right textiles in the first place, youll have a much easier time maintaining them over the years.

Stick to tropical fish for pets if youre a furniture perfectionist. But if you can handle a few love marks on your sofa, then read on for the best fabric options for pet owners.

Cotton/linen Not A Good Choice

Sofas finished with a natural material like cotton or linen have a lovely soft feel to them, but are far too fragile if you have cats in the home.

A cats claws will get caught up in these types of fabrics and cause tears or fraying and your lovely couch will start looking old and tired way before its natural life expectancy comes around.

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What Is The Most Durable Fabric For Couches

Without beating around the bush, we will repeat what we have said previously. Leather is the best fabric and this assessment seems to come with all the experts approval. This material likes heavy use and it seems to age well when used often. Dont worry your pets will use it a lot because it is a very soft and comfortable place to land.

Leather is a very durable fabric and it cleans up easily. It has no loose fibers that trap hair or dirt and you can get it in a darker color to hide any hair that may have landed on the sofa.

Canvas would be a runner up in this category as it is also tough, can be easy to clean as well as stain-resistant. It handles heavy traffic well and is very durable. The only drawback is that canvas looks, well, like canvas and that look may not be appealing in your living room.

You can try polyester, cotton, or any fabric that comes with a tight weave as those fabrics are more durable than loosely woven ones.

Corrigan Studio Mattison 58 Faux Material Square Arm Loveseat With Reversible Cushions $32599

Best Couch Material for Cats with Claws in 2021: Cat

With the exception of top-grain, leather doesn’t have to break the bank. This budget-friendly loveseat comes in two colors and has an attractive button-tufted seat and tapered hardwood legs. Best of all, the reversible cushions would be perfect for hiding any scratches that make it past the material.

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Best Fabric For Couches With Dogs Or Cats

Pets are family, but one of the things that take away from their favored status is their claws. Cat and to some extent dog claws are very rough on your expensive and prized furniture. But if you get the right fabric on your couch, then you stand a fighting chance to see your furniture survive the onslaught.

The best fabric to have on your couches when you have pets are the ones with the tightest weaves. Those with the tightest weaves are denim, canvas, and microfiber materials. Leather is the ultimate fabric to use if you can afford it.

To learn more about the right and wrong fabric for your couch, just continue to read our article. It has the information you need so you can make the best choice for your interior decor. Just avoid loose weave fabrics.

Caitlin Sofa In Sterling Velvet From Interior Define

These next two are my absolute favorites. Theyre also the most expensive. Ugh. I love that they both come in light gray, and the delicate gold feet on this one are a favorite of mine. But it also has those high arms, so it comes in second in my book. I love that Interior Defines upholstered items are customizable. You can choose the fabric, the length, the fill, etc. But at $1908.25 with a $189 flat rate shipping, that puts this as one of the most expensive options that I found.

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Do Cats Ruin Leather Furniture

I couldnt help noticing that lots of people on the Internet recommend real leather as the best couch for cats.

The first question that popped into my mind was: Do you people keep your living room door closed at all times so that the cat never gets in?

Dont get me wrong leather looks absolutely amazing and its also sleek and soft. It doesnt even retain any hair or odors, so its fairly easy to clean.

But if youve ever seen a ruined leather couch or a shredded leather armchair before, you probably know that nothing attracts cat claws more than this fabric.

Just one single scratch can ruin the look of a whole piece of furniture made of this material, so what would be the point of you investing your hard-earned cash into something like this?

The Best Pet Friendly Fabrics For Furniture

Fixing Cat Scratches On Fabric Furniture Using A Razor | Snags On Sofa/Couch

Home»Pets & Furniture»The Best Pet Friendly Fabrics for Furniture

The time has come to update your furniture. Since youll be investing a considerable amount of money into the project, you want to make it count by purchasing furniture that can withstand the beating it will take in a home with pets. Do you have to sacrifice the style you want for upholsteries and designs that are more utilitarian in nature just because you are a pet owner?

Furniture manufacturing companies have recognized the need for pet friendly furniture. Most pet owners would much rather spend more money up front to purchase furniture that will stand the test of time and pet-related abuse than have to make more frequent acquisitions of furniture that is just not up the challenge of a home with pets.

Leading furniture companies realized that pet owners dont want to choose from the same few boring options. They want color, texture, patterns, and style choices to enable them to select furniture that is reflective of their tastes and lifestyle. Andthey stepped up to the plate to deliver.

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Some Points To Keep In Mind

As much as you may love your pets, you can provide a loving and comfortable environment for them while still maintaining a stylish home. Your furniture is most likely one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your home. You want to be able to share your favorite couch or armchair with your pets so make sure you invest in pieces that you and your pets can enjoy together. Don’t forget these important points when choosing the best furniture materials for pets.

  • Buy furniture made from stain-resistant and water-resistant fabrics.
  • Don’t be afraid to use outdoor furniture indoors.
  • Look to material that is durable and can stand up to heavy use.
  • Feel free to style your room with a mixture of different pet-friendly fabrics.
  • Is Chenille A Good Fabric For A Couch

    That is a good question. On one hand, it is made from a variety of fabrics including cotton, polyester, rayon wool, and silk. So the durability and stain resistance of the first 3 materials would make this fabric good for a couch. The 4th material would only be good in a formal living room or sitting room.

    The problem comes in with the overall construction of the fabric. It is said to be made with tufted threads that poke out in every direction. That is good if you want the light to reflect off the fibers but not good if you have pets with claws.

    Cleaning chenille has to be done by vacuuming as water and other cleaning products tend to flatten those tufted designs. Also, if someone spills juice, tea, or wine on the fabric, then you may need to hire a professional to remove those stains.

    Overall, it is a great fabric for a couch if your children are not small, and your pets are not allowed in the room.

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    Synthetic Polyester Or Nylon

    If they are tight woven, synthetic materials can also prove to be great when getting the best couch for cat owners.

    One thing to note about these fabrics is that they tend to be less absorbent.

    Therefore, if youre lucky enough to be there when the accident happens , and you clean it right away, it might not even leave a stain.

    Darker color combinations are to be preferred if your pet tends to have such accidents and this is true for all fabric options were showcasing here.

    Microfiber Fabrics The Best Choice

    What sofa fabric can withstand my cats

    Microfibers are made from various materials. They are typically soft, durable, and a comfortable material to sit or lay on so they are commonly used on couches.

    Microfibers also happen to be the best couch material if you have cats. In my experience cats are very unlikely to scratch or try to sharpen their nails on microfibers as its too soft.

    You can also get some good stain-resistant microfiber. Either that has been treated with a stain guard, or designed to be naturally stain-resistant. These will help you keep on top of fur and stains your kitty might leave behind.

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    How To Choose The Right Fabric

    So what should you look for in a pet-friendly sofa fabric? You’ll want to make sure it checks the following boxes:

    Durability: Pets, like kids, can be tough on furniture, so you’ll need to make sure your sofa’s upholstery can withstand it all. One key metric to look for: double rubs.

    A double rub is a back and forth motion over the surface of a fabric. In factory tests, these are counted to see when the fabric starts to show wear and tear. So, the higher the double rub count, the more durable the fabric. While upholstery-grade fabrics typically start at 15,000 double rubs, for pet owners should aim for a minimum of 45,000 double rubs for pet-friendly fabric that will stand the test of time.

    Stain resistance: Muddy paws, accidents, and treats can all leave stains on sofa upholstery, but many of today’s fabrics are engineered to prevent stains. Check the website or ask a sales associate to help you select a stain-resistant fabric that’s pet and kid-friendly for your couch. It doesn’t hurt to ask about warranties as wellmany stores offer protection plans that cover stains, tears, and other damage.

    Color: There are two schools of thought here. Darker colors tend to hide dirt and stains better, so that’s always a good option. On the other hand, if you’ve got a cat with long white fur, you might be better off selecting a light upholstery to camouflage the hair between vacuumings.

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