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How Much Is A Himalayan Cat

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Himalayan Temperament And Personality

Himalayan Cat – How can you tell if you have a Himalayan cat?

Like their Persian siblings, Himalayans are quiet, placid cats. You are more likely to find them reclining gracefully on a sofa than perched on top of the refrigerator, but they are playful in a sedate kind of way and enjoy having an assortment of toys. Certainly you shouldnt expect a Himmy to be inactive. What these cats like best, though, is sitting in a lap or simply being in their persons company. They are not demanding of attention and can do well on their own during the day, but a quiet meow and a speaking glance with those blue eyes will let you know if they feel neglected.

Himalayans do best in homes with older children who wont chase after them or clumsily bop them on the head. They arent big on playing dress up, but they might not mind riding in a doll buggy or being a guest at a little girls tea party. The Himmy is intelligent, although hes not always given credit for it. Challenge his brain and keep him interested in life by teaching him tricks and providing him with puzzle toys that will reward him with kibble or treats when he learns how to manipulate them.

Always choose a kitten from a breeder who raises litters in the home and handles them from an early age. Meet at least one and ideally both of the parents to ensure that they have nice temperaments.

Factors Affecting Cost Of A Himalayan Cat

Himalayan cats are beautiful. They have an amiable personality and a beautiful coat. Because of this alone, these cats are very sought after. Since its in demand, the prices are going to rise. Lets take a closer look.

Coat- their coat is the first thing you notice on these cats. They are gorgeous creatures with very soft fur. The siamese colors with the Persian fluff are highly sought after. Taking the stunning blue eyes into account makes a powerful statement of beauty.

Breeder- it is crucial to find a reputable breeder. Breeders have an essential job of taking stellar care of their kittens in addition to finding the perfect breeding match. The CFA keeps their breeders to a strict code of ethics that all breeders need to follow. A breeder who does their job and does it will is going to

Age- a kitten is going to cost more than an adult cat will. More people are interested in the cute kittens than the independent adult cats. This demand usually increases the price.

Being a mixed breed- This is one of the most important factors that determine the price. Because this cat is a mixed breed, it takes a lot of time and expertise to have a successful litter. Breeders have to do extensive genetic testing in order to make sure health issues will not be present in the kittens.

Less Expensive Less expensive

The most expensive cat would be a kitten from a highly preferred breeder with an excellent coat with great health.

Does This Breed Get Along With Other Pets

Himalayans, like most cats, are not particularly fond of dogs but can make friends if the dog is not overly energetic. A highly boisterous dog is definitely not suited for a Himalayan and may cause them anxiety. Himalayans are generally great with other cats and dont have a strong prey drive like many other breeds, making them ideal to have around if you own any smaller pets, like hamsters or rabbits.

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Body Temperature Determines Their Coat Color

Himalayan kittens arent born with their distinct color points. As they mature, theyll begin to develop their signature markings.

But did you know a Himalayans surrounding temperature plays a role in the development of his darker markings?

Himmies, and other similar Asian cat breeds, are born with gene modifiers that inhibit color pigmentation. These genes are affected by temperature. This is why a Himalayans warmer body parts are white , while its cooler extremities are dark.

Himalayan Size And Weight

One of our kittens at six weeks

Male Himalayans are generally bigger than females. Typically, males should weigh under 12 pounds while females should weigh between 8-and-10 pounds.

Breeders initially crossed a Persian cat with a Siamese cat to produce the Himalayan. By comparison, male Persians should weigh between 9-and-12 pounds while females weigh between 7-and-11 pounds. Therefore, you can expect your Himalayan to be about the same size or a little bit bigger.

Male Siamese cats weigh between 8-and-12 pounds. Female Siamese cats should weigh under 8 pounds. Therefore, you can expect your male Himalayan cat to be about the same size while your female should be slightly bigger.

The Himalayan cat will reach its full size at about two years, much later than many domestic cat breeds. Since they are heavy-boned cats, it takes their bones longer to mature.

If you are looking for other cat breeds that will grow to be about the same size, you may want to consider Exotic Shorthairs or Chinchillas. Alternatively, either the Persian or the Siamese can make a great addition to your home.

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What Makes Them This Unique

The factors that make Himalayan cats different from other cat breeds are their appearance and lovable behavior to humans.

· Age: Not everyone will be interested in a self-dependent adult cat, and everyone would be interested in a cute little kitten. This demand for kittens will naturally make the price of kittens hike up.

· Health: The other aspect everyone would prefer over is the health of the cat. Everyone would be interested in buying a cat that is fully grown and healthy from inside and outside. It will make the cat that is healthy costlier than the ones which have a deformity. Some would buy cats with deformities from inside and will not be exhibited outside.

· Breeder: As we have discussed, the Himalayan cat is a mixed breed. The breeders quality and professionalism are also a factor in determining the cost of cat. Not everyone could be a breeder, and not everyone could breed a Siamese with a Persian cat with all care. It would require a professional. Hence, the famous or more professional the breeder is, the price may go up.

· Mixed Breeding: As said before, not everyone can breed a Persian cat with a Siamese cat. And also, being a mixed breed, it is not easy to make them reproduce. It would require a lot of patience and expertise in the field of breeding. Also, they have to check the genetics of the newborn cat to check for any deformities.

Himalayan Breed Vs Mixed

If a Himalayan cat does not have points, then it may be a mixed breed. These points are darker colors around ears, facial mask, legs, paws, and tail. They should also have the paw and nose pad color that goes with their coloring.

All Himalayan cats have blue eyes. If the cat has eyes of a different color, then you can suspect that they are a mixed breed.

The Himalayan cat is a long-haired cat. In fact, in 2014, Colonel Meow was named the cat with the longest hair by the people at Guinness World Records. His hair measured 9 inches long. While not every cat will rival Colonel Meow for hair length, if the cat does not have long hair, it is not a purebred Himalayan.

Himalayan cats also have a double coat. There are short hairs under the long ones. If you let the cat go a couple of days without brushing it and do not find a matted undercoat, it is probably a mixed breed cat.

If the animal is grey, then it is a mixed breed. There is no such thing as a grey Himalayan. Therefore, the grey color is a dead giveaway that it is not a pedigreed Himalayan.

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Why Are These Cats So Expensive

The qualities mentioned above of the Himalayan cats are what make them this much costlier. They are, however, very much cuter, and the combination of the strong bone frame with the long fur and a pretty face with the blue eyes all give them their unique style and quality. The most important is the love, loyalty, and care they give to their human caretaker. These qualities together are unparallel to any cat breed.

As already said, these cats are a pure mix of Siamese and Persian cats. These cats have a distinct seal point coloring due to their Siamese heritage. The bulk of those cats fur is creamy white, with cool grey extremities. These cats are well known for their striking blue eyes. The hair of the Himalayans is lovely and smooth, too. Its nearly cashmere in appearance. It is the primary reason why these cats are in such great demand.

The price range is between 200$ 2500$, but many parameters can cause the price. Sometimes the cost of these cats may even go high up. That will may be due to their fur or any of their qualities that make them unique.

About The Himalayan Cat

Before & After Himalayan Grooming ~ Cat Grooming Solutions

Is the Himalayan a Persian cat? Is the Colorpoint Persian the same as a Himalayan? The answer depends which registry the cat belongs to! Some organizations view the Himalayan fondly nicknamed the “Himmie” as a Persian variant rather than a separate breed. Others classify the Himalayan cat as a breed of its own.

Himalayan Colorpoint Persian cats have pointed markings and gorgeous blue eyes like Siamese cats. At the same time, they possess long, silky coats like their Persian cousins. In addition, that Persian influence means Himalayan Colorpoint Persians typically have flat or shortened faces that contribute to their unique appearance.

Most Himalayan cats are incredibly sweet natured, with a fondness for cuddling up to their favorite people. Thanks to their Siamese heritage, these kitties tend to be a bit more playful than the average Persian. If you are looking for a cat that loves to lounge and you don’t mind daily grooming sessions, then the Himalayan / Colorpoint Persian might be your perfect feline companion!

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Nine Times Out Of Ten These Are Overseas Scammers

How much do himalayan persian cats cost. Breeding Teacup Persian Kittens A Matter of Morals. One critical aspect to be aware of are the classified ad sites that display Persian and Himalayan kittens for under 500. Through the 1920s and 1930s breeders around the world attempted to produce a cat with a Persian body and Siamese markings.

In places within Eastern Europe the price of Persian cats is substantially less than in the west. This makes them a very unique and attractive breed to many people. Persian cats are purebred and are expensive for that reason.

Persian cats are purebred and are expensive for that reason. The Persian and Himalayan Cat Rescue PHCR on the other hand offers a much more inexpensive rate for as low as 175 for adult felines and 225 for Himmies less than 4 years of age. Adults are typically less expensive than kittens.

Where in the UK the average Persian would be 500-600 and similar in the USA and Canada. Breeders desired a cat with the coat of a Persian but wanted to develop a cat with the. Depending on the breeder type and heritage.

The Persian and Himalayan Cat Rescue is a group of volunteers that also supports those two specific cat breeds. Selecting which Teacup Persians that qualify being apart of a healthy breeding program comes down to ethics. The intent was not to create a new breed of cat.

Himalayan cats are a beautiful mix of a Siamese cat and a Persian cat. Get the pick of the litter when you sign up. The Himalayan Cat Is A Hybrid Cat.

Summary Should I Buy A Himalayan Cat

There is growing concern among the veterinary profession and animal experts worldwide about the deliberate breeding of animals with serious disabilities. Many people now consider brachycephaly to be such a disability.

For this reason, despite its many charming qualities, we cannot recommend the Himalayan cat breed to you.

If you have decided to buy a Himmy kitten, chose from parents with the longest noses you can find.

Be aware of the many health concerns common to Himalayans. And seek a breeder who is willing to discuss these concerns and explain what they are doing to improve the health of their breed.

Youll find more help and information in the references and resources below.

Affiliate link disclosure: Links in this article marked with an * are affiliate links, and we may receive a small commission if you purchase these products. However, we selected them for inclusion independently, and all of the views expressed in this article are our own.

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Is A Himalayan Cat Right For You

Brachycephaly is a serious condition that affects all Himalayan cats to some extent. Every brachycephalic kitten sold encourages the breeder to continue creating more flat-faced kittens. This is a key concern for feline advocacy groups who have called for changes to breed standards.

International Cat Care state that . . . multiple problems that arise from breeding flat-faced cats mean that we are definitely harming the cat by choosing to breed them in this way.

Its definitely something to consider before purchasing any flat faced breed, even the beautiful Himalayan.

If you have your heart set on one of these cats, do consider rescuing an abandoned adult or try to find some less extreme lines.

Himalayans, unlike Persians, do not necessarily have to show the flattened face and you may be able to buy a more rounded faced Himmy. This will help to reduce the risk of respiratory complications.

What You Need To Know About Himalayan Health

All About Himalayan Cats (The Much Loved Hybrid Breed ...

All cats have the potential to develop genetic health problems, just as all people have the potential to inherit diseases. Run, dont walk, from any breeder who does not offer a health guarantee on kittens or who tells you that her kittens are isolated from the main part of the household for health reasons.

Himalayans have some hereditary health issues that can be a concern. They include polycystic kidney disease and respiratory problems caused by deformities associated with the breed’s flattened face. Responsible breeders take steps to avoid these problems. Himalayans should be healthy and vigorous and be able to breathe normally.

Polycystic kidney disease is a hereditary condition causing enlarged kidneys and kidney dysfunction. Cysts can often be found via ultrasound as early as 12 months of age, but kidney failure may not occur until later. Reputable breeders are working to establish PKD-free breeding programs. Fortunately, a DNA test is available, so it is easy to identify and eliminate. Ask the breeder for proof that both of a kittens parents are free of kidney cysts, which can be detected on ultrasound or with a DNA test. If one of the parents is PKD positive, which may be the case if the cats bloodlines are otherwise valuable, confirm that the kitten you are purchasing has tested PKD negative.

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Body Temperature Determines Their Coat Colour

Himalayan kittens arent born with their distinct colour points. As they mature, theyll begin to develop their signature markings.

But did you know a Himalayans surrounding temperature plays a role in the development of his darker markings?

Himmies, and other similar Asian cat breeds, are born with gene modifiers that inhibit colour pigmentation. These genes are affected by temperature. This is why a Himalayans warmer body parts are white , while its cooler extremities are dark.

How Much Do You Really Know About The Himalayan Cat

The Himalayan cat is a hugely popular breed, and for good reason. Theyre calm, cuddly, and adaptable kitties.

You probably know the Himalayan cator Himmie, as theyre affectionately calledfor its striking good looks. But these cats are more than just a pretty face, as any Himalayan enthusiast will tell you.

Want to learn more? Lets get to know the lovely and charming Himalayan cat.

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What Kind Of Cat Has A Flame Point Body

Flame Point Persian or Himalayan Flame point Persians are also considered to be Himalayan cats a variety that was originally created by combining Siamese and Persian cats. These cats are similar to Siamese in that they have a cream-colored body with flame point coloring highlighting their extremities.

Upfront Costs Of A Himalayan Cat

Is a Himalayan the Right Cat Breed for You?

Finding the perfect Himalayan cat begins with finding a reputable breeder. It is of utmost importance to search for registered breeders that are proud members of at least one cat fancier associations.

Some of these breeders are listed in Cat Fanciers Association or CFA. Some can also be a member of The International Cat Association or the Fédération Internationale Féline .

These associations demand all members to stick to a Breeder Code of Ethics.

The Himalayan cats price from well-known breeders starts around $1,200 and could go all the way up to $2,500. For Himalayan bred of champions, be prepared to pay more.

If you want to save a kitty, another way to get a Himmy is through adoption. Doing so will save you more money too. Adoption through the Specialty Purebred Cat Rescue costs you around $350.

The Persian and Himalayan Cat Rescue , on the other hand, provides an even more affordable rate for as low as $175 for adult cats, and $225 for Himmies less than 4 years old.

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They Have A Soft Coat That Requires Upkeep

To keep a Himalayan looking marvelous, it is highly recommended that they be brushed on a daily basis. From their Persian roots, these cats have a thick coat that easily tangles and matts. To avoid issues daily brushing will prevent the onset of coat problems and can even be a good bonding experience between owner and Himmie. Fun fact: Himalayans come in different looks, either the traditional or the extreme. If you need to take care of your Himalayan on a budget, you can check out 9 Budget Friendly Cat Care Tips.

Source: Quasimime via Flickr

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